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Cholesterol-lowering Statins: What Are The Side Effects?


Research findings from a study involving cholesterol-lowering statin drugs came out this week. And virtually all the reports treated the ‘miracle drug’ status of statins as a given.

Here’s what this study really is: A groundbreaking landmark for those who make their living selling statins.

Statins: The basics 

Here’s a quick outline of the statins study that was posted on the New England Journal of Medicine web site this week. (The study will be published next month.)

US researchers at Harvard Medical School tested two different statin dosages on a group of 4,162 patients who had been hospitalised for an acute coronary syndrome.

All subjects began taking their drugs within 10 days of being discharged from the hospital, and their medical records were then followed for an average of two years. Half the group received a daily 40mg dose of pravastatin (brand name: Pravachol), and half received 80mg per day of atorvastatin (brand name: Lipitor).

The Harvard team specifically monitored occurrences of death due to stroke, heart attack, bypass surgery and other cardiovascular events. Results showed that the death rate in the Lipitor group was 28 percent lower than the Pravachol group. Furthermore, LDL cholesterol was lowered to an average of 62 in the Lipitor group, but only to 95 in the Pravachol group.

This 95 level would be considered just fine among those in mainstream medicine who insist that everyone should aim for an LDL of 100 or lower. But because the Lipitor group average dropped a full 33 points more than the Pravachol, and because the death rate was significantly lower in the Lipitor group, the pro-statins forces crowed with glee as if this study were the last word on the subject.

If these people had their way, the book on statins would now be closed and virtually everyone over the age of 45 would start taking daily super doses of Lipitor immediately.

No doubt, the results are impressive. As long as you overlook certain details.

Statins: The up shift

Critics of the study point to a number of obvious drawbacks. As we’ve known for some time now, statins drugs carry along some unpleasant side effects, ranging from muscle aches to liver damage. In this particular study, one third of the subjects in the Pravachol group dropped out due to an adverse event or a patient’s decision to stop taking the drug, and more than 30 percent in the Lipitor group dropped out for the same reasons.

Also, for a drug that’s intended to be taken for the remainder of a patient’s life, two years is not nearly long enough to fully understand the extent of side effects (especially at the higher dosage) or the comparison of the death rates associated with the two drugs.

In addition, there was no control group! In a true clinical study it’s customary to include a group of subjects who receive no therapy or a placebo – or even (heaven forbid) a natural therapy – in order to put the effects of the drugs (both good and bad) into perspective. Without a control group, we don’t know if the outcomes are really as dramatic as they’re being made out to be.

So this trial is not the be-all and end-all that the mainstream wants us to believe it is. But the fact that it’s been interpreted that way will encourage many doctors to prescribe the drug even more aggressively and at higher doses. The study’s lead author, Dr. Christopher P. Cannon, told the US newspaper the New York Times that, ‘Everyone needs to shift up one level in their intensity of cholesterol treatment.’


Statins: A major miscalculation

This study has one more unique wrinkle. It was sponsored by a drug company. Now, knowing that, you might reasonably jump to the conclusion that it was sponsored by drug giant Pfizer. After all, the cards seem to have been significantly stacked against Pravachol. But in fact, the study was sponsored by Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMS), Pravachol’s maker.

Experts in the field speculate that BMS executives apparently had good reason to believe that, even at the different dosages, Pravachol would produce better results than Lipitor. Needless to say, whatever the strategy might have been, it seems to have backfired.

Dr. Andrew G. Bodnar is a senior vice president for strategy and medical and external affairs for BMS. In what we can only imagine was a shell-shocked state, Dr. Bodnar told the New York Times that his company was surprised. But given the outcome, Dr. Bodnar gladly offered some information about an important safety issue.

He told the Times that liver enzymes were elevated in 3.3 percent of the Lipitor group, but only in 1.1 percent of the Pravachol group. And he noted that when Liver enzyme levels rise, patients must be advised to stop taking the drug or reduce the dose.

So again, the length of the study is a major factor. Given that over a period of many years we simply don’t know what percentage of patients will experience dangerous liver enzyme levels, the unconditional thumbs-up that the media gave the concept of statins ‘super doses’ was ‘super premature,’ to say the least.

Read our special report on how CoQ10 can protect you against the side effects of statins

Disclaimer: Bear in mind the material contained in this article is provided for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.


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    Because my bad cholesterol level was considered too high at 5+, I was originally (maybe 10 years ago) prescribed Simvastatin and then Lipitor and experienced aching legs with both of these. I am a pensioner and have now been taking Pravastatin for some time and have not experienced aches and pain (but my memory lets me down). However, a few months ago I noticed how thin my hair had become at the front and sides. Two scalp biopsies, requested by my GP, suggest “scarring alopecia” and I await a consultation with a Dermatologist. If this IS the cause of my hair loss, frighteningly my lost hair will not regrow. However, I am wondering if it could be caused by the statins. If statins are the cause and I stop taking them, CAN ANYONE TELL ME IF MY HAIR IS LIKELY TO REGROW?

  • My Doc prescribed me some Pravastatin Thursday of last week because my numbers where slightly up. I’ve only been on them for four nights now, and I have been wakened from my sleep with pain behind the nail of my big toes, both of them. I didn’t think nothing of it until the last night. I was wakened again at 12:30 am with pain in my big toes and could not go back to sleep. I knew then it was the Statin, because I have never felt like that before, then it made me realize the other symptom I was having, like, light headiness and headaches I could not get rid of, and my blood pressure was fine. I decided to do some research this morning and I did not like what I found. It’s scary to think your doctor with all the knowledge they have would give this to there patient. Oh My. Never again will I take these death traps. I will do it the right way, eat right and exerciser. Thanks for all the insight. To all Be Blessed

  • I have been on simvastatin for 5 years after having two stents installed. The destruction of my muscle mass and strength in the last two years is now very noticeable after working hard for over 50 years. Retired now for 5 years I can not even get down on my knees to do any work. I have little energy and tire out just walking. I think it is time to change my diet and say good by to statins. Thank you for this chance to add my concern.


  • Thank God that I am a person that loves to research things. As I am reading some of these post, I am terrifide to start Simvastatin 10 mg tabs that I picked up today. I have never wanted to be a pill taker and would like to result to a healthier alternative, I am only 34 years old as of January. I do not want to go through alot of the problems that I read here. I pray for you all. No one asked for this, I remember growing up and the foods did not cause these problem what is the FDA doing, this is a way to make money, it is a revolving door. These pills are in the trash as soon as i get off this computer. I am angry that my Doctor does not cherish the lives that are put in front of them.

  • Hi, I am 65 years old and I have been taking 20mg Simvastatin daily for the past 3 years or so due to my Cholesterol level being 5.6, which my Dr. told me wasn’t good. I was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia 2 years ago. My symptoms are extensive and have steadily gotten worse over the past few years. I have severe back, neck pain and headaches, pain which varies in different muscles, joint stiffness, fogginess, short term memory loss, clamminess especially at night, burning sensation in soles of feet and toes, numbness in hands which comes and goes, my left hand has locked on occasion and frightened the life out of me, itchy scalp, exhaustion, weight gain due to tiredness, I sleep badly and have horrible nightmares at times, I also have experienced the tightening in my chest as if there is a weight lying there, depression due to all these symptoms, so much so that I wonder if life is worth living. Looking for answers I followed a link which brought me to this forum. This is my lucky day and thanks so much to all of you for your posts, because I am not taking any more Statins as like yourselves I believe these are the cause of all my problems. I don’t smoke or drink and my diet is pretty good, so from now on I will be managing my own life without the addition of taking this poisonous WONDER Drug. I would rather life with high Cholesterol than have the living death I have had for the past 3 or so years. I also take 200mg Q10 every day and will keep doing so, as I hope that this will help reverse some of the symptoms I have been suffering. So don’t forget the Q10 and good luck to you all.

  • This forum is really valuable. I have been using Atorvastatin for about 4/5years. Almost as a co incidence the following problems have occurred 1) extremely cold shins ( lower legs ). 2) strange pains in wrists. 3) persistent dry cough (unable to clear my throat. 4) erectile dysfunction. 5) physical energy level. I am not a crank and do not necessarily associate all these symptoms with Statins BUT I am having serious doubts

  • I’ve been taking Pravastatin Sodium since January 9, 2012 experinceing muscle weakness in my right arm.I have too use my left hand to help me comb my hair brush my teeth or any type of grooming. I have muscle cramps in my legs stiffness in my neck and right hip in pain cannot sleep at night i can’t walk striaght.feels tired alot. i stop taking this medicine yesterday because i started having blurred vision and headache. I don’t know why these people make something to harm you.

  • You should read the book :’Statins-The Theif Of Memory’.(An American publication.I can’t remember the author’s name,but for sure you’ll find it on-line).An absolutely stunning and compelling revelation. I have been taking this terrible drug-hailed as the greatest discovery since penicillin-for twenty plus years now since undergoing coronary bypass surgery.Yes it’s kept my cholesterol low/kept me ‘alive’?.But now a growing body of research is reporting that long term statin use can cause the devastating and horrible terminal neurological affliction motor neurone disease.A condition I sadly believe that I am now developing.My muscles are wasting and I am experiencing many symptoms of its insidious onset.Loss of strength,coordination problems In America this is called ALS-like syndrome.Again,look for this on the web… Indeed my own lipidologist said to me candidly only last month :”Quite honestly we really don’t yet know the full effects of long-term statin use”. Gee thanks doc,so I’ve been one of your guinea-pigs then have I? I wanted to say.
    Depression too just another of it’s well known side-effects,but denied by the medics. My gp says nonsense and refuses to refer me to a neurologist.

  • My cholesterol was checked with a random blood test. Told it is 7.5. Told the doctor that’s a pack of c–p. That I eat “healthily”. Work hard etc. Accepted the figures. Asked him how do I get it down? He didn’t seem to want to hear.Had a scrip for statins produced by his computer as we spoke. KERCHING! He would not be drawn into discussing any other avenue to address my problem. I figure if it is my type of diet that caused the problem I will make the adjustments to my diet to reduce the count. Have done so now for 4mths.I will request another blood test in the near future to see if the changes I have made make for any reduction. If so I will continue with my dietary regime. If not——. I have the statins but will not use them. That was my decision before discovering this site. Also that I have a number of friends/colleagues that have statin related “problems” and have also chosen to discontinue their use. I will get back with my progress or lack thereof. All take care.

  • Super stiff neck with tension heaches after 6 days on statins. Not a fluke because I tried 4 different types and had all the same effects. Sex drive also dropped thru the floor, lust for life gone, insomnia, constipation, ocular migraines (never had before), and in general felt like crap. This stuff is poison. The Dr’s need to start doing a complete cholesterol profile and not just HDl’s, LDL’s, triglycerides and homocysteins.

