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Is An Underactive Thyroid Gland Preventing Weight Loss?


Your thyroid gland is located just below your Adam’s apple and is responsible for producing the hormone thyroxine, which stimulates your metabolism – regulating your heart rate and bowel movements, and also affecting your appetite and ability to lose weight.

For this process to function properly, your thyroid gland relies on iodine to help it produce sufficient levels of thyroxine. Without iodine, your thyroid soon becomes thyroxine-deficient which can cause a disorder known as hypothyroidism – an underactive thyroid. If left untreated, an underactive thyroid can result in more than just your inability to lose weight and can, in fact, cause life-threatening conditions such as heart failure, anaemia, depression, and even dementia or coma in extreme cases.

Your chances of developing an underactive thyroid increase with age. And, disturbingly, it is thought that up to 40 per cent of all people over the age of 60 suffer from an underactive thyroid to a certain degree – although the condition can affect people of any age.

Are you suffering from an underactive thyroid without even knowing it?

There are several variants of the hormone thyroxine, but the most important are called T4 and T3. The T4 variant is the actual hormone produced by your thyroid gland. This needs to be activated by your liver and other organs in your body into the more energetic form, called T3. Your body then uses T3 as and when required.

Thyroxine does not work on its own, but is controlled by other hormones, which are produced by a gland in your brain called the hypothalamus. Your hypothalamus gland regulates and balances the amounts of thyroxine produced. If, for example, your thyroid does not produce enough thyroxine, this is picked up by your hypothalamus gland which sends messages to your thyroid to increase its production. If, however, your thyroid works overtime and produces too much thyroxine, then your hypothalamus signals to your thyroid to slow down.

This process can become unbalanced due to a variety of reasons, including infections, a genetic predisposition, neck operations, auto-immune disorders (where your body ends up attacking your thyroid gland and depletes its hormone-producing cells), tumours or increasing age.

Sufferers of an underactive thyroid typically experience symptoms such as constipation, fatigue, a slow heart rate, swollen and puffy face, dry skin, thinning hair and brittle nails, weight gain and increased difficulties in losing weight, poor memory, confusion and depression. However, it is possible for some sufferers to have no symptoms at all, or symptoms so subtle that the sufferer does not attribute them to a thyroxine deficiency.

Conventional tests for detecting an underactive thyroid are not always accurate

An underactive thyroid can normally be detected by a blood test, which checks the concentration of thyroxine in your blood. However, because some sufferers only experience very subtle symptoms, these tests are not always able to pick up on mild cases.

Many health practitioners believe this is because conventional tests are based on a ‘normal’ range that is simply too low. In addition, slightly low levels do not officially qualify as a low score on the tests, so mild disorders are often missed.

Conventional medicine treats an underactive thyroid using synthetic thyroxine hormone tablets. Regular blood tests are necessary to check that the amount of thyroxine given is sufficient. If too much thyroxine is used, the patient may be over-stimulated and experience.

unpleasant side-effects such as palpitations, sweating, diarrhoea and anxiety. To avoid the risk of side-effects caused by overdosing or under-dosing it is vital that this treatment is regularly monitored by your GP, and that the treatment is not interrupted – as this can result in relapses.

Natural alternatives can provide effective relief from debilitating symptoms

The amino acid tyrosine (found in soya products) has shown successful results in helping to increase the production of thyroxine in your body. Antioxidants such as vitamins C and E – together with co-enzyme Q10 found in deep-coloured fruit and vegetables such as tomatoes, carrots and broccoli – can also bring significant improvements. These prevent age-related damage to your thyroid cells by protecting them against free-radical attacks.

Supplementing with minerals such as selenium, manganese and zinc can also be very effective. At the recent 83rd Annual Meeting of the Endocrine Society in Denver, Colorado, the findings of research into selenium and its potential for regulating thyroid problems were reported on. German physician, Barbara Gasnier, of the Medizinische Klinik University, and her team, found that a deficiency of selenium was linked to the development of auto-immune-related thyroid problems, because of the mineral’s impact on certain immune system enzymes. And taking 200mcg of selenium a day could help correct this underlying problem.

As mentioned, iodine is an essential compound necessary for the production of thyroxine. Including more iodine-rich foods in your diet, such as seaweed or kelp, can be beneficial. However, too much iodine, if taken for too long or in large quantities, can cause further problems such as thyroid swelling (goitre).

Thyroid extracts can help boost your sluggish thyroid gland

For sufferers with a mild case of hypothyroidism, taking dry extracts of the thyroid gland in supplement form can be an effective measure in helping to improve symptoms. Extracts are taken from the thyroid glands of animals (usually the thyroid glands of pigs are used). These specially prepared extracts contain natural amounts of thyroxine, as well as other beneficial nutritional factors. And, unlike synthetic variants, these extracts are almost identical to human thyroid hormones.

It is important to take a high-quality product that guarantees standardised extracts. Armour Dessicated Thyroid and other forms of dry thyroid powder, such as Thyroplex, are available on prescription. Alternatively, you can purchase these products from the Life Extension Foundation (www.lef.org ) although you should consult your doctor first. The dose is usually a quarter to half a grain a day.

In addition to thyroid extracts, the hormones DHEA and melatonin can also help stimulate a sluggish thyroid. These do not have a direct effect on your thyroid gland itself but, if used with the other natural treatment options, they can provide hormonal support to other glands in your body — which help re-establish the optimal functioning of your thyroid.

These natural alternatives can promote significant improvements in the symptoms associated with your underactive thyroid gland. However, it is important that, if you are currently under-going hormone replacement therapy, you do not self-treat with the natural treatments mentioned – always consult your doctor first. You can gain more information on the different range of thyroid disorders from: The British Thyroid Foundation, P.O.Box 97, Clifford LS23 6DX.

Bear in mind all the material in this email alert is provided for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.


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  • hi everyone i have had underactive thyriod for over eight years now im on 150mcg a day and i have grained one and half stone in the last year, i have tryed so hard to get rid of the weight, i have now grained five stone in total, i have also been told by my doctor to do more exercise which is hard when you have osteoarthritis in both knees, but i do walk four miles a day, tired diets lost weight then grain weight and i dont eat much, just get told now thyriod ok and im fat go on diet

  • Underactive thyroid also contributes towards fluid retention which cause weight gain. That happened to me and I took fluid retention tabs and to get rid of extra fluid in my body which worked and I’m feeling less tired now.

  • I have been taking thyroid meds synthroid 225 M.c.s a day still overweight sweat like a pig. And still get tired started out at 100m.c.a kept going up Atkins worked for me going back on it talking to my dr today about it in waiting room now

  • I’ve been taking levothyroxine for the past 4-5 years, I was only diagnosed as my muscles began to give me severe pain. Taking the medicine has helped with the sweating, feeling coldness and muscle pain, but it did increase my cholesterol, that has thankfully returned to normal. I eat 5 smaller meals a day, instead of the 3, and up until the recent birth of my child was swimming and cycling. I never managed to lose all the weight I put on, but I am now looking my deeply at foods that particularly affect underactive thyroid. Don’t get down, if you keep pushing through you will start seeing the results. I’ve lost most of my weight, I put on during my pregnancy, delivered 7 weeks ago. For me my main priority is been healthy, I don’t have any of those weight related illnesses, which sometimes amazes the doctors. My goal now is too look at foods that have positive and negative affect on my thyroid.

  • is there anyway to lose weight when u have an under active thyroid iv been on it 9 years now been going the gym 3 and should be loseing weight but find im not i eat healthy ,and have fruit and vegatables every day,any one ?

  • Sea kelp is good as it makes your thyroid work, chromium boosts your metabolism and helps with weight loss but exercise too even if it’s only a walk plenty of fruit and veg also help

  • i have an under active thyroid and i am on 4grains of ERFA thyroid it is a natural form made from pigs thyroid i was on ARMOUR but they changed the ingredients and this did not work as well so i changed to ERFA i have no symptoms any more have lots of energy i am 63 years old . istill suffer with weight gain but a strict diet and a walk every day i can lose the excess weight . But the strict diet and walk is a must otherwise the weight wont shift. i follow a high fibre diet which also helps keep cholestrol under control. i joined TPAK UK and got all the help i needed i purchased my medication myself for 12 months then i asked my doctor if he would prescribe it he agreed but i had to sign a letter saying i took it at my own risk. He has destroyed the letter now as i am so well. My sister is on 150thyroxine and has no end of problems candida,cystitis,skin problems, hair thinning wwe both had plantar fasicitis my went once i started ERFA she still suffers we both had mortons nuroma mine healed she had an operation and still suffers as the op was not a sucess. I sugest any one who still has thyroid symptoms while on thxroxine should try natural medication . TPAK UK explains how to treat with natural thyroid medication. try it .

  • I had overactive thyroid from 12 years of age, everyone said I was a total nightmare to live with because I was so volatile, I weighed only 6 stone 4lbs. I had a partail thyroidectomy at age 18 and weight balloned to 11st 4lbs in 3 months! Over a few years it went down again. and down..and down to under 7st. My doctor diagnosed me with anxiety disorder and sent me to a mental hospital! I lost my teaching job as a result. At 37 I was again diagnosed (by a locum, not my own rubbish doctor) as over active – so bad my heaart was under extreme strain and I had to go on beta blockers to stay alive. At age 37 I had a total thyroidectomy. I have been on just 100mcg Levothyroxine ever since. I’m now 66, I have high cholesterol, weigh 11st 4lbs and am permanently depressed, with a faulty heart valve. Doctors DO NOT really understand anything about the thyroid, we are just left to suffer so long as the magic test gives the right number.

  • Just to add, I worked as a carer for 3 years 10 years ago. I pulled double shifts, had a pedometer on and averaged 24,000 steps a day. lifting hoisting etc etc. never lost an ounce of weight.

  • It took me 3 years to get a diagnosis. 52 now. 18 years later still exhausted, but I have found if heavy gardening etc is required on top of working full time, i just get on with it ‘mind over matter,’ never feel any worse after (except normal muscle aches like would be expected.) Doctors don’t seem to understand constant tiredness. Work told me I was depressed advised me to go swimming and to keep a journal. 2 months later went back with a bit of make up on and not in a uniform and they are adamant they have cured my depression –idiots!!!!!!!

  • I started with an overactive thyroid when I was 18, the treatment they gave me burnt out my thyroid and so it became underactive. I’m now 45 and take 175mcg of thyroxine each day. At one point I asked my doctor about joining a weight loss program as my weight was steadily going up and was told I didn’t qualify as I wasn’t heavy enough!!! I was even refused an appointment with a dietician. I went to the gym but I quit when I went to an appointment with the hospital consultant and had him tell me I was overweight before he even looked at me, at that time I’d got down to a size 14 but was toned and slightly muscular. After ballooning to a size 18 – 20 again within 6 months I kicked the depression and went back to the gym. My trainer said that it is going to be difficult to lose the weight but not impossible. 6 months down the line and I hadn’t lost anything. 7 months down the line and the I’m back into size 16 clothes and still decreasing – although to get to this I’ve been going to the gym / zumba / kettlebell weight training 5 or 6 times a week for at least an hour a time. It is difficult, but I feel great about myself now. I’ve also told my doctor I won’t see the consultant again and removed all scales from the house. My gp is now monitoring my condition and goes on my size, not my weight (as muscles are heavier)! Friends and family have even now started to comment on my reduced size. So don’t give up hope – it just takes us longer for our bodies to start losing the fat – but if we persevere it will go.

  • Does anyone know of any treatments that are on the nhs for weight loss for sufferers of this condition

  • I have been on Thyroxine for over 10 years and im still always tired put n weight , i ve tried the gym diets and even starvation for a week but nothing happens. i was thnking about asking my doc about a gastric band on nhs but to scared in case he laughs at me.

