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Oedema – How To Overcome Fluid Retention Naturally


Imagine if your ankles persistently ached due to painful swelling that greatly restricted your movements. Now imagine having to contend with swollen fingers and eyelids too. This type of debilitating swelling is experienced by sufferers of oedema – a condition that causes too much fluid (mainly water) to accumulate in your body. Any tissue or organ can be affected, particularly the hands, feet and around the eyes. It’s your kidneys’ job to eliminate excess fluids from your body in your urine. If they fail to do this properly then fluid can soon build up in your tissues and result in swelling.

Risk factors include prolonged periods spent sitting or standing (the pressure of fluid in the legs from doing either pushes it into the surrounding tissues), high blood pressure (abnormal pressure in the blood capillaries can result in the abnormal exchange of fluids to and from the tissues), heart failure (when the heart can’t pump blood round fast enough to clear fluid from the tissues), or kidney problems (which can cause large amounts of protein to be lost in the urine and cause fluid to accumulate in the tissues).

You can check whether you have oedema using a simple test. Press with your thumb on the lower part of your shin for 2 to 3 seconds. Then stop pressing and gently feel with your fingers over that area. If you notice a small hole like a dent where your thumb was pressing then this is a sign of oedema and a sluggish circulation. If you think you might have the condition then see your doctor for further tests.

If you’re diagnosed with oedema your doctor may prescribe one of the following diuretic drugs that stimulate your kidneys to increase urinary water output: bendrofluazide, frusemide, indapamide or bumetanide. However they can cause a range of unpleasant side effects including low blood pressure, dizziness, tinnitus, impotence, stomach upset and nausea. Fortunately there are several natural diuretics that are just as effective as prescription-only drugs in some cases but without the side effects.

Oedema: Natural remedies that help your body eliminate excess fluid and reduce swelling

The following remedies can bring effective relief from oedema symptoms. As with all natural remedies it may be the case that you have to try a few different treatments before you find one that works for you. It’s important that you consult your doctor before deciding to take any of the supplements listed, especially if you’re already taking medication, in order to prevent any possible contraindications.

Dandelion (Taraxacum) extracts are renowned for their excellent diuretic action, which have been extensively studied. In fact, some of these studies date back as far as 30 years or more and traditional healers have been prescribing dandelion extract for thousands of years (Planta Med 1974, 26(3):212-217). Dandelion root has also been used to help treat high blood pressure (a risk factor for oedema) – its water-eliminating ability reduces the water content in the blood, which helps lower blood pressure. This is exactly how other prescription-only water tablets work. For example, the commonly prescribed drug bendrofluazide reduces blood pressure by increasing water elimination from the kidneys. However it can cause nausea, vomiting, stomach upset and can worsen diabetes. This in contrast to dandelion, which has been found to actually improve diabetes. The recommended dose is 500mg taken up to 8 times a day. Or you can drink it in tea form – aim to have at least two cups a day.

Nettle leaf (Urtica dioica). The humble stinging nettle is credited with having many medicinal properties, including an ability to help combat water retention and oedema. Whereas the leaf of the plant is effective against oedema, the root is used for prostate problems. The two should not be confused, as the root contains natural plant chemicals that influence male hormones, whereas the leaves contain active ingredients that help oedema — particularly silica which is a diuretic.

In an animal study conducted by researchers from the Faculty of Sciences, University of Mohammed Premier in Morocco, nettle leaf extracts were compared with the prescription drug frusemide (a powerful diuretic). The researchers found that the nettle leaf extract increased diuresis (elimination of water from the kidneys) by 84 per cent whereas frusemide increased it by 85 per cent. The researchers also found that the nettle leaf extract decreased blood pressure by acting directly on the arteries (J Ethnopharmacol 2000, 73(1-2):95-100).

While the diuresis effect between the two treatments was very similar, it’s important to be aware that frusemide can cause side effects like abnormal heart rhythm, dizziness, confusion, nausea, digestive problems, gout and muscle pain. While nettle leaf can also cause side effects, these are far milder, such as stomach upset or a skin rash – both of which soon improve after stopping the treatment for a few days. Nettle leaf is available in tea form and can be drunk daily.

Follow These Simple Tips To Ward Off Oedema

Put your feet up! To improve your circulation try to put your feet up at regular intervals throughout the day and rotate your ankles frequently to prevent fluid build-up in your legs. Wearing support stockings can also help.

Cut down on the amount of salt in your diet and eat more potassium-rich foods. The fluid regulating action of the kidneys is based on the dual pumping action of sodium and potassium. Sodium draws water into the body and potassium helps excrete it. So to reduce water retention limit your salt intake and eat more potassium-rich foods, such as leafy green vegetables, citrus fruit and sunflower seeds. However, taking a potassium supplement might be risking your health too, so it’s preferable that you stick to moderate dietary sources only.

