Natural Relief For Bells Palsy Symptoms


If you have ever had an anaesthetic at the dentist then you have some idea of what it might be like to suffer from Bell’s Palsy – a form of paralysis that affects the facial nerve. Speaking is difficult and showing how you feel by smiling or frowning is well nigh impossible.

Add to that the fact that you are unable to stop yourself from drooling, and your eyes from watering and you have an idea of how distressing this condition can be.

The causes of Bell’s Palsy are as yet unknown – but it affects one in four thousand people. And, although it usually improves within three weeks to six months, for 10 per cent of sufferers it recurs, and a few suffer it indefinitely. Diabetics, those who have high blood pressure, and pregnant women are more likely to be affected compared to the general population.

By reducing your blood pressure and your blood sugar level you will go a long way to reducing your risk. However, if you or someone you know is suffering from this condition, it is vitally important that you act swiftly to ensure a full recovery. You can treat this form of paralysis effectively and quickly using natural remedies.

Bell’s Palsy: The warning headache you can’t afford to ignore

Affected patients may first notice an ache over their temple that may last for a day or two. Then the muscle weakness develops. This only affects one side of the face and, unlike a stroke, it does not affect the arms or the legs. The eye on the affected side of the face cannot close fully and the mouth droops to one side.

There could be problems with enunciating words and difficulty in chewing. The symptoms are generally mild, and in some cases Bell’s Palsy may not cause any appreciable changes in the facial appearance.

The dangers of conventional treatments for Bell’s Palsy

Traditionally, Bell’s Palsy has been treated with steroid drugs, such as prednisolone or methylprednisolone. These powerful agents reduce the inflammation of the nerve and help the muscles of the face regain their strength. Doctors may also suggest treatment with an anti-viral medication such as acyclovir, as it is believed that the nerve inflammation is actually caused by a viral infection.

However, these drugs are not always effective. In fact, a recent major scientific review of all the information available on treatment of Bell’s Palsy concluded that treatment with steroids does not seem to offer any significant benefits.

And as Nutrition and Healing has long been aware, steroids may cause side effects such as stomach upsets, thrush, irregular periods, weight gain and depression, whereas acyclovir may cause jaundice, skin rashes, dizziness, tiredness and kidney failure.

Bell’s Palsy: Vitamin B12 cuts recovery time from 10 weeks to just two!

In fact, the most potent cure for Bell’s Palsy is probably sitting in your medicine kit or supplement cupboard already: humble vitamin B12. This vitamin actively protects nerves, reduces nerve inflammation and reduces the  amounts of nerve irritants such as the toxic chemical glutamate.

In an experiment studying 60 patients with Bell’s Palsy, vitamin B12 was found to be more effective that treatment with steroids, in terms of hastening recovery of the symptoms. Patients on the vitamin B12 treatment recovered on average after two weeks, whereas those on steroids recovered after about 10 weeks.

The dose of vitamin B12 is 500 mcg three times a week by injection. It is also possible to get vitamin B12 in 5 mg lozenges that can be taken up to eight times a day.

In addition to vitamin B12, another nutrient, acetyl-L-Carnitine (ALC) was found to improve the symptoms of Bell’s palsy.

This makes sense because ALC is an anti-inflammatory compound used in a variety of neurological diseases such as nerve injury, nerve weakness and memory problems. ALC reduces damage due to free radicals, preserves production of energy within the nerve cells, and stabilises the membrane of the nerve.

Other Alternative Treatments To Beat Bell’s Palsy:

Anti-inflammatory nutrient, the sulphur-containing nutrient Methyl-Sulphonyl-Methane (MSM), 500 mg three times a day, and histamine. Although histamine in large amounts is toxic to the body, causing allergies, small amounts are effective in reducing inflammation in general, and Bell’s Palsy in particular. Histamine is not generally available in tablet form, but the nutrient carnosine that regulates the production of histamine is available in doses of 100 mg a day.

Vitamins B1, B2 and B6 (in addition to vitamin B12) are particularly effective at boosting other factors that nourish the nerve. They are used in any form of nerve damage or brain failure. The dose for vitamin B1 (Thiamine) is 50 mg three times a day, that of vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is 50mg three times a day, and that of B6 (Pyridoxine) is 50 mg – 100 mg three times a day, but it is best to take this only short-term, as long-term intake of high doses of vitamin B6 may potentially cause more harm than good.

The chemical Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) is an essential agent involved in producing energy in the cells. Experiments using this nutrient together with the vitamins of the B group mentioned above, show that this combination can have a measurable impact on the recovery from Bell’s Palsy. The results showed that 100% of those patients who had a partial paralysis of the nerve, and up to 87% of those who had full paralysis recovered completely. In contrast, only 67% of patients treated with steroids recovered. Boost your body’s production of ATP by taking Mitochondrial Resuscitate.

Disclaimer: This article is part of the Daily Health's extensive research archive. The research and information contained in this article was accurate at the the time of publication but may have been updated since the date of publication. Consult our most recent articles for the latest research on alternative health and natural breakthroughs.

Bear in mind the material provided in this content is for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.


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  • I have had Bells Palsy since January of 2014. I have tried many of the suggestion listed with no results. I just started b12 losenges. Has anyone had it for over a year and recovered and what did you do? I still believe in natural medicine and that I will be healed.

  • Back in the early 1990’s I had B.P. It was horrible! My doctor called his nurse in and they all had a good laugh. I changed doctors went to a neurologist who gave me B12 shots that did nothing. While waiting for another shot I read an article in the magazine and it discussed B.P. and a possible, though at that time, unproven breakthrough using a TENS machine to jump-start activity. I asked the neuro doc and he said it was junk medicine and gave me another shot of B12. After two weeks of B12 I insisted he send me for the TENS treatment. I went to a physical therapy place, magazine in hand. They had never done it before so the contacted the doctor in the article. He walked them through it and at the end of one session I could move my lip again. At the end of the 2nd session I could blink my eye a little at the end of 2 weeks I’d recovered 90% functionality of my face. That was where I maxed out. I can open and close my eye normally and smile with ease. Face just looks a little off in photos, in person it’s hardly noticeable. I recommend anyone with Bells go for at least a two week session of TENS treatments at a physical therapy site.

  • I have be suffering from bells palsy for the past 4years now..and I haven’t get fully recovery since then even up till date..I just wanna there any hope this thing would go with time or not?

