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Pancreatitis – Nutrients That Can Offer Relief


Pancreatitis is a condition that involves inflammation of the pancreas a large gland that lies behind your stomach. It is an essential organ that produces the hormone insulin, which is responsible for regulating your blood sugar levels. If your pancreas stops working properly, as in the case of pancreatitis, your risk of developing diabetes increases.

Another important function that your pancreas carries out is the secretion of several digestive enzymes into your small intestine, through a tube called the pancreatic duct. Normally these enzymes do not become active until they reach your small intestine where they begin digesting fats, proteins and carbohydrates from the foods you eat. However, in sufferers of pancreatitis, these enzymes become prematurely active inside the pancreas and actually start digesting the pancreas itself.

There are two types of pancreatitis: acute and chronic. Acute cases usually occur suddenly and only last for a short period of time. They normally resolve on their own following a period of rest, increased fluid intake, and the avoidance of alcohol and rich fatty meals.

Chronic pancreatitis can last for years, causing sufferers to experience symptoms on and off. After your pancreas has been subjected to repeat attacks it can soon become sluggish and lose its effectiveness, as pancreatic tissue is destroyed and scarring occurs. In addition, further complications can develop, including low blood pressure with dizziness and fainting, heart or kidney failure, diabetes and abscesses inside your pancreas.

In chronic cases the patient may need to be admitted to hospital for intravenous fluids, antibiotics, strong painkillers such as pethidine or morphine, and other specialist treatment.

What causes your digestive enzymes to turn on your pancreas?

Pancreatitis can occur as a result of gallstones, excess alcohol, a sluggish immune system, or an infection – viruses like hepatitis and rubella can trigger the condition (Med Clin North Am 1993 Sep; 77(5): 1037-56).

Certain conventional drugs are also implicated in causing the condition, these include steroids, water tablets, anti-inflammatory tablets (such as diclofenac), and the antibiotic tetracycline. Fortunately, stopping the offending drug normally clears the problem up.

Acute pancreatitis is normally a result of drinking too much alcohol or gallstones. A gallstone can block the pancreatic duct, trapping digestive enzymes in the pancreas where they can become active.

Chronic cases most commonly result from many years of serious alcohol abuse but can also be triggered by just one acute attack especially if the pancreatic ducts are damaged. The damaged ducts cause the pancreas to become inflamed, tissue to be destroyed, and scar tissue to develop.

These nutrients can offer much-needed relief from acute and chronic pancreatitis

Nutrients that are able to reduce inflammation have been found to be effective for alleviating both acute and chronic cases of pancreatitis. Evening primrose oil is a well-known anti-inflammatory that has been found to be beneficial. It also acts as a preventative, helping to ward off attacks. The recommended dosage for evening primrose oil is 3,000mg a day.

Aloe vera has a double benefit when it comes to treating the condition it not only helps to reduce inflammation within the pancreas but also rebalances digestive juices in the bowel. The recommended dosage is half a cup of aloe vera juice twice a day.

Another nutrient used in the treatment of pancreatitis is Betain: it nourishes the pancreas and helps put a stop to diarrhoea a common symptom (J Gastroenterol Hepatol 1993, 8(1):60-62). It is available in capsule form and can be taken once or twice a day.

Repeat attacks of pancreatitis can cause a vitamin B12 deficiency, which increases the risk of anaemia (Glasbrenner B et al. Klin Wochenschr 1001. 69(4):168-172). For this reason, it is wise to take vitamin B12 in supplement form as a precaution, particularly for those suffering from chronic pancreatitis. The recommended dosage is 100mcg a day.

Supplementing with enzymes gives your digestive system a helping hand

Chronic pancreatitis causes indigestion and insufficient absorption of nutrients from your bowel. Fortunately natural enzymes like bromelain and papain (pineapple extracts) can help. They are able to digest protein inside your bowel and also have the added bonus of reducing inflammation both inside the pancreas and the bowel. The recommended dosage is 1,000mg taken three times a day.

Another supplement that provides substitute enzymes is Creon. It contains protease (an enzyme that helps facilitate the breakdown of proteins), lipase (which helps digest fats), and amylase (which breaks down certain types of carbohydrates, such as starch).

This preparation was found to be useful in improving digestion, reducing nausea and diarrhoea, and improving the overall well-being of patients with chronic pancreatitis (Orv Hetil 1990, 131(5):241-244). Creon is currently available on prescription only, as the dosage is dependent on the severity of your condition and must be determined by a doctor.

Recognise The Warning Signs That Can Signal Pancreatitis

Common symptoms to watch out for include:

Severe pain and swelling in the upper part of your abdomen
Excessive sweating, nausea or vomiting
Fever, mild jaundice and rapid pulse
Diarrhoea, containing undigested fats (called steatorrhoea). In chronic pancreatitis this may result in malnutrition and weight loss.

