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How To Cure Candida Symptoms Naturally


An overgrowth of Candida, a yeast that lives in your gut, can result in a serious condition called candidiasis – which causes a range of symptoms including chronic fatigue, thrush, abdominal bloating, depression and, if left unchecked, can also result in irritable bowel syndrome. Although the condition mainly affects women, men are also at risk of developing candidiasis.

It is scandalous that conventional medicine still refuses to recognise Candida as a serious medical condition other than thrush. Especially as it can easily be cured simply by following a low-carbohydrate diet and taking nutritional supplements which stem the overgrowth of yeast.


Candida has now reached epidemic proportions because of the large amounts of sugar and refined carbohydrates we typically consume in our diets. This, in addition to the widespread use of antibiotics, the contraceptive pill and HRT, all increase your risk of developing a yeast overgrowth (W.G. Crook, The Yeast Connection, Professional Books, 1984).

The spread of Candida produces harmful toxins in your body and has a serious effect on your health. Candida albicans is a single-celled yeast (a kind of fungus) that is just one of several hundred species of micro-organisms living in your gut. Normally it poses no problem to your health, and is kept in check by beneficial gut bacteria, such as Acidophilus.

However, when the balance of your natural ‘gut flora’ becomes upset, due to poor diet, medication or prolonged stress, Candida can run riot throughout your body – causing candidiasis – with disastrous results.

The fungus changes from a single-celled organism to a thread-like ‘mycelial’ form, which penetrates your gut wall and enters your bloodstream. This makes your gut ‘leaky’, so that incompletely digested food molecules can enter your bloodstream and set off allergic reactions.

In your gut, Candida ferments sugary foods to produce carbon dioxide, which causes bloating and flatulence. It also produces alcohol and other chemicals that irritate the lining of your gut, so that it goes into painful spasms and is less able to assimilate food, leading to constipation or diarrhoea. These effects make Candida a major cause (although not the only one) of irritable bowel syndrome. And as it spreads through your body, Candida also produces increasing quantities of toxic by-products, which can cause a host of physical and mental symptoms (see the box opposite).

Candida: The debilitating condition that conventional medicine arrogantly refuses to accept!

Because the symptoms of candidiasis are so varied, for years conventional medicine has largely put patient’s symptoms down to hysteria or malingering. Even today, whilst Candida is acknowledged as the cause of thrush, many doctors continue to ignore the fact that candidiasis is a ‘real’ medical condition.

Even those doctors who are more open-minded are likely to do no more than prescribe the anti-fungal drug Nystatin, perhaps with an antispasmodic, such as Lomotil, to reduce intestinal cramps. But both these drugs have side-effects such as blurred vision, dry mouth, and nausea — and fail to get to the root of the problem.

If you suspect that candidiasis may be the cause of your health problems, you may want to get this diagnosis confirmed by seeking the advice of a qualified nutritionist or complementary health practitioner. A special low-carbohydrate diet and regime of nutritional supplements can provide relief within just days. It can take several weeks, however, to clear your system of the yeast and its toxins, re-balance your gut flora and repair your gut lining properly.  

Candida: Deny it  its favourite food by avoiding carbohydrates

Because Candida feeds on sugars, and all carbohydrates are digested to sugars, you can only defeat it by keeping to a low-carbohydrate diet and completely avoiding all sweetened foods, honey, fruit juices, dried and fresh fruit. Cutting sugar from your diet can also help you ward off diabetes. Also avoid milk and dairy products (with the exception of organic butter), because of their high content of the sugar lactose and antibiotic residues.

In addition, cut out all foods that contain yeast, or have been fermented or pickled, since these encourage the growth of Candida. These include yeast extract, stock cubes, most bread, alcoholic drinks, cheese, black tea, and anything containing vinegar.

Eat plenty of salad, fish, poultry, meat and fresh vegetables (apart from the starchy ones like potatoes, parsnips and carrots). Try to obtain organic poultry and meat to avoid antibiotic residues.

When preparing meals, include liberal amounts of garlic, ginger and extra-virgin olive oil, and herbs such as rosemary, thyme, marjoram and lemon balm – which have strong anti-fungal properties.

Stop Candida in its tracks with effective nutritional supplements

If you are currently taking antibiotics, steroids, anti-ulcer medication or oestrogen for other medical conditions, talk to your doctor about how you might safely reduce or stop these. Start taking grapefruit seed extract (sold as ‘Citricidal’ by Higher Nature — one capsule or ten drops in water, three times a day) to kill off the yeast. Alternatives are caprylic acid, which is derived from coconuts, or olive leaf extract.

Replenish your beneficial bowel bacteria by taking a supplement of Acidophilus that guarantees at least 2 billion viable organisms per capsule (this should be kept in a refrigerator).

Taking aloe vera juice, a tablespoon three times a day, will also help the good bacteria settle in and aid the healing of your gut lining – which can become damaged, irritated and ‘leaky’ as a result of Candida overgrowth.