Add fresh parsley to your meals… it’s a natural diuretic that helps cleanse your blood and stimulates the movement of toxins through your kidneys. In fact most salad vegetables exert a diuretic action, celery in particular. Drink plenty of water – up to 2 litres a day. Although many people think that if they’re accumulating fluid in their bodies then a sensible solution is to drink less, this isn’t the case. Drinking water does not make you retain fluid but it does promote proper kidney functioning – this is vital as your kidneys excrete excess water from your body. However, avoid tea and coffee, which have a dehydrating effect and can cause fluid retention.

Always speak to your doctor before you make drastic changes to your diet or think of adding additional supplements to your regime.

Disclaimer: This article is part of the Daily Health's extensive research archive. The research and information contained in this article was accurate at the the time of publication but may have been updated since the date of publication. Consult our most recent articles for the latest research on alternative health and natural breakthroughs.

Bear in mind the material provided in this content is for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.
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  • I have a question, my legs and feet swell as well as my abdomen and face so I took Lasix and it works my legs and feet is now normal but my abdomen is still like bloated what’ll I do? And my doctor prescribed me that I shoul limit my fluid intake like 800ml a day but many sites suggest that drinking alot of water will aid the problem so I am confused.

    • Thank you for leaving a comment.

      We are not at liberty to give individual medical advice. However, it may be useful to check out the side effects of the medication you are taking and to have the functioning of your digestive system checked out for allergies and food intolerances.

  • A wonderful site may I say…….I would like to bring to the attention of everybody I have read all these comments…. just remember when you go shopping, buy everything that grows, red green and yellow, turn your freezer off, change your attitude to eating, only eat everything fresh, flavour with ginger, garlic, turmeric, always remember what you put in your trolley is your lifeline, never buy a lot of food at one time, eat fresh every few days, if one can afford buy organic, no pestasides, they are a killer, also by shopping on a more frequent basis, helps with exercise as well, make it a life changing habit. You will all see the difference, amazing, Cherilyn Royall Essex.

  • I have one word of advice.. SHIATSU! It is like accupuncture but without the needles and can have a radical effect on Oedema. It can help treat the kidneys and bladder, reduce fluids, improve circulation… the list of benefits is long. conventional medicine doesn’t see the same patterns as Chinese medicine does (which is where shiatsu originates from) and so people are left feeling helpless. I have been looking up oedema for my Mum who has had a very painful flare-up, and I have just finished my Shiatsu 3 yr training so treated her at the weekend and there has been a marked improvement. Diet also is playing a big part, and losing weight is essential.

  • I have had oedema in ankles, legs and feet for 50 years now – since age of 18. I had just previously had my appendix removed, could there be a connection with the surgery. Worst thing about the oedema is having to wear trousers all the time and can’t buy nice shoes.

  • Have learned more from this site than the doctor. Can a TENSmachine improve the circulation to the ankles. Very interested to know Prednisolene can be a factor causing extreme sweling on ankles

  • My view is to address issues from every angle possible. For everyone try adding Cayenne Pepper Capsules BUT PLEASE REMEMBER you MUST take on at least a half full stomach then follow the capsules with more food. If you don’t you’ll think you are dying for like 45 minutes!!

    Also, get books on the brain and nutrition. One excellent one is by Dr. Amen titled This is Your Brain on Joy. Can’t emphasize that enough.

    Also women ask a nutritionist all the things you can add for menstral issues like magnesium. These things combined are a miracle in helping swelling, bloating, cramping, stiffness, arthritis, moo swings, etc

  • Just wanted to say first that this is a great site. To all with oedema, like me I’ve had oedema in my legs, ankles and feet. I’ve tried most things out there too. One thing to keep in mind, that if your fluid is building up, there is always a reason. If your diet is good and kidneys too, it could be a sluggish lymphatic system. I had a lymphatic massage a couple of times and results were amazing, plus I had to really urinate after, because they are basically pushing all your fluids out. Give it a try, but don’t forget to elevate the legs. The higher you get them the better. Well, I hope this helps. GOD BLESS.

  • Ok, so placing your feet up will reduce the swelling in the feet… But where does the built up fluid go then? It must go ‘somewhere’? Anyways… I quit smoking 55 days ago and I recently started to get swollen feet at night. I never had such issues before. I was wondering if there might be a relation to quitting smoking and developing these symtoms. Anyone?

