Ageing is a part of life. Like it or not, that’s a fact. However, growing older does not necessarily mean that your health and physical appearance must fall apart too. In fact, the ageing process can be a perfectly pleasant experience… and growing old gracefully is completely within your reach no matter what you’ve been led to believe by the mainstream.

With the sheer amount of new research being undertaken by scientists all over the globe, it’s unsurprising that there is an endless stream of brand new natural health solutions that you can start to implement into your life today. You will uncover the simple and natural alternatives that can help prevent and even reverse the signs of ageing. For instance, malic acid has been shown to counteract some of the visible signs such as the sagging of the skin as well as boosting the action of anti-ageing enzymes.

New research has shown that effectively addressing your stress levels and dealing with emotional challenges can have an effect on maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance. Effective treatments aren’t just limited to lifestyle changes – your diet can have a significant impact on the ageing process too. Previous studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help improve age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia. The possibilities for staying younger for longer are truly endless. Hopefully now you are beginning to see the sheer number of weapons in your arsenal to counteract some of the nastier aspects of ageing.

When it comes to the most up to date alternative breakthroughs on how to keep your independence and vitality deep into your golden years, the Daily Health’s extensive anti-ageing archive is your perfect ally. Don’t let the simple truths that could lead to you living a longer, healthier life pass you by – see for yourself!

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Life Expectancy: We Are Living Healthier And Longer

A new study, conducted by Prof. David Cutler, a professor of Applied Economics, shows that not only has life expectancy increased over the past two decades but people have also bec...

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Wrinkles and Impotence get People to Quit Smoking

I suspect most of our health-conscious readers don't smoke... if any at all. However, if you have a loved one or friend that is trying to kick the habit for good, here's a way you...

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Botox? But At What Cost?

Botox was once reserved for the ageing rich and famous, but now it's increasingly becoming a procedure people as young as 20 turn to as a "preventative" for early ageing. In fact,...

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Diet & Lifestyle: 7 Golden Rules To Help You Live Longer

It was very refreshing to read a positive spin on how simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can impact your health. More promising still, these findings are based on a landmark...

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Add Six Years To Your Life Even At 75

We've all been there... New Year's day, reflecting on a year that has gone by and we decide to make some changes to our lives. Out comes the pen and paper, and we start a little li...

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Meditation As A Tool For Good Health And Longevity

When you hear the word "meditation" you may think of a bunch of Hippies trying to elevate themselves off the floor whilst listening to bells chiming and humming "Ohm". Finally this...

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Hospital Delirium Can Be Fatal For The Elderly

Many of us have our own hilarious stories about waking up dazed or confused when we're away from home. However, when it happens in the hospital, it's not so funny. In fact, it c...

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8 Steps To Ageing Younger

Let's face it, some days we all feel that life can be a bit too much, but in all honesty I know I am not alone when I say: We all want to live longer and age younger.  But how do...

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Protect Against Falls And Broken Bones With Vitamin D

For our readers in the UK, it's certainly clear that autumn is here and those long winter months are just around the corner. This means only one thing: a shortage of natural vitami...

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Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease Greater in the UK

With the growing number of older adults worldwide and the prospect of retirement being a luxury that only the affluent can afford, those of us with our full faculties in tact shoul...

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