  • I’m 16 years old and I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid when I was 11. I now regularly take 100mg but I’m really struggling with my weight. I’ve always battled with my weight, I joined weight watchers three times and every time I lose a stone and then put on 3 without changing my diet. I also joined the gym and I go 4 times a week but still nothing is coming off, it’s like fighting a losing battle. After reading through some of the posts it’s nice to know I’m not the only one with this problem, but can anyone offer me some advise?

  • I was diagnosed 3 years ago. I must be lucky because my medication helped me. I take 100mg daily and it was like being given new batteries. My weight is a struggle but i go to the gym and walk and although it has took me over a year to lose a stone i will continue. The exercise has helped me feel fitter and more energtic.

  • Had all the new blood tests and the TSH was 90. No surprises there. Now back on 200 mcg Thyroxine for 5 days a week. Weight swings up and down 3 kgs a day between 77 and 80 kgs. Between 7am and 7pm. Nothing wrong with the scales.
    Less tired through the day but still plenty of joint pain issues and about 5 trips to the bathroom during the night. Upsets the sleeping patterns but feel reasonably rested each morning. If only the weight could get down, I would feel in control.
    Anyone advise anything extra?

  • I was diagnosed at 14 with an underactive thyroid when the school nurse pointed out I had a goitre. I didnt feel any different although my mum said I would come home from school and lie on the couch until bedtime. I’m now 36 and two kids later have put on 30kgs in weight, although this has been only recently (2 years) as I was overeating, sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day and not really exercising. My dosage has gone up and down over the years and I am still trying to manage it. The weight gain can be a problem but I think with regular exercise and healthy eating it can be managed, I have made a concerted effort to lose weight due to shonky knees and so far have lost 5kgs, walking the dog early in the morning, bike riding and cutting out crap food. I still get quite tired and go to bed early most nights, have thinning hair but apart from that I dont have any issues with my thyroxine treatment…..yet.

  • has anyone been diognosed with dementia
    and then a underactive thyroid thenonce on thyrozine dementia signs improved

  • Hello I have battled to get on to a mix of t4 and thyroxine… currently 50 t4 and 25 thyroxine i have ear and nose problems and wieght is horrendous..but I htink that the t4 might be helping the tirednes and weight gian.xx

  • I am on 300 mcg of levothyroxine a day and I am feeling very well now although it has taken about 2 years to get to this point.
    I just wondered if anyone could give me any ideas on how to lose some weight I have tried a few diets with little or no results any ideas?

  • hi im sharon and i was told i had a under active thyroid gland 12 months ago i exercise i eat low fat food everyday but i only eat a little has im scared of getting bigger than i already am i tired off being like this and being alone and no partner to help just my son dont think i will ever meet anyone who wants a fat cow like me the doctor say depression the truth is we are all feed up of being fat and not happy we are in this situation.

  • Hi Gaye,
    The future osteo is a worry. I wake up with bad knees and feet aches that take a while to get me going. My feet problems cause me to sleep badly. No hair loss altho incredibly dry, eyebrows have little bald patches but have them dyed and looks good. Sounds like we are on similar paths except for the amount of medication.
    I have taken myself off everything (except kelp tablets and vita B) for a couple of months before a new set of blood tests.
    I want to start from scratch again. Not experiencing much difference except possible extra tiredness but I am pretty active this time of year and it’s very humid here. There have been so many changes to my medication over the years. Have a new GP.

  • Hi, I am 62 and have taken 75mg for about 3 years now – not made any difference to me at all. I have lost my eybrows, my hair has thinned and I have ballooned in weight. I am too tired to think about excercising although I try and walk as much as I can. However what bo-one has mentioned is that Thyroxine can bring on Osteoporisis in later life. My mother was on Thyroxine for years and suffered from Osteoporosis in her later years. I wish I could stop taking the med and use alternative methods. I live a full life, work part time and help with my grandchildren, but everything is such a huge effort!

  • Was dignosed underactive about 18 yrs ago.
    Am now on Oroxine at 200 per days for 5 days a week, to give me 1000 over the week. Don’t ask why I have the weekend off, who knows! My specialist tells me I could be on more but won’t do it as I am already overweight. (15ks in last three years and I have now have that middle age look of “roundness” I am told) I am 63yrs. That must mean the Oroxine helps to gain weight. That’s how I read that statement of his. Anyone else had same comment? Also lots of aches and pains seem to be taking over but GPs just put that down to aging. Don’t they make you cry or sick???

  • I have had an underactive thryoid gland since the 1980’s (I think). It was not diagnosed correctly at first, and the doctor kept treating me for low blood count. Eventually after 3 years of Vitamin B injections another doctor diagnosed me correctly. It has played havoc in my life. Mood swings, low sex libido, and now since my accident I have put on about 17kgs, and am battling to get back down. I am now very depressed. Tried to diet but now I am suffering water retention. Is there no way out of this gloom and doom. Now I feel like a big fat ugly pig waiting for the Christmas slaughter. HA HA HA Living in South Africa, we swim this time of the year, but I cannot even look at myself in the mirror let alone get into a costume. Besides as soon as I dive in, there will be no water for anyone else. HA HA Anyway girls hope you all out there are doing okay and keep the ol’ chinny chin chin up!! We are all in this together!!! So love to you gals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • I am a very sad person because I have been trying to loose weight for 7yrs now and in that time have only lost a stone I’m lethargic and depressed… my work colleagues laugh at me all the time I’ve lost my home my husband but not my sense of humour , so all u sufferers hang on in there . love to you all .x

  • Iam a very sad person because i have been trying to loose weight for 7yrs now and in that time have only lost a stone im lethargic depressed my work colleagues laugh at me all the time ive lost my home my husband but not my sense of humour , so all u sufferers hang on in there . love to you all .x

  • Hi well I was amazed at the amount of us that have the same problems ie haveing underactive thyroid/non understanding GPs, plus almost same ailments strieght accross the board, and what gets done for us a big fat (excuse the punt) zero!
    Well hi as I say I also have underactive thyroid and take 250mg daily of thyroxcine and still suffer all said probs, I have been like this now for over 25yrs, when it 1st started I tried all sorts diets excercise & nothing, well no thats not quite true I did at first lose all the wieght I’d gained but then it came creeping back, then I had an accident at work and now I suffer from ostio/arthrytis through most of my body which limits my walking abillatys I have to wear a neck coller use a stick for getting about, even use an elec/scooter for shopping trips in town (mind I dont go out much) as I feel awful tired, fat, ugly. Same as most of you I dont want to get up in a morning (mind with my added probs) its hard to get started luckly for me I have a wonderful husband and careing family, who do help me with my dissabilatys, but just how much of this is down to my thyroid, Im asking myself now after reading the problems most of you have, Im only 55 and would love to join in and have fun with my grandchildren but I have no energy and when my knees swell up I cant walk, never mind run around with them so I feel my G/children are looking at me and thinking how come our nan is an old decrepid old woman before her time. (they probebly dont realy just me feeling sorry for myself)
    But I dont want to feel this way why cant they find something to help us instead as some of you say, makeing us feel worse and some thinking its all in our heads! this is a real problem I cant help but feel for some of these YOUNG girls on this page who have this prob what have they got to be happy about seeing all these slim models and such in the papers/mags and on tv, and then some bright spark of someone famouse doing some dvd’s to help you lose wieght and how easy it has been for them (coz they havent got our prob) I like most of you would love to find a magic cure be it pill or drink that can cure this awfull UNDER ACTIVE bloody gland. Hope Ive not boared you all silly with this letter Im just letting off steam, thanks and good luck to us all, Sue x

  • there is hope! I was diagnosed with insuline resistance and was told by the consultant that the prognosis was very poor and that I was going to be on Metformin for the rest of my life and probably become diabetic. The insurance company even stopped paying for my follo-ups as I was seen a a lifetime case. As I never liked taking pills and did not just accepted the consultant’s opinion; I decided to go to see a classical homeopath practitioner. Within a few months my fasting insulin level and glucose level were normal!!! I had them checked a year later and they are sitll normal!!! I stuck with the homeopath – if took me a few years to get to that then it would take some time to get my health back!!

  • There is hope! I was diagnosed with insuline resistance and was told by the consultant that the prognosis was very poor and that I was going to be on Metformin for the rest of my life and probably become diabetic. The insurance company even stopped paying for my follo-ups as I was seen as a lifetime case. As I never liked taking pills and did not just accept the consultant’s opinion, I decided to go to see a classical homeopath practitioner. Within a few months my fasting insulin level and glucose level were normal!!! I had them checked a year later and they are sitll normal!!! I stuck with the homeopath – it took me a few years to get to this point but at least I now have my health back!!

  • I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 18 months ago. I had noticed the chronic fatigue, muscle aches, feeling spaced out and also stomach pains, which I put down to my IBS. The pains did not seem to go, despite watching my diet and alcohol intake. I had also put on about 1/2 stone in weight after being naturally slim throughout my life. After diagnosis I was put on 25 mg Thyroxine, but this was increased after my next blood test to 50 mg. I have spent a lot of time researching this illness and I am a great believer in positive thinking as well as “listening” to your body. My stomach pains continued, and after ruling out anything sinister with a scan on my internal organs, I noticed that my body seemed to react negatively to certain foods that I had eaten. With this in mind I looked up the appropriate foods to eat to support thyroid function and those to avoid, keeping a daily diary. I also bought electronic scales which calculate your BMR which is the amount of calories per day that your body needs “at rest”. Excercise would then ensure that you burn more calories than you comsume. The biggest change I have made is too cut out wheat from my diet. I substiute with wheat/gluten free poducts , walk everywhere I can, stick to my BMR calorie count and take vits B, selerium, CLA capsules and coenzyme Q 10. I also bought a rebounder (mini trampoline which stimulate the thyroid) This regime appears to be working for me as I am still a size 8 and lost that 1/2 stone. I feel great at the moment physically and mentally . I am aware that things can change in the future but Im keeping a beady eye on everything………….

  • I have an underactive thyroid currently and was diagnosed in 2005. I had experienced different symptoms such as, weight gain, hair loss, rapid heart beat, mood swings, irregular period, and feeling tired most of the time. I thought my symptoms came from stress because at the time I was in a unhappy marriage. I am 29 years old and have been a normal weight most of my life and I am currently over weight due to my thyroid. I have been dealing with issues daily and it’s hard to change my eating habits plus excercise. I am trying to be happy but I often have mood swings. I’m living with the condition and trying to make healthier changes in my life.

  • I have an underactive thyroid currently and was diagnosed in 2005. I had experienced different symptoms such as, weight gain, hair loss, rapid heart beat, mood swings, irregular period, and feeling tired most of the time. I thought my symptoms came from stress because at the time I was in a unhappy marriage. I am 29 years old and have been a normal weight most of my life and I am currently over weight due to my thyroid. I have been dealing with issues daily and it’s hard to change my eating habits plus excercise. I am trying to be happy but I often have mood swings. I’m living with the condition and trying to make healthier changes in my life.

  • I have an underactive thyroid currently and was diagnosed in 2005. I had experienced different symptoms such as, weight gain, hair loss, rapid heart beat, mood swings, irregular period, and feeling tired most of the time. I thought my symptoms came from stress because at the time I was in a unhappy marriage. I am 29 years old and have been a normal weight most of my life and I am currently over weight due to my thyroid. I have been dealing with issues daily and it’s hard to change my eating habits plus excercise. I am trying to be happy but I often have mood swings. I’m living with the condition and trying to make healthier changes in my life.

  • I have an underactive thyriod on 100mg levothyroixe a day. I have been dieting and doing plently of exercise without any success, it is very depressing when you are doing everything within your power to lose wait, please can someone help me find a solution.