It is important to consult your doctor if you experience any of these symptoms. A diagnosis is made based on presenting symptoms and following blood tests. In some cases an abdominal ultrasound may be carried out to check for gallstones and a CAT (computerised axial tomography) scan to detect inflammation or destruction of the pancreas.

Bear in mind all the material in this email alert is provided for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.

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  • My brother is 32 year old he is suffering from chronic pancreatitis disease from last 7-6 year.he is vegetarian and non drunken,his come several attacks.
    In few days ago we will do his ercp and after that he wasn’t relief and also hospitalised and so weak.
    Can you give me suggestions for his treatment and diet.

    • Hi Nisha,

      We cannot give individual medical advice. However following some of the guidelines we give in this article (along with working with a nutritionist and doctor skilled in natural medicine) may bring your brother some relief.

      Best of luck.

  • I am 68 yo female with pancreatitis chronic for over a year now. I’ve had gastric bypass 14 years ago and my eating habits have always been terrible. I take zenpep from my dr. Have improved my diet vastly. Small portions help tremendously and OX BILE has done as much for me as the enzymes in zenpep. It stops the gurgles. I eat low fat. Its difficult but pancreatitis is impossible. I will try your suggestions here with great hope.

  • I am a patient of Chronic Pancreatitis for last 4 years and had several attacks during these years. I am taking Pancreatin tablets thrice a day with meals. Can any one advise me on how to regulate my diet? I am a vegetarian and non-drinker. Never drunk in my life. Thanks.

  • i have had two surgeries for repair work in duct pancreas head small intestine damage been having attacks for 7 years has anyone used pancreatin by twin las has pancreatin 500mg provides 50,000 ups chymotrypsin lipase 4000 upamylase protease 50,000 ups

  • I am 37 years old I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis On Mar 1 2012 then started drinking again and was back in the hospital on May 1 for another 4 days. Drnak a couple of wine glasses last week and I feel About 2 on pain when I’m waking around and a 4 when I’m in bed this is my second day of this feeling but not to rush me back to the hospital. From reading all of you guys I will complety STOP I have been fasting for 2 days just haveing a lil water but will take you guys advise and do the Aloe Vera. I dont want it to get worse and hope I caught it in time so it doesnt reaccure with out drinking. Wish you guys all the best!!

  • I am 20 years old and have been suffering from chronic pancreatitis for over a year now. I have had 2 ERCPS with no success. Liquid diets don’t help either. I am trying to go to school too, but it’s very difficult when I am constantly in the hospital. Someone told me to try the juice of 1 lemon and 2 tbsp of olive oil. I don’t think it’s helping, but I am sick of the hospital. I keep fainting with mine too, and my teachers are scared for me to come to class. Hopefully some of this will help me.

  • get wobezime n it works only thing that does. 2 to 4 times a day. and no dr told me, just was sick of pain.

  • I was diagnosis pancreatitis just before 2 months. I was hospitalized for 8 days. Doctor treated me with ceaon 25000 & sucafil syup medicine thrice a day. I was examined by CT Scan (Abdomen). Repot shows normal after 2 months, but I have a little pain in abdomen.

  • I have had just about every procedure you all have mentioned most recently they transferred me urgently to a major medical center where they did the equivilent of an ercp with an ultrasound only th tumor was too big and blocked the duct so they couldn’t biopsy the next procedure will be a whipple procedure to remove the blockage and determine malignancy which is about 90 0/0 sure based on everything including pain nausea etc.

  • ViKram, comment above, 8/11 was very true and accurate! I have found that all of his suggestions have worked also for me! I got Pancreatitis from having my gallbladder removed 2 years ago. I’ve had 2 ERCP’s and they helped about 25%!
    Stress is definitely a huge factor as well as not getting enough sleep. I have found that I need to basically sleep sitting up when I have any discomfort in the Pancreas! Forget side sleeping anymore! 🙁 When I do start eatting after “fasting” for 1-3 days I start with special Alkaline water called Kangen and popsicles and jello then moved on to bananas and believe it or not mashed potatoes( made low fat of course). I just started taking evening primrose, aloe vera, betaine and pineapple extract so we shall see if that assists more!
    As far as exercise goes, I used to be a 4-6 days a week gym goer and now I’m lucky to not aggravate my pancreas with a long flat walk! 🙁 So watch heavy or frequent exercise and / or physical work that involves lifting!
    Well hope that helps someone and I’m so very glad there is this post for us PPS (pancreatic pain sufferers!) Good luck to u all and God Bless!!j

  • iv just been in hospital with really bad pain in my stomach i ad blood test done and they told me i av pancreatitis due to having gallstones i had gastric bypass surgery in march of this year but didnt tell me that i cud end up having gallstones thro having it dun i just want to no if the bloatedness and pain can keep coming and going thro out the day i have forsival capsuals everyday for life now and i have vitamian b12 every 3 months for life but is there anything anyone can tell me wot eles to take for the pain.