    • Bells Palsy is not a permanent condition, however there are various degrees to it. By the sound of it, yours is rather severe. Chances are that you’ve probably already had your fair share of steroids and anti-inflammatories. We hope that you find some relief from the alternatives mentioned in this article.

  • Hi im from the netherlands. Im 34 years old and im on day 10 of bells palsy. Im also diabetic so the docter gave me steroids. Prednisone. But my sugar went very high. So after 8 days i quited the prednisone. I cannot move anything on the affected side. but i feel tinklings from time to time on different parts of the affected side. I hope thats a sign that things start to heal.

    Never in my life ive heard of this bells palsy.
    3 weeks prior to this i noticed some red on my skin and i also had the feeling i had jaw/ear pain. But then it faded away, until 10 days ago when i woke up i noticed my eye was very watering. Later the day i could not drink properly.

  • I was diagnosed with Vertigo over two weeks ago from a virus. The dizziness has gotten better than it was with physical therapy, methypredisone and antibiotics but I think I have Bells Palsy too since me face is numb on one side and tongue. They checked for a stroke and other blood issues but nothing so far. Can anyone help? I may start B12s and try the onion thing. Anything is better at this point:( I never knew this existed and I pray there is a cure! I have four children to tend to and I just sliced my hand open yesterday from the dizziness my kitchen table broke:( it’s serious! Blessings to you all!

  • Hi everyone, so i wanted to leave a comment! I was hit with bell’s palsy for almost 3 years now after being on steroids doctors told me i would have a slow recovery and i was devastated after hearing that and trust me i didn’t even want to leave the house. But some great people i knew gave me hope not to give up so i did the research to find something that would help me and many others. And let me tell you i think i have found it! First i bought a juicer after seeing a tv ad. A juicer juices vegetables and fruits to get all of it’s maximum benefits minerals, vitiamens, and antioxidants. By Juicing it releases so many healing benefits in your body and it also helps with many other things like weight loss, better sleep, depression. I would have 3-6 times a week depending on how your face is since everyone is different. Lastly i did facial cupping you can get them done at spas so just look them up in your area and see which ones do them price averages around 95.00 to 100.00 a little high but so worth it to get some done and it’s also alot cheaper than other things that doctors tell you to do. Trust me do this and things will get alot better for you. Don’t lose hope ! xoxo

  • I have BP since my birth.its been 18 years suffering this. Feels shy even going to the doc.can i ever get normal ?

  • hi i am chelo from cebu, philippines… my brother is in the hospital right now.. admiting… he has an bellspalsy… could u please help us everyone if what is the special treatments for the bellspalsy… so that we can apply it to him… anykind of special treatments or what kind of medicine or vitamins he need to take… please…. and thank you

    • Hi Chelo, Bells Palsy unfortunately is a condition that takes time to clear… but it does go away. Usual mainstream treatment is steriods and anti-inflammatory drugs (if it is a case of a viral infection your brother may also be put on anti-viral drugs). We’ve heard that a glass (250ml – 300ml) beetroot juice daily (organic) mixed with apple or carrot juice (organic) and freshly pressed (mixed 50/50) will help repair the affected/inflamed facial nerve. Another alternative is quail eggs (6 at a time in the morning). Be patient. It will take time.

  • Hi . . Im 24 Years old man, I Had Bells Palsy right now. its been 2 weeks after the occurrence, I found some videos from youtube of massaging the face to ease the symptoms. I did some of the exercises and massaging I found on youtube. It helps a lot, I can move my nose and blink my eyes, and improved movement of my mouth little by little. For the sufferrers of BP, Dont lose hope! Be strong. Goodluck!

  • For those looking for a miracle cure, excluding sugar from your diet and including probiotic foods, like yogurt, kefir, fermented veggies (kimchi), and kombucha, will cure just about anything. Sugar kills your immune system with just 1 tsp knocking your immune system out of commission for 5 hours! Now think about the amount of sugar that is in everything you eat and drink and you will realize why you can’t get better. Fermented foods and beverages not only supply your body with probiotics but also vitamins and minerals in a way that your body can easily absorb.

  • I had Bells Palsy on 7th Jun 2012. today is 20th day. i have used Prednisolone, Aciclovir and some other recommended medicine but very very minor improvement. I am also using Homeopathic Medicine for last 10 days..I wish i would recover my smile 100%. I’ve read all the coomments and i can imagine this Hard Feelings…I would be greatful if someone can suggest me otherways for healing. My email ID is ….

  • My son had BP last DEC.A month ago a friend recommended acupunture.It works and he’s healing.

  • Smoke / vaporize Marijuana. It helps the pain and stimulates your face. I started medicating after I got Bells. I have been pain free since 03

  • i have a bell’s palsy it’s been 7 years now since it’s started, although i have been in a therapy and take some medicines before but still it it is not yet 100% recovered.. I am 18 years old now, and it can still be noticed that my right side of my face has dropped… what shall i do in order for me to get my normal face again..please help me.. i’m begging you.

  • ijust got bp afew days ago . feel asleep on tuesday night woke up wedsday morning ,tried to brush my teeth ,and then my face was numb. couldnt spit. had no idea what was wrong with me . my friend said i might have bp and we looked it up ,thats what i have .i have a very mild case i guess.its om my rightside of my face .my right eye wont blink and i wear contact lens ,so i always have eye drops ,but the eating and drinking part is the hardest part .eating anything tough and chewy is the most difficault to do .i had no idea that so many people could get this .i understand how tough it can be on a person .talking and facial movement is very inportant .and you facial apperance is very inportant in this day and age .and just the self asteam part is the most inportant .i hope i get threw this as soon as possible and everyone else that has bp too

  • I had Bells Palsy 23 years ago. It was severe and started while I was pregnant and I believe it was caused by the air conditioner in my car blowing on that side of my face causing an infection. Since I was pregnant, they couldn’t give me steroids but I did get therapy, I had acupuncture and did facial exercises several times a day. I still have partial paralysis and my face has drooped with age. When I raise my eyebrows, the affected side barely moves, I have a little more than half of a smile and when I talk, it looks like I have a twitch. I won’t even eat in front of people because of how bad it looks and I get stared at. On the bright side, I have videos of me at my baby shower when it was severe and when I feel so bad about how I look now, I just put the video on and thank God I don’t look like that any more. Take a picture of yourself when you first get it so you can see the progress and watch the cold air on your face. God Bless!

