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Our mind and memory are two of the great wonders of humanity, making us who we are. The ability to think, to have intelligence and to create cherished memories are some of our greatest assets as humans, yet many people neglect taking care of them before it’s too late.

There are many warning signs that can flag up potential problems with our mind and memory, like inexplicable sudden forgetfulness and other often missed neurological problems. While forgetfulness may be one of the first signs of normal ageing, you don’t have to accept the fact that declining brain function “happens to all of us” as we grow older. A bit of forgetfulness as you age is normal, however in people with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) and the onset of dementia, this decline will be much more pronounced. For example, it’s common in normal ageing to have to pause to remember directions or to forget words occasionally, but it’s not normal to become lost in familiar places or to forget the names of close family members.

The normal signs of ageing set aside, protecting your mind and memory also involves being aware of other risk factors like how to spot neurological problems and how sleeping problems can affect how your brain and nervous system functions. There are in fact easy ways in which you can help preserve your mind as you progress into old age and we shall inform of all the natural tips and tricks you can add to your life today. These include the diet that can help keep your memory sharp or the worrying side effects of some antidepressants.

The Daily Health offers the latest research breakthroughs on how to keep your mind clear and healthy well into your old age by avoiding certain drugs and using brain-protecting alternatives remedies.

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Milk thistle reduces Alzheimer’s memory loss

Alzheimer's disease turns mild memory blips into devastating memory loss: forgetting the name of your loving spouse, not knowing where home is, and even what hand to use to hold th...

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Sliced beetroot on chopping board

Beetroot may be the fountain of youth

Beetroot, also known as beet, has been gaining popularity in recent years as a new super food and studies have shown that beets and beetroot juice can improve athletic performance,...

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Harnassing magnesium to combat mental health issues

Back in the June issue of The Journal of Natural Health Solutions, I wrote about the scandalous short-comings in our mental health services following a string of budget cuts. I fee...

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Exercise can slow Parkinson’s progression

Anyone who is living with Parkinson's disease will tell you that it feels like something has taken control of your body, with the trembling of your hands, head and legs, and your m...

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Cherry lady holding cherries

Boost your mind and memory with cherry juice

Where I grew up in South Africa cherries were expensive and in a very big way considered “exotic” fruit. And this is one of the many things I love about living in the UK – ov...

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SAD, mental health

Vitamin D and omega-3 boost mental health

According to the latest research findings, vitamin D and omega-3 could work together to improve cognitive function, social behaviour and mental health, especially for those sufferi...

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Protect your mind and memory against cognitive decline with tea

Here in the UK, we rarely pass on an offer for a lovely warm cup of tea. And that’s a good thing! Because it turns out that cuppa we all love so much can help protect against cog...

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Woman sits kneeling in corner

Simple ways you can improve your mental health

Here’s something even I found surprising: a high resting heart rate and/or high blood pressure could be linked to your risk of developing a mental health problem. That’s accor...

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Depression atmospheric lake

Are you being mistreated because you have a mental health issue?

When it comes to mental health, I’m afraid to say we are still stuck deep in the Middle Ages. What gets to me the most about how health professionals approach mental health is th...

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Glass of sugar cubes

Sugar could increase the risk of depression

Sugar... who doesn’t like a bit of the sweet stuff? Especially on a rainy Sunday afternoon, curled up under a blanket while watching a film... dipping into a bowl of M&Ms......

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