Other supplements that aid this healing process are butyric acid (a fatty acid found in butter) and slippery elm (obtainable from herbalists as powdered bark). Take N-acetyl cysteine (500-1000 mg daily) which boosts your body’s production of the amino acid glutathione and has powerful healing effects.

Fighting Candida is a battle you are guaranteed to win, simply by banishing carbohydrates and sugary foods from your diet, and by re-establishing healthy bowel flora with potent natural supplements. Be prepared for some worsening of your symptoms, headaches or nausea, for a day or two – this is a good sign, as it means your body is successfully eliminating large quantities of dead yeast cells and their toxins from your body, and that you’re on the road to recovery.

Supplementing with milk thistle will help your liver break down these toxins, as will drinking plenty of water (drink at least two litres a day). You’ll soon notice your symptoms disappearing and your ‘brain fog’ lifting – leaving you free to enjoy all that extra energy!

Candida: Are You Suffering From A Yeast Overgrowth?

If many of the symptoms and factors listed below apply to you, it is likely that you’re suffering from candidiasis:

** Bloating and discomfort, especially after meals.

** Griping pains in your lower abdomen.

** Constipation or diarrhoea.

** Fatigue or muscle weakness.

** Muscle or joint pains, or arthritis.

** ‘Brain fog’, feelings of unreality or memory loss.

** Thrush, athlete’s foot, ringworm or fungal infection of your nails.

** Urinary tract infection or vaginal discharge.

** Depression or tearfulness.

** ‘Low’ immune system and frequent infections.

** Sensitivities to foods, tobacco smoke, chemical odours or perfume.

** Antibiotics taken for more than one month or more than four times within 12 months.

** Prednisolone or other steroid drugs taken for more than two weeks.

** Anti-ulcer drugs (e.g. Zantac, Tagamet) taken for more than two months.

** Birth control pill or hormone replacement therapy for more than two years.

** Cravings for sugar, bread or alcohol.

** Symptoms worse on damp, muggy days or in damp, mouldy places.

Bear in mind all the material in this email alert is provided for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.

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  • I have the first 10 symptons or rather I did 5 days ago. So bloated my clients thought I was pregnant. Since then I started having green smoothies for breakfast, cut out sugar in my coffee and cut out all bread.
    I am feeling benefits rapidly, fog is lifting, concentration returning, energy improving, despite starting my period today and joints not longer stiff in the mornings. Having detox syptoms such as bad breath and gas. I will never go back! I am having a flare up of thrush however, I always do before my period but I think it’s because it’s going to clear up on it’s own if this improvement carries on. I hope to keep you posted!

  • This much commentary & so thoroughly Aired, it has to be with some consternation that WE all view the So-Called Formal Profession of Doctors.

    As so many people are discovering, the ‘Opportunistic Nature of the Candida Pathogen’, has caused a lot of ‘Wrong Diagnosis’, mainly as a result of Them, The ‘Formal Doctors’ of not Acknowledging ‘Candida Albicans’ as such.

    One of the sure fire ‘Give-Aways’, should have been how in the early or first attacks of Candida, how a Couple of Fluconazole (Diflucan) & the discomfort would be gone, until each successive time, Doctors start prescribing Diflucan as if it’s Candy.

    Because it was still ‘In Our Systems’, it simply became ‘Resistant’ to the Fluconazole (Diflucan) & had also ‘Migrated to other ‘Organs’, or Pastures, wherever it sniffed-out a ‘Weakness’ & would also help to ‘Queer’ the various Test Results, to indicate a ‘problem’ existing, but it was in fact the ‘Candida’ who was the ‘Problem’.

    What is now indicated, is some serious people to simply make the ‘Doctors’ begin to understand ‘Chemistry’ passing them by, & leaving them at the Mercy of their ‘Drug Detail’ Salespeople, & their ‘Radiologists’.

  • David the doctor needs to consider diet as a cure for candida? You folks curing candida with supplements and diet, continue on. After 4 months on the anti candida diet I think I’ve got it licked. It was hell, but nothing like the hell of doctors leading me on a dark and dangerous path, FOR 30 YEARS, taking antibiotics, useless screenings and referrals. Scandelous indeed.

  • In reply to Helen (Posted 27/10/2010): Your doctor was not insane. I was prescribed 400 mg of fluconazole, for 4 months.

  • In reply to David MD, why do u doctors insist on treating peoples symptons and not getting the the cause of there illnesses then? they refuse to treat alergies and other similar conditions, My friend cured his Chronic Athritus by coming of all ur prescribed cell destroying cancer drugs and other drugs and following diet advice from a nutritionist. Proves your medical training is floored to cater to sell sypton treating product to the masses

  • Candida is a popular term for Candidiasis commonly known as yeast overgrowth. Symptoms come up depending upon the system involved.