  • hi, All of you i, had a BP in 1983
    I reckon I am 80% back to how I was – is B12 too late? Could you please advise on exercises or some other effective medicine in homeopathy to get rid of my left neck pain & left face jawes

  • Hi All, was in the west indies 6 days ago and started with a weird numb feeling on the left hand side of my tongue, next cheek felt strange, then noticed I couldn’t drink without it squirting out between the left hand side of my mouth. Went to local docs and they said it just takes time to heal. Got back to uk today and seen local gp who has prescribed steroids, an anti viral drug and drops for my eyes. I can’t believe how many stories are on here and would just like to add that we need to keep positive and hope that over time it will heal.

  • i had Bell’s palsy sinds 2004, i’ve recovered 90% my smile is crocked and my bp eye is smaller than my normal eye, after 7 years have i still got a chance to recover? thinking of botox for now…..

  • hi, i had b.p in 2009. got symptons sunday night ,went doc monday am was referred to hosp, same day was confirmed it is b.p. i asked what treatment to take or what to do to help recovery and was told nothing. WRONG. This is what i did, stayed indoors in warm temp, avoided any breeze/cold air. had facial massage daily with any oil, and ate all rich foods, namley QUAIL and pigeon soup. tastes vile! but defo worked. 14 days later i completely recovered. thank god.p.s do not drive car with window open in cold weather

  • i have bells palsy since 6,7 years soon im gonna marry i can’t close my mouth fully plz suggestsomething to help me….

  • I got Bell’s Palsy at the end of June and people tell me they can’t tell anymore. But I can tell. I still can’t close my eye or blow up a balloon. If I hadn’t had an eye doctor who was really on top of it, I would not know that it was caused by Lyme Disease. He pushed for me to see a neurologist who tested me for Lyme Disease. It turns out that BP is often associated with Lyme. Lyme comes from a tick bite and it is not always accompanied by the huge rash that many told me about. This is just for your information. If you get BP and you are the kind of person who loves to spend time outdoors, you should talk to your doctor about getting tested for Lyme. It took me 8 weeks to get diagnosed with Lyme and I was dealing with lots of stuff by that time which I thought was just somehow related to the BP.

  • I had BP about 4 yrs. ago. QUick treatment of steriods, anitviral, a physical therapist who gave me shock treatments to my face (I did not feel them at all) and facial excercises to do. I fully recovered, it was amazing. I think the electrodes on my face helped very much.

  • I recovered from BP in surprisingly quick time, and I should like to share how my wife and I made this happen. Within 12 days my face was raised again and no-one can tell that I have had BP. I can move and blink my left eye freely and completely, as before. My previously flabby left upper lip now can hold mouth pressure, and once again after 14 days allows me to play my trombone in our jazz band. Quite amazing! And not at all what the specialist in our local hospital indicated was possible (he gave it 1-3 months, with 75% chance of recovery). Here’s what we then did, after he told me it was BP, and prescribed Prednisolone steroid pills, one twice daily (no other advice offered):

    My wife had read on your website that acupuncture was very important for aiding recovery, provided it was started early, within 5 days. We went to a well-recommended Chinese acupuncture practicioner in Penrith, Dr. Jeng Zahng. He said that in China many people have BP and it is ONLY treated there by acupuncture, often successfully, never using chemical steroids. I had 3 sessions in the first five days; 2 more in the next 5 days. The effects of improvement became noticeable even after the first 5 days. By 10 days, and now 14 days, I feel I have recovered nearly completely.

    We are also followers of Homeopathic medicine, and wished to investigate a course alongside. We phoned Ainsworths in London, and they offered Nux Vomica pills, one twice daily, for my left side of face. We believe this has contributed to the speed of recovery, quick, we understand from Dr. Zahng, even by usual acupuncture standards of recovery.

    Finally my very supportive wife massaged my face twice muscles daily, and, I chewed gum on my left side! In 10 days I could leave off my sunglasses for good – and I felt good again!

    I hope this may work for you too. God bless.

  • I had my BP 2.5 years ago. I personally do not believe in B12 therapies as I have been using it as shots pills since I am diagnosed. I am around 90% percent recovered. I can keep the air in my month, close my left eye, and eat without drooling. However, my BP eye is always less open, and my smile is asymmetric. I used to be a guy many called a “chick magnet”, but now… I hate it, this disease stole the best years of my life.

  • I had bells palsy not to long ago, i went straight to the docs and was givin one type of steroid and that was it. 3 weeks later i was good as new

  • I have been studying natural therapies for 10+ years and have witnessed much success with vitamin therapy for various conditions. My own brother was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy 3 months ago, but refuses to believe vitamin therapy could help cure this. I don’t understand why people hesitate or question taking a vitamin supplement, but seem to be fine with taking steroid injections. I, personally, only know of one person who has ever had a bad reaction to vitamins, but I know of many who have experienced detrimental effects from steroids. Vitamin B12 is necessary for brain and nerve health. It is best taken in a B-complex supplement, and I suggest, in a high quality sublingual formula taken with food. Some gastrointestinal disorders can inhibit B12 absorption and there is the option of B12 injections. Also, alcohol, smoking, stress, and a lack of stomach acid can deplete B12. Good natural sources of B12 are seafood, eggs, and dairy. If you are vegan/vegetarian, you must supplement. There are no reported cases of B12 overdose. A natural anti-viral I recommend is a standardized Cat’s Claw(Uncaria tomentosa) tincture/extract, 2000mg a day. This would also aid in reducing inflammation and strengthening the immune system.

  • I have had Bells Palsy for 5 days now. feels funny talking on one side. was given Steroid + cortisone injection and to complete antibiotics + Prednisone. will try to get the B12 from the chemist. Right side not functional.