  • I was diagnosed as underactive thyroid at the beginning of this year. I was suffering with tiredness, constipation, irregular and heavy periods.

    Good luck to all you fellow sufferers out there and don’t let it beat you!!

  • if you exercise u will lose weight as normal once your on the right amount of medication. as the medication if you have your blood checked regular . makes you feel normal again. i got an underactive thyroid after having my second child throught the homones in pregancy. iam on 125mg daily and feel a lot better . yes you still have the odd day of tiredness but no were near feel as bad when not taking the meds . i still lose weight . yes it is a bit harder but i think you can still lose weight with an under active thyroid u just have to push your seif that little bit harder, and on days that you are tired take it slow , it will pay of in the end . it is a horrible thing and you have to try harder but there is a lot worser things. a cross trainer works wonders. good luck and dont give up.

  • if you exercise u will lose weight as normal once your on the right amount of medication. as the medication if you have your blood checked regular . makes you feel normal again. i got an underactive thyroid after having my second child throught the homones in pregancy. iam on 125mg daily and feel a lot better . yes you still have the odd day of tiredness but no were near feel as bad when not taking the meds . i still lose weight . yes it is a bit harder but i think you can still lose weight with an under active thyroid u just have to push your seif that little bit harder, and on days that you are tired take it slow , it will pay of in the end . it is a horrible thing and you have to try harder but there is a lot worser things. a cross trainer works wonders. good luck and dont give up.

  • If you exercise u will lose weight as normal once your on the right amount of medication. as the medication if you have your blood checked regular . makes you feel normal again. I got an underactive thyroid after having my second child throught the homones in pregancy. I am on 125mg daily and feel a lot better . yes you still have the odd day of tiredness but no were near feel as bad when not taking the meds . i still lose weight . yes it is a bit harder but i think you can still lose weight with an under active thyroid u just have to push your seif that little bit harder, and on days that you are tired take it slow , it will pay of in the end. good luck and dont give up.


  • Please, everyone, go and find a HOMEOPATH in your area. So much can be achieved by treating the whole person. You can be treated while still taking your thyroxine – you can feel so much better – quality of life matters!

  • hi, ive been feeling sluggish for the last two yrs, and diagnosed with underactive thyroid. since taking my medication i have put on weight. I would like to take herbal life to lose weight – has anyone tried it?

  • I have suffered from hypothyroidism since I was born and i’m 17. I was on 300mg a day and recently found out that I am now thyrotoxic. So called specialists had me on 300mg for as long as I can remember. My doctor was astounded that i’ve been “chugging” along this far. I have dry skin and weight gain. I am so emotionally and physically drained. My mum was convinced I suffered depression.. My doctor has now dropped me down to 150mg and I’m not sure I should even have dropped down that far.. Is it even remotely possible that maybe I overdosed on my thyroxine the night before i took my test which could have messed around and corrupted my test results? And if so.. Would something happen to me that could kill me for dropping down to half my daily doseage? I’ve looked everywhere but can’t seem to find the answer I’m looking for.. My doctor still isn’t sure if 150mg is the correct doseage for me.. I’m at wit’s end and even tho I’m so young.. I’m kinda over the fight of having to pull myself out of bed and walk.. It’s so exhausting.. I wish the tiredness would just go away and I wish I was a normal teenager with normal problem’s.. I don’t know what to do should I continue on my 300mg a day where I’m shaking violently and anxious and gaining so much weight.. or drop down to half my doseage.. Could you share your thoughts with me on this? Thank you for reading.. I’m not sure if I should be glad to see that other’s are suffering my problem’s to..

  • Hi, I’m new, diagnosed with Under active thyroid today, also Vitamin B12 Deficient, on 25mg of Levothyroxine and start B12 injections in a few weeks, Was diagnosed with clinical depression back in January so on Anti-depressants too.
    Ive had fairly regular blood tests over the past 10 years I think my thyroid has been checked at least 4-5 times in that time but always told it was normal, moved house last year to a new part of the Country, again thyroid was tested as a regular MOT check with my local hospital (Ive been under going fertility investigations for past 10 years) Hospital also said thyroid was normal, then in Dec 09 my doctor did a blood test and thyroid suddenly came back low, so I had it retested to make sure it wasnt just a blip, and today told it is Low and I need treatment, at last I can put a reason to my tiredness and fatigue, So many times in the past I went to my old GP complaining of severe tiredness, she always just thrust a diet sheet at me and sent me on my way, I started gaining weight quite suddenly 13 yrs ago after having maintained my weight at a steady 8 1/2 stone for 14 years, then suddenly without changing my eating habits or lifestyle the weight started piling on, I now weigh double what i did 12 years ago, I hate my body shape and no longer feel worthwhile, I have a supporting husband but cant understand how he can bear to look at my body…..it disgusts me to look at it, I also suffer with endometriosis and thrombocytopenia, my whole life has been spent in and out of doctors waiting rooms and hospital wards with blood tests and all sorts of procedures being done, waiting years to find out I have this condition or that only to reseach it myself to find it should have been picked up early if the right doctor asked the right questions!

    Finally though I feel I’m living in a good area where the health professionals take an interest and ask the right questions and hopefully after many long years I might eventually find my true self again and be happy.

  • I was diagnosed with an under active thyroid after routine blood tests and put on 20mg of levothyoxine and then after blood test 50mg just had my blood results and my doc say it is at a normal level but I still feel awful so tired and foggy have terrible itchy dry ears aches in feet and weight gain.
    I suffered for many years feeling depressed back and forth to gp told i was depressed (could have told them that) I felt really bad claustrophobic as well was put on blood pressure tablets statins and anti depressants and now this feel like i rattle. cant remember having energy would like advice I’m 54 going on 90

  • I have been on Eltroxin for a fair few years now, prior to that was on Levo Thyroxine can’t remember the does, but get a blood test once a year if I am lucky and I still have the worst memory, my nails are dry and brittle. My skin is prone to dry patches and my hair is becoming thinner and thinner. Would Kelp tablets (iodine) be okay to take? Would they conflict with Eltroxin in any way?

  • I have had an underactive thyroid for over 4yrs now I am on 100mgs of thyroxine and find it very hard to loose weight I have no confidence and feel people judge me on my appearance. I was never overweight I am now 2 stone overweight, I am taking sea kelp to see if that helps but no difference so far, had my thyroid checked today so will let you know.

  • I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism last year and am on 75 micrograms of levothyroxine. I hadn’t had any particular symptoms, apart from its being impossible to lose weight whatever I did, dry skin, thin hair, occasional constipation (which I’ve never been before!) and people always accusing me of being “slow”. I just thought these were part of growing old (I’m 62). I’ve always eaten sensibly, exercised a lot. Before my diagnosis I had a very active, physically demanding job, sometimes walked 25 miles in a day and could jog – slowly – to the top of the nearby cliffs! I was also taking sea kelp supplements), never drank alcohol to excess or smoked, so I was a bit shocked by the diagnosis. However, I now find that with a sensible diet scheme (fruit fast about once a fortnight for 48 hours, rest of time three meals no snacking between meals, lots of veges and seafood, no butter or salt, reduced cheese and milk) plus my usual amount of walking/jogging, I’ve managed to lose 20 lbs. Four months ago, I started doing yoga regularly. It’s supposed to stimulate the thyroid. After four months, I feel very good – and optimistic. Still working on it – believe in taking responsibility for my own health! Haven’t had a blood test recently but will be interested to see if my next one reflects these self-help efforts!

  • I was diagonised with an underative thyroid 10years ago. I am taking .200 eltroxin daily. I am constantly tired and dont have any energy. I have gained Weight and cannot lose it. No diets or execrise has helped. My hair is also starting to fall out and have a problem with memory loss.

  • I have always had an under active thyroid, but never wanted to take the medication, but within the last year, cannot lose weight no matter what i do!! Anyway my mom overheard one late night on talk radio about Kelp being helpful with this situation as an alternative, as it has Iodine. It has REALLY helped with my energy levels, which has given me more motivation to lose weight. just make sure to use correct dose.

  • I am 34 and have been ‘tired’ for many years. I’ve had blood test after blood test, only to be told my thyroid levels are very ‘low’ and borderline, but as yet, nothing has been recommended. I too was crying all the time, was irritable and felt very depressed, so was put on anti-depressants, however this has still done nothing to help the overwhelming tiredness I often feel. In fact, the doctor increased my dosage of antidepressants in order to help it! I like to keep fit, have run marathons and last December climbed Kilimanjaro, but my weight has never changed. Some might say that training is why I am tired, but how come it doesn’t make other people fall asleep at their desks?! Since returning from Kili in December I have had zero energy, which has just not returned, and it’s a real effort to get out of bed, let alone exercise. I’m now at a loss – I don’t want to continue on anti-depressants, as I’m not convinced it’s the true reason behind feeling exhausted all the time, and have also started feeling a bit breathless, so have stopped taking them. The Doctors don’t seem to think this is related, so are currently testing me for asthma. I’m not convinced. I’ve also started to suffer bad period pains, which I’ve never had before. I feel the cold terribly, but don’t have dry skin, like some of you talk about. Can anyone give me any advice? I don’t want to be unwell, however I know I’m not feeling right, but short of coming across as a hyperchondriac I’m not sure what else I can do.

  • Iam 44 and I am taking 300mg thyroxine a day and have put on about six stone in the past four years and can not loose an ounce. Can anyone help please?

  • I see many of you are in need of proper information and support.
    try tpa-uk or thyroid-uk. I belong to the first, and now i have my life back.

  • I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid in Dec 2009 having spent all of the year going back and forth to the my GP with stomach problems was given various medications to no avail, i was told it was probably IBS, having gained a lot of weight in a short period of time and not being able to summon the energy to walk my kids to school or my dog which was never like me my mum suggested I have my thyriod checked as she also suffers from this condition I never listened to her and struggled on for a while longer it was only when I began having bad joint pains, bad period pains, dry hair and skin and inability to get out of bed even having had 9hrs of sleep, none of which i ever had before, that i asked my GP to test for an underactive thyroid which came back as “mildly” underactive, having felt so ill for a long time it was a relief to finally find out what was wrong and would NOT like to suffer from a “very” underactive thyroid. I have been on 50gms of Levothyroxin now for 2 months and feel almost a 100%, still having to have the period pain investigated so going for a scan to see if there is anything untoward, but can’t rule out that its connected to my thyroid and hopefully will settle down once that has regulated which can take upto a year. The only thing i am suffering with now is the hardship of trying to lose the weight i gained but i have joined slimming world and started going to the gym so heres hoping it will shift 🙂

  • I have had a under active tyroid for 8 years. I am taking 150grms a day. I have the weight gain also get tired in the evenings but once I have had about 10mins I feel a lot better. I just dont like the puffy face. I have blood test regularly so I hope I will be better soon. It’s not a very nice problem to have but I think medication does work to a degree.

  • hi all finally people that know just how i feel.
    i was diagnosed with overactive thyroid just after my first child was born also graves disease.
    it took the doctors a year to stabilise my heart after which they gave me a total thyroidectomy and was placed onto thyre necxine for life after numerous attempts of getting the levels correct they left me on 150mg.
    i have to say after the op i have never felt worse.
    i have no energy nil concentration hunger like you wouldn’t believe memory loss hair thining brittle nails cold and hot flushes …I feel 90yrs old and i am only just 25 i have 2 children and somedays have not 1 ounce of energy.
    after numerous trips to gp have now given up as they make me believe i am some hypocondriac and i somehow put this on but i know how i feel and these tablets do nothing for me at all i refuse depression tablets i know this is not my mental state that is the problem.
    why is no body listening to people like myself and you and looking into this thyroid problem before just ripping them out and stuffing thyroxine down our throats.