    Allopathic treatment include anti – fungal both oral and tropical use.They do not cure Candida but are merely a way of suppressing it.

    These remedies work by helping you develop Candida specific immunity, helping your body maintain a healthy bacterial flora, thus making conditions in your body inhospitable to Candida and other yeast and fungal infections and boosting your immune system, thus preventing future episodes.

    One can use a combination of ayurvedic herbs and homoeopathic remedies for best results. Ayurvedic herbs work to balance the manifestation of 5 elements that govern all functions of our body whereas homoeopathic remedies address to the root cause of the disease.

    Some of the frequently used remedies are War1M CND formula, X20 MYCOTOX formula and X20 Mycotoxin inhibitor.

  • OMG people…do I have some ideas for you. I am a “lab” rat that consists of DND that has unique, closed, long term,(that has been the brunt of many jokes, … but I digress) stable and easily identifiable genetic makeup and locations, in Canada and the U.S. For you very fortunate scientists, sufferers, non believers (aka deniers) please pay attention. My condominium is BLACK MOLD INFESTED by a previously broken tiolet prior to my residency that began on Jan 1, 2010. If you have done your research, you will see that there are not too many reports from long term exposure sufferers to tell about it. My Dr. doesn’t know this but I scored 359 on the Candida GUT test last night. Anything above 140 in women, 130 in men, is cause for serious concern. I am in a bifercate divorce going on three years, two yrs “marriage counselling/individual on my part, “forced” out of the family home due to a corrupt and I’ll dare say, disgusting legal system in Manitoba.

    Could it be due to the damage that Justice Douglas has allowed to happen in the LAW Courts for the past how many years? Decades? could it be that the “punks” that are killing and maiming people are crying out…? I would suggest, as I am a victim of the legal system in 2009 and ongoing,…if this has been happening to women and children for two decades, is this not the product of that?

    Causation vs correlation. Please twist things around in the opposite way that you are used to “interpretting” what you hear/read/believe. I think it’s about time to stop looking for rabbits in trees… Help please, or get out of the way.

    Why is Whitney dead? Why do so many artists die before they’re 50? Why are there so many murders in Winnipeg? Murder Capital of Canada…hum correlation/causation/effect
    that typing is from my dog, she wants me off the computer. Smart dog.

  • I lost my hair with candida albicans but i have got some growing back now, and thought i would die when i was at my worsed i felt so poorly and depressed and isolated,doctor said put a scarf on your hair will never grow again

  • Have any of you ever been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia?

    My brother (who is NOT a doctor) thinks I have Candida overgrowth…although there is NO H.Pylori in my stomach…instead of Fibromyalgia…as all of the doctors and specialists have diagnosed me with…….?

  • None of the store products work for me. If you’re a lady, and you know the maddening pain, doctor visits, nasty antibiotic prescriptions, and repeat visits associated with recurrent UTI. Please note, I’m not a doctor, and UTI’s have the potential to turn into serious bladder infections, and a bladder infection cannot be gotten rid of without some hardcore antibiotics.

    The Lady Soma Detox is the only detox product on the market that prevents my UTI’s. I take as directed, and never have to experience a UTI as long as I drink a lot of water. You have to drink tons of water (and that alone is not what prevents the UTI, believe me). I don’t know how it works, I just know it does. This is totally anectodal. Always see your doctor. Good luck!

  • taking malaria pills when you don’t have malaria is a bit paranoid isn’t it? also, most people claim the pills don’t help much, but people in asia who get malaria drink papaya juice in order to cure themselves. google that you’ll see what I mean.

  • I was diagnosed with candida 8 months ago and went down the natural path of treatment and diet. I am now a new person and feel better as every day passes. I now know that I’ve suffered with this for 16 years so to be so well so quickly is testament to the success of treatment if you remain committed. The most successful elements for me included coconut oil which is cheaper than many of the other options, as well as all vitamins and minerals to boost the immune system. Vit c, calcium, magnesium, omegas, probiotics, b12 and zinc. I also learnt along the way that my digestive system struggled throughout which I’m sure slowed down recovery. Find a detox or cleanse solution to keepmyour bowels moving. Vegetable juices also helped a lot. I encourage you all to persist as there is hope of regaining good health!

  • Theres a lot of research on a probiotic called Saccharomyces boulardii and how it helps Candida – definitely worth a try, and I think this can be taken at the same time as acidophilus.