  • I got Bells Palsy on saturday morning and it got worse by the end of the night, sunday morning i went to a clinic to find out that’s what i got (still a mystery as to how) and i’ve been told to stay away from the winds to the face, keep an eye patch on the affected eye when sleeping to avoid damages to the cornea and put some visine in it before bed and to take the steroids and anti-viral medication, i haven’t seen much progress but i caught it very early and it’s not as bad as most have it, the lips are obvious and the is pretty apparent but i can close it if i move my entire cheek upwards on its own however it ruins the left eyes sight because it squints. Anyway here are the tips i had been given, apparently there is a muscle in the vertebrae in the neck area that controls the nerves of the facial muscles and when it becomes inflammed, it causes this partial paralysis. We must protect our eye at night with visine and an eye patch (eye lips taped shut with medical tape and/or gaze on the eye to keep it from opening in case of failure with tape) we must also massage the affected face (look up Bells Palsy recovery on youtube, one guy talks about techniques and demonstrates, very important) and trying to teach our muscles how to move by doing eyebrow exercise and smile exercises 4 times a day and always remember, the earlier the better, i don’t know how it would be for everyone that got to treatment a while after it started but this is a horribly odd disease that i hope everyone will be able to figure out some sort of cure to fix. Good luck everyone and i really hope natural medicine can help.

  • I have had bell’s palsy twice. Right now , it’s my second time. I am 14 years old , the first time i had it I was 13 ( ending of 2009 begining of 2010 ) I noticed it when I couldnt drink out of a water bottle without spilling myself & i couldnt brush my teeth properly. I was cured in about 3 weeks NO steroids. I have a family friend , that is a doctor & her says the best things to do are to make faces , laugh , smile , chew gum , etc to get the muscles on the numb side of the face to work. I took his advice and it worked. I went to a neurologist & she said it’s very rare for the bell’s palsy to come back. Unfortunetlly , it’s back . I noticed this yesterday ( April , 2011. ) & I noticed that my mouth was like only showing one side of my teeth when I smiled. I immediatly knew it was bell’s palsy because I had all the same symptoms as last time ( half my mouth numb , my eye is watery & a new symptom in my ear ) I have read these comments & tips and I have started taking Vitamin B12. It helped stopped my eye from being so watery , but now my affected side ( numb side ) Is a little swallen. Im not sure if it’s normal , but im hoping it will go down soon. I’ve also tried the onion thing ( rubbing it around the mouth area & numb side ) It seems okay , i’m just not sure if it’s really working. Im hoping for good , painless , quick results & to not get this a third time . I hope my tips help some of you with this , god bless & lets all hope to get better.

  • try astaxanthin 12mg a day by nutrex spirulina by nutrex 1 teaspoon a day ,600mg of alpha lipoic acid by now co.,b12 5000mcg methelcobalamin by jarrow take as directed ,aged old garlic softgel as directed ,flaxseed oil 1-2 teaspoons a day and krill oil as directed follow by a good diet and exercise, juicing is also a great idea,juice carrots,garlic;green apple for sweetness add aloe vera juice and a teaspoon of spirulina;i call it swampjuice ‘that will give u some energy ;oh,take b complex by garden of life too with the b12,drink plenty of clean filtered water or preferably distilled water God bless u all !3 john 1:2

  • Hi ,everyone, I would recommend b12 by jarrow 5000 mcg with b complex by garden of life ,fish oil ;salmon ,costco has a good brand make you refrigerate it ,flaxseedoil by barleans and koyolic garlic aged old garlic supplements God bless astaxanthin by nutrex and spirulina by nutrex

  • I got BP a month ago. Scary! I was on prednisone, pixicam and supplemented it all with VIT B Complex and Omega 3,6 and 9. Still in ElectroShock Therapy and doing Facial Exercise. Rub 3 ice blocks on your forehead, temples and cheek, and cin and Lower lip. Say the alphabet in front of the mirror with loads of expression, look at yourself in the mirror, lift eyebrows and sqeeze your face like prune. I am almost recovered thankfully but above all maintain a positive attitude as this really can get to you. I am grateful it was nothing worst!


  • Hi i had bp twice now and have got all the feelings of it comming back again and am not happy.cannot understand why it keeps repeating last time i had about 95% recovery the eye irritation is the worst symptom and then you have every one starring at you and then you got to explain in quasimodo fashion whats wrong with you, the worst thing is not knowing how long you will have it.
    I will try B12 and steroids and hope.god bless all sufferers.

  • Hi Liz, Massage your face in slow movements for 2 mins on each set of muscles. Forehead, eyes, cheeks, and chin. Then stretch each muscle. Put your thumb inside your mouth and your index finger om the outside and stretch your lips ,upper lip down and lower lip up. Pull from inside of your cheek firm movements. Stretch your forehead. Hold all of these stretches for 30 seconds. Do all of this 3 times a day. Ask you Doctor to refer you to the Queen Victoria Hospital Facial Palsy Clinic. East Grinstead. Good luck

  • I had Bells Palsy 19 years ago when pregnant with my daughter. I reckon I am 80% back to how I was – is B12 too late? Could you please advise on exercises?

  • i have had bp for 10 days now and counting.i started getting headaches and then an aweul hearing ache behind my left ear,3 days before i woke up with bp.i was so scared.i remember brushing my teeth and i couldnt spit still scared that this may never go doctor said it’ll take 6 months for me to recover.the pains have gone.but i ahvent really been able to smile or blink properly.i cant hold water in my mouth without dribbling it and my speech is almost takin therapy and on my vitamins regiment..i miss my beautiful smile and hearty laughter.i also got compliments on my smile..thats the hardest for me knowing im unable to mouth isnt so twist.guess im making improvement.everyone is telling me i’ll be ok..but i wake up thinking it was just a nightmare..all i keep askin myself is how and why i got this,and will i fully recover n will i get reoccurences?..its tough having bp.i still cry about having it even after 1o days.i just cant seem to get use to the idea…

  • Ashley,
    Mine is also on my left side. I have have mine since June 2009. I had Botox injections last week from the Queen Victoria Hospital, they have a facial palsy clinic there. I am doing exercises for my face. Since the Botox I have some improvements. I am very positive. Not sure if I will be back to normal but any improvement is good.Ask your Doctor to refer you to them they are very good.
    Don’t give up I know how hard it is at times. Mine is Ramsey Hunt sydrome which is far more aggrestive than Bells Palsy difference virus some outcome.
    Make that appointment now.
    Take care

  • Hey I have had BP since Oct 08. It has been more than 2 years now. I still have involuntary facial movement. I can’t smile naturally because the effected side seems to be tight. Mine is on the left. I am still hoping that my smile will be restored. I was bubbly person but now I can’t even speak properly without worrying about people staring. My self confidence is at all time low. I am not sure if it will ever get better. Or this is it but I am keeping my faith up.

