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The skin, hair and nails are all part of the integumentary system, meaning they protect the body from damage, loss of water and act to waterproof and regulate the temperature of the body.

The skin is the pivotal part of the integumentary system and the largest organ in the body. It plays a number of vital roles for the body, including acting as a barrier to infection, absorption of sunlight to form vitamin D, retention of water and insulation. For these reasons it’s vital to look after your skin so that it can continue to act as the body’s main source of defence against ill health.

Hair and nails provide further support to the body. First and foremost our hair keeps us warm, to the hair that covers our arms or the hair on our head. Other areas of hair, for example our eyebrows and eyelashes act as protection from dust and dirt from going in our eyes. The nails cover the delicate tips of our fingers acting as protection for the digits but also giving them support, making it possible to pick things up and type on a keyboard.

Your skin, hair and nails are constantly exposed to the elements. Yet, in an effort to protect them we also expose them to environmental toxins… especially when lathering on sun cream and other commercial lotions.

How can you take better care of your skin, hair and nails and prevent them from getting damaged by chemicals in skin products and other environmental toxins? How do you treat and control common conditions like eczema, psoriasis and rosacea without resorting to pharmaceutical topical lotions and drugs?

There are many natural alternatives that will help you fight the visible signs of ageing, while also protecting your skin, hair and nails. The Daily Health is here to help you explore all your options.

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