  • I have suffered with candida for 5 years. After almost every doctor wrongly diagnosing me I went to see a herbal doctor who had once also been a standard GP. He gave me the herbs I needed and the anti candida diet and after 3 hard months I felt better than I ever had in my life! I am really angry at the comment the supposed MD made as he is obviously as blinded as all the others. It sounds nasty but I wish they would get candida just to realise what utter rubbish they spout out of their very self obsessed mouths! CANDIDA IS REAL I am living proof I had it and my herbal doctor cured it end of

  • hello.. after i’ve read all the comments up here, I felt relieved, because of having candida (as my doctor said that it was possible to be it) for 3 years, I thought all along that I was alone. I had taken over-the-counter medicines, LOTS of antibiotics to be exact, yet it didn’t work. I had tried suppository named “neo-penotran forte”, still it didn’t work, and I really lose hope that I can still be cured by those medicines i took. Until, the discharges were lessened when I started using “SAFORELLE”(a feminine wash w/c has a burdock extract- to re-establish the natural flora w/c would fight back the bacteria), applying it 2x a day… It also decreased, more or less, removed the pain I felt before when I had intercourse as well as other symptoms like itching and burning sensations. I do hope that I am slowly healed by this, and you may also use it. Let’s just all pray for our health

  • I am 36 yrs old male Ethiopian live in Addis Ababa.I am known case of IBS for 22 years.I want to get herbals like Candida stop,digestive enzymes probiotics etc.So how can I pay and buy?

  • Certain medications like birth control pills have also been known to cause thrush so you may want to ask your physician of the possible side effects of any medication that you may be prescribed. A lot of medical conditions and illnesses are also potential causes of Thrush. Diabetes is one of the main medical conditions that cause thrush and if you have an Auto immune illness, or cancer you are also at a high risk for developing a thrush infection in some part of your body.

    To make sure you stay safe longer you should do what you can to prevent thrush symptoms from occurring to you.

  • ive had candida since i was very young, in fact i do believe since i was born ! as my mom and her mom suffer the exact same symptoms, yet my mom refuses to believe its caused from candida ! i only found out about it in 2007, thank god i did or i would probably be dead now ! as the depression ive had from it has been so bad ! thats not to mention every other symptom i still have:( im still trying to get better but its a big long struggle, and i have to take antidepressents as a result. Now to make it more stressful my 10 yr old son has all the signs of candida ! he suffers with terrible bad breath, and coated white tounge, he has constepation and many other probs, including behavior issues, many times i see the doctor and still they find nothing 🙁 so i gave up with drs and do my own research. i pray my son dosent go through the hell i have with candida, it certainly has ruined my life as it is, i mean im nearly 30 and can only hope i will cure myself from this horrible illness. I just wish the nhs drs would open there eyes to what candida can do , mentally and physically can destroy a person. The detox is very hard, well for me i was very ill but im determin to try again! and to any body who is suffering from candida, threelac is a brilliant thing to try 🙂 never give up trying !

  • Hello everyone. Citradel has really been helping me with my candida battle. PLEASE make sure that the antifungals you are given to treate candida DO NOT have their own hidden ingrediants of sugar or milk products in them. I thought I was healing myself for a year but was actually doing myself more harm as my naturalpath failed to realize he was giving me antifungals with sugar, yeast, and bacteria in them (DUH). I am quite disappointed with him. I have been on a sugar/yeast/milk free diet for a month and a half now. HAd a foot bath a few days ago which uses a colour code to determine what ailments you have. It turns out I have gallstones and a toxic liver (gallbladder and liver are linked) and now am determined to remove the gallstones to help improve the removal of candida. Think of it this way, the liver detoxes the blood in the body, if it is full and sluggish, it will not be able to remove the candida very well. The foot baths have started to make me feel better and my skin looks better than ever before. The first few of course made me feel terrible at first as they were helping to speed up the detox process which results in ”die off effects”. Everything is connected, like me, I recommend that you treat your liver as well. Morning exercise is the best time to stimulate your liver. Maybe have a foot bath done (my friend and I went, her water turned orange while mine was pitch black with green scum), to determine where your high levels of toxicity are. Since candida can travel, you need to help cleanse out your organs that will help you detoxify your system. Remember you have the power, say no to sweets and laziness. It may take more than a year, but its worth it. You’re worth it. It’s time we take back our lives and come back with a bang! Also, as far as sex drive is concerned, I also lacked much of a sex drive for the past five years (the time frame inwhich I believe candida to be present but misdiagnosed as a hormonal imbalance). On my good days now, I find I have more sexual energy than ever before. So there is hope. So much.

  • I’ve suffered from Candida for months and tried out so many products… nothing helped. Candida was back again soon after I stopped the treatment. However I’ve found this great book about 6 months ago, and I don’t need to worry about it anymore.
    A guide to healing Candida albicans overgrowth in as little as 1 to 4 weeks, naturally. Not just symptoms, solve the problem of Candida permanently. No products, just real practical Candida cure information, based on science and experience that works. It’s an ebook and it’s called the 11 Step Guide to Self-Healing Candida. Really cool.

  • Have been troubled by similar posted symptoms for some time. Given losec for several years now. Self diagnosis is candida in the gut. Throat irritation in particular. Endoscopy & colonoscopy showed nothing sinister. Am now trying low carb, no yeast diet – not easy. Following a book called ‘Candida can be Beaten’ by Richard Turner & Elizabeth Simonsen. Some good recipes to try. Good luck ye all!