  • Hi Claire,
    I know how you feel I am now into my 20th month. As you say my left eye is smaller and eating is also a problem.
    Ask you GP to refer you the Mr Charles Nduka at the Queen Victoria Hospital at East Ginstead, they have a facial palsy clinic there. I’m getting my Botox next on the 15th Feb. I am also doing facial exercises. Look on the internet for them. Please go and get some help.

  • Hi Claire,
    I know how you feel I am now into my 20th month. As you say my left eye is smaller and eating is also a problem.
    Ask you GP to refer you the Mr Charles Nduka at the Queen Victoria Hospital at East Ginstead, they have a facial palsy clinic there. I’m getting my Botox next on the 15th Feb. I am also doing facial exercises. Look on the internet for them. Please go and get some help.

  • I have had BP for 17 years, the day after I gave birth to my daughter, In those days I never had any medication, because I knew nothing about BP. I still can’t smile my right eye is smaller, I hate going out and eatting, the problem is so obvious. Recently I have had botox to my right eye, it does make me confident, but wears off after 4 months, then I would need to go and have more botox, I am going to the GP and ask for B12 injections to see if they will help. After 17years I am still looking for a cure, I also hate my photos taken, I do get depressed about my face it is so noticeable, I wish someone will find a cure without having to go under the knife.

  • I’ve had bp for about 11 months now, the main cause for bp is lime disease. If it goes undetected for too long it causes swelling behind lft/rght ear which pinches the nerves and causes the to stop functioning. Because nerves are in a tight spot swelling has to go down complete to completely recover. If u have had bp more than once I garuntee it’s lime disease bp is very recognizable so they give u antibiotics for bp which just so happens to calm the lime disease but once off meds lime disease level can rise again causing the swelling to reoccur. I am 90% cured did nothing mentally told myself it wasn’t there best advise ignore it eat on effected side DO NOT HANDICAP once recovered frequently check on lime disease to keep it’s level low enough for your body to overpower on it’s own. Facial massage I guess ok I only did it when face would began to droop, maybe once or twice a week, if anything get as much steroids that’ll reduce swelling as u can legally get ur hands on, take responsibly & often DO NOT TAKE SO OFTEN U GET ADDICTED!!!!
    Best of Luck!!! We are all a family one big happy BP family

  • I woke up with the left side of my face partially paralized on Jan 10,2011. I didn’t have a smile on that side, I couldn’t blink or close my left eye all the way. My mouth felt like I just left the dentist and was numbed for 3 days. I read all the comments on this web page and picked and choose what I wanted to do. I have had 100% recovery in 12 days. My eye has come back in the last 3 days. After the first day I got my doctor to call in prednisone and zovirax. I started with the onion rub(cut one in half rub around the whole mouth and up the side around cheek bone on paralized side). I liked to take a tiny bite on the numb side too. I followed it up with the olive oil massage for about ten minutes each. I also got over the counter B 12 drops and took 2 dropperfuls a day. Also got over the counter B Complex and Garlic capsules as well as Zinc throat losenges. I also took a glucosamine tablet. I was very diligent from the time I diagnosed myself until the end to do all of these things every four hours or took my medicine as directed or 1 capsule a day as directed on the bottle. Also I did the artificial tears every 4 hours for my eyes, very important so the dont dry out. More movement if they stay moist.

  • i had mine on Sunday just gone. I dont like it. I’v spent hours with warm cloths and on steriods. Should i take B12 tablets ?

  • My husband got it a couple of months ago and it seems the best treatment immediately is an antiviral drug and steroids. His face was completely paralized and he is now able to smile and move his face well. I think getting the meds is important. The longer you wait, probably the longer the recovery, which is what I found from my research. Has anyone else had to have an MRI after discovering they had BP??

  • it’s been 5yrs goinfg on 6 and let me tell you .I don’t wish this upon my worst enemy . I was so scared when i couldn’t smile or close my eye or drink anything everything was dropping (rt side). At least to me my family could not see it right away .I was treated with steroids and shock treatments . This has changed my life completely hugest complex ever. Will i ever be the same will this go away ever . I can’t even work with the public just cause i feel awful as though they/others stare

  • i just got it today and at first i was really scared. my eye wouldny close and my mouth wouldnt close as easily. half of my face and eye was drooping and i’m still a little scared. what can i do?

  • i just got it today and at first i was really scared. my eye wouldny close and my mouth wouldnt close as easily. half of my face and eye was drooping and i’m still a little scared. what can i do?

  • i just got it today and at first i was really scared. my eye wouldny close and my mouth wouldnt close as easily. half of my face and eye was drooping and i’m still a little scared. what can i do?

  • i just got it today and at first i was really scared. my eye wouldny close and my mouth wouldnt close as easily. half of my face and eye was drooping and i’m still a little scared. what can i do?

  • my son just came down from playing xbox all day with..*drumroll* BP. Uncle is a dr. and consoled us with its not fatal and make sure to do something to shut the unfunctioning eyelid at night. by the look of the posts, we could be in for a new look on our son for some time. knowing this, we are at least prepared… hang in there folks we have just begun so are not discouraged…yet…

  • Its been my 4th day of BP and lemme tell ya, 3rd day was worse! Never had this before, but read somewhere it peaks after 72 hours…is it true?

  • Hi Hafiza & Jen,
    If I were you I would get your Doctor to refer you to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead – Mr Charles Nduka a.s.a.p.

  • I got bells palsy it like so annoying to have though im using natural stuff like ginger and warm olive oil. You rub the slightly warm olive oil on the paralyzed spots and you take 3 pinches of ginger powder a day.

  • omg i got bells palsy and im like 12 years old Ive only had it for 3 days im using 2 natural cures ginger and warm olive oil.If you rug slightly warm olive oil on the spots wheres it paralyzed that helps and if you also take a pinch of ginger three times a day it also helps to a lot.