  • i had first pancreatitis attack because of alcohol before 8 months… and it was good till the 4 months because of the same reason after that i kept my drinking very low.. still i had the third attack and after that i stopped drinking totally , still i am having raise in amylase rate in blood report and after visiting the doctor for medicine it gets low and in control after the treatment,,, but after a 5-6 days i again find the raise in my rate of amylase in blood report. this happened two times with me and i am again having raise in amylase. please help me i have stopped drinking totally. please suggest me something.

  • I have been diagnosed with Chronic Pancreatitis Last year in September 2010. I was in hiospital for 1 week and with IV drips and no food and water. I was again admitted to hospital in December last year. Since them I am keeping well. I am listing down habbits that has helped me to cope up with pancreatitis:

    1. When In extreme pain then do not eat or drink anything and seek doctors help.
    2. When pain is mild then try to drink water and check if the pain is increasing. If it is increasing then do not eat adn dring anyhting for atleast 6 hours. Try again afer 6 hours.
    3. If the pain is not increasing try small amount of light fat free food. Keep check on the pain.
    4. Avoid Cows Ghee /Desii Ghee in india from your Diet forever as it is concentrated oil.
    5. Have fat free/les fat diet.
    6. Do not eat untill you are full. Always eat in small frequent diet.
    7. Take some Vitamin suppliments and anti oxidants in the form of supliments or in the form of Aloe Vera Juice.
    8. Keep check on you sugar Intake as pancratitis patients has tendency to have Daibetes.
    9. Do regular excercise but keep it easy and relaxing.
    10. Keep check on the Stress levels. Try to be calm and relaxed. This will have significant effect on your overall health.
    11. Eat fresh food and try to avoid food which is difficult to digest like red meat. It will be better if you Omit Non Veg food from your Diet.
    12. If you want to eat from outside try to limit it to Steamed Idli with Sambhar, Chineese steamed Dumplings , Soups with tomato base, parantha’s without oil ( I am talking about Indian food)

    These are my finding and till now it is helping me. Do letme know, if you want to add anything which will help me to manage my pancreatitis.

    Always keep in mind that pancreatitis is a desease we need to manage. Change in lifestyle will surely help.

    Thanks for the wonderful blog Guyz. If you have any doubts and and require any help you can email l dot com
    vikramtakkar at gmail dot com

  • I’m 28 years old and was diagnosed with pancreatitis a little over 2 years ago. It came as no surprise as my dad has had it for over 20 years and my middle name was the party.. Cause I could drink the whole party in an hour. After the first attack I was sober for 5 months and then travelled around europe where I went to Oktoberfest.. Nothing. 4 weeks later after half a beer in Bruges I was in a London hospital within 2 days. Doctors in the Uk told me after 4 ER visits that I did not have pancreatitis and that my bowel was inflamed and to take some antacids and that alcohol was not the cause. Last oct on a visit back to Australia I again ended up in hospital after a bout of heavy drinking and was told stop drinking or die. I now have chronic pancreatitis. But after not drinking a single drop since November last year I again ended up in hospital this June. I am currently being tested for auto immune pancreatitis which even the dr is unclear as to what that means. Since then I have changed my diet and my lifestyle completely and am the healthiest I have ever been and pain free without supplements or painkillers. I do still get the odd bout of diarrhoea but the doctors have found no scarring on my previously diseased pancreas. Unfortunately my kid brother has just been diagnosed with pancreatitis and is in hospital.

  • I have used pineapple (fresh) and it works most of the time and I also use fresh juice of 1 lg granny smith apple,3 or 4 carots and 1/2 beet…juice it up and drink it….takes my pain away

  • Fruit, vegatable and leafy greens juiced, green smoothies, herbs, superfoods, try to eat mostly raw, no dairy or meat as this is extremely hard for the human body to digest. It put the pancreas into overload and you back in the hospital with the same problem. When the doctors hear pancreatitis they run scared because they don’t know what to do …less then 10% of doctors walk of or school knowing anything about nutrition and thats where most illnesses stem from…why do you think all doctors ever do is give you prescriptions and take pieces if not whole body parts from you???? Please do your research on eating healthy to cure your illness before giving yourself up to a doctor. The body will fix itself if fed properly!

  • I was diagnost with Cronic Pancreatitus, just recently. I have had problems with my Pancreas 10 years ago but with meds were able to control it.I have had a flare up as I wasn’t told it was Cronic just an over active. If I’d have known how serious this was I wouldn’t have touched Alcohol. I am on Vikose, a pill that tricks the Pancreas into thinking it’s released enough enzymes into the body. They really work but was wondering if there is anyone out there with recipe ideas.