  • This is an informative site. I plan to do the legs against the wall, ankles in the air.
    I have read horsetail is good; I have taken lots of alfalfa and dandelion. I am going to ease off caffiene.

  • for any leg swelling problems, plz try inclined bed therapy (IBT).Google this and get detailed information.

  • These include steroids, e.g. prednisone, prednisolone, HRT, contraceptives and anti-epileptics. Lose weight by eating less salt! – Go on! Try it! – You will feel so much better!

  • Was in Turkey on holiday recentley and had a massage. Spoke to the masseur about my swollen ankles and he said i had oedema in my feet and ankles. massaging in this area is quite unconfortable but he advised that if I do this twice a day for 2 months it should help increase the blood flow and I should see a big improvement. I am giving it a try. Have had the problem since early twenties during my first pregnancy and ever since, although now in late forties problem is getting worse and definitely think it is related to hormones. I am entering that Menopausal phase of life!!.
    Give the massage a try.

  • I have chronic oedema and am ceoliac so a lot of the good food stuff is not good for me
    I am just sick of the ugly looking feet and ankles and the chronic pain, my skin cannot stretch anymore or it will bleed, can’t get my toes to touch the floor. The doctor is experimenting with different things so hopefully I can go back to my normal ankles

  • As an earlier poster has said, the most important thing is to deal with the foods that cause the problem, and that is salty foods. Processed ready meals and bread are all high in salt. Cut down on salt and salty food and the fluid retention will rapidly be reduced. This is much safer and more reliable than taking drugs.

    Potassium-rich foods, ie fresh fruits and fresh unsalted vegetables certainly help, but the most important thing is to lower your intake of salt/sodium.

    As several posters have said, hormones have a lot to do with fluid retention, but certain prescription drugs also cause the problem. These include steroids, e.g. prednisone, prednisolone, HRT, contraceptives and anti-epileptics.

    Lose weight by eating less salt! – Go on! Try it! – You will feel so much better!

  • I starting running last year and noticed a massive fluid build up. Stopped running and it has not changed, my waist has got bigger, I am constantly sweating. Blood tests showed I was low on protein!!! Dr saent me to a heart specialist thinking it was my heart but all that came back good, so nothing wrong there… Went back to Dr’s got more blood test’s and that came back that I was lacking in B12!!! Sop not any further forward to what I was 10 months ago and the fluid build up is starting to depress me….. Any suggetsions??

  • I too have huge problems with Oedema, and came onto this site to see what could help. I noticed that when I drank Dandelion tea – soon after, I went to the toilet, and YES, putting your legs up against the wall is very slimming, to the ankles, and soon noticeable after about 15 minutes. But sadly if you stand up again… it’s sure to puff my ankles up eventually. I have bags under my eyes, and don’t know how to make that go away, though. I too was put on furosemide(?), I also have an underactive thyroid and am on 100mcg of thyroxine. Last year, I had 2 x Breast Cancer ops, the 2nd was a mastectomy and implant. I’m cancer free now, but then also had to have a hip replacement.. I’m still recovering, so not as mobile as I need to be. My lega were as red and as hard as wood after that! Ugh I thought – like a fat old woman!! I realise my heart is having huge pressure on it, so need to be able to walk regularly when my hip stops hurting.
    I bought a ‘Circulation Booster’, which needs to be used very regularly and was expensive. I can feel the ‘pulsing’ of the electrodes (like tens) going up my legs so it is actually doing something.
    I sympathise with all of you. Getting into boots and pretty sandals in the summer is impossible, but I suggest legs up; more water; dandelion tea (Holland & Barrett) regularly.. and try walking/swimming or just marching up and down the bottom step or two. Movement is the key, and some of it is up to us! Avoid salty and processed food, and carbonated drinks even cider!
    PS bananas contain potassium!

  • I am 42 and have suffered for 3 years with fluid retention in my legs, feet and now hands. My GP (male) seemed uninterested and ruled out obvious causes, and put me on Furisomide 40mg daily and told me it was probably my hormones. I had a hysterectomy at 32 and have had 3 DVT’s in the past, so circulation is a problem. This does not make the condition any easier, as I struggle to wear heels, and the hotter I am, the more swollen I become. Have tried dieting and exercise but no change. Really helpful site with useful advice. It can be a miserable life with this problem, but have made my mind up I am going back to ask for 2nd opinion, to see if they can suggest anything else. Good luck fellow sufferers.

  • Interesting site. I have Odema in the lower legs within 12 hours of eating full fat cheddar cheese, which I love, but obviously should not eat. Have any of you thought to investigate the “cause” of your problems, rather than treating the “symptom?” You may be suprised to find that the “cure” might simply be something to stop doing??