  • Diagnosed with high pressure in Feb 2011 doc started on b/pressure tablets for 4 weeks and then put me on simvastatin for the high collestrol after 1 week started to get leg pain doc told me to carry on with them after 2 weeks pain got worse so changed to Lipitor tablets after 3 weeks only i stopped taking them on the advice of the main cardiologist in the hospital The pain in my groin/inner thighs shoulders and neck got so bad by May i was struggling to get out of bed and could hardly lift my legs. By end of june admitted to Liverpool neuro hospital for tests MRI blood tests brain scans all turned out clear they took a guess at polymialgia rhumatica (similar symptoms) treated me with the usuall treatment for this Prednisolone been on this treatment now for 7 months and every time they reduce the dose to come off the steroids the muscle pain come back and now the specialist are mystified what the cause is all because they won’t admit that it was caused by the statins.Before any statins us to be working 7 days aweek and was very active now cannot even walk to the shop without pain and cannot work BEWARE DO NOT TAKE THIS DRUG EVEN FOR A SHORT TIME ACTION SHOULD BE TAKEN AGAINST THESE PEOPLE WHO PRODUCE THIS HARMFUL DRUG

  • I am 55 and had an emergency double CABG when I was 53, following an angiogram. I had 2, >90% blockages.
    I have been taking 40mg Simvastatin daily since the angiogram.
    I went to GP complaining of muscle and joint pain late in 2011 and had a CK test, which was OK. I also had hip X-rays, which showed “normal wear and tear”.
    I’ve lost weight and have a BMI of 25 now, which was the target set me. Basically, I feel like an old man. I have very little energy and am full of aches and pains.
    I am very tempted to stop taking the statin.
    Any suggestions?

  • I have been taking vytorin for about 3-4 years. I am tired all of the time, muscle, joint and lower back pain. I was just told that I have an inflamed fatty liver. two weeks ago I stopped taking the med. Now my Dr wants me to get more blood work done…he say’s he wants to check my iron level. I am on Lisinopril for increased B/P. If staying off the statins, will my liver start healing itself?

  • I have been taking Simvastatin for almost a year. I believe 3-4 months after taking it I got severe calf pains with walking. Went to my doc and was put in PT to help stretch my calf muscles. I only went to 3 appointments … have been stretching before walking. I am now having lower back pain, feel cloudy headed at times. I am a active 41 yr old female. I am thinking of stopping the med and looking in to natural cholesterol lower. Suggestions????

  • How long after stopping to take Simvastatin (Zocor), 10MG, will I begin to see a decrease in or elimination of overall muscle weaknesses? Thank you.

  • I was on Simvastatin for well over 2 years even though my levels weren’t overly high, for 18 months now I have suffered from excrutiating aches in the muscles and it has now got so bad I have to take 40mg of Morphine twice a day just to get through it. I’m going to try Q10 supplements and see if that helps. I stopped taking Statins over a year ago but am still suffering, I’ve had loads of tests but nothing has shown up as the cause. I also get bad acid reflux too and have to take 40mg of Omeprazole a day. I believe this is all related to being on Statins

  • I have been taking crestor for only 4 weeks and asasantin for 20 days and I was having such severe pain I was calling the ambulance service.I had muscle pain, clamminess, face ache, head aches. My gp said with the asasantin I may get a headache and to take a panadol prior to taking the drug. I did not take the pain killer because I wanted to know what was going on. At 1am I had an explosion in my head and at the same time my left hand locked up and I had to force it open the pain was unbelievable !!!!!
    I have stopped. Taking both drugs and have changed diet and taking coq10 and mega b. 8 days later and I am still in pain and confused as yesterday I felt reasonably well. Today i feel like sh…..The Dr’s told me I am having anxiety attacks.

  • Had open heart surgery April 2000. Dr put me on simvastatin shortly there after.Have had progressive muscle weakness and deterioration in the legs and ankles. Stopped taking the medication several months ago but do not see any improvement in muscle tone. Is this the best it will be? Are there any reccomended exercises that may help

  • i have taken simvistatin for 4 yrs only 10ml though at 5.7 i dont think its worth the aching joints ! headaches ! terrible memory ! disoriantation cant spell that one ! wasteing joint ! feeling tired so next time i go to doc’s for blood test if its gone down i will not resume taking them. I will then go for again diet which is low in fat anyway so probably genetics ! i am now taking Q10 everyday so i will wait and see after March next year wait a few months and tell you the outcome if i feel any better not taking them ! good website !

  • I am 41 and my cholestorol level was 7.3 but now 5.3 I have been taking 40mg of simvastatin for the past 4 months because of a family history of raised cholestorol and the pains in my lower body have become unbearable I feel like an old man already I have explained to my GP the pain always varies from different parts of my legs and hips I cannot pin point it to one area alone and a couple of times last week I couldn’t walk further than half mile without completely stopping to rest I have always played some form of sport so I know when I have ever over done it this is completely different. my GP has sent me for a blood test because apparantly this pain can show due to a raise in certain levels in the blood if it is the statin causing it is this true?

  • I am experiencing severe pain at the base of my skull & my neck area in general & between the shoulder blsdes & shoulder. Although only 55, I have been tested for dimentia incl a brain scan & am awaiting results but indicators say it is subjective. Plus, although my hair has always been fine, I have recently noticed it is progressively a lot thinner – I am going bald. I want to come off statins & am determined to find healthy alternatives to control my cholerstoral. I am just hoping & praying my hair grows back & my neck/shoulder/back pain improves as it is extremely painful. Can anyone let me know if my hair is likely to grow back? I will post an update when I’ve been off statins for 3 & 6 & 12 months.

  • to anyone considering a statin be very careful i was on simivistatin in 2005 and complained within the first month my legs feet ankles arms were killing me told to carry on my girls told me a few times i couldnt remember things my phone number etc i carried on for dont know how long started getting pain in the souls of my feet then had tightening round left knee something snapped no bloods checked now told my patella ripped off was climbing the walls with pain depressed cold never been in my life eventually bloods done ck through the roof then told i have arthritis osteo arthritis small brain tumour now having digestive problems feel a ripple running through my feet legs need new knees what next had low cholosterol overweight yes but fit as a fiddle problems with sleep and memory loss definately due to simivistatin due to see neurologist again soon dont know where to turn to next try proving this dont take them very dangerous.

  • I have been taking simvastatin for 3 years, after haveing a heart attack, and two month’s ago starting noticeing a weakness in my left arm, wasn’t sure what was causeing it and never thought it was the tablets, it’s getting that bad now i can not even lift the kettle to make a cup of tea. I have been to the gp and asked if it could be the tablets, but never got a straigh answer, i have had a ecg done and a blood test done, but will keep you posted of the outcome.

  • I have been on Zocor for several years. For the last 18 months I have been on 60mg a day. About 2 years ago I noticed itching on my scalp. I still have it now and it is driving me crazy. I MUST scratch when it itches and the only time that it doesn’t itch is when I am intensely concentrating on a task or something that is very interesting to me. I scratch the most when I am bored or waiting in line or if something is making me nervous. I suspect this frequent itching may be related to my intake dosage of Zocor. Also I have brain fog and a lot more forgetful and have a lack of attention and concetration

  • I am 64 and been on simvastatin for 5 years for 8.2 chol level, now 3.9. Chronic lower back pain sent me to Dr. Internet and after 5 weeks without statins my back is much better. My energy levels are up too (I guess because CoQ10 production is back up to normal). Weirdly, the lactose intolerance which came on 3 years ago has suddenly started to get better. I would have thought this impossible. Could it be the statins as well? Mechanism for this seems unfindable on the internet. Any ideas?

  • My wife, 65years old, has been taking Liptor, 10mg for 6 years with no noticeable problems. However in the 7th year she stared to develop several symptoms over a 6 month period: heart tremors, headaches, shaking and night sweats. She also became forgetful and I feared it was the start of dementia. All the symptoms culminated in three epileptic episodes, the first of which resulted in a trip to A&E. Despite numerous tests, including a brain scan, blood tests and a weeklong heart monitor they could find nothing wrong, apart from a struggling thyroid. Her GP prescribed Thyroxin, but the symptoms just became worse. In desperation I looked for answers on the Internet and discovered several sites indicating the side effects of Statins (the only medication she takes). I also discovered that Lipitor can affect the results of some blood tests including the Thyroid test (This can be confirmed on Pfizer web site). She has been off Statins for 6 months now and has just returned from her final appointment with the Heart specialist and has been given the all clear. All the symptoms disappeared within weeks of stopping the Lipitor and she is her old self again. All the doctors dismiss any suggestion that Lipitor was to blame and her cholesterol level has increases to 7.8, but as she has low blood pressure, is not over weight and has a cholesterol ratio of 4.8 she is not worried. There is no doubt in our minds as to what caused the problems.

  • I had been on Lipitor for quite a few years when i noticed I was getting more tired and lethargic, I’m normally one that goes bike riding, walking and home weight training. I went to the doc with my symptoms and she sent me to a physician who basically said there was nothing wrong with me, it’s all in my head. I mentioned to my doc about the side effects of Lipitor, she decided to put me on Simvastatin, me being none the wiser started taking this med. after a couple of months my symptoms were getting progressively worse, thigh, calf and hip pain being the most predominant symptoms, my chiropractor suggested trying Red Yeast Rice Extract, it too worked lowering my cholesterol but did not help with the symptoms, i have since read that this can also cause the same symptoms as all of the statin drugs. I had elevated CPK levels too, only slightly higher than normal, around 400 instead of about 250, I believe. Since stopping the statins approx. 6 weeks ago, my CPK levels have gone back to normal, but my aches and pains are still there, on some days the pain is worse than when i was on the statins. I can’t exercise anymore either, it feels like I have run a marathon when I’ve only just walked around the block, I have not touched weights either, just in case i breakdown the remaining muscle that I have left. I’m really worried that I have MS or some other nasty disease instead, or is it the statins ?? I’ve just had a brain and neck MRI and am off to the neurologist tomorrow for results.

  • I have been on Simvastatin for about 8 weeks and have just come back from the doctor’s this evening because of cramp like pains in my right leg..around the calf and radiating to the front of the leg and sometimes into the thigh..it hurts to walk and feels a bit like sciatica but only in the lower leg. I also have alot of pain in my shoulders and the top of my back. I have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension recently and this is one of the reasons that I was advised to lower my cholestral. After reading all your letters I think I would be better without the tablets.

