Immunity, or the immune system, refers to the body’s ability to keep illness away by fighting infection and disease. A fully functioning immune system can quickly recognise a variety of threats to the body, such as bacteria, viruses and cancer, and remove them.

Immunity encompasses a range of organs that centre upon the production, maturation and storage of disease-fighting white blood cells. White blood cells, existing in two forms, lymphocytes and leukocytes, originate from the bone marrow. From the bone marrow they then move to the spleen and lymph nodes, circulating through the lymphatic system, waiting to tackle any invader.

There are multitudes of ways that immunity can go array. Allergies such as hay fever, a food allergy and asthma are perhaps some of the most common immune-related diseases. These conditions arise from incorrectly recognising a harmless material such as pollen, dust or food particles and raising a small immune response whenever these enter the body.

Other less common and more severe conditions of the immune system are autoimmune diseases. Autoimmunity results in the production of antibodies against the body’s own tissues, reducing the immune system’s ability to fight infection. Some examples include rheumatoid arthritis, systemic lupus erythematosus, type-1 diabetes and multiple sclerosis. The mainstream approach to treating autoimmunity is to deplete the immune system, leaving the body all the more susceptible to infection.

The mainstream’s common approach to boosting immunity is through measures like annual flu vaccines and antibiotics, despite the fact there are many natural ways with which you can protect and boost your immune system.

Many of us don’t think about our immune systems, but the fact is a compromised immune system is the gateway to disease and deteriorating health. The Daily Health will show you how to protect and bolster your immune system naturally and effectively.

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