Your Mercury Fillings Have A Dark Secret…


Those dental amalgams – also known as silver fillings – are carrying a dark and dangerous secret that you probably won’t hear about from your dentist… They were approved without a single shred of evidence that they are safe.

That’s right, those silver fillings – consisting of nearly 50 per cent mercury (one of the most toxic substances on the planet) – have never been tested for their safety… and yet they have been stuck in the molers of millions of people.

Not such a silver lining

For years the American Dental Association (ADA) told us to ignore the science on dental amalgams, arguing that if these fillings really caused everything from developmental problems to Alzheimer’s disease, they never would have been approved in the first place.

However, finally medical authorities (the American Food and Drug Administration in particular) are admitting something they should have come clean about 39 years ago: there is no proof that dental amalgams are actually safe.

In fact, according to one consumer protection group, there is “very limited to no clinical information available” on whether dental amalgams are harmful for pregnant women, their unborn children, infants, and children under the age of six.

So, if it sounds like dental amalgams were allowed onto the market and into millions of our mouths, without any safety data, well, that’s exactly what happened.

Back in 1976, under pressure from dental groups like the ADA, the FDA gave dental amalgams a “grandfathered” approval. They’d been used for so long, the FDA reasoned, that they must be safe.

How’s that for logic?

Of course, even the dental industry used to agree that amalgams were dangerous. Even as far back as 1840, the American Society of Dental Surgeons banned its members from using the fillings.

And for good reason. Studies have shown that constant chewing and grinding causes toxic mercury vapours to be released and absorbed by the lungs and oral mucous membranes.

Especially for unborn babies and children, mercury can increase the chances of brain damage, hearing loss, and vision problems.

Mercury exposure has also been linked to Alzheimer’s and Multiple sclerosis (MS), as well as kidney disease. And according to the European Commission, “the largest source of mercury exposure for most people in developed countries is inhalation of mercury vapour from dental amalgams.”

That’s why amalgams are even banned in Scandinavia.

There’s no arguing about the fact that medical authorities and environmental safety groups know that mercury is incredibly toxic. For instance, in the US mercury thermometers are banned and when a compact fluorescent light bulb breaks the US Environmental Protection Agency recommends leaving the room to protect yourself from the mercury vapours.

And yet, somehow this toxic poison has ended up in the mouths of millions of people… Fortunately, many dentists have now abandoned amalgams in favour of safer fillings. So you’re free to “just say no” to the idea of either you or your children being stuck with toxic teeth.

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