  • I started taking simvsatatin about a year ago because I had swiched over from Previacid to save money. I was on Previcid for years with no side effcts. I am 76 years old and was in very good shape.About 9 months after swiching to Simvastatin I beganto notice hip pain and difficulty walking. After that I began ti have discomfort in the front of my thighs.With that I could only walk shot distance and was out of breath. Now my arms are veryweak and tired with littlr exertion and I get discomfort in my shoulders and back.I disscontinued the drug 3 days ago hoping for a reversal of these complications. So far no difference. I have an appointment with my Dr. in 4 days.Icant go on like this, especially at my age. Good luck to those of you in the same boat.

  • Simvastatin ruined my life! And it isn’t just Simvastatin, I tried them all thinking I must be the one with the problem. Doctors are clueless. It’s now been proven that you (everyone) can not only significatly improve their cholesterol numbers thru diet but can reverse blockag. But really, what does a number mean when they don’t even bother to split out the sub classes within HDL and LDL? It’s really all about the blockage and also chunks that may break off the blockages. Statins sunk my sex drive, wasted my muscles, gave me neck pain and headaches, insomnia, constipation, memory problems… the list goes on. Bring on the heart failure because nothing is worth this! Quality of life; What’s that when talking statins? I was a guy in awesome shape. Now it’s going to be a fight back to that. Especially since statins trashed my drive and discipline to workout. I could whine about tis poison forever. If you take it or are thinking of taking it then stop. The stas justifying taking this crap is stupid. It likes saves 1 in a hundred and the remaining 99 still get whacked by a stroke or heartattack. There’s a near zero fat near all vegtable diet that this Dr who has paired up with Clintons old Dr developed. They put people on MRI’s after a year or two on the diet and placques disappeard. F the Dr’s. They peddle whatever the pharmaceutical salesman educates them on. They are mindless idiots who perecribe Lipitor without having a clue what cholesterol is. Go educate yourself on Cholesterol and then have a chit chat with your Dr. You’ll find out just how clueless they are and you’re the object of their bad advice.

  • I had a heart attack in February and one of the many tablets I have to take is Simvastatin. I thought the aches and pains and tiredness was my age, I’m 72 but having read your posts I’m beginning to have a rethink and will certainly be stopping them and finding an alternative that is not trying kill me.

    My main problem at present is trying to lose weight and I think Carvedilol is my problem here as it causes weight gain. Anyone else had this problem? So glad I found this site.

  • I was on Simvastin for 2 years before stopping 2 months ago. I was suffering from tingling feet, itchy scalp and hair loss. My feet and scalp have improved. I will not go back on to statins and will stick to a sensible diet.

  • I have inherited high cholesterol, 11 mmol/l untreated dieting, fasting. All but one of my male relatives for four generations back, father included, died of heart disese or MI before age 47, youngest 37. Statins brought the level down. I am 63 years old. No symptoms of CV disease, angina, etc and no side effects other than living.

  • I started taking 20mg of simvastatin 5yrs ago, since then I have lower leg pain, my feet hurt all the time, lost weight, numbness in both feet( in my toes, I’ve told my doctor about this several times but he told me to get a good pair of sneakers what the heck is wrong with this picture…My pain is worst at night when going to bed I have to move my legs just to ease the pain watch the next thing, he will prescribe something for restless leg syndrome. I think after reading all this I’m going to talk to an attorney to seek damages from the drug companies I am not taking this bull anymore, another thing every time I see my relatives’ they say wow have you seen a doctor lately you lost a lot of weight.

  • My father in law was taking statins then found out shortly after taking it he got ALS!! Does this happen with all the statin meds?

  • For those of you with muscle cramping you probably know that quinine sulfate is no longer available in the US. However, a new over-the-counter supplement is quite effective. “Quellitall” is awesome — you can order it online at quellitall.com. Has lots of research behind it and a money-back guarantee.

  • i have been taking crestor for 3-4 years
    and having problems with the side effects
    muscle pain symptoms of sciatica. i have stopped taking it and going to try to control my cholesterol by diet what other means from have read .what i would like to know will the side effects go away .

  • Travel insurance Co just removed cover for pre-existing conditions and since because I am not taking medication that GP recommended. What am I supposed to do? How do you find a gp prepared to work with natural remedies?

  • I was taking Lipitor for years until recently, when, having heard and read about the side effects, I decided to stop. Before stopping I seemed incapable of concentrating properly on anything, felt constantly knackered and also suffered from loss of short term memory. Since stopping about 6 weeks ago my brain is functioning properly again and my concentration and sharpness has improved. It’s not until you read about the side effects suffered by others that you realize that the aches and pains you have been suffering may not be down to the march of time after all! I have had symptoms of sciatica and have had to have manipulation under GA for ‘freezing’ of both shoulders so I, for one, will not be taking any more statins!

  • My symptoms: Headache mild to severe and feels like pressure. Pressure about ears ringing and fluttering when swallowing. Dizzyness. Faintness. Guts bubbling. Slight cramps in legs (so far).

    Doc said today my blood pressure quite high? Prescription given. Never had high BP in my life before! Said make an appointment within the next two weeks for a blood test. No thanks I will take things into my own hands today!

    Been on simvastatin about 2 months but the one I took last night will be last one. Will tell sister to pack them in as well.

  • Has anyone stopped Simvastatin due to headaches on just one side? (I have that, including a ‘trigger point’ on my face that intensifies the headache when touched, like a nerve pain). How long did it take for the headaches to go away after stopping the Simvastatin? If anyone answers this, thanks.

  • has anyone had terrible dreams like trembling and not being able to wake up properly and on wakening finding yourself standing beside the bed or staring at something in the bedroom.I feel sometimes in my sleep that i,m paralysed.I have been on simvastatin for about 2yrs now.hope someone can give me the answer.

  • Been taking simvastatin for 2yrs now and I am literally half the man I used to be… muscle waste! Don’t know what to do. Maybe stop taking the drug?

  • Just been to an endocrinologist because of high Chloresterol (7.9) he says I have to go on statins. After reading the postings I am determined not to go on them, the possible side effects are scary. Thank heavens I found this site. I will make every attempt to get my chloresterol level down, but not by statins. Thank you guys

  • I have been taking Simvastatin 40mg for about two years now. At intervals, I have experienced muscle pain in my hip and leg, lower back, and severe pain in my shoulder. On a few occasions, I have stopped taking the tablets and, lo and behold, the pain has stopped. I intend to discuss dosage or even necessity of statins with my GP on my next visit, and resort to controlling my cholesterol via my diet. I agree with one of the above posters who suggested that different makes of Simvastin may also be at fault -I have had at least four different makes, and my last batch is definitely causing me problems! Good luck to you all.

  • i have been on statins for over five years.i have all the above posts symtoms and when confronting my gp about my concern on taking simvastatin his immediate reply was to put me on atorstatin.any gp who continues to prescribe any statin to anyone with side effects is a total muppet.and one other thing do you know that gp`s are paid for every dose they prescribe

  • been taking statins for 5y after a quad by pass elbows started to hurt soon after didnt take notice .now my lower leg and ankles are in pain every day.have been fobbed of by doctors all these years not one of them told me to stop taking the tabs.i have been told :were gell pads in my shoes.change from shoes to boots.rub allsorts of different oils+gells in my heels even a trip to my local hospital for ultra sound treatment, all of these ofcourse have not worked. only listening to people talking in my local pub i realised that it was these bloody statins that is the problem. would have been nice for the doctor to have guest the problem. nevermind i am going to throw these in the bin as of today. hopefully will be feeling better soon. thanks for all your comments

  • im been put on simvastatin 40mg as my chlolestrol level was 5.4,im fit 41 yr old male and due to the heart deisease in the family he put me on these tablets ,i do get aches in back and sudden im losing weight since taking them ? anyone else lost weight from them

  • I was put on Simvastatin when a blood test showed my cholestrol had gone above the “magic” figure of 5. Within weeks I began experiencing muscle pains in my legs, back and right arm, together with shortness of breath and general tiredness. I stopped taking the simvastatin and reported these problems to the GP at my local surgery, he just said “OK, we will let your body settle down and change to another statin which doesn’t cause these problems”. Over the next couple of weeks most of the muscle pains and the general tiredness went away and I seemed to be back to normal but with ONE exception. The pain and weakness in my right upper arm was still there. When I next saw the GP (a different one, same surgery) she prescribed Pravastatin, saying that these are different and wont cause the muscle problems you had before. I brought up the pain and weakness in my right arm and without moving from her chair or making any attempt to examine me said “that is repetative strain injury, nothing to do with the statins because muscle pain associated with them goes away when you stop taking the drug”.
    I took the Pravastatin for approximately 3 weeks before the loss of strength and pain in my arm became so bad I just stopped. Within days the pain eased, but has still not gone away and the weakness doesn’t seem to me to have reversed at all. I have to use my left hand to assist me in lifting a cup of tea held in my right hand, to my lips.
    I have lost all faith in my doctors, as they just seem to want to get everyone taking these, what I think are dangerous drugs. Problems are just ignored or as in my case “diagnosed” with anything they can think of to shift blame away from their “drug of choice” the so called “wonderful cure all” that they claim is ANY statin they can get you to take.
    I will certainly NOT be taking any more of these drugs. The side effects certainly outweigh any possible benefits in my case.

  • ive bn on simvastian tabs 40 mg for jist ove a year a got my blood checked then went again for a liver count i have a fatty liver now .weak legs too and a swollen spline all down too this tablet dont think ill be taken them again .not worth it a think

  • I am 61yrs old i am on lipitor for 5yrs and from last year the doctor gave me zucor and then atorva due to unavailability of drug in the pharmacy.Since then i started feeling pain in my upper arm muscles of left hand i could not move easily For somedays i suffered then i went to orthopaede he he diagnosed as frozen shoulder. sent me for 2 months of physiotherapy where it was diagnosed as muscular tendo nitis it was little better but not gone.After that i got tremor and i very much disturbed please help .first i was given 10mg of this drug for 3months he made it 20mg as my cholestrol was 240 oterwise it was always under 200 with 10 mg.

  • I was put on Pravastation because I have a dissecting descending aorta arch. It is very small.04 and also I am taking blood pressure meds. Since the statins I have severe pain in my low back and hips after walking about 50 yards I am in so much pain my legs just will not move! Statins are horrible! I need to hear if this has happened to anyone else. Please post back if you can help with any comments.

