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The Daily Health’s premium subscription newsletter, Journal of Natural Health Solutions has been providing our readers with cutting-edge alternative health breakthroughs for more a decade. At the helm of this publication sits Managing Editor Rachael Linkie.

Rachael Linkie has been the Managing Editor at Agora Health since 1999. She is dedicated to bringing her readers news about the very latest advances in natural medicine each month in the Journal of Natural Health Solutions that can help fight a wide range of debilitating conditions from heart disease and type 2 diabetes to joint pain and memory loss.

In addition, her best-selling books include: Pain-Free Forever; Super Foods for a Super Healthy You; Diabetes Defeated; 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart; Perfect Prostate Health; and The Ultimate Good Gut Guide.

In our Editorial Letter section we offer you the unique oppertunity to read Rachael’s editorial letters, written to our premium members monthly, over the past 15 years.

Latest Articles in Editorial Letter

red clover, menopause

Plant extract helps reduce distressing menopause symptoms

Ladies, today I want to tell you about the latest menopause breakthrough. Recent research findings, reported in the journal PLOS One, reveal that fermented red clover extract can e...

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Harness cinnamon to help burn those extra pounds

If, like me, you've over-indulged during the festive season on one-too-many mince pies and party canapés, then the solution to shedding those extra pounds you've gained may be sit...

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Could a magnesium deficiency increase your risk of dying?

Every organ in your body needs magnesium and a deficiency can lead to serious illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, stroke, diabetes, osteoporosis, high blood pressure, anxi...

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Peas, fruit and vegetables

Doctors know little about the benefits of nutrition

There is a shocking lack of knowledge among doctors when it comes to nutrition, due to woefully inadequate medical school training on this important topic… and patients are being...

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erectile dysfunction, prelox

Vitamin D could be a sex-lifesaver for diabetic men

Recent research has revealed a link between low levels of vitamin D and a greater risk of erectile dysfunction (ED) in type-2 diabetic men. According to the researchers: “The pr...

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probiotics, gut health

Powerful probiotic formula keeps making waves with more new research

Back in October 2015, Journal of Natural Health Solutions (JNHS) reported on a unique and powerful probiotic formula, which had just been launched in the UK, called Just Thrive. In...

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glaucoma, lutein

Protect against age-related cognitive decline with lutein

Previously, in the Journal of Natural Health Solutions we reported on research findings, that have revealed a protective effect for the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin against ey...

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heart attack

Heart attack survivors could live longer by eating more fibre

Earlier this month I told about how a combination of unhealthy eating and increasingly sedentary lifestyles can cause your heart to age prematurely, which is why I want to tell you...

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Do you know how old your heart is?

It may sound like an odd question, but do you know how old your heart is? If you assume it’s the same number as your actual age, you may need to think again… It turns out that...

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Protect your eyes from computer and smart phone screen time

With our ever-growing reliance on modern technology many of us – especially the younger generation – spend increasing amounts of time glued to our computer or smart phone. If y...

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