  • Can you recommend a daily diet to cure/prevent candida. Is it ok to drink black coffee? Thank you for all the info.

  • Help!!!!! two years ago i had a uti and treated with antibiotics, and came back after two months again and again and again none stop
    My Doc, decided to put me on a long term antibiotic for 6 months since then my trush became uncontrolled treating trush and uti, my Gaino decides now to put me on sporanox for my trush for six months now that i am off my antibiotic got a uti attack today and i went to see my GP whi is in her 60’s and she tells me she has never seen bad trush like this in her entire hospital life. Now she prescribes me Aspen FLuconazol the strong dose 200 gt to be taken two on the first day and 1 every day for two month. this is normaly given one dose of 150g treatment for a trush, now here i am wt 60 tablets to b on it for two month. I don”t know what to do please help me i don”t know which Doc. to see now. i don”t know who can pray for me don”t have any trust on Doc anymore. it is a battle tried treelac, all kind of probiotic, am on a candida diet since my candida problem started, tea tree oil douch. please help

  • I have been on long term antibiotics for the last ten years, due to on going water infections. Over the years I have had constant thrush and now its got so bad I have itching of the skin, heart burn foggy head and just feel exhausted. I read the comments of other people and thought at last I am not going mad. i too crave for bread and sweet things. I am going to reduce my carbohydrates. My worry is I desperately want to get off the antibiotics but soon as I come off I get water infections can anyone give me some advice!!!

  • I’ve had type 2 diabetes for ten years now with countless flare ups of thrush. This year I have been suffering quite badly with thrush and have found a ring on my inside thigh, think it’s ringworm. Been feeling really ill, with very high blood sugars, loss of appetite, for food, sex and life in general. Suffer greatly with constipation and digestion is really slow. Constantly tired, lack of energy, brain fog and recently my stomach has started to bloat. High blood sugars can cause thrush but also it can also cause the sugars to go high, so fighting a losing battle. HELP!

  • Until reading all these comments, I’d assumed my chemical sensitivity, MCS, caused candida. I’ve had quite a few perfume hits lately and symptoms are worse. Now I don’t know what to think or do.

  • I feel everyones pain with the symptoms of yeast overgrowth. I recently did a stool test to see what was going on in my gut. I was diagnosed as having H. pylori and later read that if you have that the chances of you having something else in there were high. So, the results were yeast overgrowth and two different kinds of parasites. Tomorrow I will start an herbal protocol that I obtained form a functional medicine guy from England. I have a lot of hope that this will eradicate my yeast and parasites so I can get back my life. If anyone is interested in finding out more information about this protocol you can look up Dave Hompes. He talks a lot about H. Pylori but he also has many more interesting things to say about the gut. The stool test was very sensitive and very informative about my gut function; absorption, immunity, parasites etc. I highly recommend doing one. Hope this helps many of you out there. Good luck!!!!

  • Brandon, my boyfriend loses his sex drive too and I mean completely! He’s always had a very high libido and it amazes us each time we have a candida flare up, he just has no desire left at all. This can go on for days and days and once his physical symptoms or itching and redness start to heal, he also starts getting back his sex drive…til next time of course.

    I read an article a while ago which delved into the serious health problems candida can cause and how it can also restrict the level of hormones released into the cells and hence causing major PMS in women and loss of sex drive in men. So it’s not surprising your testosterone levels were OK cos your body is still producing it but the candida is preventing it from releasing into the cells to stimulate you.

    I was diagnosed with candida and none of the meds worked even though we were both treated numerous times (at the same time). We have just recently started a naturopathic therapy but it’s been 2 weeks and not much improvement so far.

    Hoping we can all find relief from this annoying annoying disease…

  • In reply to Lisa Marie Wildman, sounds like you have gallstones. I had terrible constipation, gut problems and pain on right side for years and ended up getting gallbladder removed. All good now apart from the candida which I am currently keeping under control (just).

  • I always bloat after eating and drinking, I also find it difficult sometimes going to the loo (bowel) I also have abdominal pian and discomfort on my right side. My friend reckons it could be candidia should I go on a ‘caveman’ Diet?

  • I have much of the same symptoms mentioned by you guys. I do have terrible brain fog, and have lost my “sex” drive. I thought it could be due to low testosterone, but I have had that checked multiple times and it was normal. I have seen a naturopath and I am on a rather strict regime to get better. Has anyone here had a decreased sex drive? (no one has mentioned it)

  • Hi,

    I have suffered from candida for over 9 years now. I try things and they work for a little while then quit working I eat next to nothing except veggies and beef and chicken. WHat do I do know.