  • I was put on Pravastation because I have a dissecting descending aorta arch. It is very small.04 and also I am taking blood pressure meds. Since the statins I have severe pain in my low back and hips after walking about 50 yards I am in so much pain my legs just will not move! Statins are horrible! I need to hear if this has happened to anyone else. Please email me at

  • I was put on Pravastation because I have a dissecting descending aorta arch. It is very small.04 and also I am taking blood pressure meds. Since the statins I have severe pain in my low back and hips after walking about 50 yards I am in so much pain my legs just will not move! Statins are horrible! I need to hear if this has happened to anyone else. Please email me at

  • Wow,cant believe what ive just read……all these comments,and many of which im familiar with.Been on simvastatin 40mg for at least a couple of years and im 42.Diagnosed with breastcancer 4years ago,been through the wars and still on some medication for that,though all is well.Think my symptoms are maybe a result of all the drugs but i have problems sleeping(though at the wrong time of day i can sleep like a log),am permanently tired,no energy or get up and go.At night time i get strange feelings in my legs,very uncomfortable,makes me permanently toss and turn,stopping me from sleeping-sometimes happens in my arms as well!My memory is horrendous,my knees ache,no libido,the list is endless!!!!Could it be the statins?I feel like an old woman….HELP lol!!!!

  • Please help, i am 40 and feel 99.Gym 5 days a week spinning 3 of these days.I am overweight.I was on a statin for a few years, then I was taken off.Recently my doctor put me back on. I took them for about 1 month. I immediatley started to feel every symtom, hand feet. knees. back etc. I can not evn pick things up anymore with my hands! I have been off these drugs for 7 weeks with no change.Can anyone tell me if they have gotten any better!! Thank you so much

  • I developed breast lumps with simvastatin so I stopped taking them and the lumps disappeared.

  • It fantastic to read all your comments on the statins, I have also suffered similar, more so with ankle pain stiffness & lethagy. My doctor is getting fed up with me complaining, but now after reading your comment I am going to stop taking these drugs and change my life even more. Demand more from your Doctors regarding blood tests and health checks as at the moment there will be cut back in the health service don’t let them fob you off. I feel sorry for the people who suffer not realizing what these drugs are doing to them and they just put up with it
    thanks you all, Julie

  • I had been feeling unwell for ages and was trawling the net to find out using my symptoms, what could poss be wrong. What alerted me to do something was, sudden hair loss. I then discovered it was the simvastatin of which I have been taking for five years. I realised I had just about every symptom listed. I was so angry because I have been feeling so ill and had put it down to age, change of life, hormone imbalances etc, so until I started to lose my hair i just got on with it and put it down to age and general wear and tear at the age of 50. people should know just how dangerous this drug can be. i am very fortunate compared to some of you guys in these articles and i thank you all for posting them and enabling others like myself to find out what is causing these awful symptoms and to know i was not alone and going mad.good luck to you all and god bless.

  • Hi, I am only 26, I have been put on simvastatin, 40mg since January 2009, to my recolection I have not had any of the symptoms which unfortunetly alot of this post has. I do however suffer from lower back pain which is due to a herniated disc, maybe some of the pain received from this could be due to my SS40 as many of you guys have this problem. I know you may think why is he only 26 on this medication, but, my cholesterol level was 7ish on fasting went down to 6ish, however i was told i have almost 2/3 more good chol than bad, now it is in its mid 4’s. I am also on valsartan for hypertension.

    I do get numbness in my feet but that is due to cycling.

    I feel that a lot of your posts is a result of post operation or incident effects, if only many of you had been seen to before many of the problems may not be persistnet with you.

    Anywho, I’m open to suggestions and here for advice etc

  • I started simvastatin 20mg and after two weeks couldn’t sleep at night for right arm muscle pain. Told doctor and was switched to rosuvastatin. After a week stopped that as my arm is still really painful. Not sure how long it will take to get better, but my doctors says he really dosen’t think it’s the statin. I’m sure it is.

  • I have been on Atorvastatin 10 mg daily for nearly 10 years. 2 months ago my Dr decided to stop. Did anyone suffer any side effects /withdrawal symptoms?

  • I have been on Symvastatins for over ten years, I also got PMR for which my doctor prescribed steroids [Prendisalone.] my condition over the past two years have got worse, with pain in my kneck, shoulders and swollen painfull wrist and ankles for which I take tramadol and parracetamol. Having read about the side effects from Symvastatins I am now wondering if they have been the problem all along. I have therefore stopped taking them, joined a Gym [Which is gruelling I am 73] for gentle exercise, So we will see what happens, I have also started taking vitimin tablets. People in pain will try anything. My problem is that Tramadol is very addictive, and it can take a year to get of steroids, but I shall try, I am losing faith in docters, who’s answer is another pill! I am putting my life back into my own hands, one other thing I am 3 stone overweight due to steroids, I do not over eat and I do not eat junk food!

  • My doctor changed my Lipitor tablets to Simvastatin plus Ezetrol a few months ago. I too have been suffering some weird sensations. My legs and arms feel as though they do not belong to me and I feel distracted, partly because of this. When I saw my doctor about my legs (I thought I was having a stroke or something) I did not even think to ask if the symptoms could be drug related. Consequently I felt that my doctors visit was wasted as he had no idea what was wrong with me and was honest enough to say so, but he suggested that it could be due to a trapped nerve in my back. He did say he would let me know what he decided to do about the problem. I await his decision. I feel that I may be going mad or something. In the meanwhile I have been to a chiropractor who straightened my back out but I think that, after reading the comments on this site, I should get back to the doctor and voice my fears.

  • Have high cholesterol of 8.3 inherited. 10 years ago 6.5 controlled with diet until now. Never smoked, heathy weight and dance for fitness and pleasure. Doctor gave me Simvastatin 3 and a half weeks ago. 3 weeks prior also tried Lisinopril [constant violent cough] Amlodipine [flushing, sweats and leg burning] Bendofluamiathizide [seems ok]for slightly raised stress related, now subsiding, blood pressure. Mental note of side effects seems to point to the Statin, occasional headaches built to constant and feelings of balancing on a mountain, breast area tightness , waking 2 hourly, stopped them after spending 2 hours awake feeling sick, dizzy and headachy. Can’t be good. Last night, better sleep and only slight constant headache. Will visit GP again for consultation. He is very good , open to discussion etc. Had cholesterol test this morning. Grateful for reading others blogs especially all the reminders of how much natural stuff there is growing on our plant to eat etc. Helps to think about best way forward. Incidentally, partner has been on statins for 2 years. Can take most drugss but now is concerned about recent thigh pain. Is that the Statin? Originally thought he had pulled a muscle.

  • I take Simvastatin. Been on it for 4 months. I had leg pains really bad. My dr. told me to take CoQ10. It took care of my legs pains. It even helped with the tiredness.

  • It is my opinion that physicians are either uninformed on the issues with statins or are getting kick backs from the drug companies who make them. I had been taking Lipitor for years and had been experiencing muscle aches and weakness, but attributed them to the fact that I had a very physical job, plus the fact ( I told myself ) that I was getting older. I retired at age 55 and thought the pain would subside. WRONG… It got worse!! After 6 months of retirement I felt 10 yrs. older. After going to a physiotherapist who noticed (by my chart ) that I was on Lipitor, she asked me if I was also taking Q10? What was that I asked? To my astonishment, she stated that Lipitor depletes this essential co-enzyme from the muscle tissue and Q10 should always be used as a supplement to it’s use. Physio wasn’t doing any good as my muscular system was to weak to benefit. Upon returning to my doctor, he immediately took me off the drug, but I started experimenting with doses of Q10(currently up to 600mg/day). A month later I returned feeling somewhat better. When I asked him how long it would take to recover from the side effects……he googled it ( in front of me) for an answer. I know…..time to look for a new physician!!

  • It is my opinion that physicians are either uninformed on the issues with statins or are getting kick backs from the drug companies who make them. I had been taking Lipitor for years and had been experiencing muscle aches and weakness, but attributed them to the fact that I had a very physical job, plus the fact ( I told myself ) that I was getting older. I retired at age 55 and thought the pain would subside. WRONG… It got worse!! After 6 months of retirement I felt 10 yrs. older. After going to a physiotherapist who noticed (by my chart ) that I was on Lipitor, she asked me if I was also taking Q10? What was that I asked? To my astonishment, she stated that Lipitor depletes this essential co-enzyme from the muscle tissue and Q10 should always be used as a supplement to it’s use. Physio wasn’t doing any good as my muscular system was to weak to benefit. Upon returning to my doctor, he immediately took me off the drug, but I started experimenting with doses of Q10(currently up to 600mg/day). A month later I returned feeling somewhat better. When I asked him how long it would take to recover from the side effects……he googled it ( in front of me) for an answer. I know…..time to look for a new physician!!

  • People, statins are POISON! I’ve tried them on three different occassions and each time the negative side effects are worse and onset more quickly. I’ll never take them again.

  • I had a heart attack in 2003 and was started on Crestor 10mg.In 04 I started with memory probs,brain fog and eventually started falling over. Over time my legs became weak and if not for the bannister I would not be able to get upstairs. Then started having dreadful pain in the middle of shoulders/spine that felt like a great weight was positioned there.
    I recently read an article in the Mail about a man who ended up in a wheelchair due to the statins he was taking.So I stopped taking them towards the end of March.All the pain has gone in the legs and i haven’t had any back/shoulder pain. I have mentioned the probs to doctor in the past but she didn’t seem concerned or think it could be the statins…neither did the cardiologist. I am really getting to the point of being very suspicious at the overuse of certain drugs and the fact that big pharma offer incentives to doctors to prescribe them.Pity we can’t roll back the NHS, to the time when they really cared about patients.
    I will now go ‘natural’ to try and keep the levels low.

  • I have been taking lipitor for about 5 years now. over this time ii have suffered back pain, shoulder and neck pain, and now leg pain, night cramps and hip pain which wakes me up in the night. after visiting my g p she has told me to halve the dose, from 40mg to 20mg and see how i get on. after reading this site i am truly thinking about just throwing them in the bin, and taking my chances on having a heart attack or stroke, at least i will have a better quality of life. i am 51 years old and feel 90.

  • Hi to you all just an update from my comments on the 2/12/09 i have been off simvastatin for five months now and it has not been an easy ride.there is some improvement but it is a slow process you have good and bad days.co q10 is a big help also soya protein powder to help rebuild muscle.what is wrong with statins in my opinion is that there is no antidote. GPs hand them out like sweets.Not enough research has been done to combat these side effects so the people who go through these side effects suffer on there own.One thing to remember is the majority of GPs refuse to admit statins can cause severe side effects.good health to you all.

  • Well, ive had most of the side effects listed in these posts and stopped taking rosuvastatin for 2 months, took a good multivit, and omega 3,6 caps and extra Cq10 and felt much better, then panicked and started taking the statins again, and guess what, the symptoms are starting to return!! so its into the bin as of today, good diet and excercise, a little wine but no cigs will report on how its going in a couple of weeks,

  • I am on Crestor 10mg for past 15 years.
    I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet but also find I now have terrible splitting on my fingers and heels
    I am sure it comes from the liver function. Anyone else had this problem?

