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Natural remedies are the foundation of modern medicine. Despite what the mainstream says, what is now referred to as “alternative medicine” is without a doubt safer and in many cases more effective than mainstream treatments. Adding to that, alternative medicine offers relief from health problems that still trouble us today, like anxiety, colds and flu, stress, depression and pain relief to mention but a few.

Natural remedies encompass a range of different topics that will be explored in the subsequent categories. The alternative therapies section addresses the wider use of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), encompassing for example herbal remedies as well as acupuncture. Vitamins and minerals sections discuss the crucial uses of these nutrients in the body and how best to ensure you’re getting them in appropriate quantities, whether that be nutrient rich foods or in supplement form. Herbalism is becoming increasingly more prominent today as medical costs spiral, so we discuss the widespread benefits of traditional herbs for your health.

Mainstream medicine offers plenty of gold-standard treatment protocols to help with specific health problems. While some of these address the symptoms of disease, they can cause side effects and don’t always cure the problem or provide lasting relief.

Unlike pharmaceutical drugs, natural breakthroughs come with far less side effects than pharmaceutical drugs. Those that are reported are not even close to the severity and detriment to your health as many of the side effects associated with what the mainstream has on offer. Just look at statins, the drug that’s meant to lower your cholesterol to prevent heart attacks and strokes has been shown to increase your chances of suffering from them!

The Daily Health has been scouring the planet for the latest breakthrough natural remedies that will help address and relieve some of the most common health problems today, ranging from protecting your heart to combating the signs of ageing.

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Use this magic mineral to combat migraine headaches

If you suffer with frequent migraine headaches, you know better than anyone that the sooner your agony ends the better. Fortunately, it turns out that there is a simple, side effe...

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Zinc protects against liver disease

Your liver is your body's unsung hero. It clears out toxins, fights infection, helps with digestion and stores vitamins. It even produces proteins, carbohydrates and fats for the r...

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Study shows acupuncture is as effective as painkillers

Previously, I told you about numerous studies that have shown how acupuncture can help treat a wide range of conditions including headaches, low back pain and even memory loss. An...

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Vitamin B3 helps slow down the ageing process

Whether it’s the buckle in your knees when you get up from a chair… or that strange pull in your lower back when you bend down to tie your shoes… you can only ignore the agei...

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Maple syrup in a glass bottle

Maple syrup’s sweet secret to fighting infections

It’s one of those guilty pleasures that many of us like to sneak in for a “special” breakfast – maple syrup on a few pancakes, waffles, or even French toast. And while tho...

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PIlls and herb on a spoon

Start harnessing the power of vitamin D now

As a regular reader of The Daily Health you’ll know that we stand with square feet behind the amazing and proven health benefits of vitamin D. Considering that most of us who ar...

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Zinc can help slowdown cellular ageing

The essential trace mineral zinc is known for its ability to fight infections and boost your overall health and as a result many people supplement with zinc to ward of cold and flu...

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Supplements, herbs on wooden table

Always read the label before buying your supplements

People who buy supplements do so because they want to boost and maintain their good health or search for safe alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs. These are all good intentions an...

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Vitamin pills spelling a D

Supplementing with vitamin D is a “waste on money”?!

I recently received an email from a regular reader who told me that after reading about the risks of vitamin D deficiency, he spoke to his doctor about supplementing with vitamin D...

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