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Our featured articles cover topics ranging from the latest research on cancer to debating the mainstream’s misguided approach to diet and nutrition. They also include the latest alternative health breakthroughs that can help you to live a longer and healthier life without the need to resort to taking a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs.

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stroke, folate, mini-stroke

Mini-strokes can cause serious damage to your brain

Severe headaches are the most common symptom of "mini-strokes" ("transient ischaemic attacks" or TIAs) — especially when they're accompanied by confusion, trouble walking, or num...

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Protect your eyes from computer and smart phone screen time

With our ever-growing reliance on modern technology many of us – especially the younger generation – spend increasing amounts of time glued to our computer or smart phone. If y...

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Heal your gut with the Paleo Diet

If you are a regular reader of The Daily Health then you'll know that I believe that optimum health begins and ends with your gut… and one of the best ways to maintain a healthy...

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Harnassing magnesium to combat mental health issues

Back in the June issue of The Journal of Natural Health Solutions, I wrote about the scandalous short-comings in our mental health services following a string of budget cuts. I fee...

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Exercise can slow Parkinson’s progression

Anyone who is living with Parkinson's disease will tell you that it feels like something has taken control of your body, with the trembling of your hands, head and legs, and your m...

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Protect your mind and memory against cognitive decline with tea

Here in the UK, we rarely pass on an offer for a lovely warm cup of tea. And that’s a good thing! Because it turns out that cuppa we all love so much can help protect against cog...

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