  • Hi everyone,I also have an under active thyroid,Been taking 100mg L.tyroxine for 3 years. Cant say I feel all that better.I put on about 4 stone,which is very depressing – doctors don’t listen to you, they are not really intrested. They talk to you like you want to be this weight. You are an irratition to them. Think I will try some of these sea Kelp tabs.Good luck to everyone trying to loose weight.

  • I spoke to my doctor about herbal and/or natural/nutritional etc. remedies. She just give a nasty look to my suplements I pretend to take. I have the feeling that my doctor wants to keep me on medication. I just get rid off my medication for panic attacks I prescribed myself over the counter (5HTP and Valerian). As long as I have no heart, high-blood presure etc. problems I’m going to try something else myself.

  • I have to take 225 mg of thyroxine everyday for life! I feel so tired, so world weary and sometimes cry alot when I’m on my own I weigh 26stone and now my best mate tells me that weight and metabolism has nothing to do with it and its all a myth… help!

  • I have had an underactive thyroid for ever! Diagnosed twenty years ago whilst at Uni and constantly falling asleep on the train, in lectures and thought was going crazy. I started on a low dose and about two years ago the doc put me on 100mcgm. I have always struggled with my weight though through a low fat diet, though nil exercise, have maintained a size 12, at times a size 10 when seriously dieting. My advice to anyone with this condition is to regularly get your blood tests. Stupidly I have ignored 4 calls for tests and in the meantime my thyroid is underactive again. Went for the test on Thursday but don’t need the results to tell me as all the old symptoms are back, and some new ones!! Cold, sleepy, pale and bloated skin, weight gain despite diet and exercise, constipation, longer periods, pains in feet and across shoulders, brittle nails etc etc etc. Stay positive and with the right dosage you will feel better. As for the weight thing worrying everyone think we might have to accept that with a metabolism like ours we are never gonna look like Kate Moss unless we stop eating completely. Not likely!!

  • Hi there fellow sufferers. I was diagnosed earlier this year after feeling terrible for months. I am now on 100mcg daily. The energy levels have improved but only slightly. I can cope with most of the symptoms but the 2 stone weight gain is the worst. I now weigh 11 stone. i didn’t even way this when I was pregnant. I would dearly love someone to invent a miracle so we can all lose the excess weight and feel better about ourselves. We then wouldn’t feel depressed and need treatment for that!!!!!

  • I’m 42 and have been on 150mcg of Levothyroxine for the past 15 years+. Also like alot of people, I’ve battled with my weight constantly despite having been to my GP and having blood tests come back ‘normal’. In the past 3 years I’ve put on 2 stone and cannot shift it – weight watchers doesn’t help, slimming world doesn’t help. And I know I can lose weight as I lost 3 stone on a diet devised by a nutrionist years ago but now its not working. I was resigned to the thought that it was just my age as I was once told by a GP that my weight problem was due to eating too much! But having read everyone elses comments I’m beginning to wonder – and it’s amazing to discover that I’m not the only one. What I’d like to know is – does anyone know if it’s safe to take natural supplemets like kelp, brewers yeast etc along with Levothyroxine? I’m not even going to bother to ask my GP (who changes every time I go) as I’ve lost confidence in him! Any advice appreciated.

  • Hi guys,

    I have been taking 125mcg of T$ levothyroxine for a year now, feel much better than i did as my TSH was sky high, well over 100, i felt really really bad. Although much better now never felt like before.
    Have recently got my DR to prescribe Armour thyroid, have even managed to get a 5 mth supply. This is my second day and cannot tell much of a diff, i have a cold and it may be effecting my sense of well being.
    I recommend you try it too as so many people reap the benefits as it has t4 t3 t2 t1 and various other bits and pieces. Dont go for years without at least trying. IDIS pharma in the UK can source it once your doc has prescribed you it. its a night mare finding a dr that will though. Try going to a dr that practices alternative medecine or homeopathy.

    Good luck and if you want to email me its

    Charlie in Dublin, ireland

  • hi all, i am 26 now and have had an underactive thyroid since i was 14. i had it for about a year before my doctor detected it in a blood test so like most of you had the same symptoms. I really feel for you younger ones because know how hard it is being at school and putting on weight as well as trying to get your exams done. THERE IS HOPE , at 18 and overweight i took myself off to the local gym and it does work! we are not like most people and unfortunatley have to try so so hard to keep the weight off by eating sensibly and exercising regularly but is that really a bad thing. my son is now 5 and i am a healthy size 10 and will try my best to keep it that way! the way i eat has also reflected on my son which is great. keep strong ,stay positive, make some life changes and you will see the benefits. dont let it beat you!

  • OMG!i can’t decide whether this site is a blessing in disguise or not. I’m not alone!
    Another idea to throw into the pot, tried Rosemary Conley Gi diet,didn’t loose a weight but lost lots of body fat. I worked out at aerobics and looked great, got to keep working at it. It’s really difficult I know guys, BUT HOW MUCH DO YOU WANT IT!!!! I’m on 125mcg. All you guys who are treated like lepers by their doctors, change your doctor, sooner rather than later.IT’S THE ONE THING YOU CAN CONTROL, DON’T SETTLE FOR 2ND BEST!!

  • I v had an underactive thyroid now for approx 20 years, got all the symptoms mentioned, the funny thing is i have some over active symptom as well, i am quite often soaked with sweat, i had a fast heart rate when diagnosed and was put on beater blockers, i have trouble with bloodshot eyes and was wondering if any one else has had any of these symptons with an underactive thyroid. My doctor recons the sweating is due to the fact that i am over weight, in fact every thing i go to see him about is because i am over weight, but i recon the weight gain is due to the thyroid especially since reading all of your comments, my feet went from a size 5 to 6, and i could spend my entire life in bed asleep if this was possible. liz

  • hi im 22 and have been told i have an underactive thyroid ive been put on 50mg of levothroxine and just been 4 my second bloodtest im still feeling verry tired and find it hard 2 just tidy the house i also have depression with it witch i hate cause i just feel like i have no control ive been 2 c the dietitian cause im strugling 2 lose the weight i put on from haveing my daughter and she said what im eating is fine i need 2 exercise 5 times aweek for 30mins lol easyer said than done wen ur feeling os run down and tired i managed 2weeks of exercising and go back 2 c my dietitian in september but dont think i would have lost anyweight i just need a kick up the bhind i think ive even bourght a lovley wedding dress in a size 12 and hoping that will give me the kick up the bhind i need fingerscrossed ive now got 2 ring my doctors 2 find out my results from my blood test i also think it would b nice if we all kept each other up 2 date on how we all are doing if you find somthining helps u please share i think we could all do with some help as my doctor hasnt told me nothing about it i hope you dont mind me saying this as im new 2 this site

  • Just been diagnosed under active on 50 mg thyroxine feeling slightly better; some good news though have been eating via the “caveman diet” and have lost 6kg in 3 months prior to having confirmation of diagnosis– give it a try you get lots of energy.

  • I was diagosed with over active thyroid given radio active iodine and have been taking thyroxine ever since. My weight has gone from size 14 to 22. My GP, after 10 yrs, told me that my weight gain was due to this and I may never lose weight. I mam 56 now and foster 3 kids 5,9 and 12 so I never sit down and find by 10 pm I’m in bed. I don’t sleep well – around 4 hours a night. The only thing that gets me through the day is positive thinkng, and a wonderful supportive husband. Hhy GPs never really understand how your thyroid affects you on a day to day basis is bewildering to me. As long as your blood test falls in the normal range they expect you to be alright. What is normal to one is not necessarily normal to another. I wish all my problems due to my condition would be treated with understanding and respect from the medical proffession. Add the menopause to this and you really feel some days that you are going mad and crazy. I just try to keep smiling and dont give up or in. My condition is hereditery so just bad luck on my part. Reading all other people’s feelings at least don’t make me feel so alone. A
    problem shared is a problem halfed. So chin up and try to SMILE.

  • Hiya
    Im 28 years old I have had this for over 9 years I am taking levothyroxine tablets 100mcg I have put on alot of weight, I am always tried, and have restless legs and get sharp pains,
    I feel REALLY depressed, have dry skin, mood swings, and weight gain, hot AND cold flushes and forget things ALL THE TIME and my mind goes blank. I also have Alopecia areata (hair loss patches) and just found out I also have Iron-Deficiency Anaemia and having problems with my periods waiting for blood results. (3weeks for the results).

  • I was diagnosed last year and immediately put on .5 mg synthroid a day, it basically helped me get through the day at work but I literally crashed when I got home. I am 38, have 6 children a full-time job and just feel “not myself”.
    I went back to the doctor and she increased my meds due to the fact that the medication isn’t working “enough”. I remain with some of the symptoms: hot and cold moments, hair that is falling out constantly, my weight has leveled off at 202 lbs (the most I ever weighed in my LIFE) but won’t budge, and my energy level is that of a sloth! I love my spouse so I really push myself when it comes to activity both in and out of the bedroom. I have hired a cleaning lady to help…but needless to say…I ultimately feel helpless.

  • I am only 14. I was feeling very tired so my mum took me to the doctor, I then had a blood test. Unfortunaley I found out I have an under active thyroid. It’s my holidays now, so I sleep for about 10-11 hours ( so quite alot) and even when I get up I feel really tired. The docters dont want to put me on tablets just yet as I’m so young – but reading about the affects of underactive thyroid, I’m getting a bit worried…

  • Hi, I hope you can help me, I am showing many of the symptoms of an underactive Thyroid and I have had one blood test in May which came back abnormal and another which the doctor has advised today is normal. I am already on a diet and have recently put on weight, I am constanly tired, my hair is brittle and I am constantly shakey. The doctor has basically said it is my own fault I have put on weight and have said I am just an anxious person who needs to calm down. I am at my wits end because I know something is not right and no one will believe me and a lot of my symptoms seem to match this condition. Did anyone else have problems being diagnosed with this condition?

  • Hi everyone or as gillian said ‘thyroidions’
    I love what jude is doing positive thinking my thoughts about Doctor’s are they just can’t wait to get rid of us. So delaying the diagnose is a slooooooooow way of killing us all. Sad but true, Male’s with this illness sorry to say don’t have it that hard. Also they tend to lose weight we on a diet plan not the same for the ladies sad fact I wonder why a cruel joke if you ask me anyway chin up takecare you all.

  • Hi everyone or as gillian said ‘thyroidions’
    I love what jude is doing positive thinking my thoughts about Doctor’s are they just can’t wait to get rid of us. So delaying the diagnose is a slooooooooow way of killing us all. Sad but true, Male’s with this illness sorry to say don’t have it that hard. Also they tend to lose weight we on a diet plan not the same for the ladies sad fact I wonder why a cruel joke if you ask me anyway chin up takecare you all.

  • Hi everyone or as gillian said ‘thyroidions’
    I love what jude is doing positive thinking my thoughts about Doctor’s are they just can’t wait to get rid of us. So delaying the diagnose is a slooooooooow way of killing us all. Sad but true, Male’s with this illness sorry to say don’t have it that hard. Also they tend to lose weight we on a diet plan not the same for the ladies sad fact I wonder why a cruel joke if you ask me anyway chin up takecare you all.

  • I am taking thyroxine 75mgs daily I have gained 2 stone which I find impossible to lose, I also feel very shaky at times almost like I am going to pass out if I don’t lie down, has anyone else experienced these symptoms?

  • Hi all ‘thyroidions’, I’ve had thyroid (underactive) for 20yrs, no sympathy from docs. I’ve made a decision to come off antideppresants (they dont help) THYROXINE, AND HRT. I now going to see on eof the best and take my health in my own hands. GPs have neglected me for too many years, god bless. GILL

  • I’m on 150mg of thyroxine, reduced from 175mg thyroxine. My hair has thinned out dramatically!