  • I had my first episode of bells palsy 12 years ago, I was 8 months pregnant and of course there was nothing they could give me, I had to wait until after I had my son to start treatment and it was a little too late..someone recommended acupuncture and I did it, the electric shocks helped recover my face movement I would say about 90 % …in 2008 I had another episode and this time was in both sides at the same time, started acupuncture the next day and after 20 sessions it had improved 99% it had actually fix what was left from the episode of 1999, it came back again in march of 2010 and again strews acupuncture the next day 20 sessions and it improved right away, today I fund myself having my 4th episode and I’ve taken all the natural remedies that were recommended in this website plus I will be going to my acupuncture doctor on Monday….another thing is to cover your face from the wind, or air conditioning make sure it never hits your face directl, follow a strict dies, no cheese, no sodas, nothing spicy or greasy..I hope this helps, good luck oh and don’t forget to make aure you keep putting warm or hot compresses over the affected aide it helps too..

  • just got BP two days ago. I remember catching a cold 1.5 weeks prior and it was not like the other colds in the past. it seem to be more inside the head. Been taking prednisone for a couple of days. Today is actually worst day. I hope I see recovery soon.

  • I ‘ m 32 years old,I ‘m suffering because bell’s pulsy,I fece to facial paralise last 11-Nove-2010,untill today I have this problem,I’ m taking treatment from NAWALOKA HOSPITAL in SRI-LANKA,unfortunately still not any movement in my face.I’m very sad.But I can’t giveup my hope.

  • I had BP for almost 3 months now. Initially the symtoms are drooping eye lid, headaches etc. After a week later, I found that my throat is getting tighten and have difficulty speaking normally. Has any BP sufferers experience the same type of throat problems that I have.
    Anyway my BP is still not cure yet.
    Would appreciate kind advise.

  • I’m 34 woke up one morning with BP I was in so much pain was given rx for steroids. I have been taking b12 that has helped. I’m just about 75% back to normal. Still can not smile correctly, my eye is still not right. I really just want to get back to normal. This has been going on for 2 weeks and 3 days.

  • it’s thanksgiving eve & i just discovered i have BP, my right eye is running like crazy, i can’t even shut it all the way,and my mouth & eye brow on the right side of my face is drooping, this really sux major ass, can somebody help me out here??? what can i do ??

  • I had bp 29 years back when I was pregnant. at that time I could’nt drink any medication, but dr. sent me for theraphy and recuperate 95%. after 30 yrs I have bp again, this time is taking more time to recuparate, but some time I feel depre, but I hope this bp go away soon. Let all pray togother for cure for everyone. is not easy, I just want my face back.

  • Ask your Doctor to refer you to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead they have a facial Palsy clinic there. I am sure they will be able to help you. Don’t give up I know how hard it is. I’m into my 17th month now. I’m getting Botox in Feb. Will keep you informed.
    Take care

  • I have had bp 3 times. First incident in 99 on left side, 2nd in 06 on right side and third on lft side again. Iv never fully recovered ever. But now I am unable to even close my damn mouth. Speaking and eating are a challenge, and omg, is anyone else getting face cramps???they are so painful. I get them everytime I attempt to close eyes to wash my hair. I honestly wish this qualified as a disability, but unfortunately iv been turned down. Bp is the worst thing to have, iv done all the treatments and nothings workd for me. I’m so scared to try treatment againg because I don’t think I can handle the lack of improvement I’m 26 and depressed, I got bp the first time when I was 15

  • iam sufferby bp on 7-7-10 but i gat only 65 persent recovery only my eye not fully closed in time of eating eyedrops are comeout from lift my eye pls any openion to me

  • Hi everyone, this is a painful affliction but I found something which helped me. I don’t know if it will work for you guys too but it’s worth a suggestion. I was sleeping on two pillows which were too high. Because I usually sleep on the same side it was causing pain and pressure (and BP) on that side. Recently I’ve started using just the one pillow and it’s made a rather big difference. It nwas probably affecting my neck, nerves and breathing. Who knows. Anyway it’s better. Maybe this will work for you too?

  • I have developed bp for the last 4 weeks i was on a dose of steroids for seven days the side where pretty bad for me.. i started taking swisse men’s ultivite multivitamin’s
    I dont have to tape my left eye shut any more at night.but i still cannot blink yet

  • I’m 22 and developed BP last week and finished my dose of steroids. After hearing about B12, I’m going tomorrow to the Vitamin Shoppe and buying a bottle of them. Hope to recover soon! Will Keep you updated!

  • My nephew’s wife (Age 24) developed Bell’s Palsy overnight and it affected her mouth. Some two weeks later, someone recommended that she cuts a raw onion in half and rubs the cut side around her mouth and cheeks, every four hours. Three days later she recovered fully from this condition. If I had not witnessed it myself, I would not have believed this amazing recovery. Try this and it might just help you.

  • Three days after discovering I had Bell’s Palsy I visited my acupuncturist and continued to have two treatments a week. After three weeks the condition had passed. The only other remedy I used was eye drops to keep my eye moist as I could not blink it and it felt as though I had gravel in it and kept streaming.If you can get to an acupuncturist as soon as possible,then no other treatment will be necessary. Steroid drugs have terrible side effects and should be avoided if possible.

  • hi, ive had BP for 5weeks now and was abit of a shock, as ive never heard of it before. im a great one for natural remadies so began my search, B12 was the magic numbers that kept comming up, so witha bit of magical know how i put together a selection of herbal remadies know to repair the nevous system, as i was dealing the the 7th nerve, i thought i would work in 7
    this is what i used :- garlic capsules, B12 extra strength, oil of primrose, enchinacea high strength,vit c with zinc and valerian sleep remady from boots
    i took this combo except the valerian which i took at night, 3 times a day after one week i noticed the difference and a month on my mouth was back to normal, so was my nose, and i was able to blink (yipee)my eye is still not right yet, my GP is asonished at my quick recovery. my last secret is pink touramaline a crystal for healing the nevous system. all worked well for me so give it a go oh! yes chewing gum helps to.

  • i had bilateral bells palsy about a year ago. It started on one side and spread to the other side over two weeks. The recovery was slow-about 5 months. Used a physiotherapist and vitamin B complex. treatment, electro-stimulation. stimulation,

  • I have bell palcy since my age of 3 now I am 30 I cant close my right eye and its effected the right side of my face.

  • I have bell palcy since my age of 3 now i am 30 i cant close my right side eye and its effected my right side face please suggest me exsercies to recover

  • Over the weekend I went to a private physio who said that he has treated 1000’s of people with BP. Massage should be done by strong firm strokes from the chin toward the ear, again from the bridge of the nose towards the ear & from the middle of the forhead down to the ear. Try blowing up a balloon. Stretch closed lips into a smile and then try to purse your lips,stretch eyes sideways try and close eye tightly. Do each 10 times.