  • I am on Crestor 10mg for past 15 years.
    I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet but also find I now have terrible splitting on my fingers and heels
    I am sure it comes from the liver function. Anyone else had this problem?

  • I am on Crestor 10mg for past 15 years.
    I have peripheral neuropathy in my feet but also find I now have terrible splitting on my fingers and heels
    I am sure it comes from the liver function. Anyone else had this problem?

  • Hi all just a quick update to let u know that there is life after SIMVOSTATIN.ive been off the poison now for 5 months and things are starting to improve but it is not easy.cholestrol back up to 5.6 but taking soya caps from holland and barret.also taking co q10 which statins strip from ur body co q10 is needed for the heart and brain functons.once again u can get from holland and barret or boots.had physio the other day and my pectorial muscle was found to have 30percent shrinkage was this due to statins? What we all must remember is the majority of GPs do not like to admit that u can have side affects to this poison as lets be honest they are the ones we put our trust in when they give them out like sweeties.hope you all get better soon.

  • I am a 62 year old woman who has been on Atorvastatin 10 mg for about eight years. 1st December had the first of about seven complete body tremors attacks. Also developed irregular fast heart beat , out of breath going up stairs. All but one of these attacks was within half an hour of taking the statins at night. Was taken to hospital by ambulance the first twice as my blood pressure went up to over 188. Seen cardiologist who said it was not categorically not the statins as I was on them for such a long time and gave me angiogram and found slight hardening of arteries. Increased statins to 20 mg. but after second dose again within half an hour developed severe body tremor. Developed murderous thoughts and unable to sleep at night so I took myself off the statins just over a week ago, but still am having the beta blockers he prescribed for the irregular heart beat. But not sure how long I will need these as hopefully the irregular heart beat will improve as I have come off the statins. I am suffering with tingling in my head, left hand left arm and left foot, complete exhaustion and have not driven my car for a while as I don’t feel safe. Have lost confidence and am constantly crying. Am seeing cardiologist on Monday to discuss not going back on them. I feel 82 not 62. Any ideas on what I can do as I am desperate and feeling I am going mad. Please??????

  • My husband was on simvestatin for some 2 years. His short term memory got very bad and he was very confused at times living in the past. I thought it misght be Alzheimers but when he went to his doc he said it was similar to the symptoms he had seen in others. He took him off the statins and said he would be okay but even several months later his short term memory is not as good as it was prior to the medication.

  • I have been taking Simvastatin for a number of years 10mg, recently I have moved to 20mg for a month or so now, I have pains in both arms legs and joints are so painful and toes are always cold. Recently my stomach area went all numb and had like a pins and needle feeling. I also have a sexual dysfunction. I have stopped taking the pils, my arms seems to be returning to normal. Every where you look people have problems with these pils. Is it worth all the suffering.

  • According Dr Sandra Cabot there are herbs that is really have effect to lower cholesterol without side effect. Personally I add these herbs in my cooking . These herbs like Ginger,Garlic,Turmeric,fenugreek seed that really helps to lower cholesterol naturally and also have many health benefit. My father is victim of cholesterol and he is managing his cholesterol by diet. I take fenugreek seed half teaspoon with water it works in 2ways not only reduce cholesterol but also manage blood sugar and based on Dr Peter J.D Adamo this herb are good for blood type A and O while avoid for blood type B,AB. Turmeric is wonderful herb that really reduce cholesterol and also reduce inflammation in the body and help reduce Alzheimer’s disease and reduce pain . Do more search on the net statin is not the only way to reduce cholesterol but there are other natural alternative out there to manage cholesterol. Good luck every one and wish you recovery .

  • Hi I supposedly had a TIA on Jan 19th, my cholesterol was 5.9. I eat a low virtually veggie 5 + veg etc daily, no eggs, cholesterol diet, no family history, all parents and grandparents late 80s 90s. I keep asking for a breakdown of these but haven’t had it yet. I was put on Simvastatin 40 mg straight away. I swear I feel worse than before, so tired, emotional, forgetful, all symptoms listed above. I asked my GP if this could be as a result of the pills he said it would have been the TIA! Very confused but grateful for this site, was thinking it was me!

  • After taking Atorvastatin for two years I have constant aches and pains in my hips, legs, back and shoulders, as well as numbness and tingling in my fingers. I stopped taking the statin two weeks ago because I am sick of feeling like a 90 year old. So far I don’t feel any different and I’m just hoping the damage isn’t permanent. Please tell me, how long before I feel better?

  • Started taking 40mg Simvastatin Aug 09 – after 4 mths right foot pins and needles and numbness. After walking for more than 15 mins now having severe pain in right foot. Now stopped statins on Dr’s advice and about to have x-rays on foot and back in case problem lies elsewhere.

  • I had a TIA in Jan 09, Mid March Dr put me on simvastatin 20mg + 4mg of perindopril. I was fine 4 a couple of months, ignored side-effects as I thought my body would adjust to them. In September Dr doubled both doses (40mg+8mg) even though my cholesteral decreased to 3.2, Dr told me that he wanted it down further to reduce the risk of further TIA. I believed him & took the poison… after 2-3weeks I got severe pains in my calf muscles, constant “humming” in my head, tinitus, lower abdominal pain, severe fatigue, extreme tiredness, dizziness when walking/standing up & legs going numb after a short walk, bad temperment & the feeling of not wanting to wake up in the morning, Dr brought me off them for 2 months, then put me on Pravastatin, after 6 days the symptoms all returned with a vengence, I have now stopped taking them altogether just before xmas. I still have pain in calf muscles, humming in my head & tinitus, slowly getting better, though some days I still don’t “feel” right, these things are a danger to many people & Dr’s should realize this!!

  • Dear Julie

    My father had the same side effect plus muscle weakness dramatic hair loss, tremer in his leg so total all side effect. He took lipitor for 7 years and now he is unable to walk – zero energy production and he quit the medication Feb 2007 – till now no improvement in his movement but good news is his hair grow back not fully but 50%. So after quitting the drug completely his hair grew back. He took 10mg lipitor. Now we manage his cholesterol by using some herbs and spices which worked for him but movement is the main concern.

  • I am 59 and I have been taking simvastatin 40mg for 5 years as I am type 2 diabetic. However my hair has thinned considerably which I am very distressed about. I went to the doctor 2 weeks ago and he said it could be a side effect from taking simvastatin and he has halved the dose. If I stopped taking the statin is there any evidence that my hair will grow back thicker?

  • After taking zocor then Crestor only to experiance arms and shoulder pain and weakness several years into the treatment. Working out got the strenght back. Took another non statin with marginal improvment. My doctor put me back on another statin. For a year now took Pravistatin. Same aches are back so well as tendinitis in both arms that just doesn’t seem to heel. I’m done with thees types of meds

  • For almost 5 years I was prescribed Simvastatin (10 mg) and then later on Pravastatin (20 mg) to lower my blood cholesterol. Since Feb 2009 I stopped taking them and have never felt better. Looking back over this period I suffered all of the following side effects :- 1. Irregular sleep patterns, 2. Nervous twitches, 3.Itching skin on right leg, 4. Cramp in left leg& foot,4. Weakness in arms, 5. Muscle aches in hips,back and neck,6.Pain in right shoulder continously,7.Noisy, bubbly sounds in my ears, 8.Loose bowels and bad,smelly stooges,9.Bad cough in the mornings ,10.Funny sensation in my eyes,11.Siatic nerve – numbness in left leg-could hardly walk sometimes.12. Loss of concentration & forgetfulness etc. Since I have stopped taking Statins all these horrible side effects have gone away. But my cholersterol has gone back up to over 7.0. They did lower my cholersterol but at a price. My G.P told me that I was in control, which is why I stopped taking them. I think these are horrible drugs.

  • Glad I found this site my Gp has recomended statins although my levels are not too high. I definately will not takethem and go down the healthy eating, margarine & excercise route. Thanks for all your posts

  • Hi 2 u all. After being on statins for five months I have taken myself off them. YES a reduction from 6.1 to 3.8 but at what cost? I thought I was going mad… The muscle and nerve pain, the worry, the fear of not knowing what is wrong with you. From being a very active 53 year old to a complete wreck. I ask u this: how much do the jack of all trade GPs know about this evil poison? Do I sound bitter? Damn right I am. God bless to you all.

  • My problem seems to be more concerned with the abdominal effects of statins – I’ve had severe problems with diarrhoea/abdominal cramps etc., ending up with IBS. Local Pharmacist suggested Fybogel to relieve the symptoms of IBS and suggested I cut down Simvastatin. I cut it out and all aches/pains and abdominal discomfort disappeared!!

  • Could someone tell me if taking statins
    could cause the body to generate extra
    levels of mucas I’ve been on statins for
    a while and I seem to be experiencing
    difficulty clearing my throat

  • I started taking Simvastatin 40mg 2008 .previous to this felt quite well just slightly high BP and cholesterol after only few weeks felt so ill couldn’t get to local shops I felt very weak with a strange feeling & tightness in my chest . I think my GP thought in was all in my mind at first and had test’s done…. after a dreadful six months came off them after about a month started feeling better, then this year GP tried me on Pravastatin 20mg because cholesterol went up to 6.0 after a month side effects started again , have stopped them & feeling better again …trying a very low fat diet and plant sterols, don’t think I will bother again and my GP told me not everyone can take them.

  • I was prescribed simvastatin 40mg less than a month ago. I am experiencing constant muscle pain in my upper legs. I did not, originally, link this with the medication but this site seems to confirm that my problem could well be the medication. I cannot walk any distance without severe discomfort. I am not taking any more – I will be phoning my doctor tomorrow.

  • I was prescribed Simvistatin in April 2006 and my GP upped the dose in Aug 2007. Symptoms that I put down to getting older increased until I was having to crawl upstairs on hands and knees. I had difficulty walking because of pain and unsteadness. Then I watched the Tonight programme on 19th Nov 2007, about Statin side effects and realised that was my problem. I went to my GP who agreed to my coming off Simvistatin and the ramipril that I was taking to control my blood pressure. But my symptoms continued and I had to stop work in Jan 2008. Things improved for a while and although I feel generally better I still have a lot of trouble walking I totter when walking and have been advised to take more water with it by people who don’t know me. I still get pain in my lower legs feet and hips in bed. Before taking statins I was fit fer my age and walked about 5 miles a day. Iwonder if the pain is caused by arthritis from the muscle weakness or neuropathy but I dispair of any real improvement as I am now 65. My cholerstrol and blood pressure I now control by diet and exercise I wish had been given this option first.