  • I also have horrible swollen ankles and feet-I am having same shoes for ages…so embarrased in a summer.I am 31 but legs look like 90
    if you will ever have erysipelas/cellulits -best thing to do at home is to buy cabbage with big leafs -and use a kitchen hammer to beat those leafs until they produce a juice -put a leaf -wet from juice on the leg.
    I gurantee you the temparture from the leg will go away thus the pain will go away.It is my grandma advice -priceless.
    Also ,dont mixed edema with lymphoedema -please read amy williams story-lymphoedema &my story.I thought I got just edema …no I got something much worse…but on early stage.
    good luck everyone

  • I am 40 years old & I have been recently diagonised with having underactive thyroids. They started me on 50mg for a month, but I had a overnight swelling from my waist down all water retention, I went from 9 stone to 11 stone overnight. My GP gave me 40mg furosimide, but that didnt help at all. They have now increased my thyroxine to 75mg but the swelling is still there, its so bad that my gential area is affected by this. I am feeling very depressed and upset cos I am finding it hard to cope with the water retention. Now they have recommended me to see a specialist! I would prefer a natural way to loose this water. Please help!!!!

  • A great site and good for linking up with other people too.

    Drinking water, plenty of it, is really important. De-hydration is partly the cause of fluid retention, which is when the body hangs on to waste fluid in desperation. So get those litres down you, 8 glasses throughout the day, with the herbs mentioned above, and you will feel so much better! Good luck, good health!

  • Pauline Posted 01/07/2009

    I have been taking tablets for water retention for the last 6 weeks and have lost 4 stone in
    what water retention tablet was you taking ?

  • Pauline Posted 01/07/2009

    I have been taking tablets for water retention for the last 6 weeks and have lost 4 stone in?

  • Simply doing exercise is the good thing to do try to do exercise every evening for only 30 minutes only
    After exercise a glass of water

  • After coming back from holiday last aug, i noticed my ankles were swollen, since then my arms, hands, belly and face have swollen up and ive gained 2 stone.Ive been told i have fluid retention. Im taking 40mg furosimide but there’s been no change. Ive been refered to the hospital Rheumatology Dept’ but am confused as to why?

  • Chicken, asparagus, tuna, brocolli, dandelion and water – try it!

    I had severe cellulitus for 6 years… cure according to NHS, so went abroad, got treated with Tavnic antibiotic 500mg, and have been walking now for 5 years! Just 43 years old…..ask your NHS GP if they can try you on it, or go to any other country and see if you can buy it over the counter (for cellulitus that is).

  • It was very interesting to read all of your comments. I must try the green or nettle tea – and hopefully get a good result. Tablets for fluid retention have no affect and I had numerous tests done last summer when my ankles were particularly bad, but doctors came up with nothing inparticular – which made me feel as if I was wasting their time and nhs money! Good luck all.

  • Thank you so much Helen, for all your advice, I couldn’t remember the web page so after all this time , I’ve finally found it again, so I will act on your advice . I am getting worse and my doctors do not have an answer or seem to care…

  • Hi,like the rest on here I am suffering from extreme swelling of legs,feet,ankles and abdomen. Recently my abdomen has become worse ,so much that it is difficult to sit up or walk as it feels so very heavy. I am insulin type 2 diabetic and recently have had breathing problems requiring oxygen,ventilators and being hospitalized. I also have cellulitis in abdomen which gives me horrible chills and pain. I can barely walk and unable to fit into shoes and my clothes are getting too small. Desperately seeking help,advice or??? Thank you

  • I started to have fluid retention which coincided with a virus (chest infection). I am finding nettle capsules and potassium broth very useful. There are various recipes for potassium broth, it is an infusion of different vegetables mainly using the outer 6mm layer. The vegetable are boiled for half an hour and then you drink the juice. I use carrot, parsnip, garlic, onion, Brussels, potatoes and dried chilli for flavour. I am currently waiting for the result of a blood test measuring kidney function amongst other things.

  • There is a diuretic diet available on Linda Lazarides’ website. She has written the book about it.

