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The Daily Health’s premium subscription newsletter, Journal of Natural Health Solutions has been providing our readers with cutting-edge alternative health breakthroughs for more a decade. At the helm of this publication sits Managing Editor Rachael Linkie.

Rachael Linkie has been the Managing Editor at Agora Health since 1999. She is dedicated to bringing her readers news about the very latest advances in natural medicine each month in the Journal of Natural Health Solutions that can help fight a wide range of debilitating conditions from heart disease and type 2 diabetes to joint pain and memory loss.

In addition, her best-selling books include: Pain-Free Forever; Super Foods for a Super Healthy You; Diabetes Defeated; 259 All-Natural Secrets To Disease-Proof Your Heart; Perfect Prostate Health; and The Ultimate Good Gut Guide.

In our Editorial Letter section we offer you the unique oppertunity to read Rachael’s editorial letters, written to our premium members monthly, over the past 15 years.

Latest Articles in Editorial Letter

sugar tax

The sugar is finally seeing the light of day…

Finally, after months of dragging their heels over the issue, the government recently announced that it will go ahead and introduce a sugar tax. The tax on sugary drinks will come...

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Surgery, NHS

How to survive your next hospital visit

Hardly a day goes by when the NHS isn’t in the headlines, with report after report highlighting how overstretched the service is… in fact, a number of hospitals have been for...

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Natural alternatives that can help to overcome harmful toxins

In the February 2016 issue JNHS covers natural alternatives that can help to overcome harmful toxins, which are in the air we breathe, our medicine cabinets, our food, tap water, m...

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Knock diabetes and those extra pounds on their head this year

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to shed the pounds you’ve gained over the festive season, but the prospect of calorie counting and existing on meagre portions leaves y...

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