Diabetes is the fastest growing health threat of our times. According to Diabetes UK, since 1996, the number of people living with the disease has more than doubled. Yet, despite this alarming rise in the number of people who are diabetic the mainstream is still sending out confusing dietary guidelines, which not only has the potential to increase your risk of developing the disease but in some instances can worsen the condition.

Diabetes can come in two forms, type 1 diabetes which is a predisposed condition you have from a young age where your body can’t produce insulin due to an auto-immune disorder. The other is type 2 diabetes when the body can’t produce enough insulin or the insulin produced is faulty. It is far more common that type 1 and is induced by our diet and lifestyles, usually appearing in people over 40. Despite the lasting need to watch your diet and regulate your insulin levels, diabetics can suffer from a whole host of other health complications.

Diabetes is the leading cause of vision loss and blindness in people of working age due to diabetic retinopathy. It is also responsible for the most cases of kidney failure and second for lower limb amputation, after accidents. Diabetics are also up to five times more likely to have cardiovascular diseases like a stroke or heart attacks. A whole host of other complications arise with the disease, so effective prevention or treatment after diagnosis is a necessity.

Here at the Daily Health we aim to educate you in how you could stop diabetes from happening to you and your loved ones. You could do this by following a diet that focuses on plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, healthy animal proteins and saturated fat (like butter, whole milk and avocados). We also want to arm you with the facts behind some of the most common drugs prescribed to treat this condition and other ways you can live a normal life with diabetes.

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The link between sugar and type 2 diabetes

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