  • I have a genetic disease called Venous Insufficiency Disease. It has caused great and painful swelling in my feet, ankles, calves and now has gone into the tissues of my knees which causes the insides of my knees to rub together as I walk. There is a lot of pitting everywhere. I know I have oedema and am now up to 160 mg of fluid pills which does nothing. Walking is like walking on two absessed teeth it is that painful. I elevate my legs, I try to move around as much as possible but nothing seems to get the fluid out. My doctor of many years told me to get a ‘lap band’ surgery – cause I put on alot of weight due to Graves Disease and I had to have my thyroid removed. My metabolism is now stable but the disease damaged my eye and leg tissues. I am now on the search for anyone who has the same circulation disease that I have and IF you have found that ‘miracle’ cure. My mother and her two sisters both had the disease and they ended up in wheel chairs for life which is what is predicted for me. I am fighting with everything I have to stop that from happening to me. I am very interested now in diuretic foods and am starting a journey into that. I pray to God it will work. Is there anyone out here who has answers or advise? Is your journey and struggle the same as mine and would you like a ‘pen pal’ for support. Please let me know. I will help you and together we can go on to help thousands of others. God Bless

  • Very good site, I am currently on chemo for a brain tumour and feeling great but have recently had problems with swollen feet and ankles. It is not painful but unsightly and I am keen to try some of the remedies.

  • some really brilliant advice here, i’ve just completed chemo and radiotheraphy, and have noticed massive fluid build up round my stomach, i will try the echinacea drops, as i think natural medicine a much safer bet.

  • I used to have swollen kegs after flying, then happened to have a shiatsu not long after flying one time. The shiatsu person showed me how to put my bottom against the wall, (you can use a pillow underneath you for support), then put my legs up against wall. About ten or twenty minutes depending on how bad, I felt the fluid drain down my legs, like magic. A mechanical solution, that worked well for me. Quite amazing. The effects of gravity! Works every time for me.

  • I used to have swollen kegs after flying, then happened to have a shiatsu not long after flying one time. The shiatsu person showed me how to put my bottom against the wall, (you can use a pillow underneath you for support), then put my legs up against wall. About ten or twenty minutes depending on how bad, I felt the fluid drain down my legs, like magic. A mechanical solution, that worked well for me. Quite amazing. The effects of gravity! Works every time for me.

  • I used to have swollen kegs after flying, then happened to have a shiatsu not long after flying one time. The shiatsu person showed me how to put my bottom against the wall, (you can use a pillow underneath you for support), then put my legs up against wall. About ten or twenty minutes depending on how bad, I felt the fluid drain down my legs, like magic. A mechanical solution, that worked well for me. Quite amazing. The effects of gravity! Works every time for me.

  • Hopping in water.Swimming. Aqua aerobics. Anything in water will help with pain. Something to do with the water pressure forcing the water out of you! It really does help and you get some relief the day after aswell. No side effects so worth a go.

  • HRI – Water Balance tablets, Dandelion are good. Tried these this week, marked improvement, but have a long way to go.

    People: if you go to the gym, try the sauna to help you sweat some of that water out. I find it helps me.

    Just a thought.

  • I have found some very useful info here – thanks to everyone who has posted.
    I am 36 and have a physical disability, am confined to a wheelchair, cannot weight bear. I had a fall 13 weeks ago and fractured both knees (not good as I have Osteoporosis anyway). But over the past 8 weeks I have noticed weight has gone on my stomach, thighs, legs, ankles and feet. Well I don’t know if it is all fat, I have been told by my Orthopaedic Consultant that on my feet ankles and lower legs it is fluid that has gone on. But he couldn’t explain why my thighs and stomach had gone bigger. It seems that no professional can help me or tell me whats causing what. Can anyone out there please suggest anything. I’m not keen on taking prescribed tablets that have side effects, as I’ve had enough of side effects from painkillers, at the moment I am taking buprenorphine transdermal patches to help with the pain in my knees but the side effects are awful.

  • Thanks to Karen comments posted on 2/06/09. Regarding fluid retention, mine are are very bad during the summer time, even though I am on blood pressure tablets bendroflurozie, which lowers blood pressure at the same times it increases fluid retention. Currently I am taking 40mg furosimide to eliminate excess fluid.

    I went to the hospital last week and was told all my organs are in good working condition -symptoms I suffers from is known as Independent Edema and I was told by the doctor at Kings college Hospital, basically there is no treatment.

  • Hi, I have fybromyalgia and I suffer badly from fluid retention. Sometimes it’s so bad I feel like I am 100 yrs old as I can hardly walk. My calf muscles and ankles and soles of my feet are so tight and sore. I have been taking a herbal tablet from boots, which has helped a little but going to my GP on Wednesday to see what they say. I can’t go on like this for much longer, the pain is incredible….. any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks for a great site….

  • Just started to suffer this last week with swollen ankles, this site looks as though it has good advice.

  • Thankyou for all this information, extremely useful. I had swelling of my face and eyes, feeling very tired and cold. I saw my doctor and she said it was a thyroid problem, and now I am feeling less tired and have more energy.