  • I am glad that I found this site. Have been taking Simvastin for about 3 and a half years and as my cholestrol fell to well under 4 my doctor reduced the dose to 20 mgs this May 09. Over the past few weeks I have started to get pain in my leg calf muscle and also aches around my hips. I thought at first it might be due to too much excercise in the gym. But after seeing the postings, I have stopped the Statins last night and have made an appointment with my doctor this week to see if its the Statins that is causing the problem. I have never had any form of aches or pains in the past so at the moment I can only think that the statins may be the cause. If nothing else it gives me enough ammunition to challenge the doctor if he says it’s not the Statins.

  • Have been taking 40mg symvastatin since 2003. Been feeling progressively worse since then but only linked my symptoms to the drug after discovering this site. Expected resistence from my GP when I said I wanted to stop taking statin, but none at all. GP explained they now have more a more accurate way of predicting a patient’s overall risk of heart disease/stroke etc using path lab results. My risk came out as 8% and the GP said I was low risk so was happy for me to come off statins. Risk of 20% or over would indicate the need for statins. I am now going to concentrate on controlling cholesterol through diet, and hope that in time my symptoms will ease.

  • Have been on simvastatin for about 5 years and for the last year have been feeling really unwell. Going to the doctor has not been helpful. I have severe insomnia, abdominal pain, fatigue, memory problems, restless legs etc. I do have medication for high blood pressure also. A thought came to me that maybe the statins could be the problem so I’ve decided to reduce the dosage. This site has opened my eyes to the possiblity that instead of me believing that I am going mad there may be a more simple reason for my health difficulties. My memory loss was put down to being menopausal – an excuse for everything at the moment. Anyway thanks for all the information put out and hopefully I will come off them altogether soon. Then if I get better I will know the reason for feeling so ill. Thanks again everyone.

  • Was put on 5mg rosuvastatin six weeks ago by lipid consultant. Over the last four weeks I have had the same symptons as Alan Reid posted above. At one point I was hardly able to walk – couldn’t sleep because of pains in back shoulders and chest. I am 51 years old and feel like 90. I exercise in a gym four times a week but have been unable to do so due to immense pain for last four weeks. I regarded myself as a fit man with a sensible diet – don’t drink or smoke but feel crippled now. I saw my gp this morning who advised not to take statin tablet for a month to see if pains stop. They only started after taking statins for two weeks. I think I will stop them permanently as life is unbearable at the moment. Yes the statin reduced my level to 4.4 but at what cost to my health?

  • I have been taking Simvastin 40mg for 1 month now, My cholestrol is 5.6, yet 5 years ago it was 6.4 and I was told that I would not be treated as my good cholesterol was very good indeed, in fact the GP at that time said that I must exercise on a regular basis which I do. I am 51 years of age and since my last test 5 years ago I have stopped smoking and continued to exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week. I am considering going back to my GP to discuss this issue. The worrying thing for me is that this was found out via a well man clinic and the nurse said that she was going to prescribe the 40mg, shocked as many people are I stated that I wished to try and reduce it naturally and her reply was “Even if I got it down to 3 she would still put me on them” Its a preventative measure as my father had died at the age of 48. Sadly his lifestyle was very poor and totaly different to mine….I am so confused. I welcome any comments.

  • I took statins for 6 weeks in 1998 but stopped them myself because of the side
    effects,severe pain, sleeplessness, forget fulness, feeling vacant and anxious, and
    personality change. Done some research – a man who was always a gentleman changed into an aggressive foul mouthed man. A lady who became suicidal, a lady who became violent. Germany published a
    research paper on side effects of statins
    in 1998. It listed all the side effects mentioned. I control by diet and exercise now.

  • Been on Simvastatin for bout 4 months then 2 months ago I had an Epileptic fit I am now also on Carbamazpine Last week I was unable to sleep due to muscle pain what is to blame Simvastatin or Carbamazepine ? I am making an appointment to see the doctor and hpefully he can decide. PS no one in the family has ever suffered from Epilepsy could this have caused by the Simvastin?

  • I have just stopped taking Simvastatin on my doctors advice, as I was getting severe cramps in my lower legs and feet,and numbness in the lower legs which made walking very painful. Also pins and needles in my fingers. I have just had a blood test for cholesterol and have to have another at a later date to see if my level has changed.

  • I have been taking Provastatin for about four years. I have had all of the symptons of muscel weakness, stiffnes Etc. Two days ago I had an Angina attack and was addmitted to hospital, blood tests revealed LIVER DAMAGE. The hospital Specialst imediately took me off Pravastatin, he blamed them for causing a Liver Disfunction, I now await a liver scan on Friday.

  • I was prescribed Simvostatin 40mg in July 2009. After only a few doses I started having abdominal cramps, some quite severe and I felt very bloated and uncomfortable. Doc said it wouldn’t be statins causing the problem, most likely infection which I was treated for. However cramps persisted so I stopped taking the pills and in just a few days was back to normal. Went to see another doctor in the local practice who prescribed Lipitor 10mg. Only had 3 doses and have been doubled up with abdominal pains for 6 days. For the first 2 days I also felt sick and light headed. I’m improving very slightly day by day but at the moment I am just resting for much of the day as any exercise seems to aggravate the condition. I can’t spend the rest of my life lying horizontal for 99% of the day, which is what I’m currently doing! My cholesterol level is 6 so I’m going to try my best to reduce the level with healthier lifestyle as suggested by Siana who posted on the forum on 14/07/09. Am very loathed to risk it with any more statins.

  • I took Simvastatin 40mg for approx 6 years after being diagnosed with Angina. Although my cholesterol level wasn’t very high I was told that the statins were needed because of the angina and I couldn’t come off them. I carried on taking them until last year when I was racked with pain and like many here came to a point where I couldn’t even lift a leg. I googled the side effects and decided to stop taking them for a month. The pains started to ease off. I visited my GP and mentioned this. She then put me on Atorvastatin 40mg. This time I developed excessive sweating which I didn’t associate with the statins although my GP says that this is a side effect. She has now put me on Pravastatin Sodium and Ezetimibe and low and behold the pains are back. I am going to stop taking the statins again and I will tell my GP I will try to control my diet. I would sooner die early than suffer all this pain and debilitating side effects.

  • It’s a revelation/relief to hear the familiar story of statin side effects. Both of my shoulders are weak/damaged/by simvastatin. I can’t sleep for more than 2 hours before acute pain wakes me. GP took me off them after 18mths on 80 mg. but 3 weeks later there is no improvement. I feel I’ve been cheated and pray I will regain strength & lose pain. I have been to physiotherapist (10 week waiting list) and hope that helps. Would welcome other suggestions for pain relief.

  • I believe I can share the same symptoms and concerns caused by taking statins with everyone here, most recently I have been taking 5mg crestor for one year, I have developed pain in both elbows and neddle pain under my finger nails, feel nauseous and weak. Can you share your experiences and results if you completely stopped taking statins and use a more natural approach? my Cholesterol levels are Cholesterol Total 135, HDL 26, Cholesterol HDL ratio 5.2, LDL Chol, calculated 46, triglycerides.

  • I had joint and muscle pain, burning sensations down arms legs and feet with the skin sensitive to touch.
    It took 18 months to get to a level of pain I can handle with numbness remaining in my right foot and leg when I stand and walk, I also had the feeling of insects crawling under my skin from the neuropathy

  • I have taken Simvastatin for 18 months and initially the only side effect I had was indigestion/heartburn during the night. However, after a few months I became aware that everytime I went to the pharmacy with my prescription I was given a different manufacturers Simvastatin. I did not think this was a problem until one particular brand( Dexel Pharma Almus pharmaceuticals) caused me to have the most vivid, frightening dreams and my whole sleep pattern was changed. Things improved with the next script but I started saving the leaflets and making notes. The last lot of tabs made me feel nauseous, weak and I suffered bad muscle cramps and pain every night for 2 weeks. The symptoms finally lessened but I told the pharmasist I would not have that brand again (Generics UK Milpharm ltd). He said it was because they were a generic one and now I take a brand I have had before which suits me fine, called Actavis Relonchem Ltd . I had mentioned this to a GP at my review but she was not interested. Makes me wonder if the other people on this site have unknowingly had a statin which did not agree with them but another manufacturer’s might have.

  • I was put on Lipitor atorvastatin 6 weeks ago because my cholesterol was 9!!!
    About 2 weeks ago I started to get severe pain in my muscles and joints around my ankles, fingers, knees, elbows, but worst of all the back of my head and neck.
    I stopped taking the 20mg atorvastatin and went the docs the next day, he was`nt convinced the statins were the problem but has told me to stop taking them and see him in a months time.
    Not taken them for 6 days now and I still have the aches and pains hopefully in time they will get better.
    I`m going all out now on a healthy diet and exercise but at the moment I feel tired and lethargic , I`m sure he will want me to try a different statin when I go back to see him but I am going to ask for more blood tests first.

  • In late 2005, at age 70, I went on to statins at my own request, my cholesterol was 6.2. In fairness, my doctor hadn’t pushed me into taking them initially, but seemed keener when I made my request. I believe GPs receive a financial incentive to persuade patients to take them. Within a few weeks, I had tingling hands and feet, severe pains in the backs of my legs and was becoming increasingly weak. I went to the doctor and stopped taking them. My problems vanished within a month. I have spoken to many people on the subject, some of whom, having had similar experience have come off them with beneficial results. They didn’t always tell their doctor! There must be a case for further research on this drug or the facility to test a patient’s suitability.

  • Thank goodness I found this site, I have been taking Simvistatin only for a few months and I thought I was being silly that Simvistatin might be giving me pain, especially to the shoulders, neck and hips I am in my 50’s but feel an ancient relic. I’m stopping the Simvistatin.

  • I last put a message here on the 09/03/09 stating the problems I had with statins. To recap, I had a stroke in Jan 2009 and was found to have a cholesterol of 5.6. After having many side effects I stopped taking the statins, the doctors tried to persuade me that it would be difficult to lower cholesterol through diet alone and wanted me to try yet more tablets. However, I had a blood test last week and my cholesterol is now 4.8. I followed the folowing regieme.
    I have always eaten plenty of fruit & veg. So continued with that. But I cut out sugar, sweets, cakes, biscuits, pastries and processed foods. Cut down on dairy and red meats. Increased intake of oily fish and snacked on various nuts and sunflower seeds. I also started taking 1-2 tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil daily and have a 20-30 minute walk each day. And now with a cholesterol of 4.8 I think that is a bit of success, and it is a change of lifestyle that I can happily keep up, pleased not to have the nasty side effects. Hope others might find some help from this.

  • My wife is 74. Her cholesterol is 3.2!!! Yet she was still put on simvastatin 40mg. Her doctorr say it is due to two transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs) . She has been, what she calls ‘out of it’. ‘If only my brain would come back’, she says: Hips ache, tiredness, lethargy, general unwell and she has renal problems. Now her doctor has taken her off the statins without hesitation. Now we are just waiting for improvements.

