Ageing is a part of life. Like it or not, that’s a fact. However, growing older does not necessarily mean that your health and physical appearance must fall apart too. In fact, the ageing process can be a perfectly pleasant experience… and growing old gracefully is completely within your reach no matter what you’ve been led to believe by the mainstream.

With the sheer amount of new research being undertaken by scientists all over the globe, it’s unsurprising that there is an endless stream of brand new natural health solutions that you can start to implement into your life today. You will uncover the simple and natural alternatives that can help prevent and even reverse the signs of ageing. For instance, malic acid has been shown to counteract some of the visible signs such as the sagging of the skin as well as boosting the action of anti-ageing enzymes.

New research has shown that effectively addressing your stress levels and dealing with emotional challenges can have an effect on maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance. Effective treatments aren’t just limited to lifestyle changes – your diet can have a significant impact on the ageing process too. Previous studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help improve age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia. The possibilities for staying younger for longer are truly endless. Hopefully now you are beginning to see the sheer number of weapons in your arsenal to counteract some of the nastier aspects of ageing.

When it comes to the most up to date alternative breakthroughs on how to keep your independence and vitality deep into your golden years, the Daily Health’s extensive anti-ageing archive is your perfect ally. Don’t let the simple truths that could lead to you living a longer, healthier life pass you by – see for yourself!

Latest Articles in Ageing

Could inactivity shrink your brain and increase dementia risk?

‘Use it or lose it’. That old saying may sound trite – but when it comes to staying spry as we age, nothing could be truer. You can’t keep up your tennis game if you...

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A Simple And Effective Way To Help Slowdown The Ageing Process

There's no point denying it, because on some level each of us want to slow down the ageing process and stay younger for longer. I’m not saying we want to go back on some time tra...

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Ladies, Here’s How To Achieve Longevity

The quest for longevity seems to be never-ending... I remember the first time a 20-something said to me: "But you are over 40, life must begin to slowdown for you now..." As much...

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Marriage Could Reduce Your Risk Of Falls And Fractures

As we age, the risk of falling as well as bone fractures increases substantially and patients with dementia are three times more likely to suffer from a fall and subsequent bone fr...

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Reverse The Signs Of Ageing With Malic Acid?

Back in 2015, we wrote about the specific benefits of malic acid for chronic fatigue sufferers. However, the powerful healing properties of malic acid far-extend its potential to b...

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World’s First Anti-Ageing Drug? Don’t Believe It!

If there was a way to live longer, healthier lives and to slow down the ageing process, what would you choose? A pharmaceutical drug or natural alternatives? For many of our reade...

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The Mediterranean Diet Can Help Boost Brain Health

We know that the Mediterranean diet reduces the risk of heart disease, and some research even suggests that it can help lower your risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. Now new...

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Ageing Gracefully: It’s All In The Mind

In addition to eating a healthy diet, effectively addressing stress and emotional challenges plays a key role in maintaining a healthy and youthful appearance. In fact, previous r...

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Omega-3s May Improve Age-Related Muscle Loss

In 2008, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published three studies investigating the role of EPA and DHA omega-3s in elderly populations. The results showed that low leve...

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Beers Criteria: Knowing To Avoid These Medicines Could Save Your Life

If you live in the UK, then you've probably not heard of Beers Criteria. However, irrespective of what continent you live on, this list of medicines, compiled by the American Geria...

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