  • I have been taking tablets for water retention for the last 6 weeks and have lost 4 stone in weight, has anybody else experienced this sort of weight loss.

  • Well it’s good to know I’m not alone as for 32 years I have had swollen feet and ankles they are so bad that I would never wear any thing but jeans, my doctor said as my father and his sisters had the same problem it was a genetic fault, tried frusamide but it didn’t stop the swelling just made me pass lots of water .
    I will be trying some of the advice thank you.

  • Just started with swollen ankles and calves. I saw my doctor and he put me on frusimide and told me I have water retention. I just read your articles on this page and I must say at least now I know what to avoid. Thanks

  • Useful site, thank you. I also suffer water retention particularly in ankles. I had DVT many years ago, kept asking doctor why ankes swelled especially in hot weather, the reason is that the vein has stretched in the leg and that causes the swelling. Have lost 2 stone recently and that really has helped. I drink green tea and eat plenty of fruit and veg that has also helped and walk 2 miles a day (a friends dog). Good luck all.

  • Like Veronica my water retention (in my ankles)started after having my two children. Which makes me think it’s a hormonal proplem. Also I having suspected for a while that eating a lot of sugar certainly doesn’t help. I have been to the doctor and said all this but he just said that I would still get swelling if I walked on my hands! I am going to definately try a no sugar diet.

  • I had hepatitis sometimes ago. Now I am suffering from oedema. What can I do ? Or what can I take? Is there no remedy for this, please ?

  • Like Karen I suffer with extremely bad fluid retention all year round but particularly worse in the summer months or when in a room that is hot. I take water tablets but do not find any relief so considering stopping these as I get cramps with them. I have lost 3 stone over the past 18 months and this has not given me any relief whatsoever, I drink plenty of water and also at the time when I was 17 was only a size 10 so I am not sure that weight has any influence on water retention. I have a well balanced diet. I will certainly try some of the things suggested on the site, does anyone really have anything that has worked where oedema is particularly chronic.

  • I have had very bad fluid retention since just before my 17th birthday, at the time I was a size 10, I still remember the first day it happened, having seen both an NHS referral and a private referral, I have been told, it’s just something I have to live with because Im a woman! As I’ve got older and put on more weight, the condition has worsened, but obviously the first thing a GP says is lose weight. I honestly believe my condition coincided with me taking the contraceptive pill, but I do know that certain foods do aggravate it – certainly sugar and unrefined carbs like white bread. If I stick to a protein rich diet with fruit and veg, my oedema is not half as bad. I currently take 2 x 40mg furosimide a day, but my advice to people is do not rely on the tablets. I only take mine during the summer months, when its particularly bad, being on diuretics permantly is not advisable. I also think its connected to my underactive thyroid and slow metabolism. Whenever I was on slimming pills, it sped up my metabolism and also solved my fluid retention (or it supressed my appetite and therefore I didnt eat the sugar!) Thanks for the great advice on this site. I will certainly try some of the things.

  • Just seeking advice and found it all very useful as I have seen what tablets have done to cause side affects.

    So this is brilliant.

  • It was after the birth of my two children that I had the problem with fluid retention. The diareticts that have been prescribed do help but I still have a massive problem. This has had a massive inpact on my life, always in trousers, even in the hot summers, so as to hide those awful ankles and legs. All the doctors want to do is prescribe tablets, so I have found all your tips very useful. I know coffee is not good but when you drink it black it does really help. Good luck to all of you. I really wish I could tell you a remedy.

  • My 81 year old dad had a hip replacement almost a year ago and now has very bad fluid retention. He is on the usual doctors diuretics, does anybody know if massage or circulation boosters (electronic types) can help ?

  • I have just been discharged from hospital treating a foot ulcer but since have developed oedema in my right leg and ankle,I have high blood pressure and take a mild water tablet 2.5mg.I have been offered no other treatment and can only wear one pair of shoes as I also have type 2 diabetes (diet controlled). My right foot swells up from the ankle to my knee.Can anyone help

  • Would someone please tell me where I can get multiforce alkaline powder and athrochoice from…I read about it but all the web sites I’ve looked on are American… Thank you.

  • I’ve just developed oedema of the ankles and feet (the right is worse than the left). My ankles in particular are very stiff and sore, I get a feeling like pins sticking in my feet and calves and I can’t get my normal shoes on, so I have to wear slip-ons.

    I don’t stand or sit for too long and even keeping my feet above my head doesn’t work very well. Due to a back problem, I can’t get to my doctor’s surgery at the moment, so I wonder if anyone knows a remedy that really works?

  • Many thanks for easy understandable information, thanks for caring about others. WELL DONE!!!!