  • I had candida really badly for almost two years and went from having endless energy to none at all…brain fog, digestive problems, depression, fungal skin problems..the lot. I tried every supplement and went on the strictest diet but it was only when I took Diflucan to kill the yeast in my gut followed by oregano oil and all the other supplements (wormwood, caprylic acid, olive leaf extract, herbal teas like thyme and rosemary) that the candida finally went. My gut problems have subsided but have not gone entirely and I have never regained the endless energy I had before but the brain fog has gone and I think I am just left with residual damage form two yrs of toxins in my body from the yeast .

  • Hi,
    I think I have been suffering from Candida most of my life. I am now 37 and was feeling tired and other symptoms as long I can remember. Healing from Candid is not easy. I am taking different supplements like CellFood, ThreeLac etc. for more than 5 months. I feel improvements but candida die off effects appear very frequently causing all improvements appear for few days.I have started Candex about a week ago and feeling much better (seems very effective). But even taking this supplement causes die off effects although product claims no die off effects. In short, as per my experience, healing from Candida is a continuous effort, specially when you face frequent die-off effects. Good luck to every one.

  • I was told I had candida over 20 years ago. Minimal sugar and no fermented food or pay big time.
    Recently got hair analysis and now take selenium and chlorella heavy metal detox plus probiotics,coconut oil,grapefruit seed extract.

  • An Iridologist told me I had Candida over 20 years ago.
    Minimal sugar and no fermented foods. Recently had hair analysis.
    Leaky gut mentioned. Take selenium and chlorella heavy metal detox..Cellaris.. and probiotics. Also coconut oil,slippery elm, grapefruit seed extract.

  • hello there! if anyone can help me with this i would be so v grateful….
    so i was diagnosed with yeast overgrowth and it makes sense. however, i am over a week into cutting yeast and sugar out..which has been hard but so far i am feeling more tired and my belly gets swollen and bloated after every meal. is this normal? if i started to see results it would make my sugar free existence that much more bearable….
    i am also still on the pill and wondering if i should go off it? or will the diet be enough of a change? thanks for any advice!

  • I have been using Zantac for more than 1 month. Therefore got the yeast these days. Now I am using the citrus seeds extract +probiotic and eating nothing but proteins and an apple a day. Next week I go on colonoscopy. How will that help to fight the yeast?

  • THIS IS REALLY INTERESTING! ..id be interested to know if the majority of persons who get ” candidiasis ” are blood type 0.

    The diet suggested for this genotype is exactly how you suggested it here in your article..and obviously all genotype = 0 are prone to same illnesses when they eat the incorrect diet – high carbs.

    I eat high animal proteins, which regulates my blood sugar so well.. i feel so good, my chronic urticaria is getting better and better everyday..at present i hardly notice it.

    Its definetly all linked

    -high carbs = candida overgrowth = holes in GI lining = blood toxcity = illness / allergies = candidiasis

    …nice work sir

  • Hi, I have suffered from Ulcerative colitus for 11 years and the doc’s have now exhaughsted all medical options (steroids, methatrexate etc) and are putting me forward for surgery to remove my colon, meaning a stoma bag.
    I went to see alternative food allergy place, was expensive but she put me on same diet as have seen here. At first I thought great, perhaps this will get me back into remission and may even be a cure? Have been on the diet for a week, no improvement in stomach stuff at all. Mouth ulcers, headaches, itchy skin, so so tired, in fact I feel worse- and very grumpy as this diet is so boring! Am really missing sugar and a glass of wine. Can someone advise when you are supposed to start noticing a difference? Also when can you start to reintroduce tasty food again?! Also your advice on occassional treat- would it hurt? Thank you in advance with hope,as I am really struggling with this presently.

  • In reply to AMP yes I’ve suffered for many years with bad breath, feeling spaced out etc. I have achieved a good balance by first using probiotics, two tablets twice a day, and when I started to improve, went on to use Caprilic Acid tablets for reflux and bad breath.
    You dont need to use these two together as the Caprilic Acid will override the probiotics. During this initiall period I refrained from high carbs.
    Please persevere as this is a good combo and worked for me.

    I now use agarve syrup as a subsitute for sugar and use spices and herbs to add flavour to food; along with linseed bread which you can buy from many supermarkets. Also replaced rice with brown rice.

  • I’m just involved as a hearer in a cancer seminar, one of the issue is cancer is fungus, Dr. Tullio Simoncini treat cancer with Ph balance used Bicarb soda, avoid antibiotic who killed good bacteria where usually eat fungus in our colon, and expanse fungus especially candida