  • Had a patient start with organic apple cider vinegar (with the “mother”): one tbsp in 6 oz. of water sipped before meals. I also had her use a liquid product that I have recommended for other digestive system problems and it worked great. It is in a base of aloe vera and contains vitamins, enzymes, sea vegetables, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba. You can get it several placed on the internet for under $35 for a one-month supply. She took one ounce a day. Her GI doc thought she would need surgery for cyst in duct, but no more. It is called Daily Multiple Plus+ It is so popular and effective with patients that I order a dozen bottles at a time. Obviously, seek out your own doctor’s advice on this first.

  • God bless you all. This stuff is so scary. I wonder what’s in store for me going forward.

    I’ve had one acute attack and a year later my gall bladder removed.

    Now I have recurring pain in my abdomen, where my gall bladder “was”, and on right side of my back…IT IS TRIGGERED BY DRIVING!!! What the heck?

    My lipase and amylase levels test normal.

    I am wondering if cysts have formed since my last CT scan a year ago.

  • i have pancreatic attack in 2011 january,then it contiues…and i think now its chronic…i am just 22 , can u tell me ,how to cope with it ?

  • I have pancreatitis. I believe the only way to heal to your self is by building up the immune system,flushing out waste/toxins stored in the body and to achieve this I really think going on a raw,veggie, diet & juicing all your veggies for at least 6 months or longer as needed. This book im ordering this week called Heinerman’s Encyclopedia of Healing Juices, by John Heinerman tells about how to heal your self of cancer,pancreatitis & other chronic disease. Praying for wisdom,strength,guiadance,& faith to achieve optimal health from living foods.

  • I have had pancreatitis for 6 years now. I find that what triggers it is any food high on the glycemic index. This includes sugar, flour and starchy food, like rice or white potatoes. It’s not an easy diet, but when I avoid the above foods I’m fine. When I eat them the pancreatitis comes back.

  • Erin M. please be patient and keep doing reading on natural cures. Your body will work to heal itself, with proper rest and diet. Use the internet and research all enzymes and foods and diets to help you. Decrease your stress in life and surround yourself with good folks only. Do not be a practice patient for a doctor to try a transplant. Please, be patient, this will get better with time, rest and a good diet. You can survive this, and my prayers go out to you.

  • I had my gallbladder out back in 1991 and became sick again 1 yr. later because there was a stone in the duct. Following that I had continuing problems and they had to do ERCP’s (10) to keep open my bile duct. I had gotten very thin and was on tube feeding and then with no real medical reason I began to get well. Eventually gaining my weight back, off tube feeding, and reduced narcotics. I woud still have attacks weekly but they were managable. My diet consisted of several small meals and very low fat. I did well for about 6 years and then began to have symptoms again 7 months ago. I had quickly lost 25 lbs. but have gained that back because I have found that fat free frozen yogurt with carnation breakfast drink did okay and that is what I’m living on now. The pain, nausea and vomiting seems to be the worst symptoms, I’m back on high doses of narcotics and the list of medications has slowly been growing again which becomes part of the cycle. I had an ERCP and that came back normal but thenhad an MRCP with secretin and that showed I had full blown chronic pancreatitis with the head & neck completely scarred and not functioning and the tail is just beginning (acute) which is the part that releases the insulin. I have not had any symptoms of diabetes yet but they think that will be soon to come. I’m currently taking creon and that does not seem to help much. I met with a pancreas specialist and was told that there is no cure for this and that it will continue to progress over time as will the symptoms, mainly pain, vomiting and lack of nutrition. Since I’m maintaining weight I have time on my side. It was suggested that i consider having a pancreas transplan done (islet transplant) where they remove the pancreas and infuse some of the islets from the pancreas into the liver to help with diabetes. It’s fairly new and from what I can tell the success rate is about 50/50 and survival rate about the same. I guess it is recommended to improve the quality of life because the pain will get to a point that will be unmanagable. I was just wondering if anyone out there has heard of or even had this surgery. At this point we are going to try and give it at least 6 months to a year to try and see if we can get it under control and stay on top of they symptoms as they arise. It’s amazing because my lipase/amalase are never really elevated that high but the test showed it to be much more severe. Even though it was not a good diagnosis, it did feel good to finally have pinpointed what was wrong so I no longer had to question whether or not this was in my head and along with that being accused of being a drug seeker. I have read some interesting things to try from all of you, even though it can’t be reversed maybe it can be slowed down. I had also read that papa is good and papaya contains a good form of natural enzymes. I’ve had to put my entire life on hold, discontinue working and going to school, and had been in the process of restablishing myself after a divorce which was brought form the toll it had taken from my illness. Needless to say it’s taking its toll on my finances and stress is the worst thing for it…not sure how to get around that one. Please post if you have any insight. I would be very greatful!! Thank you!!