  • Hi, I am currently working in a place where I am on my feet standing all day. In the morning my shoes fit me fine and ankles look fine. By 5 o’clock my shoes are tight and ankles look swollen. It is not pitted oedema…just a fattening up within 12 hours! I am 23 years old and aware that things like pitting oedema occur when older etc but I would be grateful if anyone could suggest things I could change in my day/diet/exercise that would stop this happening. By the time I come home from work and it is time to go out at night my ankles look awful!

  • Wow this was very helpfyul to me and a friend .. I have used natural things as much as possible but this is great. Thank you for the info and I will be checking out this site regularly. Thanks again.

  • To Harold66

    I killed cellulite in my mums legs by getting egyptian geranium oil and sweet almond oil from health shop: Get a empty bottle and put x20 5ml spoons of sweet almond oil to 4 x5ml spoons of Egyptian Geranium oil put lid on and shake bottle then rub gently into legs especially where skin is hard. This must be done every day.
    My mums legs took 3 weeks to cure. The skin will change from red blotchy looking to pink if used correctly

  • To Motherblue
    Buy Echinacea (Echinaforce) in drop form from say Lloyds chemist aprox £8 a bottle lasts months. Add 15 drops to your favourite cold drink 3 times a day it kills infections of head throat and lung by building up your own bodies defences (Naturally.) Doctors Antibiotics kill your own defences and leave you open to other infections…

  • I am recently suffering from oedema as my feet are swelling terribly and my calveds feel like pins and needles when the swelling happens. My blood pressure was high recently nd I have a stronger tablet Lisinopril 10mg. I have also been suffering from Rhemathiod athritis since 3 yrs old and have been under a homepath most of my life. I can control my athritis as i am taking athrochoice and multifoce alkaline powder. I also take a combination of Omega 3 &6. Please tell me if I can take the Nettle or Dandelion leaves for the water retention as my high blood haseally been going up and down lately and I am at my wits end with the high blood pressure not being normal recently and the swelling of the feet. The doctor say the oedema is because I had athritis since small. Someone out there please help! I love jacket patatoes and i am going to eat more now. I also want to know if you cant make a poultice out of the dandelion and the stining nettle and put it on your feet. Thank you to all.

  • This is for Judy – I had this problem back in 2003. Put on weight fast. In the end the problem was found to be Endometriosis which was mainly affecting my bowel more than anything else. It was found elsewhere too, but mostly on the bladder. As well as the fluid retention and really bad bloating in my abdomen I had bad constipation for ages, until I had the laproscopy to check for Endometriosis and they found it and removed it, then all of a sudden, my bowels worked way better again, brilliant in fact, started having regular bowel movements again, no more irritable bowel syndrome, no more irritated bladder, and best of the all the bloating completely disapeared. I lost weight. I had more energy. If I were you, I would be looking at the bowel as a key to your problem, and also – Hormones. A lack of progesterone can cause bad fluid retention. I did get the problems back eventually but that was only because the Endometriosis came back and my hormones were all messed up on top of it. Thats why my bloating gets so bad. Because I have the Endometriosis and the hormonal imbalance on top of it. Think of you problem as most likely a combination of things. I do know, that progesterone cream (natural) completely resolves my problem. It just goes away like magic. That could be because of my hormone imbalance or simply because the progesterone is calming down the Endometriosis. So, look at hormones, and your gut. Hope this helps.

  • Can anyone suggest natural/herbal remedies for fighting a severe fungal infection which started in the lungs? The sufferer has all the symptoms : fever, wheezing, short breath, mucus which wouldn’t ‘come out’ and which is constantly blocking the airway, and now, swelling of limbs and other body parts (because the arrogant doctors refuse to diagnose or recognise the exsistance of a fungal infection). The sufferer is sick of swallowing the wrong antibiotics which fail to help (all for treating bacteria…). this ongoing condition is detrimental to the sufferer who wishes to find the right cure for this debilitating problem rather than waste energy on fighting with doctors who lack the knowledge to diagnose fungus because they wish to make one believe it is too rare to happen.

    can you please help, urgently ?

    also, any comments, from those of you who’d experienced this problem, would be greatly appreciated.

  • extremely urgent !
    can the experts suggest natural/herbal remedies to fight a severe fungal infection which started in the lungs ? sufferer has all the symptoms of the fungus: fever, extremely short breath, wheezing, sticky mucus which wouldn’t ‘come out’, now also swelling of limbs & lymphs nodes (because some arrogant doctors fail to diagnose it…). sufferer is sick of taking the wrong antibiotics the doctors insist on perscribing (all for bacterial infections) and which do not help. this ongoing condition is detrimental to sufferer, who’s after a cure and who is sick of fighting with those doctors who are ignorant of what fungus is and claim it is too rare to happen.
    any comment from those who’ve been through this experience would be most welcome too.

