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The liver, kidneys and urinary system all act as excretory systems for the body – which means they filter excess or potentially toxic materials from the blood or tissues to then be excreted. All organs which are functioning correctly will produce metabolic waste as a by-product of their usual functions which then need to be removed. As such, the whole body relies upon the excretory organs to function properly and prevent a build-up of these dangerous substances, making them incredibly important for maintaining the body’s overall health.

The urinary system is one such excretory pathway, consisting of four key organs: the kidneys, the ureter, the bladder and the urethra. The main function of these organs is to produce, store and then eliminate urine from the body. Urea and other waste substances such as salt are removed from the blood in the kidneys and taken to the bladder to be stored. The system’s importance in removing waste is shown when things start to go wrong, often leading to a downward spiral of declining health. In fact, kidney disease can often be a warning sign for other underlying health issues, such as diabetes or high cholesterol.

Urea, the substance removed from the blood by the kidneys, is produced by another important excretory organ: the liver. The liver is the body’s detoxifier, breaking down any chemicals or poisons that enter our body. One such harmful toxin is ammonia, produced from the breakdown of proteins, which is quickly converted to the less toxic urea by the liver. The necessity to convert toxins into less harmful by-products is shown in people with liver failure, who suffer from all manner of other conditions such as jaundice, ascites, hepatic encephalopathy, and generally failing health. In addition, 50% of people who suffer with liver failure also suffer with kidney malfunction, showing the delicate synchronicity between these organs and taking care of both systems is fundamental to maintaining optimal health.

The Daily Health offers all the latest information on how to prevent your liver, kidneys and urinary system from failing you, by taking alternatives to naturally support these organs and avoiding the drugs that can cause you harm.

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