Superfoods are a special category of food found in nature that are well rounded in their nutrient profile, for example being low in calories while being vitamin/mineral dense, meaning they pack a powerful punch as far as their health benefits go.

There are no set criteria for superfoods and in the EU the term is forbidden on food packaging unless there is sufficient scientific evidence behind the claim. Traditionally though, a superfood is thought to be a superior source of antioxidants (for cancer), healthy fats (for heart disease), fibre (diabetes and digestive problems) or phytochemicals (with numerous health benefits), nutrients our body cannot make ourselves.

The trend in superfood use demonstrates the start of people understanding that our lifestyle choices, particularly our diets, has a significant impact on our overall health and how some foods may offer a better alternative to others. In terms of superfoods and to an extent diets in general, the overarching aim is to reduce our chances of developing chronic diseases such as cancer, heart disease and strokes and living our lives as illness-free as possible.

Some of the leading superfoods are easily accessible and common staples of our diets, or at least should be! To list but a few, here are some prominent superfoods: blueberries, goji berries, green tea, broccoli, cocoa, wheatgrass, garlic, oily fish, pomegranate and kale. These foods are not expensive and you can find most of them on your supermarket shelf, meaning that better health is within your reach and within your budget.

The Daily Health will show you how and when to use superfoods in your day to day life. Here you’ll find out what three superfoods will help protect your eyesight and learn more about the powerful World War 2 staple that’s making a comeback due to its unparalleled nutrient density and many, many more.

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