    I’m a 26 male and was diagnosed last year. My mother (who’s hair has also thinned out dramatrical) also is on thyroxine.

    I use to feel shattered most of the day when I was first diagnosed. Now after work, go to the gym and do 1-2hrs of cardio and light weights.

    Going to the gym and pushing myself mentally and physically has helped loads.

  • I was diagnosed with Grave’s and was advised to have RAI treatment. My overall care under St James’ has been very poor, from diagnosis to treatment it took 5 years, continuity of care has been AWFUL and Drs have been less than sympathetic!!! Now I have Hyperthyroidism and have all those lovely symptoms that are described above. After a weight gain of 3 stones I threw away my bathroom scales. After very cruel comments from so called friends I got rid of them and looked for others who could accept ALL OF ME! I got some bigger clothes and I attempt to eat a balanced and healthy diet, that does include chocolate, cakes and biscuits! I cut my hair short so that I didn’t have the stress of seeing masses of hair falling out when I brushed it and also could get away with washing the dry wirey mass only once a week. I take my L-thyroxine first thing in the morning and take my antidepressants later on in the day. I also challenge myself to do 100 step ups every morning before I eat my breakfast (don’t necessarily do it, mind you). It has been a change and not an easy one. I am 38 and at times feel like I am 88, I feel that my consultant was telling a porky when he said the RAI was my best option, unfortunately it hasn’t been. I think it has changed and increased my symptoms, but I think if I can accept that much as I hate it I am going to be taking up a lot more room in this world and going to have a lot less hair I may as well adorn my swelling, aching body with beautiful things. I make my own clothes and I make sure they are big and beautiful, just like me and they don’t have a size label in them, I sew in all my size 10 labels!!!! My former size 10 self was but a shadow of me and I just have to make the most of all that I have. The depression is awful at times and the dry skin and aches are overwhelming, but it hasn’t got the best of me yet. I advise you to throw away your scales and try to stop worrying about your weight, get some lovely friends and try to find one good thing in life every day. Laugh 5 times a day and smile at everyone who looks sad and think to yourself “and they think they have problems!”. GOOD LUCK!

  • I was diagnosed just under 2 years ago, after having my baby, after initially losing some weight (size 10) I started putting it back on and within a few months I was a size 14. I felt so tired and knew it wasn’t just because I was a new mum. I eventually went to my GP and told him how I felt and mentioned perhaps a thyroid problem was the cause. I guess I was lucky because although he thought it was highly unlikely he did send me for tests. After reading the comments on here I feel very lucky, I am currently on 75mcg thyroxine and have gone from a size 14 back down to my pre-pregnancy size 8. Of course I’m stilled worried that one day I’ll start piling on the weight again but I feel it is important to give people with this condition a bit of hope that whilst this medication hasn’t worked for everyone it does work for some.

  • I am only 5 weeks into treatment, mild I am told…Yeah, right, I went to the Dr. in the first place because I began having anxiety and panic disorder. Oh yes, and two pant sizes. I hope this works! (the panic disorder was so severe, I had to stop working and get on disability.

  • Hi I have an under active thyroid. I am 47 years old very over weight – very depressed. I am on a diet still haven’t lost anything, and have Fribromyalgia which gives me chronic pain so its really hard to exercise, I need to get rid of the weight because of my joints. Can anyone help please?

  • ive had an underactive thyroid for18 months now and im on 100mg a day to be honest with you i dont think there working im still tired weepy depression seems to be getting worse and the weight gain dont even go there i go back to the doctors in august for another blood test which im sure they will say is fine im thinking of stopping the tablets

  • I’ve had an under active thyroid for 18 months now and I’m on 100mg a day I still feel depressed, have dry skin, mood swings, tiredness, weepy all the time and weight gain. Nothing I do to try to loose weight works. I can’t afford to go to the gym. My doctor says everything is` as it should be. I go back in August to have another blood test and I just feel like giving up and stop taking the tablets because I don’t feel any different. I also have people commenting on how much weight I’ve put on which doesn’t help. Can anyone suggest anything please.

  • I have had the same problems as you all. The GP’s are not good as they follow the incorrect guidelines to understand blood test results. They don’t understand enough about thyroxine and how it works etc. You really need to save up and go and see a certain doctor in Birmingham who specialies in thyroid disorders and treats your symptons as well as boold results. I thought i was going mad because i am a 35 years old who couldn’t cope with being so tired all the time and everyone thought i was making it up. Look into it on the internet lots and find a GP that specialises in it is all i can advise. After 10 weeks of treatment i am feeling so much better, i go again to discuss my treatment on Friday and think he will put up my dosage to 125mg.

  • Hi guys just want to say that I forgot to tell you I am taking 250mg of thyroxine a day. Am sick of people commenting about my weight. I am deppressed and want to lose weight any help??????????

  • Hi guys… Wow and there I was thinking I was alone. I had my underactive thyroid when I was 23 now 42 was a size12 now 26… weight gain over the years and my GP never took me seriously for years before I was diagnosed. She said it was a figment of my imagenation. In those two years I gained 2 and half stone and I did not over eat and was very active but to no avail. I have tired every diet. but lost nothing. I was put on xenical and the first month was fine then nothing changed… My GP thinks I cheat she does not believe a person with a underactive thyroid can put on more than half a stone. I want to lose weight is there any hope? Help please!!!!!!!!

  • Hi fellow sufferers! I was diagnosed with Graves disease over 3 years ago and after being on meds to get my overactive thyroid under control I was then treated with a radio-iodine capsule. I was told that over a period of time (weeks, months or years) I would go underactive. This is the doctors’ objective as they prefer you to be under than over as its easier to treat. I had this done in Feb 08 and now feel that I am going underactive as although I am very active and have a healthy diet I am gaining weight (which no matter what I do I can’t shift), I also feel very low and my hair and skin have gone very dry. We all know our own bodies and we know when things are changing, we’re the ones living in them, so who better to know when things aren’t right? Why do we all seem to be having the same experiences with doctors telling us “we must be eating too much” or “not exercising enough”! My doctor looks at me like I’m just being vain, and a typical woman harping on about my weight!
    On my last appointment my doctor was unable to bring up my blood test results due to a faulty machine in the lab, he said he would notify me at a later date. I waited for him to return from his holiday and phoned his secretary who later sent me out a letter which stated “just a note to let you know the results of your thyroid blood test…” but then no results!! It went on to say “I decided not to start you on thyroxine but will review your progress in 2 months time”. After numerous phone calls my doctor still hasn’t got back to me with my test results.
    Doctors should realise the implications that this has not just on our physical health but also our mental health and our lives as a whole and stop treating us like hysterical women!

  • I have been diagnosed with an under active thyroid for 5yrs. I’m on 100mg tablets. I still get tired all the time which is so frustrating as my hubby gets sick of me goiong to bed early and can’t understand how I can be so tired all the time. I’m also finding it hard to get pregnant, any one offer any advice, my gp says he doesn’t think my thyroid is the problem, but I’m not so sure!!

  • I have an underactive thyroid along with other problems and I am very over weight.. I am very tired and sleepy all the time. I would love to have some energy and be able to do the things I want to do without gbeing out of breath or energy and have to rest for several hours before continuing..I am getting very depressed over it, I take a multi vitamin but it is not working.. please any suggestions!!

  • Hi all I have been looking at every oppinion on hypothyroidism on the internet and have been trying a few things out on myself to see what works and what does’t. I DO FEEL THAT WHAT HAS HELPED ME IS POSITIVE THINKING FROM ANGER SAYING I’M NOT GOING TO LET IT WIN I WILL LOOSE WEIGHT WICH THEN MAKES ME FEEL BETTER, WANTING TO GO OUT MORE, SO EXERCISING MORE, I WOULD NOT NORMALLY BELIEVE IN IT REALY WORKING BUT I GAVE IT A GO & NOW I’M SURE IT HAS HELPED. KEEP GOING & FIGHT IT. I was a size 8 then and went to a 12. I was doing 8 types of fast spork 6-7 days a week & still could not loose even a pound, then I became ill on tablets for my back injury, lost lots of weight back to a size 8. Well I have also found that taking sea kelp x 3 a day along with zinc, coconut oil tablets 1-2 3x aday, vitamin c tablets and having cereal for breakfast and lunch as much as you like, then any meal in the evening to fill you up, no snacks and try to not eat after 7 pm as your metabolism naturally slows down after this time. I have read that a high dairy diet does work as it improves your calcium wich in turn makes you metabolism work harder, this info was from a research paper on the web. I also advise to change your Dr if you are not happy with their support and help as they are there to help & listen.

  • Reading everyones comments makes me realise I am not going mad. I am 33 and was diagnosed with hashimotos underactive thyroid four years ago. I am now on 125mg thyroxine and don’t feel much better than before I was diagnosed. I work out 5-9 hours a week, spinning, combat, weights pilates etc and eat extremely healthy, despite this I can only ever lose a few pounds and if for some reason I cant exercise the weight goes straight back on. My theory is my body wants to be the weight it was when I was diagnosed (I went from a small size 8 to a 12 in 6 months). My hair and nails are so dry they break constantly and my memory is awful. I am just so bored with knocking my pan in exercising for no results, mind you if I didnt I dread to think how I would look. I have just discovered this week after looking up foods that are bad for the thyroid include caffeine, sweeteners, tap water and pine and peanuts all of which I use so I will now try and cut these out and hope for the best. The article also said sea vegetables are helpful. I see people have mentioned coconut oil, I think I will try that to 🙁

  • Hi, i was eventually diagnosed with a underactive thyroid after nearly 8 years. I was told by my GP that i was suffering at the start from baby blues, which then was diagnosed year in year out as depression. I constantly told my GP that about the tiredness,hair loss, dryskin and weight gain but was constantly told it was depression and obviously after have my 2nd child i had gained weight and that i should go away and exercise more, also i was sent to councilling for depression and had a mental health nurse visit me at my home every friday. After my 3rd child I became so fed up with not being listened to, i stopped taking the happy pills as i used to call them and started to exercise, 90mins a day ,7 days a week and i changed my eating habits. I hated the exercise but i knew i needed to do it to prove a point to the doctor that there was something else going on with my body. Obviously ive had this body for the last 35 years and should know when somethings not right! After 6months of this torturous routine i approached my GP with this information and told him what i had done and he was horrified that i had stopped taking my medication for depression but then told me i was managing my depression with exercise which in his view was acceptable but changed his diagnosis to s.a.d.s ,as my mood had picked up during the summer month’s! I told him that i had only lost 2-3lb’s but he was not having any of it. Needless to say i left his office in tears and just did not know what to do, but then i became angry and told myself that i would not stop until someone would listen and help me. Luckily i found a understanding female GP who listened to what i had to say and immediatly had me take a thyroid blood count test, which came back as abnormal. From there i am now being treated, i’m far from being back to my normal 100 mile an hour self but i live in hope. I also found after doing some family history research that my Grandmother and Great Grandmother on my mothers side both had a under active thyroids and that after it had skipped my mum and her brother and sisters generation it had obviously been passed to me(how lucky am i ?).

  • I reached 40 and everything was slowing down, It took me 6 months to go to the doctor and ask for an ‘MOT’! I was trying to work out what was wrong, nothing had changed in my life and yet I was constantly tired, cold, suffering with bowel issues, couldn’t think, loosing my hair, putting on weight (which I never had issues with) getting pins and needles and just feeling sad. I was lucky my doctor recognised the syptoms and got me tested for an underactive thyroid straight away. I’ve been on 100mg a day for 3 years now and most of my symptoms have reduced greatly and I feel pretty stable. Yes I find it difficult getting out of bed everyday (but then I was never a morning person) but once I’m up I’m fine. When I’m tired I rest and when I have energy I concentrate on what I need to do. I try not to let it get to me I just accept it and go with the flow.