  • I have been diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, and have been tested for everything under the sun, with no success in finding a cause. I have the associated stomach problems, vitamin B deficiency and have had multiple thrush infections over the last year (about 8). I have found that while on fungistatic medication I get relief from my symptoms, but when I come off it I seem to relapse. I think this may be good evidence for fungal overgrowth in my bowels, as tests have shown that the parietal cells and my intrinsic factor used in absorbtion of vitamin B12 are normal. I therefore believe that Candida overgrowth of the area of B12 uptake may be the cause of my problem. If not Candida then some other kind of fungal infection could be the cause. There is no test for Candida, as it is present in virtually all humans anyway, and I have heard of nothing that tests for levels of Candida either. This may be why it is difficult to diagnose without error, and therefore why doctors do not generally attempt diagnosis. (AMP: I have read that candida can cause bad breath, and I myself have had bad acid reflux. I found Ranitadine good for the acid, and the longer I have been on Fluconazole, the better my reflux has got) My next plan is to see if my doctor will test me for fungal spores, as it may be a different type of fungus causing the problem. I also noticed mention of doxycycline. I have taken this anti-malarial too and reacted badly to it. Within the space of half a year I had that, Malarone and a broad-spectrum antibiotic for an illness caught in Malaysia. This may be the cause of my problem.

  • If you have mercury fillings in your teeth candida is impossible to cure as mercury toxcicity can cause candida.

  • I am newly in a relationship with my boyfriend, and he shows a lot of the symptoms for candida, or parasites, he’s been suffering for a year at least he says, and since eating dodgy fast food. He’s had colonics everything! been tested for IBS but his doctor is apathetic and has stopped taking him seriously. I know parasites are catchable, but I know next to nothing about Candida or how to get my boyfriend diagnosed correctly, as this has started to depress him and he’s given up ever feeling better or trying to fix it, and I’m left alone with the worry it could be me, as well as us not being able to diagnose or fix it. Can someone please just steer me in the right direction for change?

  • I am a Gold Coast based naturopath, I have seen many patients with candida over the years and also finding that many treatments don’t work.

    In my view it can be a long term treatment plan to really balance out the natural bowel flora of the gut.

    I have been trialling a product made from a New Zealand herb called Horopito.

    I have increased the dose from 1 capsule per day to 4 per day for the first week to really kill it.

    I have also started an anti-parasitic cleanse in conjunction with the Horopito.

    It’s a broad spectrum approach also I have been using a species of anti-candida yeast called
    Saccharomyces boulardii.

    And I am throwing in probiotics and my home made garlic bombs.

    I also use many tests to really see if there are other organisms that may stirring things up as well.

  • Hi all, last year I contracted lymes disease after been bitten by a tic, I was on 100mg doxicyline per day with anti-sick tablets for 5 and 1/2 months until I recovered. Then a month later I started to develop an intolerance to wheat which in May became worse including gluten. Recently I have become allergic to dairy, soya and citrus products as well as feeling tired, feeling weird as if I am not really with it – foggy like – and have muscle aches and stomach aches/cramps etc. Do I have a yeast overgrowth?

  • Hi all. I am not sure anymore what to do. In 2005 I got food poisoning from lobster and contracted helictorbacter pylory. Then I started having problems with bad breath. I took the 7 day antibiotic and it was ok for a bit.But it came back. I also experience acid reflux and it affected my throat. I had my tonsils removed last week and took a course of antibiotics for 6 weeks. The problem with my breath just got worse. I notice even body odour. Within a year the doctor gave another 6 weeks of the same antibiotic. I lost my confidence to talk to people and feel very down. I think I might have candida. Can Candida cause chronic bad breath and body odour? I also get constipated easily, feel really down, low energy. What test should do to know whether I have it? Thanks AMP

  • Hi,

    The main cause of candida overgrowth is a weakened immune system plus a high-carbohydrate intake. A major cause of weakened immune systems (other than physical ailments such as HIV/AIDS) is stress. So prolonged STRESS + HIGH-CARBS = CANDIDA OVERGROWTH. Simple as that. Take away both of those factors from the equation and you will very quickly recover from candida. candida lives in all of us, but once it’s allowed to get out of control, an overgrowth will result in cadidiasis.

    Thank you

  • HI, I have been diagonised with Candida and its been 4years with it, I have tried every treatment and it doesn’t seem to go away, may be your nutritunal advice will help. If there’s anyhing else I could do, I will be grateful, because I cant sleep thinking I still have it. Thank you.

  • Found myself in stage 4 of Candida after 10 yrs of misdiagnoses chasing every symptom by specialty.

    I wish I would have found this site years ago. Wouldn’t have gotten so far.

    Candida is the genesis of so many things that get slapped with a label that will not aid in getting at the root cause. I encourage everyone to cross check their symptoms with those of Candida and to look at there history in this light as well.

    I was left my at 109lbs at 6″1 this year. Almost took my life. Amazingly, Candida was found in 2003 but not treated correctly or associated with my muscle symptoms, etc. More specialist with no chance at hitting the root causality. It is “scandalous”.

    I’m getting a lot of mileage form Candex which digest the organism and Threelac which is specific probiotic.

    For all you suffering-I’m so sorry-but yes-it can be turned around.

    When getting supplements watch for secondary ingredients. For me the Candida has done a great deal of damage and led to multiple sensitivities so that’s been something to watch out for.