  • Hi… My sister is currently suffering from bp… It’s the third time! I’d just like to say that she used black seed oil massage the first time and recovered n second time got better herself…. But it’s come back again! Plz help cuz it ain’t going….

  • I went to the Facial Pasly clinic at East Grinstead on the 7th Sept and they advised NOT to use any eletrco stimulas at all, I did because I, like all of you are desperate to find a cure. I’m waiting to go to my next appointment 11th Oct so in the meantime I am massaging my face every night for about 20mins. Good luck all BP suffers.

  • I went to the Facial Pasly clinic at East Grinstead on the 7th Sept and they advised NOT to use any eletrco stimulas at all, I did because I, like all of you are desperate to find a cure. I’m waiting to go to my next appointment 11th Oct so in the meantime I am massaging my face every night for about 20mins. Good luck all BP suffers.

  • I am a 23 year old male who was diagnosed with BP spring of 2009 while in college. Underwent the viral meds and prednisone and feel as though my face is 85-90% recovered though most people tell me they can’t notice it I can still surely feel, or rather not feel that my smile is back to normal, I find I still don’t have full control of the corner of my mouth and the muscle running up my cheek to my eye. If anyone is desperate, and open minded enough I would suggest using marijuana as a form of treatment coupled with other things (electro stimulus, healthy diet). I researched the use of marijuana and did not find much to support how I’ve used it but through speaking with my optometrist (I also have astigmatism on the effected side of my face) he said my use is valid. It helps me to concentrate on the minute muscle movements and brings a warming sensation to areas I feel I do not have muscle control which helps with discomfort. Not saying this approach is for everyone but if you’re willing to overlook the stigma of medical marijuana it is worth a shot. I plan to try acupuncture soon too, it is beyond me how western medicine has not found a cure for this condition yet so I’ve been more than willing to try alternatives and like I said if it has been as frustrating for you as it has been for me I highly (no pun intended) suggest this as a form of treatment. BP is nerve damage, marijuana is used to help nerve recovery in people who have had other accidents so I just decided to try this on my own. Don’t live in a state with medicinal weed (ct) but easy enough to find. Hopefully this will help some of you or provide a new alternative, best of luck!

  • I went yesterday to the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead. And discovered that I have Hunt Ramsay Syndrome and not Bells Palsy. They are alike in that both are a virus that causes the condition. I have to go back in Oct for a 2 hour section for exercises etc., which has to be done for half an hour every day.
    She said that I may never be completely back to normal but they can improve on what I am like now. I suggest that you all make a appointment with your GP’s to get referred to see the Facial Palsy clinic.
    They are excellent. I am in my 15th month now. Take care to all

  • I’m 47 years old had BP on the left side of my face Since 1996,it affected me emocionally a lot because I wasn’t familiar with BP …. .First didn’t use prednisone or aclyclovir when to different hospitals and they just suggest facial massages and exercise I got some shots of b12 but just 75% recovered. I got BP again 13 days ago but now on my right side ……and this time I did a research and decided to cure myself…taking prednisone,acyclovir and shots of b12 (DOLONEURUVION FORTE)) I went to tijuana mexico to buy  this treatment.I’m getting shoots 3 times a week and my wife is giving massage everynight before bed ….after 13 days of treatment I’m very happy with the results and recovering pretty fast 70% recovered now. I can eat talk andceven smile ,my right eye is not watering as before I don’t have to use glasses….. hope my left face get improved with this treatmemt…also at morning I start taking garlic and chewing gum and got a heated gel pad after massages…I will keep you up to date… I’m and very possitive….I feel sorry for everyone and especially for those who got surgery without results.I thing people should’t allow medics to make money and lucrate with this people because when you get surgery you just make it worst there is no way back….wish best for all us!!!!

  • I was diagnosed with
    what doctor’s say is a moderate case of Bell’s Palsy on August 3rd. I
    went one week without any medication after which a neurologist gave me
    a steroid and and an antiviral medication to take for 7 days (started
    on August 12th). I completed August 19th and have seen very little
    improvement in muscle movement, although the soreness and headaches
    have stopped and the swelling has greatly reduced. last week I went to an acupuncturist and had amazing results! After the first session I could close my eyelid completely. After the second session I noticed 40% overall improvement in muscle tone. If you’re in the Seattle area definitely check out Daniel Rasmussen. He’s downtown and his practice name is Pinnacle Acupuncture. He’s awesome to talk to and will definitely help you!

  • I was diagnosed with
    what doctor’s say is a moderate case of Bell’s Palsy on August 3rd. I
    went one week without any medication after which a neurologist gave me
    a steroid and and an antiviral medication to take for 7 days (started
    on August 12th). I completed August 19th and have seen very little
    improvement in muscle movement, although the soreness and headaches
    have stopped and the swelling has greatly reduced. I went to an Acupuncturist, Daniel Rasmussen, in Seattle Washington. After the first session I could close my eyelid again and after the second session I’m having 40% overall improvement. If you’re in the Seattle area and you read this look him up; he’s awesome! Pinnacle Acupuncture in downtown Seattle!

  • I’m 14 had bp yesterday & rushed to the doctors,he said it’ll wear off in 2weeks,keep faith,its not the end of the world! He told me to visit him in 2 weeks & gave me some eyedrops ad pads for the night cuz my eye won’t shut propaly,can already see recovery and it was a bit of a shock cuz i thought it was only an ear infection;]xxxx

  • Hi I have BP for 4 days now and I’m 50 per cent recovered, I just drink a herbal medicine that my vietnamese accupuncture doctor gave me it taste very bad but it really helped me alot… perhaps ancient alternative remedies is the answer here… talk to your local accupuncturist or herbal healer.

  • My sister has had this since she was a BABY, because my mother had taken her out in the cold. Now she has just graduated from high school. I have to find a way to heal her and I will.

  • Hi , I am into my 13th month of BP.
    I have improved over the months. I still have problems with drinking, eating, taste. My nose is always blocked on the left side. Trying to put makeup on my left eye is a joke.
    I now have an appointment at the Queen Victoria Hospital East Grinstead in Sept.
    Facial Palsy Clinic. I am hoping that they can help me. Wil keep you all informed of my progess.
    Take car all BP suffers.