  • Fellow sufferers. I Have been on thyroxine since I was 34 (am now 45). It used to make a positive difference to my energy levels but in the past year, I have been lowered from a dose of 175mg per day to 150mg per day. Now I feel tired alot of the time, aching legs and feet, falling asleep constantly and yes …yet more weight gain. I eat sensibly and exercise but the weight never comes off significantly. Tried the low carb diet and lost 5lb but put it all back on again. Why can’t the medical profession start believing us when we say it is NOT our diet or lifestyles that make us retain weight. Why has no one come up with a drug which runs alongside thyroxine to sort out weight issues. Obesity is a massive cause of depression without having the added unhappiness of thyroid symptoms on top! I just want to feel normal and have energy for my 8 year old son. Walking up the school each day exhausts me!

  • Hey guys,
    I was diagnosed with an OVERACTIVE thyroid and put on medication and GAINED 4 stone!!! The Doctor told me I needed to have radioactive iodine treatment… and that would be the end of it… yeah right!!!…4 mths later after iodine drink I’ve gone seriously UNDERACTIVE and I’m now on 100mgs levothyroxine, 7-8 stone overweight, always feel like I have a lump im my throat, constant back/limb ache forgetful/slurring, depressed, pretty poor quality of life trying to work/bring up 5 year old son whilst running on empty… GP & specialist make me feel like a hypochondriac. I
    just don’t know what to do any more??? It has been hell – any ideas??

  • Hi, after reading the comments I see im not alone. I have been taking 100mg thyroxine for several years after several years previous being told I am borderline. I put on weight and then it settles, then over and over again, leaving me approx double my ideal weight. I am constantly tired (exhausted most of the time with small periods of energy), I have heavy 2wkly periods,have poor memory, very little concentration or motivation. I have dry skin and have started to look like I have male pattern baldness (I’m female and only 39). I am on sertraline but I hate taking it and I truely believe that my GP thinks the symptoms I have are down to depression. I am fed up at the minute with how tired I feel etc but in a strange sort of way, I do feel better knowing that I’m not the only one who is taking thyroxine and having symptoms – so thanks for that lol x

  • I have heard that lots of green leafy veg and some fruit are very bad for under active thyroid. However they seem to be alright once cooked. There are so many conflicting reports out there. Sometimes I just do not know what to do. I have just spent the whole day in bed with sheer exhaustion after having done nothing! My brain feels as if it is floating around in my scull . I have heard that a natural product call Armour Throid works wonders but where and how to get it is something else. All the best


  • I have had a underactive thyroid,for 10 years, everyone who posted comments,are basically all the same as my own. I also had a hysterectomy, and suffer from fibromyaligia, which doesn’t help. I take 150mcg and have went up and down for a while,but my Dr told me the highest dose of thyroxine is 250mcg, then when you have got to that amount your thyroid had stopped working altogether, but I see from some of the comments that people have been on 375mcg. My symptons are tiredness, depression (which I think comes from being tired all the time) and overweight which comes from being to tired to do anything so you are inclined to sit and eat. I think we all need something good to give us all a boost, even something simple like nice weather. It does get you down but you learn to live with it and keep hoping for things to get better. Take care everyone talking to someone who feels the same does help, as you know then it’s not all in your head, the way some people would have you thinking…

  • FOR ALL OF YOU who have all the worst problems, I am 33 yrs old & have had an underactive thyroid & been on thyroxine since I was 21 yrs old. I have had all your problems pretty badly from ALL THE SYMTOMS to doctors Who DONT LISTEN AND DO NOTHING BUT SAY YOUR FINE NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU,your blood test reads normal so I did things my self. No one could be bothered to help me as I was too much trouble & nothing realy worked for my long list of problems.SO THIS IS WHAT I SUGGEST FROM MY OWN EXPERIENCES AND WHAT I DISCOVERED MYSELF. I HOPE THIS HELPS SOME OF YOU AS I KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE.
    1. FOR ALL SKIN PROBLEMS USE COCOCARE-100% COCOA DUTTER(CALLED THE YELLOW STICK-ONLY INGREDIENT IS COCOA BUTTER,THIS IS AMAZING STUFF: CURES ANY SKIN PROBLEM-VERY DRY SKIN ANY WERE GONE OVER NIGHT-HEALS CUTTS OVER NIGHT ON HANDS-HEALS SPOTS & MARKS ON FACE & SKIN THE BEST PRODUCT FRIENDS, FAMILY and myself HAVE EVER USED. It even worked on a little boy’s face who had bad enzema,that doctors could not make better useing medication. PLAIN DOVE SOAP & PURE COCOA BUTTER LOTION (walgreens is the best its not greasy at all has the least ingredients & no perfume).
    2. FOR HAIR I HAVE FOUND THAT USING THESE 2 PRODUCTS alternately: Head & Shoulders & timotei shampoo & conditioner. My hair is much better: not so dry, less split ends.
    3. NAIL AND HAND SKIN USE (boots active plant over night hand & nail cream grapeseed oil & honey. I also take LINSEEDS.
    Good Luck to all of you.

  • I take 150mg per daynow on my 9th year. I have found a product called Virgin Coconut oil which i order off the internet. Its great, that foggy, fatigue feeling just disappears. Try it.

  • Hi everyone, I too have been overactive then treated with radiactive iodine. Now I am underactive but even though I am on 125mg thyroxin I still don’t feel better. My dosages have increased over the last few years but still no improvement. Doctors are no help as my blood test comes back normal. I printed a load of info of internet about Armour Thyroid, as people were having better success with that, and showed the doctor. I asked if I could change to Armour Thyroid but was refused. I suspect it is because it’s more expensive! I’m very frustrated as I work and am finding that I am struggling with energy and have pain in my body. I may have to resort to buying the Armour Thyroid even though I currently get free prescriptions because of this condition. I read a book by Diane Holmes called “Tears behind closed doors” which talks about her battle with being diagnosed with underactive thyroids. Its a real eye opener! Look for it on amazon.com. Also if you research the internet you will find that soy and soya is really bad for thyroids. And avoid flouride by filtering your water and getting flouride free toothpaste. Certain vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage and sprouts are best avoided to as they can block the thyroid hormone. Cut down on black tea as it has naturally high levels of flouride too. Selenium, l-tyrosine and dhea sound like a good idea.

  • Felt ill over a period of 6 years. Doctors insisted blood tests were normal. Then, thankfully, my GP was ill, and a locum stood in. I’d had a blood test done the previous week and was returning for the results. Inicialy, she thought the result was normal, so I left the surgery feeling deflated – again !!! She then called me back, having looked through my previous results, and discovered my levels were slightly out. She put me on 25mgs of Thyroxine which sadly did nothing!! Two years later, having changed my GP, my medication was raised to 100mgs Thyroxine and within two months I was feeling better…..not quite myself, but better. 10 years down the line, I’m 3stone + overwieght, but physically and mentally 100% better !! I am buying size 16 clothes and looking good. (having gone up from a size 10 – 12 was VERY depressing! ) Good food and excercise play a good part in my daily life, but until my THYROID levels were leveled out, I was sure I was dying, having been told for years that everything was normal. I am 56 years old and look forward to a long and HEALTHY life, BUT, at the first instance of fatigue, aches and pains, nails chipping etc. etc. I now know to go straight to the GP and have my blood checked. I take my medication every morning before coffee – RELIGEOUSLY!!! otherwise I know I wont be well. No point in being given medication if your not going to take it. Thyroxine has to get into the blood stream – that may take a few months. TAKE THE MEDICINE !!!! Good Luck All !!!

  • i’ve had an underactive thyroid for 10 months . i started putting too much weight on and getting bad tempered all the time i am 63 years old had an hysterectomy – the doctor put me on 50mg but it not doing me any good. in fact they have given me a very dull ache all round my lower body. i have put myself on plenty fruit and veg and bran to keep my bowels in order but it hurts if i sit too long. can any one help with some advice?

  • I encourage all of you to go to the Broda Barnes Foundation website… Dr. Barnes believes that basal body temperature (the lowest temperature attained by the body during rest (usually during sleep)) is more indicative of thyroid problems than the blood test. Thyroid problems ran in my family. With my third pregnancy I started feeling awful. Absolutely no energy. I went to the doctor when symptoms didn’t improve after I had my baby. Also, I was able to lose the weight after 1st and 2nd pregnancies, but this time, nothing would budge. I was so tired I had to hang my head out the window and slap myselp while driving to avoid falling asleep at the wheel. My doctor just said something like “of course you are tired, you are taking care of three children.” He did a blood test on me bas I insisted and it came back “low normal” — Basically I was told I was fine – get over it. But I knew something was wrong. When I read about the Broda Barnes foundation, I contacted them and learned so much. I did their test (a urine test which evalutes how well the body USES the thyroid hormone you produce) and found my basal temp. They referred me to a doctor who used their methods. I was found definitely to be low thyroid, and was put on ARMOUR thyroid. There are no side effects (except if you overdose.) I instantly felt better, and still do. Sometimes I have a bad day, but I felt like the Armour thyroid (which is natural) gave me my life back. When I moved and had to use another doctor, he insisted I try synthroid. It gave me terrible headaches, so thankfully I am back on Armour (had to switch Doctors, but I need someone who will listen to me!) I encourage all of you to google Broda Barnes Foundation and get help. (Their test is very expensive, but my insurance covered it, even though they didn’t want to at first.)

  • I’ve just been put up to 100mg a day last week. I’ve been on 50mg since December 08. I am just starting to notice and other people are saying I look like I’ve lost weight in the last week or two. But I have also started making myself have cereal for breakfast instead of nothing till lunch time. I noticed straight away that I was able to stay up later instead of falling alsleep on the sofa by 8pm. My main reason for going to the doctors was because I had a heavy menstrual cycle but this also now under control. I’m 27 and getting married in 5 months so I have told the doctor I will be planning on starting a family soon, he says its good that we have found this out now, but reading all this and the other information in the internet I’m so worried that I will have problems getting pregnant.

  • Hi VH. I was like you – over active – radio iodine drink – then undeactive. I was told that I MAY become underactive later in life and not to worry about it. I actually became underactive immediately!! Was told that the “drink” would sort all my troubles – it actually made me much worse. If I had known I wouldn’t have taken it – I felt better with the over active than the underactive. Within 3 months I looked like the Mitchelin man but it took that time for my blood tests to show it. That was 5 years ago and, although I have lost the bloated look in my face and arms I am now massively overweight. I have gained over 4st and, no matter what I do, cannot shift it. Diet, exercise – nothing moved it.

  • I really can’t understand this, so many of us have the same symptoms and weight problems even though we are on Thyroxine, why can’t anybody help us. I have been going to weightwatchers for 18 months and have lost 1lb, now the DR says I am aneamic because I don’t eat properly and have dieted to much, somebody must be able to help.

  • Hi all, this is much needed help for my mom. She’s had a under active Thyroid for 5 yrs now she’s 65: works a full time active job & eats the right foods but still put weight on over the years. She’s not overweight but she thinks she is. . Could anyone please HELP. Eventhough I’ve read all your comments on the same problem. There must be someone out there who’s had some good successful news to tell us all?? This isn’t just getting my mom down it’s also getting me down because it’s making her so unhappy.

  • Hi all, I am almost 21 years of age and have been told that I have an underactive thyroid, having read all your comments has really worried me so much that there isn’t any hope. I’m supose to be in the prime of my life but I dont feel it, I feel so low all the time, no matter how much sleep I get. I always feel tired and sluggish. My main concern is my weight, I was under the impression once you are on treatment for a couple of months, you will gradually start to loose weight, but by the sound of it reading all the comments this is not the case. It is really getting me down, please someone give me some hope that I can loose weight once I am on treatment. PLZZZ!!!

