Colds & Flu

They can strike at any time of the year… sometimes bringing you to an entire standstill. We’re talking about colds and flu.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the mainstream’s solution to colds and flu the only option we have is either to sit it out or to get some dodgy vaccine that’s not been tested properly and that will most probably only protect you against the previous year’s flu infections (if at all!).

And then we’ve not even mentioned the side effects associated with winter flu vaccines — like the fast-tracked 2009 H1N1 vaccine (Pandemrix) that induced narcolepsy in some of those who got the vaccine… So much so that European drug regulators have ruled that the Pandemrix should no longer be used in people under the age of 20.

Fortunately, when it comes to preventing and combating winter bug infections, alternative and natural medicine offer an array of protective options… without the side effect. For instance, there is a single vitamin that have shown considerable potential in the treatment of infectious diseases like of tuberculosis (recently on the rise again) and other infections, including flu and viral upper respiratory tract illnesses.

Then there is also the humble mineral that has proven to cut the duration of colds from seven days to four days, and reduced coughing from five days to two days… That’s far better than most vaccines that only reduce the number days suffering from a cold with 2 days… maximum!

While these and many other alternative remedies may not provide a cure-all, they certainly do offer better protection against colds and winter flu infections than what the mainstream has to offer.

The Daily Health has made it our mission to keep you posted on tried and tested winter infection fighters as well as the latest ground-breaking research on natural and safe alternatives that can help colds and flu.

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