Ageing is a part of life. Like it or not, that’s a fact. However, growing older does not necessarily mean that your health and physical appearance must fall apart too. In fact, the ageing process can be a perfectly pleasant experience… and growing old gracefully is completely within your reach no matter what you’ve been led to believe by the mainstream.

With the sheer amount of new research being undertaken by scientists all over the globe, it’s unsurprising that there is an endless stream of brand new natural health solutions that you can start to implement into your life today. You will uncover the simple and natural alternatives that can help prevent and even reverse the signs of ageing. For instance, malic acid has been shown to counteract some of the visible signs such as the sagging of the skin as well as boosting the action of anti-ageing enzymes.

New research has shown that effectively addressing your stress levels and dealing with emotional challenges can have an effect on maintaining a healthy, youthful appearance. Effective treatments aren’t just limited to lifestyle changes – your diet can have a significant impact on the ageing process too. Previous studies have shown that omega-3 fatty acids can help improve age-related muscle loss, also known as sarcopenia. The possibilities for staying younger for longer are truly endless. Hopefully now you are beginning to see the sheer number of weapons in your arsenal to counteract some of the nastier aspects of ageing.

When it comes to the most up to date alternative breakthroughs on how to keep your independence and vitality deep into your golden years, the Daily Health’s extensive anti-ageing archive is your perfect ally. Don’t let the simple truths that could lead to you living a longer, healthier life pass you by – see for yourself!

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Punching Back At Parkinson’s Disease

It's no secret that very few people actually enjoy exercise, even though most of us know about the health benefits of regular physical activity. So, it's not difficult to imagine t...

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memory, ageing

Can Chocolate Really Boost Your Memory?

It's February and we all know what that means - Valentine's Day... which in my opinion, is nothing more than a clever PR invention to boost the sales of chocolate, red roses and se...

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off-label drug use

Don’t Believe The Latest Ibuprofen Anti-Ageing Claims

Fruit flies and worms given daily doses of ibuprofen were reported to be healthier, happier and live longer than their untreated relatives! Yes, you read that right. That's the g...

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Little Research To Support The Safety Of New Hip Implants

If you've had a hip replacement or are about to have one, your doctor hopefully told you that all hip implants will wear down over time as the ball and cup slide against each othe...

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Thousands Of Middle-Aged Adults Have Dementia

A few weeks ago, researchers from Oxford University found that people between the ages of 30 to 39 who also were obese were 3.5 times more likely to develop dementia. According to...

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Don’t Believe The Latest Claims About Resveratrol

After years of getting upset whenever the mainstream slams natural remedies with their bodged studies, I now just brush it off... water off a duck's back. The latest news headline...

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chocolate, super food, antioxidant

Boost Your Brain Function By Up To 32%

Growing old gracefully is something most of us would like to do, but when your memory starts slipping and you forget where you've put your car keys... or your grandchild's name......

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sleep, loneliness, ageing

Loneliness A Greater Risk Than Obesity For The Elderly

There is a danger threatening the elderly, which can increase the potentially lethal health risks that lead to premature death. Following a recent study, researchers gave a stark w...

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blood pressure, salt, heart attack, stroke

Low-Salt Diet Myth Puts Elderly At Risk

Sometimes it's clear as daylight that the numbers have been cooked... The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) asked three teams of researchers to "crunch some numbers" from sodium...

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berries, ageing

7 Foods To Help Fight The Ageing Process

Most of us have the goal of ageing gracefully and to accept and embrace how time changes our bodies. It's a healthy goal, however it's hard work to prevent and minimize the health...

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