  • My mother is suffering with chronic pancratitis since 4 years, but not out of it completely can u suggest any alternate medicine for her

  • i know it was posted a long time ago but i am trying to get in touch with linda franklin about Dr.David Whitcomb.

  • I just experienced my first case of pancreatitis, brought on from a sudden twisting of my hip, while putting down a heavy fence post. Everything was pulled out of alignment and my hip hurt terribly for two days. On the second day, the pancreatitis roared it’s UGLY head. I do believe several others factors contributed (set up the scenario). I had been using way to many essential oils in my massage practice. Like bleach, pine cleaning products, paint removers and other chemicals esstential oil overuse these disturb microbial balance to the intestinal tract. Years ago due to my sensativity of these cleaning agents I began to take more probiotics. After the pancreatic attack I doubled up on the doses looking for relief….Not a good idea, the bloating in my stomach was increasing within minutes of taking the supplements. Check out all related internet articles. Probiotics should never be used during an acute attack. Believing I could have a gall stone I did the olive oil/lemon cleanse…..also not a good idea.
    Acute pancreatitis does not like the fat and I felt aweful for about 5 hours. I had an EKG, ultrasound on my upper GI and several other test… everything came back negative and I was told there was no known reason for my discomfort. Once it was clear I did not have any stones I performed stomach massage on myself. I was startled at how tight the tissue was under my sternum (center rib cage) to belly button. Of course this is where the nerves fire during a pancreatic attack. The bloating also fires the nerves into the shoulder (usually above the stomach on the left) The very first time I massaged and pulled the tissue upward, all the way to the sternum I felt an elastic band the sixe of a small straw inch under the sternum “snap”. It was accompanied by an electrical shock that startled me. I had immediate relief from burning sensation I had for the previous 10 days. My bowels still feel inflamed. I am taking mild doses of colloidal silver for a few days to reverse the overdose of probiotics. I also seem to due best when I eat onion or small amounts of pumpkin seeds with anything ????? I am taking the aloe and primrose too, but the stomach massage brings me the most effective and immediate relief. I try to do ithe massage 10 or so minutes after eating and then as need for the next hour. Drinking 8 ounces of water also bring relief as it diplaces the gas and makes you burb (lovely huh). I believe the massage and compression over the pancreas decompresses the pancreatic duct and released (milks)the bile. Why else would it work so soon. An lastly, I am wearing my 10 inch back magnet across my upper GI while I sleep and that has also helped with the inflammation. I’m on my way…..good luck to everyone

  • My husband was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis. He feels good for several days and then feels bad for several days. Does anyone know if it these natural remedies are safe to try if he is taking prescription meds like tricor and lovaza?

  • My husband was recently diagnosed with pancreatitis suspected to be coming from high triglycerides. He will feel good for several days and then feel bad for several. Does anyone know if any of these natural remedies are safe to do with RX like tricor and lovaza?

  • I have had acute idiopathic pancreatitis four times and this time the pancreas was very inflamed. Difficult to hold solid food.
    In my case the first three times it was triggerred by solvents ( turpentine, carbon tetrachloride) cleaning brushes and stuff with my bare hands.
    This time it may have been the naphtahlene balls that I had all over my house while I was away and came back to. I ventilated the house but perhaps not enough.
    I am trying the following
    1)I take a quarter cup of Aloe Vera in the morning and just before dinner at night
    2) I take Digestol from Swanson Vitamins just before eating. It contains enzymes such as Pancreatin and Bromelain
    3) Thai tom yum soup made with Chicken broth just blows away the bloating and pain (no shrimp added) I just can’t believe it even though it is spicy it works. It is made from scratch however. Need fresh lemongrass and real chicken stock not the canned stuff.There is a scientific paper on its efficacy in pancreatitis.
    4) Jello
    5)I also take Vitamin A, B, C +selenium+Methionine
    6) Amla powder in juice. It can be found in any East Indian grocery store and is good for inflammation
    6) Flaxseed oil and lecithin to emusify it for easier digestion. Supposed to help inflammation

    I tried Betain hydrochloride and it made it worse. It works if your stomach is not acidic enough. It does not work if it is already too acidic.

    This is finally working for me after a week of trying just about everything.

    Let me know if anyone else tries it.
    By the way if your problem is gallstone or sludge lime juice or beet (roasted or raw preferred) thins out your bile and makes it flow better without making sludge.