    Me. Been on 40mg lipitor since quad bypass in 1996. Very bad headaches with ‘bashed eye’ feeling, my vision is impaired on the left side. But all the side-effects and horribleness stopped since I stopped taking the statins 2/3 weeks ago: Muscle pains, hips aching as well as my ankles & calves. I told my doctor I was stopping them, and he had no argument about it. My wife and I have both started taking co-enzyme Q10 60mg. I think we are improving, but early days. Here’s to hoping…

  • I have been taking simvastatin for a number of years and have developed very sore ankles. My doctor took a blood test but said there was no correlation between my complaint and the drug. I am sure there is a link as my identical twin sister has now developed the same complaint and she happens to be on the same medication…

  • I have stopped taking statins for the same reasons mentioned in most of the posts. My question is how long before the muscular pain will go, I have read in some of the posts that even after a few months the pain is still there. Has long-term damage been done?

  • I’ve been taking Simvastatin 80mg for 5 years since I had a “heart event” at the age of 40. Two years ago I started to get pain in both feet, initially only when it was cold now it is all the time and is sometimes so painful that I am unable to walk. My GP has ignored the pain but I will no longer accept that as I also suffer from hip pain. I stopped taking the Simvastatin and I will go back to my GP to tell her that I believe it is the drug that is causing it.

  • I have already had one Doctor give up on me because I can’t take Statins to lower my inherited high cholesterol. The muscle cramping in my legs, feet and hands are unbearable. What else can be done? My new Doctor keeps experimenting with more Statins. Help!

  • I have been on Amivastatin for a year and I get severe headaches. I get neck pain and headaces round the back and side of my head. Doctors say it is some kind of nerve pain but I think the pain is caused by statins.

  • I have been taking 20 mg of Simvastatin for 6 months, since going to my doctor about a spongy/pins and needles feeling in my feet combined with muscle ache in my lower legs – and also hands and arms, at times. The severer symptoms of discomfort in my upper legs and arms abated several months ago, but my feet and lower legs continue to ache, etc. However, I now have cramps in my lower abdomen from time to time, and have had to get up at night for hours together. Also, I often feel sick. Since I am bipolar (I gave up lithium carbonate after a few years), I am used to depression. The fact is I don’t know what’s going on. Is my foot and leg discomfort now due to the medication or some neurological condition? What causes the lower abdomen pains, and why do I feel sick? What’s neurological, what’s due to Simvastatin, and what is my bipolarity up to? I feel confused – and fear that I sound like a loony when speaking to doctors. But things are not right. At times I feel I am simply on the way out.

  • Had been on Lipitor for several years and was feeling great. I lost my job due to the economy and with it my health insurance. Lipitor 20mg was about £130 for 30 pills so I asked my GP for a statin generic. He prescribed simvastatin 40mg (which he said equalled 20mg Lipitor) and I started taking it about 8 weeks ago. About week 4 I had terrible shoulder and neck pains, far more painful than your average stress induced aching. These last about 6 days and eased slightly. Then a week later it was back, only now I had headaches varying from back to front and both sides. This lasted a full week and the average painkillers did very little. The symptoms eased especially the headaches. Then in week 7 I started feeling pins and needles on the top of my right hand and lower arm. The same for the right foot and lower leg. Started slow and kept becoming more aggravating. Since up until I took the Simvastatin I had been in pretty good health and guessed that simvastatin was the culprit. I did much research online and by week 8 the Simvastatin is in the trash. I called my GP and told him and he agreed to stop taking it and give it a month or so and see if things go back to normal. It has been 1 week now and nothing has got better yet but I have to have faith don’t I! I exercise 40 minutes every day and for the last few days it has taken some effort to complete it. I will never take statins again knowing now what it can do.

  • I’ve been on lipitor for a few years now I keep complaining my whole body is sore. I assumed the constant pain was arthritis I have told my doctor I’m sure it is the statins. I think he wonders: what is worst high cholestoral or constant pain… Help?

  • My husband was put on these drugs alongside medication for high blood pressure and began to feel extremely cold all over, even to the touch. He complained of not feeling well and aching all over. We had no idea it could be related to the statins until one day we noticed the muscle wastage in his arm which was shocking. Immediately he showed his sister-in-law (who is also on statins) she said it was caused by the medication. He has stopped taking them three weeks ago and although there is still massive muscle wastage in his arm (and also one of his legs) he feels so much better and is no longer cold (he felt like a corpse no matter what the temperature around him). He had gotten so bad with the pains that he was on the verge of attending the local A & E dept as he was being made to feel like a hypochondriac by his GP (who incidentally did tell him to stop the statins). I trawled the net looking for information about these awful side effects and have now got the Coenzyme Q10 tablets and cholesterol lowering drinks for him as well as the margarine in the hope that we can reduce his cholesterol level in a safer manner as he is at high risk of cardiovascular problems having a strong history in both parents and their siblings. I think it’s time someone took the pharmaceutical companies to task over this issue as it is destroying so many lives.

  • I have been taking 40mg Atorvastatin and 10mg Ezetimibe combination for 8 years. Definately lowered the total cholesterol level but limited effect on the triglycerides or LDL cholesterol. I have some leg and hip pain, plus persisteny pins and needles in my left arm. I have put on weight and developed man-boobs or gynacomastia, loss of sex drive and poor sleep despite not being stressed or depressed. I fully attribute these symptoms to side effects derived from taking the lipid lower regimen. However, one needs to be carefull before stopping these drugs as recent studies have shown that damage to the arterial walls can occur which can contribute to cardiovascular disease. It is better to seek the advice of a consultant cardiologist rather than a GP. Diet has limited effect in lower cholesterol. Remember that raised lipids is just one of ten risk factors and not in itself an emergency condition. From reading the scientific literature, thye benefits of statins outweigh the risks in terms or primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular events as well as strokes, but at what price to quality of life?

  • I am taking silvastin 20mg
    and having foot problems.
    Has anyone had extra bone
    forming in feet with loss of feeling in toes which seems to be connected?

  • I am taking silvastin 20mg and having foot problems.
    Has anyone had extra bone forming in feet with loss of feeling in toes which seems to be connected?

  • My grand Father has been in hospital for over a month now and is expected to be there far a long while yet. His muscles have broken down, and he is unable to use his legs. Although he is still awaiting the results of tests – Statin seems to be what doctors are putting it down to.
    Around October last year he was told to double his Statin intake, as his cholesterol was higher than it should be. He is now beginning to get the use of his arms back, but after a month is still unable to hold his weight on his feet (although he has all feeling in his legs) and has been in a hospital bed for all this time unable to move from it without a harness and the help of two nurses.

  • I am 67,and have been very healthy all my life, but in 2007 was put on Simvastatin (needlessly) for slightly raised cholesterol. 6 weeks later I began to have powerful auras (mini epilectic attacks) and stopped the drug at once. The auras declined in intensity, but in Oct. 2008 & Jan.2009 I suffered 2 seizures. I’m fine now, but feel that it took time for a long-acting poison to work its way out of my system. Statins destroy the very fatty lipids that the brain depends on for its proper function. My neurologist refused to record my opinion about the statins link, so it never entered the medical lexicon. Of course, they don’t want to know.

  • I have been on simvastatin 40mg for about 1 year. I have all the symptoms of muscle aches and now suddenly hair loss. I went back to the doctor who reduced the dosage to 20mg but my overall cholestrol level is only 2.6 and my HDL 3.3 and don’t feel I need them. The hair loss worries me a lot. Thyroid tests ok. I have developed PVD in my legs and don’t know if this is the statins or not. Had all kind of tests and consultant just said you are not too bad. What do I do.

  • Head ache, face ache, forgetfulness, cramps in the calf muscles. Is 20mg too much? My cholesterol is down to 5. can I stop taking them. Should I go back to docs first?

  • I have been on simvastatin for 12 months. I have never felt so old and ill, my cholsetrol was 10.6 but reduced to 4.8 but I have trouble walking and sleeping. Brain fog,and lifting my arms up… I am now on 20mg but feel no diffrent. I think it is time to stop taking them and hope things get back to normal if anybody has got back to normal please feel free to post so we can all read this. I am now taking the flora pro-active milk /yoghurt drink/ and margarine to see if my cholestrol can be controlled by dieting. I dont think the doctor believes me and wants to put me on propanol (anti-depressents I think they are) . Margaret.

  • I had a stroke 6 years ago and was straight away put on Simvastatin. I read an article last week about these drugs and can now see that all the symtoms I have had of muscle weekness, pins & needles, no energy (trouble sleeping) and feeling twice my age (I’m only 43) could be due to these tablets. Having now read all the articles on the net and comments above I am convinced it is these tablets. I am seeing my doctor next week as I am going to stop taking these tablets.

  • I have had high cholesterol for over twenty years. It is inherited. Both my parents died in their fifties with cardiovascular disease.
    I have tried all the statins. Simvastain upset my stomach so badly I was sent to the hospital; atorvastatin gave me such bloodthirsty nightmares every single night, I thought I was losing my mind. The nightmares stopped immediately after I stopped taking it.;pravastin depressed me and now I am on Crestor. I feel weak and tired the whole time. Why do the companies praise these statins ? They all seem to make you feel ill…

  • I have been on statins for less than a year have a lot of body pain all over. Pain in calfs and hips in bed. Lots of muscle pain . I think the drugs cause more problems than what they cure…

  • I’ve been taking statins for 2 years now. Now I can hardly walk, the pains in my legs are awful. I couldn’t even have my bed covers on my lower legs. When I go to work I have to take painkillers, now I’ve got bad swelling round my ankles. I’m at my wits end…

  • Numb toes, very cold hands,severe calf pain, anxiety attacks, depression, short term memory loss and lethargy. Could all this be down to just taking 20mg of simvastatin the last four years after having a life saving double heart bypass for which I was truly grateful. I now feel so negative about life that I have decided to put it in the lap of the gods and have stopped taking the statins. I will give it four to six weeks to see if there will be any improvement if only to get a decent nights sleep. Then take it up with my doctor who incidentally wants me to take anti-depressants.

  • I have been on Simvastatin for two months, and for the last two weeks have felt as if I am on another planet! Severe headaches, dizziness, pains in my neck and buzzing ears. I have now come off them, never again will I take these!

  • I’ve been on simvastatin for 2years and experience pains in arms,shoulders ,and chest. I am going to stop taking them for month,I need some relief, eventhough my doctor says it’s not the statins.