  • I wake up in the morning and my body is normal by 10 am I have swollen adomen, fingers, legs and ankles. Anyone whose exprience the same symptoms tell me what they did to overcome this.

  • Fluid gathers in my body – especially legs, all day and then I am up all night – to the bathroom every hour, sometimes every half hour during the night to relieve myself. Anyone help please

  • I tried a multi mineral with alfalfa for oedema and it works like a charm. Alfalfa is the answer. It’s a great diuretic. Even the sprouts would help.

    Avril – Cape Town South Africa

  • I suffer from desparate fluid retention, only when I fly, short or long haul, doesn’t seem to make a difference. The day after a 2 hour flight I swell so much that I can’t wear shoes or rings. I get a desparate feeling of heaviness in my neck, had to attend a doctor and spent 2 days in bed, medication he gave me caused drowsiness and he was concerned about my flight home (it was a 5 day trip).. Is this serious?? Should I worry?

  • Very interesting to know about potassium rich foods. I think it will work perfectly and it’s healty too.

  • My mother is taking 100 mgs furusemide a day is this dangerous? She has very swollen ankles and kidney failure.

  • Very much same as Lawrence, all the weight around midrif and upper torso,legs and hands swell tremendously,lower half of body normally well toned without the swelling

  • Rather much the same as Lawrence posted 30/01/2009. 130 kg, carry all my weight around waist and upper torso, lower portion of body rather toned, but huge amount off fluid creating swollen ankles and hands…

  • male 132kgs weight 8.5′ height.
    Out of propotion upper torso very fat waist 60″ lower half thin thighs 23″.and legs. walking/balancing difficult. Eating just one moderate meal daily. Is this odema ?

  • male 132kgs weight 8.5′ height.
    Out of propotion upper truso very fat waist 60″ lower half thin thighs 23″.and legs. walking/balancing difficult. Eating just one moderate meal daily. Is this odema ?

  • I have a kidney transplant which is failing and that is why I am retaining water, I am on furesimide, up to 5 a day – if neseccery but I beleive it can effect the kidney. I am going to try the dandelion, I hope that doesn’t effect the kidney.

  • I have put 5 stone on in 6 mths all fluid. I can hardly function: belly, legs, hands, ankles and face; my doctors given up, says its fluid but no idea as how to help me. I’m desperate for help, tried all diuretics mentioned. Anyone out there with some advice?

  • Sheryl you should have an allergy test done. When I eat wheat, sugar, etc I suffer like mad with fluid retention. Avoid mentioned foods for 3 weeks and you will feel and see the improvement!

  • I have just started having trouble with fluid retention. Never had anything like this in my life and all of a sudden my legs, body and even eyelids are swollen. I am trying to find the reason why this has just started happening. Would love to hear other opinions and stories.

  • Great advice! I am trying dandelion root tea as a gentle diuretic, not having really bad oedema, but enough to make me uncomortable and put weight on the scales!

  • So much water fills the calves that the skin feels as if it will burst when rising from the horizontal. Puddles on floor. Cellulitis

  • Oedema and so much fluid that it leaks through the skin of the calves, which have been afflicted with cellulitis for seven years or so. On rising from the horizontal,fluid runs into the legs and it feels as if the skin is too small for the contents. Puddles form on the floor.

  • Am currently on high blood presure medicine which is working well. However one side effect is significant oedema in feet, lower legs, hands and sometimes face. My ankles have started to display an orange mottled rash as well. Is this dangerous? Should I try a herbal extract?

  • Very interesting and useful site. Thank you, it has really helped. Currently sitting here now with my foot up and drinking loads of water……….:-)

  • The advice against drinking tea and coffee is due to the caffine element which is dehydrating to the body. Look for de-caffinated green tea to avoid water retention but enable you to continue to enjoy green tea.

  • Although very interesting it is confusing, it tells you to drink Nettle tea then tells you not to drink tea?

    I currently drink Green tea so am I doing wrong as this is supposed to help blood vessels?

  • Some examples of potassium-rich foods would, I think, be useful here. Thank you for a wonderfully useful site 🙂

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As you'll discover in your FREE report, there are safe, natural ways to protect your heart without the use of risky, side-effect-ridden drugs.

And that's not all. When you enter your email address, you'll also receive the Daily Health e-letter. Each day in the Daily Health, you'll get:

• News on the latest cutting-edge natural health breakthroughs.
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