    You can’t go wrong with chicken soup and plain flavored jello

    If you like tea and are afraid, try white tea with fruit antioxidants. It tastes better than green tea and is not as bad for you as black tea

  • I am looking for natual remedies to combat chronic pancreatitis for my niece. She has had severe bouts of pancreatitis for the past six years. She had her gall bladder removed about four years ago in hopes of this taking care of her problem with pancreatitis, but the pain still exist and she is no better off. I have read most all of the posting on here in hopes of finding a home remedy that has worked for someone successfully. I have heard that “cream of tarter” has been used–when mixed with water or juice–in getting rid of kidney stones. Has anyone every heard of using this home remedy for this condition? If so, I am wondering if it might be useful in combatting chronic pancreatitis. My niece has been told by her doctors that she “liver sludge” and this is what is causing her pancreatitis. She was told that the “liver sludge” is like fine grains of sand in her liver that is cycling on through and this is the cause of her pancreatitis. If anyone knows more, I would very much appreciate your response.

  • I have had daily pain from chronic pancreatitits diagnosed about 3 years ago. I had “Whipple” surgery 1 year ago to relieve the pain, after 1 1/2 years of heavy narcotics. Now my pain is managable, again with faily heavy narcotics-fentanyl patch 100 mcg, +3-6 percocet per day. Still about half what I was taking before surgery, but the surgery and disease left me with type 1 diabetes. I don’t think I would do the surgery again if I knew then what I know now. I almost died three times from complications, in the hospital for almost 3 months, out of work for 6 months more. Now we control the pain and hope for no more complications. I hate being diabetic, but I’m glad to be alive and back to work-so I don’t feel so depressed and useless. Best thing to do is stay active, don’t sit around and think about pain, enjoy life as much as possible. Find some one to help out, be kind and patient even if you don’t feel like it, you’ll feel better. Just have to push yourself a little. I read that chronic pancreatititis can “burn itself out” after 3 or four years, so I have hope. I’ll try the evening primrose, my doctor gave me enzymes but it doesn’t seem to make much difference in the pain, and I can eat OK, just have to take insulin with every bite-the pump makes it lots easier. I’m scheduled to go see a therapist for depression/pain, I take anti depressants for 4 years now, works pretty good, I can’t cry though, even if I try. My dog of 13 years died this spring, and that hurt like hell. trying like hell to keep my marriage together but my wife is getting tired of living with a sick person. My youngest kid is in 3rd year of college, if we can keep it together till she graduates we’ll probably make it after that, if I can stay somewhat healthy

  • hi i had a attack of pain last year july in my upper stomach since then i am suffering from discomfort off stomach pain in my upper left ribs and back behind the stomach it like a balloon also inflamation in that area my mri scan says there is a atrophy in the tail of pancreas i am just 35 years old can u bleave non stop discomfort pain for one year i dont want death so young i have four children i want see them grow my can any one help please.


  • Hello I have been diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis. The dr. gave me Viokase enzymes to take with every meal. Does antone know anything about this?

  • Am taking Panzyme-HCI (pancreatin, pepsin, betaine HCI and ammonium chloride) 1 with snacks, 3 with meals and what really helped was taking Disodium Phosphate 4 pills, 3x per day, one week then stop. Got these two items from a chiropractor naturopath. Colonics help.
    Was doubled over with pancreas pain and swelling, haven’t had that since but and will continue with the Panzyme along with liver, colon, gallbladder, parasite, yeast cleanses. Am 55 with a history of colon problems, the pancreatitis is a recent problem.

  • What has relieved my pain and symptoms was taking disodium phosphate four pills, 3x per day for one week only then stop, depending on your naturopath’s recommendations and the addition of panzyme-HCL with (1) snacks and (2-3) meals. It contains pancreatin, pepsin, betaine HCI and ammonium chloride. The usual bowel cleanses have helped. I was doubled over with pain before and these items gave me relief within a few days. Seeing less undigested food and more formed stool. Now need to continue cleanses in liver, gallbladder, get rid of parasite, yeast, etc. Will add aloe.

  • Hi my mum has just beed admitted to hospital with suspected pancreatitis. most likely from chornic alchohol abuse. they haven’t diagnosed her yet as she’s waiting on a scan. but am off to buy aloe juice and evening primrose to get her going. i don’t have much faith in modern medicine at times. thanks for the great artical

  • I have Chronic pancreatitis since birth but never had problems like I have had in last two years, I’ve been in and out of hospital for the last two years and some times I could be out for a week before am back in with the pain am 21 and I was scared I was alone with it but am glad to have people to talk with the same issues. I’v never drunk in my life my doctors says I get the pain due to fats in my food but I have cut down my diet down and still coming so can anyone help.