  • I was put on Aspirin and Simvastatin 40mgs following a mild Ischemic Stroke. Within a week was experiencing tightness in the chest and intense pins & needles sensation, particularly in the legs. I stopped taking the Simvastatin and after about a week the symptoms settled. However was advised to go on Atorvatatin 10 mgs. After only 10 days was having severe ‘foggy’ brain, fatigue, achng shoulders and neck, but most worrying was the crushing sensation over the sternum. I stopped taking them and 2 weeks later was still having chest tightness and was unable to walk any distance.(I am 52 years and prior to the stroke had been very active and fit) I began to feel about 80 years old as others have said. I started to take CoQ10 and now a week later am starting to feel better. My GP is thankfully finally accepting that I try and reduce the cholesterol (which was 5.6) by diet.
    These tablets can have very worrying adverse reactions!!!!

  • I have been on statins for 15 years and the past 18 months suffered tingles throughout my body which is unbearable and now have extreme pain in my right leg which causes me problems walking. I have been off statins for 6 months with nos emprovement. Does the statin side effects disappear after time.

  • I’ve been taking Zaracor 10mg for borderline cholesterol which I’m sure is genetic, as I eat a low fat/ low sugar diet. I don’t notice aches and pains, but I have been experiencing hair loss esp when I wash my hair. I never had this before and its quite worrying. I think I’ll stop the pills for a bit and see what happens. I have lots of hair, but don’t want to end up bald. My mum suffered with alopeceia during the war, but that was stress related.

  • I have been on Simvistatin just 4 weeks, and the past 2 days, ( I know its early days) I have suffered really bad muscle pains in my legs and buttocks, and also my shoulders and back.
    Initially I thought I had overdone it at the gym, BUT I have been going there for almost 6 weeks and not had muscle aches before.
    I hate taking any meds unless I NEED to , but today have taken paracetamol to try and help the aches.
    I am due to see my GP on Friday, luckily she is on the ball, so I am hoping she will give me some answers. I am only 45 but the past few days feel 75!

  • My husband has been taking Simvastatin on and off for 3 years. 4 months ago he suddenly experienced severe pain and muscle wasting in his left leg and problems lifting his foot, the right leg starting going the same way plus stiffness and cramps around his body. We were convinced he was in the early stages of motor neurone. He stopped taking statins about 6 weeks ago, although his legs feel very weak and painful, he feels better in himself. His neurologist is convinced statins have caused the problems. They’ve wrecked our lives, he can’t walk more than a few hundred yards, has problems driving. If he had known statins were capable of causing this sort of damage he wouldn’t have taken them.

  • I had a triple bypass 18 months ago and was immediately put on 80mg of Lipitor together with the usual aspirin and ramipril. Yes, I do ache a bit but put that down to ageing (57). What worries me is that if I have to take these for the rest of my life what damage is this doing to my body. However, if we didn’t take them maybe we wouldn’t be here now. Best advice – live life to the full.

  • I am 45 years old and started taking simvastatin 3 years ago after massive blood pressure and now been told that I then had a stroke. My Cholesterol dropped greatly but I have suffered aches and pains and an overall feeling of exhaustion ever since. Stopped taking the tablets just before Christmas but feel just the same: very tired with aching limbs. I too feel 80 years old. The consultant at the CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome clinic) tells me I have permanent muscle damage due to high CK (creatine kinase levels) I ask the same question as the first person on this CAN THIS BE REVERSED????

  • I have been on Simvastatin 40mg for years now.
    Yes, my cholesterol result is fine but I am a 42 year old woman with the aches and pains of an 80 year old.
    It seems to have got worse which prompted me to ‘google’ the problem. Alas,everyone else, well almost, seems to be suffering with the same.
    I’m off to the doctors this week to at least lower the dose.

  • Have been on simvastatin for 4/5 years have all the above pains am going to stop taking them today cant live like this any longer. I am going to try natural medication. How long will it take for the pain to stop and return to normal?

  • We have been taking 20mg Simvastatin for several years without any discernible ill-effects. Both our cholesterol levels fell from around 5.7 to 3.2 withins six weeks of commencing treatment

  • I have been taking Simvastatin 40 mg for almost 5 years since a triple bypass for angina (not a heart attack) caused by stress. Since the operation I have suffered almost permanent sternum pain around the scar (open heart surgery) which has prevented me from having any quality of life. Since September 2007, I have suffered with lower leg pain in the left leg and foot stomach and bowel cramps and heavy hair loss and these pains have prevented me from doing much, except we walk for nearly an hour most days usually. Over the last 3 months it has been almost unbearable to walk and I have been going much shorter distances as the left foot has been almost too painful to put down and now I am considering changing to an automatic car to save the pain. Because I felt that the drugs were causing the symptoms, my wife looked into associated symptoms and we decided that I would stop taking statins (remaining on ramapril, atenalol and aspirin). That was a month ago and although still feeling pretty dreadful, the pain has eased in my legs and I can now walk again. The left leg had withered and really frightened my wife, so now I do a muscle building exercise in which I hold the back of a chair, rise onto my toes to 3, hold for 3, and go down to 3. In 3 days the muscle was returning and the pain reducing and now after a week there is a noticeable muscle in the calf. Fantastic! I also do a set of aerobic exercises from the heart clinic and stretching exercises. I am 64 and was a large built ex-rugby player and considered myself to be very fit, non-smoker and the occasional glass of wine or spirit.

  • I have very bad muscle pains in my arms and hips since taking statins. I have also great problems with my stomach, I know this all started from taking statin drugs 3 years ago. I have taken my self of them and things have improved slightly. Even when I have gone to the Doctors explaining the symptoms I have they have not offered any advice or told me that these may be caused from taking this drug.

  • I was put on statins three years ago and took Simvastatin. Within a couple of months I had severe muscle pain between the shoulder blades and felt lousy. It took two months after stopping to get back to normal.
    The last couple of years I have been trying Rosuvastatin (Crestor) only 10mg but still seemed to get muscle weakness this time. Dose reduced to 5mg but no real improvement and worse when I went back up to 10mg. Just stopped altogether and immediately feel better!!! Anyway, my cholesterol still only came down to 4 and without I am 5 so not worth the pain and suffering. Far more important for me to be able to walk. It is my body. We are all free to refuse drugs.

  • I had an coronary angioplasty and doc prescribed 20mg of Avorstatin. within 2 months, I had muscle pain in legs and red/blue rashes all over my both legs. Have decided to stop the medication and observe.

  • i nave been on simvastatin for about 5yrs now as chlesterol was very high9.3 have had great amount muscle pains all over even when on them is only down to 6.4 weighing up the bad quality to life , as I have other health issues , ie benign brain tumor and myelodysplasiabut i am having blood trsts and definatly choose to stop them and take the risk of heart problems,well we all have to leave this life of some cause , but choose to have a better quality of life meanwhile

  • I have been on simvastatin 40mg for a couple of years and have been suffering from extreme tiredness, stiffness in my muscles, hair loss and my memory has weakened too. I am going to ask my doctor to let me stop the drug for a month or so to see if these situations improve.

  • I was perscribed simvestatin 40mg in May took them for 4weeks stopped taking them because of muscle pain, back to my GP who took blood tests said everytyhing fine. Give it 4 weeks if no improvment come back to see me. After more blood tests still no improvement I’m not able to do my work any longer as its quite pyshical. I am trying to do some exersise like swimming and gardening which seem to help.

    Am I doing right?

    Will this pain go?

  • I have been on statins for 2 years. Having struggled to walk again following a stroke I have now all of the above problems and more. The statins have been in the bin for 6 weeks, but I still have pains in my legs and am almost crippled. A great improvement!!

  • I was pescribed Statins 20mg after carotid artery surgery, my GP then doubled the dose. After a few days I was experiencing symptons of headache, nausea, muscle weakness and extreme lethargy. My GP had me admited to hospital for further tests on the basis that I might be suffering another T.I.A.

    Only after I stopped taking the Statins did the symptoms disappear though I still have difficulty walking any distance due to muscle weakness in my legs. My consultant is not at all happy that I am refusing to take this medication but to my mind the side effects are just to life limiting.

  • I have been on Lipitor for some years now and I have been taking Co Enzyme Q 10 to replace that which the Lipitor stops the body producing. However, I have experienced upper arm and shoulder pain for some time which has recently become much worse,keeping me awake at nights. How can this be overcome?

  • I am taking 20 mg of Simvastin daily and am now experiencing a loss of muscles both in my right hand and arm, my fingers are curling inward and there is loss of use of the fingers of approximately 75%.

  • I have been on Lipitor for several years now, but have always suffered with muscel problems in my arms and legs. Recently my Dr increased my Dose from 10 to 20 mg. In the course of a month my shoulders arms and legs have doubled in pain. This Monday I went into work, and my supervisor asked how I was feeling. I said not to good. He sent me off to see my Dr, as he said it needs to be sorted. He put me off work with Fibromyalgia and took blood test, and told to stop the Lipitor tablets. I await the results.

  • I was put on Simvastatin a few months ago. I had nearly all the ‘side effects’ but worked through them. One morning I had no strength in my arms to throw off the sheet. Eventually I got up and went to the docs. feeling pretty poorly. The doc. immediately called for blood tests and the result is I now have Poly Myalgia Rheumatica, plus I had other side effects, confusion, headache, blurred vision, sore scalp. Rushed to Eye Clinic in case I had Giant Cell Arteritis. Luckily they don’t think I have but will have to have more tests!! I am NOT a happy camper. Cannot fault the doc. or the hospitals as they rushed me through but I took the Statin in good faith but I shall questions everything they give me in future. I am now on Prednisolone and could be for sometime which presents another load of problems. So be warned if they put you on Statins and you have a lot of side effects, get back and try another tablet or not. They are probably a very good pill and a lot of people take them, just be warned.

  • hello can you sell me what statins are i need to know i might have them. please contact me asap
    god bless you

  • Since taking Simvastatin I have experienced severe soft tissue pain, mainly in the lower legs, and also to a lesser extent in a buttock. The symptoms are similar to those of sciatica but I am starting to wonder if they are being caused by this particular drug. I have had the pain now for around 4-months and I have dificulty walking.

  • I experienced severe muscle pain, stop taking the tablets and go on a totally fat free diet with plenty of porridge

  • since taking Simvastatin i have experienced muscle pain in the lower legs, is there anything i can do to relieve the pains?
    Thanking you.

  • I would like to know if muscular atrophy/dystrophy caused by statins is reversible or not. Will it affect the heart?
    What should be done to reverse the side effects of statins on muscles?

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As you'll discover in your FREE report, there are safe, natural ways to protect your heart without the use of risky, side-effect-ridden drugs.

And that's not all. When you enter your email address, you'll also receive the Daily Health e-letter. Each day in the Daily Health, you'll get:

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