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Here at the Daily Health we are committed to bringing you the latest news on ways to achieve healthy living. We explore the potential of natural alternatives — like vitamins, minerals, plant extracts and powerful antioxidants — which will help you achieve your healthy living goals.

You will learn more here about a wide variety of topics including how to combat the distressing symptoms of allergies with the help of natural remedies that won’t compromise your health, warding off colds and flu by using plant extracts like black elderberry, banishing your bedroom woes with Korean ginseng, how to help prevent cataracts with 7 proven remedies, avoid the damaging effects of environmental pollutants like electromagnetic field pollution by safeguarding your home… and much, much more.

With the help of our extensive research archive of articles (including over a decade of ground-breaking scientific research) healthy living is within your reach. Better still, you can achieve this with the help of proven safe alternatives and without the need to take pharmaceutical drugs.

While many believe that mainstream medical solutions often offer much faster relief and therefore are a sure-fire way to achieve healthy living, these drugs can potentially cause harmful side effects — especially when used long-term — like commonly used allergy medications that can permanently impair your senses… Driving the point home that just because these drugs and over-the-counter medications are easy to obtain or buy, does not necessarily make them safe.

When you focus on natural healthy living, and incorporate natural, safe and alternative measures into your daily life, your health will not only improve in a matter of no time but you will also be able to maintain optimum health for longer. Before you know it, you may not even have to rely on dangerous and side effect-ridden drugs anymore, and you can rest assured that the health will be in top shape well into your old age.

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skin, laughing

Skin Care: Nature’s Perfect Moisturisers…

Earlier this week, I highlighted a few simple steps that can help keep your skin healthy and glowing this winter. One mistake I think we all make in an attempt to alleviate dry, s...

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swine flu, allergies, pollen, natural remedies

Experts Exaggerated Swine Flu Risk To Sell Drugs

This shouldn't come as a surprise at all.  A new study reveals that doctors and researchers with connections to pharmaceutical companies inflated the dangers of the 2009 Swine Flu...

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organic foods, nutrition, skin

Keep Your Skin Healthy And Glowing This Winter

Reduced humidity along with colder temperatures during the winter months can wreak havoc on your skin. Even for those of us who don't suffer with problems like eczema, it's not unc...

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berries, ageing

7 Foods To Help Fight The Ageing Process

Most of us have the goal of ageing gracefully and to accept and embrace how time changes our bodies. It's a healthy goal, however it's hard work to prevent and minimize the health...

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ginger, asthma

Ginger May Benefit Asthmatics

These last few days have shown us that winter is slowly creeping closer. Cold weather can cause asthma to flare up more than usual, and then there is also the added threat of colds...

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Lifestyle: A Prescription For Fruit And Veg?

The knowledge that eating healthier, exercising and reducing your stress levels can help prevent and even treat disease, doesn't always translate into positive actions. We live in...

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Fructose: Ignore ‘Health’ Claims On Sweetened Products

I'm really confused about the decision from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to allow food and drink manufacturers like Coca-Cola to make 'health' claims about their sweet...

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libido, fluoride, male fertility

Can Fluoride Affect Male Fertility?

Every now and then fluoride rears its ugly head again. It's a contentious issue. Die-hard fans, like the Australian Dental Association (ADA), claim there is no convincing or credib...

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Washing hands, colds and flu, nail infection

10 Simple Seasonal Immune System Boosters

Earlier this week I told you how vitamin D can stimulate the production of virus-killing CD8-T immune cells that will help boost your immune system and protect your body against se...

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vitamin D, flu, immunity

Vitamin D Will Offer Protection This Flu Season

According to a review by the US Centres for Disease Control (CDC), the flu vaccine was only 56 per cent effective during the 2012-2013 flu season, across all age groups. In those a...

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