  • 20 year old, female, (medical-marijuana)smoker, occasional drinker (obviously not anymore). I went into the hospital on 1/13/10 and I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and placed on a PICC line, where they’re feeding me TPN to replace the food that they told me I couldn’t have. I haven’t really been given any advice on how to even out my lipase/amylase levels, since that’s what they seem to be basing everything off of. I am hoping to try a couple of the cocktails that you all have seemed to conjure up and see what they can do for me. But the doctors want to perform an ERCP on me to rule out anything they might be missing… Do you think this is necessary if they have already ran an MRCP and found nothing? Also, a more random question- should I be smoking my medical marijuana with all of this going on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • 20 year old, female, (medical-marijuana)smoker, occasional drinker (obviously not anymore). I went into the hospital on 1/13/10 and I was diagnosed with acute pancreatitis and placed on a PICC line, where they’re feeding me TPN to replace the food that they told me I couldn’t have. I haven’t really been given any advice on how to even out my lipase/amylase levels, since that’s what they seem to be basing everything off of. I am hoping to try a couple of the cocktails that you all have seemed to conjure up and see what they can do for me. But the doctors want to perform an ERCP on me to rule out anything they might be missing… Do you think this is necessary if they have already ran an MRCP and found nothing? Also, a more random question- should I be smoking my medical marijuana with all of this going on? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hello, I have been searching for answers for this chronic pancreatitis. I am 57, a non drinker, but had been a smoker and probably poor diet. I am doing cleanses for parasites, candida, h pylori. I am looking for methods to reverse the problems associated with the chronic pancreatitis. I have just come to that conclusion because of the “weird” back pains and sick feeling in the stomach, weight loss and almost afraid to eat. I plan on ordering aloe vera, primrose oil, enzymes…….I encourage everybody to come back here to post their results so we can help each other. God bless, Joe

  • My partner who is 31 has been in hospital since 10th Feb with Cronic Pancreatitis they have said that he needs his gall bladder removed as he has loads of stones and this is what caused it, after reading your comments I am stunned to find out that he could get it again after the doctors have said once he has his gall bladder removed he will never get it again!!!!! Think I may have to get him on some Primrose and aloe vera.

  • Pancreatitis means inflammation of the pancreas. It can be acute, which lasts for a few days, or chronic, which develops gradually and persists for many years. It is characterized by symptoms of abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. Pancreatitis can lead to severe complications, if left untreated. Latest natural therapies an admixture of Homeopathy, Digestive Enzyme and Sarcodes offer lasting relief surely and safely.
    (Similar to one offered by Biogetica.) These product kits supply the necessary digestive enzymes to maintain optimal digestion and metabolism.* The ingredients have natural anti inflammatory properties, which act on the pancreatic tissue to reduce inflammation.* They also provide sarcode support to the pancreas.* In this manner, natural therapies help prevent relapses and the constant need for medication.*

  • 34 with acute pancreatitis, had my first attack when I was 30, and one attack each year since. just got out of the hospital after my fourth attack.
    don’t touch alcohol or have galblader stones, eat healthy. scheduled for another MRI soon, and I will look into chinese medicine.

  • Not a drinker, don’t have a gall bladder, healthy eater. 41yrs old. Been getting pancreatitis since I was 16. Every 4-5yrs I end up in hospital for 4-7 days with 10/10 pain. Pain is treated and nothing ingested for 4-7days, just IV fluids. Just got out today. Lipase enzyme at 8000 when I went in, now down to 60. Had an ERCP done, scheduled for another. Thanks for the tips on primrose and aloe vera. Never heard of it but I’ll give it a try.

  • I have been useing your advice and thanks for your help.
    I am taking evening primrose 2600mgs a day 2 capsules. I also take betaine with the pineaple enzymes.
    vit b12 under my tongue,
    folic acid,
    also iodine sea kelp.
    Tried aloe vera but like primrose better.
    selenium 50ug.
    Also eating oats with rasins and somedays allbran with macdemia nuts and some cashew nuts and boy is it better than my oramorph and creon. I thank you again. I have chronic pancreatitis no gallblader and liver cirhosiss

  • My husband has been hospitalized with acute pancreatitis, from drinking too much alcohol. He came home and continued drinking. Of course the pancreatitis attacks reoccured. I bought aloe vera juice and within three days he was better than when he left the hospital. Now, I can only hope he has learned his lesson with the booze. Thanks for the advise.

  • What is the pain level you suffering chronic pancreatitis (from 1 to 10)? I’ve it from 2-6 all time. When eating the pain increase within a hour and is about 5-6 and need pain killers (tramadol or panacod). In the morning it is 2-3, just able to be without medicine..

  • Diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis at the age of 36. I have had a handful of drinks in my 36 years. The doctor has done a sphinterotomy, and I am on Creon several anti nausea meds, and vicodin. Looking at having more surgery later this autumn if the insurance company allows me take a drug call Sandostatin LAR which has been found to help. Were not sure if we will do a another sphinterotomy, or my favorite (not) a feeding tube, to just give the pancreas a break.

  • I started to have the symptoms of pancreaitis after I gave birth to my first daughter. She is now 1yr and 1/2 and I’m still having episodes were I get this awful pain. I have gone to the hospital twice, I recently went in June but the doctor doesnt know why I got pancreaitis since I dont drink. I cant stand this pain anymore and I am going to try the evening primose to see if it helps. If anybody else knows of something to help please tell us.