  • Hi all, I’ve just had a blood test that indicates an underactive thyriod but I have NO symptoms at all.
    I love the gym, I have never been over weight, my peroids are very regular, I never get constipated, my hair and skin are glowing. I’m 41 and feel great.
    I do get tired but I work hard and go to the gym and run once a week.
    I dont feel depressed???
    I’m not border line under active either.
    What I have done all my life though is never smoked, I limit my alcohol consumption.I have always taken good quality vitamins and have always eaten plenty of fresh veg and fruit..I drink loads of fruit drinks.
    I exercise every day…either walking the dog or gym.
    I do yoga as well. I dont know if I will have to take a tablet but I have read that taking selenium,manganese and zinc really helps.

    Taking Co-enzyme Q10 is also meant to help along with DHEA and vit E.

    Drinking/eating soya helps also.

    Hope this helps

  • I have an underactive thyroid and am on 100mcg daily. When I use a heart rate monitor at the gym, my highest rate is only 150 whereas my instructor said most people get up to 180. For instance, in a spinning class I will lose 300 cal whereas other people lose between 600-1000. Is this because of my condition? I’ve been on correct dose of tablets for about 3 months now…. why isn’t my metabolism getting back to normal?

  • I am 45 and was originally diagnosed with an overactive thyroid, after having the radio active iodine drink I now have an underactive thyroid and have gained 34lbs which makes me feel sick to look at myself in the mirror. To add to this I have just been diagnosed as being deficient in vit B12(prenisious anemia) to which I have to have injections for every three months. I think the anemia is due to the iodine drink but have been told this is not true. Has anyone else had the same experience. I am very angry and upset because everything I said I didn’t want to happen to me, has. I was told I wouldn’t gain any weight if I went to an underactive thyroid but It was all lies.

  • I was diagnosed 14 years ago after it took me 2 years of vigorous exercise 5 times a week and a 800 – 1000 calorie a day diet to lose 15kgs – I felt awful. I was given 50mcg dosage which did nothing then moved up to 100mcg. I felt totally sluggish, found it 10 times harder to exercise and like many others that I’ve read on this website, felt worse than I did before in fact I put on 50kg!. So I stopped. I feel a bit better just taking natural remedies like kelp and selenium, but have never been able to lose the weight even though I do aqua-aerobics. Can anyone suggest a programme that works. Anyone tried Chinese Herbal remedies?

  • Hi Shosho,

    I am not sure what can be done if you have had the condition since birth but I would suggest that you find a Bowen therapist close by to you and have a couple of sessions. Apart from the cost of the sessions there is nothing to lose as Bowen is very gentle and there are no side effects. There are no guarantees as every body reacts differently but there are a lot of benefits to be gained from this.
    I was sceptical about it myself as I could not understand how something as a light touch would have so many benefits and that it could make you feel good without medication but I was proved wrong.

  • I have an underactive thyroid and i am on 1 eltroxin a day. I still feel tired and drained and have gained 8 kgs in a year. I eat sensibly and exercise 4 X a week but just gain more and more weight. I try so hard that it depresses me , pls can someone help

  • I have an underactive thyroid and i am on 1 eltroxin a day. I still feel tired and drained and have gained 8 kgs in a year. I eat sensibly and exercise 4 X a week but just gain more and more weight. I try so hard that it depresses me , pls can someone help

  • I was diagnosed about 3 months ago with a underactive thyroid I started to feel alot better than a week ago I just started to feel so tired again I work afternoons/ evenings which I find helps because if I had to get up in the morning to go to work I just would not be able to go. I have to push myself so hard to just get out of bed, it makes me feel like I am just a lazy person not someone who has a medical problem.

  • Sudesh Bagha can u pls tell me more as I am fedup of having to take this tablet for the last 25 years and will have to do so for the rest of my life
    i had mine since birth can it be treated,,,pls advice thanx

  • I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid since birth!!!
    Now I am 25 and still not feeling well,,,over weight and feeling lazy, tired all the time
    I gave birth to my 1st baby last year and since then it been worsen went to the gp and he prescribe antidepresent!!!!I know I dont need it,,I just wanted help with my thyroid level its been all over the place since i gave birth,,I love my baby more than any thing in this world,,but i feel really guilty as i have no energy to play with her or even take her out,,
    as for my wieght i feel v depressed over it,,trying my best to lose wieght but i just cant
    I have even been getting chest pains and v bad headaches
    I am on 150 but some times i take 200 i know i shouldnt but i feel like if i take more it might boos my energy
    My weight was always stable but now i feel like i have no control over it
    Help me pls:(

  • For people with weight problems and no energy to exercise i recommend you trying callenetics! Its amazing and doesnt need alot of energy to do!! Its an hour long low impact workout that is said to be just as effective as 24 hours of aerobics workout!! Try it and see, All The Best

  • Hi Guys,

    I had an under active thyroid for about 10 years during which I was on thryoixine. As I hated to take medication I looked for alternative ways to come off the medication. I made friends with someone who was learning the Bowen Technique and I offered to be a case study. This was all new to me but it helped to balance out my hormones and my medication was reduced. Years later I decided to give it a go again and found another therapist and decided that if the hormones can be reset once it can be done again and decided to keep having sessions until the thyroid was working on its own. Two years later I have been medicine free. This is not a solution for everyone but it is worth looking into. I have finally graduated in Bowen Therapy and am a fully fledged therapist myself now.If you would like to learn more please let me know.

  • hi, i am a 17 year old who has just been diagnosed with an underactive thyriod. i am frustrated and tired all the time. i am currently on tablets but i feel like they arnt working. how long until it starts working? if anyone has any information that that could possibly help me, that would be wonderfull

  • i had been diagnosed with a under active thyorid when i was about 15 i am now 19 i feel so stressed all my friends seem to have more energy than me i am on a daily 100mg of of thyroxine. if anything it makes me worse i always feel tired since i have had this condition i have put on about 3 stone and cant move an inch of my waste. i just want to be a normal teenager!!! can anyone give me any ideas of how to get more enegry

  • I was diagnosed with under active thyroid almost 14 years ago, my dosage has gradually increased to 350 mg daily, I have no energy, my head sweats, I am very overweight, the only way I can lose any weight is to exercise vigorously for long periods at a time, very difficult when I am constantly worn out, I am also on Sertraline for depression which seems to be a regular pattern for us thyroid sufferers. I trust you have all been made aware that anyone prescribed thyroxine is entitled to free prescriptions, I wasn’t told this at the time but found out from a friend about a year later.

  • I have all the symptoms of under active thyroid n my doctor is telling me im anaemic so both symptoms are clashing yet I’m putting on weight n constipated too so I’m gonna try the Q10 selenimum, zinc and soya to see if that makes a difference thanks to all of you for the advise on the tablets has anyone tried the above ?

  • I was diagnosed with underactive thyroid after being told for more than 3 years that i had post natal depression.
    Having had almost 20 years of monthly blood tests, increasing thyroxine one month, decreasing the next, I have continued to feel tired, to the point of exhastion, sit down and I instantly fall asleep, no energy, massive weight gain every year despite going to the gym, eating sensibly, running a home with 3 young children, working etc. I hm now at my wits end with it all and don’t know where to turn next. Have had umpteen gp and consultant appoints, when told i must try harder!!. Even followed weight watchers to the LETTER and put on weight and was ridiculed for ‘cheating’. Any help and suggestions gratefully listened too.

  • I have just been diagnosed as under active and just stated 50mg of thyroxine. Only been 5 weeks but dont notice any difference as yet. Heard sea kelp good for the energy levels but dont konw if i can take this as i dont know if it will affect my bloods when i go to get them done again to see if on right dosage. Does anyone know if this would affect??

  • i am 18 years old and was diagnosed with under active thyroid last year. i am currently on only 50mg and the blood tests keep coming back as just border line, i understand i am meant to put on lots of weight but mine hasn’t changed. but i have noticed that my appetite has increased, i’m never full, is that supposed to happen?

  • My thyroid tests are always negative and so remained my pathetic energy level, extreme dry skin, moodiness, unsightly weight gain, and general disinterest in caring about it any longer until I decided to do my own online research. Sparked with new found hope, I purchased Tyrosine, Kelp, and Brewer’s Yeast at the health food store. Within a week I saw improvement, and within 2-weeks I bounced back to the energetic person I used to be. In the privacy of my kitchen, I actually danced the pounds off to my favorite music…while my supportive husband smiled and offered the words, “Go for it.” So, don’t give up. My self-esteem is soaring once again. By the way, I’m 63. I never had a problem with the aging process because I wanted to make a difference, proving that we can look and feel wonderful at any age. I’m back in the running. Good luck to all.

  • I have had weight, tiredness problems for about 4 years now, and put it down to the menopause, Im now 52. I work 10 hour shifts and it is such a tremendous struggle, but once and for all wanted to sort out my tiredness and energy, so that i could find some energy to exercise. My gp finally took bloods, and I was diagnosed with Under active thyroid 18 months ago, currently on 100mg levothyroxine a day, but weight has increased 3 stone in 2 years, still have the tiredness, no energy, but the main thing I hate is I am always furnace hot!!!! Its not hot flushes, as it doesnt come and go, its permanently like that, I walk around in shorts at work, when everyone sits in coats!! I also have skin pigment problems, but it seems to migrate each year, on my arms mainly, but has been face on one occassion, sometimes I just look dirty in places!!! Any help out there, awaiting blood tests done a week ago…. 🙁

  • about 6mths ago i was told by my gp i had an underactive thyroid. i was offered thyroxine but chose not to go on tablets as i dont like taking them. i do not have any symptoms at all all this came to light when i had a blood test taking for a clinical trial [ by the way i have done lots of] so i dont feel the col, i have lots of energy am not overweight and my hair is in ex.condition and my skin is very good so what does anyone advise me to do. i am 69yrs old and female

  • ive read everyones comments and im happy in a way that everyone is having the weight loss problem as me ive cut down then did the speacial k thing didnt see any change in weight & ive also tried slimfast thats not worked either just leaves me feeling sick , The only time i lost weight was when i was depressed after losing my kids in a spilt up in my marriage . i also have a skin disorder where the pigment has gone , people ask me wots wrong with my skin it makes me feel like theres something wrong with me & ive always tried hard to get a tan but now it dont seem like theres any point

  • I am at my wits end here. Im 38 and have had chronic constipation for ages and have to supplement with laxatives to get any bowel movement. My hair is falling out pretty fast and I’ve lost alot of skin pigment. I have no energy and have to force myself to exercise. I do an hour of cardio every day. The only way I can keep weight off is to eat very little, ie; less then 900 cals per day and virtually no fat. I had my blood taken last week and am still waiting for the results. I am hoping thyroid is the problem and that it can be treated, although reading that the thyroxine is not working for some is very worrying. I love food and would like to be able to go to a restaraunt or sit down and have roast dinner without worrying about how much weight is piling on. Has anyone else lost skin pigment?

  • I’m 27 and have had an underactive thyroid for 3 years now. When I was diagnosed I was overweight and was struggling to lose it but in the last 18 months I have managed to lose 4 stone and I am smaller now than I have ever been in my life!! All I did was cut down on carbs and eat a lot of fresh fruit and salads, and also did light exercise. If I can do it anyone with an underactive thyroid can. My levels are constantly going up and down (it’s like a rollercoaster ride) and I really suffer with tiredness, a fuzzy mind and aching body.