    Trust your gut and get well. If a doc isn’t in line with the understanding in these great articles and shows no fervent desire to learn walk out. It takes courage but you’ll be on the way to getting better sooner so say the least.

    Brilliant work. Thank you so much for this content.

    Ed 🙂

  • Hi Mike – This is not something that can be passed on to somebody else! You can’t catch it from someone so to speak.

  • I would strongly recommend Erica White’s ‘Beat Candida Cookbook’. It’s not just a cookbook it’s a manual for getting rid of Candida once and for all! I was diagnosed with a yeast overgrowth 2 years ago but there is so much conflicting info about, some websites say it’s ok to drink milk, others honey etc, it’s taken me this long to figure out how to cure myself. If you follow everything in this book you will not look back!

  • I have been suffering for a year thinking I have ringworm, scabies, parasites & all sorts. I was right in a way when I thought ringworm, as that is a fungus & so is this. The Doctor just sent me to a dermatologist, who said I had eczema on my head & gave me anti depression tablets for what they thought was stress/depression! I had a Food Intolerance test of my own accord & have finally found out my disease. Just hope I can change my diet & life around now as it is hard to know what to eat & what not to.


  • Hi Claire, whatever you do don’t take honey – it will simply feed the candida and help it to ferment and grow, causing the problem to get worse. This applies to any sugars.

    Unfortunately candida is still misunderstood by alot of people – my partner has it and we are only just getting to grips with it.

    Rather than go to a herbalist, I would suggest going to a qualified nutritionist or someone who can do colon hydrotherapy – try http://www.colonic-association.org as you will be able to find someone near to you. Best of luck, Jo

  • You recommend that honey should be avoided with this condition, but I was told by a herbalist that honey was ok to take as it helped to kill the bacteria as candida does not live in this medium.

  • I was finally diagnosed with Yeast Overgrowth a couple of years ago by my ENT/Allergy doctor…he saved my life! I followed the strict diet which made me feel horrible for a few days, then BAM! I felt better than I have since I was a teenager and lost 43 pounds too! I have since “cheated” on my diet as I am human and have gained back some of the weight and have days where I feel really bad, then I know to jump back in the saddle and eat healthy, it really does work! God Bless You All!

  • Hi Patricia I was diagnosed on the 24th of this month. I have had a lot of antibotics over the years I have to change my diet to change my life for good. I wish no more pain best wishes.

  • I’ve been diagnosed with Candida its made me very depressed and I don’t feel human. I think it’s because I’ve had a lot of antibotics over a small space of time and a sweet tooth so all of that will have to change if I want my life back.

  • As an MD and with a Ph.D in Mycology, I take your above information as an insult. Those of us who work with endosymbionts in human and other living creatures know these sites are nothing more than money making schemes by herbal companies or book authors who have no understanding of human biology or chemistry. Another fad that I hope fades soon.

  • It is very comfirmedthat I have candidiasis,Ihave however undergone a year’s treatment so far, but this stupid infection is a recuring one.It a pears after every one month.I have taken all that I Know as treatment against it but all in vein,both oral ad insertings.Ithnk its geting on my nerves I hate the itchng, the disharge.What can i do next?A dcocter adised to put me on injectebles that I can not remeber the name.Am worried my health is at risk.Please advise me on what to do.Let me get a clear adic efrom you people.Hope to recieve from ou immediately.

  • after taking voltaren at fifteen years of age i damaged my stomach and small intestine badly. doctors gave me antacids , somac etc and with no relief i finally turned to natural remedies ! now at thirty eight i’m starting to feel a weight that’s been so heavily weighing on my body finally start to lift. the candida is finally being killed off, my stomach feels better, the toxins from leaky gut are nearly all out (detox) and my brain can finally think well ! bless you guys for seeing this menace for what it is , candida can be a living hell ! thankyou for enlightening people with the truth !!!

  • Your article has confirmed for me what I have suspected for a long time, that I am suffering from Candidiasis, obviously Now need regular help to keep me on the road to recovery. I have become extremely depressed about this situation and it’s not helping my condition.

  • a doctor friend told me that i might suffer from candida, the problem is that i take 100mg doxicyline per day as a prevention of malaria as i work in central africa.
    my problem as follows, i sometimes have a bowel movement in my testicles, and feel as if i need to urinate all the time, movement feeling in my penis, i do not eat healty, sometimes have a burning feeling, as well as what you described in your article.

  • i am adreanall insur and am on 30 mg hydrocortisone dayley to keep me alive
    i had adreanals removed as i had cushings syndrom

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As you'll discover in your FREE report, there are safe, natural ways to protect your heart without the use of risky, side-effect-ridden drugs.

And that's not all. When you enter your email address, you'll also receive the Daily Health e-letter. Each day in the Daily Health, you'll get:

• News on the latest cutting-edge natural health breakthroughs.
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