  • Hey Betsy(suzie 6-pack), I almost gaven up until read your comment.I am so happy that those remedies worked 4 u, because I was going out to get it all 4 my husband asap. He has been in the hospital 4 about a week, and his Dr. is just giving him painkillers and antacids as well and I knew there had to be a better way! Please keep me posted on your progress… looks like we are all in this together! To everyone else I am so sorry 4 your losses…God Bless!

  • I figured out that after being “Suzie Sixpack” for 25 years, I had succeeded in giving myself pancreatitis. Needless to say, Suzie is retired, but when a local newsman died the same week of complications of pancreatitis after only 3 days, I was extra- inspired to take care of myself. The aloe is fairly unsavory unless mixed with another beverage, but I tried that along with the Evening Primrose and an enzyme mix of betaine, pepaine, bromelain, & pepsin. That mix returned my life to normal almost instantly. I also had to start back on food with almost nothing and add back foods with sugars and fats very sparingly. I feel way better now!

  • I would like to hear your results too, Esther. I’ve had stomach pain for over year, doctors say that it’s chronic pancreatitis, and there is no cure for it..

  • Hi Esther,I too have all the symptoms of pancreatitis. I haven’t had formal diagnosis yet. How are you getting on with the aloe and evening primrose? I hope you are feeling better. If so,I will give them a try!

  • My husband just had an acute pancreatitis attack. A shock as we are very healthy people. How’s it going Esther? I want to try the Aloe and Primrose. It was one week ago today that he went to the emergency room. He’s only been given pain killers and antacids. He can only eat a few bites before feeling full. Then he gets bad heartburn from that. He’s till exhausted all day but yesterday and today put in 2 full days of work.

  • I have had stomach pains for years & have all the symptions of pancreatitis & have been to the doctors & they never thought to check me for this so I started treating myself just a week ago with Pancreatic VegEnzymes L. I sent for the Evening Primrose & Aloe Vera Gel & I’ll let you know if it helps me.

  • Hi.. im wondering what, of the above combinations of treatments or meds, would be recommended to someone who has the symptoms of acute pancreatis.. he is someone who has endured a lot of trauma to his pancreas(has 2/3 left), and his bowel (lots of scar tissue, put back together), as well as his small intestine(they took 5 feet). this was 2 years and a few months ago. Lately, he gets the crippling pains frequently. His diet isn’t bad. I hate seeing him in this horrible pain and I want to know what to use to ward off the attacks. Please, any advice from anyone out there would be nice..

  • Hi, I just wished I found such precious information like this before my 25 years old brother suddenly died due to accute pancreatitis within 3 days in Moolchand Hospital in new delhi.
    I wish I read it somewhere as the doctors straight away declared that there is no cure for accute pancreatitis in this world and they left us with no hope to save my brother who was conscious while lying in the ICU for 30 hours…they said they couldn’t do anything to save him.

  • I would to say this was very interesting to read. I have had hereditary pancreatis all my life, and I am 47 yrs old. I have had major surgery’s. My daughter also, has it too, she is 21 and it started when she was 9 yrs old. She has had 2 surgery’s and in and out of hospital’s every year. It has consumed her life,but she graduated at the in the top 20 of her high school class and she is going to college and been on the dean’s list. She is in her 4th year of college and she will be graduating in May. She is very strong willed and determined she has goal and does not let this stop her from any of it. I know that if she did she would of not made through life. We have both been through alot and the pain is very very painful. Anyone that would like to email me or talk with my daughter for support or comfort please email
    The other support is our surgeon he is the best and I have all the confidence in the world in him and that is very important

  • Great column and well written. I am a nutritionist and this information is right on the mark.


  • I went for a medical check-up and found that my Tumour Marker CA 19.9 level was 54 (normal level in healthy person according to the doctor should be 37 and below).
    I am non-diabetic. I find that my stools sometimes seem to float. I am losing weight and drowsy eyes. I feel that the digestive enzymes from my pancreas are creating this problem. Could you plese advice to remedy this problem. Thank you.

  • Johns Hopkins or University of Pittsburgh’s Dr.David Whitcomb understand the genetic mutation that causes this in a young person as my grandaughter. Feel free to write to me.

  • Hopefully your page will help.
    I have a daughter, 21, who has (for almost the last 3 years) had to put her life on hold due to chronic pancreatitis.
    We have been to Froedtert, and Mayo.
    She has had no less than 13 surgeries since this all began.
    She is a guinea pig because NOBODY believes this garbage about a 21 year old.

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As you'll discover in your FREE report, there are safe, natural ways to protect your heart without the use of risky, side-effect-ridden drugs.

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