  • Hi, I have a underactive thyroid and have suffered for 2 years. I found the best way for me to lose my weight was doing slimming world – I lost nearly 2 stone and I am still managing to keep it off …I still dont feel 100% and by the looks of it will need to be put on a higher dose when my results come back but keeping the weight off makes me feel that at least there’s one thing I can control.

  • It’s 8 years since I were dignosed. I take 200 mg natriumtiroxine/day. At first everything was a big problem, then I began to work. Swift my mind, began to walk, just a few steps a day and with all of this my condition began to swift too. Today I am almost as normal. I will not be as slim as I use to be, but that’s alright, as long as I am healthy.

  • I have been on thyroxine 75mg for the last eighteen years since having my first son, unfortunatly this is not enough and my doctor wants me to up it to 100mg. No way, I tried this once and suffered with the most horrendous palpitations and felt like I was going to die, so they told me to stay on 75mg even though I still need 100mg as my body reacts to the increase. Anybody else like this? As I feel like the only one and just want to feel normal without the tiredness, feeling cold, brain fog and constipation.

  • Nice to see a positive comment knowing that something could help. I have been diagnosed with under active thyroid and have just started 50mg of thyroxine. Only four days into tablets so obvioulsly not yet noticed any change but really hoping they do. If i don’t feel any better after a while i will certainley try a homeopath as this sounds as if it has helped so thanks!!!Been off work for a few weeks but hoping to return soon as i feel like i’m going mad being home all the time and having no energy to ‘get up and go’ Does other people still go to work?? Just wondering as most comments suggest tablets dont work so wonder where the energy comes from?? I’m only 34 and thought this was mainly older ppl who got this. Iv not really got a weight issue …..yet, am a size 12 but gradually putting on bit by bit but Dr says i should loose a bit as metab should speed up again so fingers crossed!!!!

  • There is hope! I’ve had an underactive thyroid gland for about 2.5 years now. At first I was borderline and the Dr just said he’d see how I got on, but I was having all the symptons. My sister (who is also a Dr) came back with me to see the Dr and suggested to him that as I had symptons then he should start treating them! He put me on a low dose, but have had it increased twice since. I still wasn’t feeling great, but apparently on the right dose. I’ve recently seen a homeopath, was very sceptical about it, but after seeing her 3 times since june I am finally starting to feel better. I’ve got more energy, iritablity gone, headaches gone, consitpation gone, the only thing that hasn’t improved is my weight, however having more energy means I feel more like doing exercise so I have managed to lose a couple of pounds in the last 2 weeks. I’m also taking sea kelp to help out. I’d recommend looking at alternatives when doctors don’t take any interest. I’ve walked out of the doctors in tears a lot of times when they just said it was all in my head and couldn’t help. I was very sceptical about seeing a homeopath, but it has definately worked for me. Just need to sort the weight out now so any tips would be great!

  • My Dr. said my thyroid is dead – and has killed itself off. First she dropped me from 200mg to 75mg – my level rose to 19.5, she then raised me back to 200mg – now my blood tests are below normal. Again, she has changed my meds. to 175mg.
    I feel no different, gain 40 pds. in the last year, tired, depressed, hair is continuing to fall out, bowel issues, no period in 6 months.
    I am 45 years old and the Dr. said I am menaposal and that is my problem with all the above issues.
    The Dr. is a specialist on this subject and lectures.
    I’m at a loss and need help.

  • You need to supplement your hormonal system with L-Tyrosine, selenium and dhea. These all work synergistically with your thyroid. You need these all so that the thyroid can work with the other supplements. It is like trying to run a car on just gasoline alone.

  • I have been to docs many a time over the years about my symptoms ie tiredness and all the rest!!!! Doc told me it was being a single working parent, my diet, my lifestyle and many more excuses. Changed Doc, got bloods taken and now diagnosed with thyriod probs. Don’t know full details yet as I go in the morning. You lot have scared me!!!!! Glad I’ve got answers though and I’m not imagining it and going crazy!!!! Hope tablets help as I was looking forward to feeling “normal” again!!!

  • I have been taking levothyroxine for 22 years and I really feel worse than when it was diagnosed. My plug seems to have taken a permanent vacation. All I want to do is LIVE!!!! And have a sense that I have achieved something.

  • I have just been diagnosed with an under active thyroid. I thought for months I could have been suffering from depression. My memory is shocking, strangley I have lost weight and don’t really understand why? I feel low and very sleepy all the time, can anyone help. The feeling of getting up and going to work is unbelievable, I feel like someone has drained my soul out, I have so much to look forward to but waking up everday with this cloud over my head is a living hell. Please could anyone email me and tell me when this feeling will lift or how to stop losing weight, as I understand I am meant to be putting it on.

  • I have been on thyroxine for about 8 years and I’m only 35. My dose is 175mcg a day and I’ve just had blood tests and it seems I have to increase again! I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s – where the immune system attacks the thyroid gland(?) but I was so skinny at the time now I’m on masses of Thyroxine – gone from size 14 to size 18. I’m always bad tempered and irritable! I wish there was some magic cure!

  • i am 34 years old and i have an underactive thyroid hoshimotos i have been on thyroid meds for 7 months then they reduced the dose i still am feeling like my body has a fever and i am burning up hot flashes heat intolerance what should i do? and especially crying like crazy when i feel these symptoms

  • Hi. I have an underactive thyroid and I struggle with weight gain and tireness. About 2 years ago I managed to lose 1/2 a stone by doing aquarobics and not eating carbs but as soon as I stopped doing that I put all the weight back on, and soon I will be going back to aquarobics and I do recommend it to those with a thyroid condition to give it a go.

  • I was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid at the beginning of this year. I now take 75mg but to be honest I don’t feel it’s working. I feel constantly tired, drained all the time, I have no motivatation to do anything and I’m only 24. I also have a new job which I love but spend most of my time off sick due to headaches, tiredness, etc and now I’m supposed to improve my attendance but not much chance of that. Maybe I should speak to my boss and explain what’s going on. I also struggle with my weight but I’d rather have more energy to do things before worrying about my weight. Am I gonna feel like this all the time because if I am, then why should I take the med’s if they don’t seem to make me feel a little better.

  • I have had an underactive thyroide since I was 10 years old. I was never a thin child but I wasn’t fat either, but when I got my 1st home and fell pregnat I put on about 7 stone and never losed it. I had 3 more kids after that and never put weight on but did after as I couldn’t do anything for a while due to having cesarian sections with all my kids. I am on 250mg daily but also take other meds as well and don’t always take my thyroxine some times for months. I did read in 1 of the leaflets you get with your meds that if you take more you could suffer from weight loss – well that was ideal for me. Unfortunately it never happened. I changed my eating habits and get more exercise now and still nothing – my weight dosen’t go up but it never goes down. Anybody got any advice for me please?

  • I’ve been going to my gp for nearly 2 years, with symptoms of lack of energy, tiredness, feeling cold, battling with my weight and constipation and was told I have IBS.

  • I have been diagnosed with underactive thyroid since Jan 08. I am on 50mg a day, and since then I feel my condition has become worse. I used to walk daily, go to the gym, and be very energetic. However all this is hopeless now. I feel frustrated because I feel no energy, putting on wieght, depressed and do not seem to be able to get out of this dark tunnel.. I feel awful. I am 45years. Would appreciate a response.

  • For many years I have suffered with my head sweating, dry skin, hair loss, brittle hair etc. I decided to go to my doctor as the sweating was really bad. After having blood tests done it came back as an underactive thyroid. I am on a low dosage of tablet to start with and I was wondering if anyone else has ever had head sweating and has returned back to NORMAL due to the tablets for underactive thyroid.

  • I recently found out my thyroid is only “slightly” sluggish and not enough to warrant meds. I’m having issues with weight,constipation,depression,fatigue. What do I do when the doctors don’t think I’m bad enough for replacement therapy but I’m having symptoms -even at this early stage??? By the way, my last test showed my free T3 at 4.65, and normal range is up to 4.50. See, I’m barely over the limit – are my symptoms from thyroid or something else???

  • I had my thyroid removed Feb 2007 and have been on 100mg of levothyroxine ever since. Weight going on at a rapid pace, and I feel tired all the time. I joined weight watchers to help try to loose the weight and stuck to the diet 100%, never lost an ounce. Really at the end of my wits. Doctor will not help only says that my blood tests show a normal level and will not increase. Feel like I have no options open for help. Comforting to hear that I’m not alone & that other people are feeling like they have no option other than to just put up with it.

  • I have been taking 100mg of thryroxin a day and armidex. mM weight has gained over the last 12 months by 2 stone. I’m very distressed by this – can anyone help? I eat correctly and work full time. This is making my life hell.

  • I have so many problems that all look like they’re connected to Thyroid. My Doctor laughed at me, belittled me & said only old ladies get underactive thyroids! I had a blood test but it came up neg. Its soul destroying when I force myself to exercise, exhaust myself more just to try to lose the weight, but guess what, it’s still not coming off. Any ideas on a product I can get.. Anyone, please??

  • I am a 14 year old girl with an under active thyroid problem and I am very overweight and I diet and diet but nothing drops off! Please someone help me!

  • I take 50 mg of thyroxine and have done for several years. I dont really feel that different, so I forget to take it most of the time. As I dont like taking pills. I have the list described i.e. weight problem, dry skin and very thin hair but I dont feel different within myself.

  • I just came back from my gp telling me I have an underactive thyroid and could possibly take a low dose – she told me the only ‘bad’ side effects are if I am over medicated – then I will suffer:Shakes, depression,temp changes — so Craig — get another GP — you may be over-medicated

  • i am on 100mg of thyroxine and have been for over 2years. I gained quite a lot of weight and for the last 18months have been visting the gym 3 times a week one of those sessions is with a personal trainer. My weight remains the same and my BMI is refusing to budge. When i approached my doctor he suggested i was suffering with depreession which is correct because i want to lose weight but i dont want medication for depression. Then he proceeded to tell me how he had tried really hard to gain weight without success. Anyone got any ideas where i go from here im desperate

  • I’ve been on 100mg of thyroxine now for over a year. My energy has not returned, if I sit down I fall asleep! I force myself to go to the gym 3 times a week. One of those sessions is with a personal trainer, mainly to help me lose weight. My weight loss after over 12months is nil and my body fat index remains the same. I am feeling so depressed over this my doctor suggested treating me for depression and says he would love to gain weight!!! Anyone got any suggestions?

  • I’m on 137mcg daily and still feel sluggish. I have to mentally keep pushing myself and not give in. The energy is there but deeply hidden. I try to socialize more, but I even get tired when I talk too much. Finding balance is the secret. Do things that you enjoy, especially activities that involve physical activity. On that note, I’m going for a walk, just me and my ipod. Music always makes me feel more energetic. Keep yourselves mentally healthy and the physical part will follow. Best of health to you all.

  • I have been on it for a year and I feel worse now than before I started it and now depressed, shakey, hot and cold. I’ve told my gp but they dont seem to care they just keep telling me its depresion.

  • It is such a relief to see that I am not imagining things and there may be a reason that I feel the way I do. I have been suffering most of these syptoms for a few years now, feeling like someone has pulled out the plug is the perfect way of describing it. I have mentioned some of these symptons to my gp in the past but have never been tested for an underactive thyroid. Now I will do, just knowing that possibly I can get some energy back and feel more awake and alive is such a relief. My friends laugh that I feel cold all the time and tired all the time… now there may be a reason. Thank you

  • Paula I feel exactly like you and I am also on thyroxine, sometimes I feel like someone has pulled the plug out of me and my energy just drains away. I am also battling with my weight. I would also like to hear from any one with some kind of answer.

  • I take thyroxine 125mcg a day for an underactive tyroid. I often still lack energy and have a fairly slow metabolisim which I wish I had more of – do you have any suggestions in feeling good with this condition.

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