  • Hi people,I have had bells palsy for 7 years now and only ever made a 80% recoverery.Recently I have had a lot pain in and around my ear and my face is getting saggier every month. Im of to the doctor tommorrow and will be asking about the facial palsy unit at Queen Victoria Hospital.Stay strong and dont give up.

  • I was diagnosed with bells palsy 10 days ago im 30 weeks pregnant.I woke up in the morning with it and thought id had a stroke. the past 10 days have been horrible and I wouldnt wish this on anyone. I love to smile and did like my looks until 10 days ago. I am really down with this and hope for the best for all those suffering with this horrible ordeal. good luck xx

  • I was diagnosed as Bell’s Palsy Yesterday. I could not move the left of my face. It is difficult to talk, eat and drink. I am studying at school and this BP affecteds my class participation. The doctor prescribed Vitamin B-complex capsules once daily for successive 60 days. I am hoping I will have recovered in the next sixty days. I am surfing the net just looking for treatment of this BP.

  • Just a little update from my last message – this is week five – the pain I had lasted 3 weeks (and I was on Tramadol for this) – am now pain free and just doing lots of exercises for my face – my right eye is moving a lot more now and I can just feel a sligh movement (not seen) when I smile! Am taking all the vitamins that are suggested on here (they don’t help straight away and who knows if they really do). Only 13 weeks left to the wedding now and am feeling more positive each day…..Halina – wish you all the best for your weddding as well – let me know how you get on! And Anne – thanks for your kind words! Am seeing a consultant on Thursday and am going to ask about acupuncture and electric therepy – will try anything! What’s a shame is in the UK there isn’t enough done as compatred to american sites! Have a look on You Tube as well – people have posted themselves on it doing execises! Best of luck everyone and i will let you know what the doc says.

  • I’ve had BP since 2003 from Lyme disease. I’ve been on Botox and doing physical therapy since 2004 till now. I can tell you that Botox and exercices help to feel your face more relax. And your face will look a bit better but not much, but after 4 months you will have to take more Botox shoots. I am tired of all this and I wanna hear something that gives a 100% recovery. Now I am trying ayurveda.

  • I am 24 year old female who has a chronic case of BP. Came on last Monday night was in hospital very early Tuesday this is by far the most harrowing traumatic experience I have encountered and my life has by no means been a bed of roses..
    The horribal thing is the doctors say don’t stress easy to say when your face works..who wouldn’t stress!!
    I am resting taking my steroids and eating well TG I have seen improvements slow but they are happening! I am relieved I found this website and can communicate with fellow sufferers and friends. I am getting married in a couple of months and am just hoping that I will be at least 90% recovered..
    ALICE.. your age is a good thing you are most likely to recover than any other age group even thou it is a cruel way to learn you will have a better understanding of yourself and others BE STRONG my thoughts are with.. xxxx

  • Hello – I am a Physical Therapist AND had Bell’s Palsy – it is AWFUL. If you get on the meds quickly – in the first few days – they really work – that would be the steroids and acyclovir. There are no RCT studies I know of about B12 and BP, but the work on nerves with B12 is clear enough that it is worth trying. I don’t know about MSM and the other B’s. Be careful not to OD on B6 though! Good Luck all.. and Bride to Be – GET on the MEDS FAST – YOU’RE in the time frame!

  • Hi there:

    Ive had this bp 3 times and wish i could find out why it keeps coming back ?

    When I was 13 , 18 , and now at 31 ?

    I guess taking vitamins to improve your nerves could help.

  • I was diagnosed with BP on Sunday – and I get the pain which is doubly fun – just about to order some vitamins (what harm can they do! Will let everyone know how I get on. I’m massaging my face so it doesn’t cease up completely – good luck (I’m getting married in 18 weeks so you can imagine how worried I am are the moment!)

  • BP is such a pest and I have suffered with it for a few years on and off… In the end you just have to let is go on its own.

  • I have BP and it has left me very depressed. I am only 22 and now I look like I had a stroke with my face sagging on one side. I don’t know what to do…

  • Hi everyone,

    I got BP in 2004 during the 8th month of my pregnancy and still have not recovered. I too trusted my MD’s advice and took acyclor and prdnisolone in hugh and diminishing doses. I believe the must have helped some because the hugh pain became less but not much else. What I did get though was 100lbs added to my frame and severe depression and fatigue that has almost ruined my life. I have this week began a B12 regimene and I am glad to report that I am already feeling better.

    I am also attempting a diet cahnge and inclding excerise and trust in Good.

  • I had BP 5 years ago and was convinced I had an infection, I was commenced on steroids which did nothing. It took me a week to convince my doctor that I needed antibiotics and within 24 hours of taking them I could move my face again. A few days later he noticed pus in my ear canal. Please ensure your doctor rules out infection as I am sure that if I had been on the antibiotics sooner I would have had a 100% recovery.

  • Hi all BP suffers, I have just found that at the Queen Victoria Hopsital there is a dept there that deals with Facial Palsy.
    Check it out. Ask your GP about it.
    I am.

  • As someone who has had Bell’s Palsy and recovered about 99% with acyclovir, corticosteroids, and physical therapy, I wouldn’t risk having long-term facial paralysis by avoiding the medically recommended – and proven treatment. If you don’t choose the right therapy you may risk severing your nerve and never regaining the function you once had. I do agree that the long-term consequences of corticosteroid therapy are a bit harsh, so if you could provide me with some real evidence – say a randomized control trial, or even an animal study – of the effectiveness of vitamin B12, I would love to consider your approach.

  • Hi all! I developed bp symptoms sometime after my jaw surgery last year May. Didn’t even know the symptoms had a name until a few months the surgery. The surgeon didn’t even recommend me anything..only saying that it will take time to heal. Only after a normal GP noticed my symptoms did he tell me that I should be going for some form of physiotherapy. I did. Went through a few months of infra-red treatments and did the facial massages she taught me. It helped some. Even took videos of myself trying to close my eyes. I’ve stopped going for the physio. I’ve improved somewhat in the sense that I now can now close my left eye. However, when I blink, my left cheek would rise up too, as if to help with the closing of the left eye. When I smile, I have this small dent/frown only above the left eye. It’s as if I’m smiling on my right, but frowning on my left. Everyday is a struggle emotionally. I have trouble also pronouncing some bilabial sounds like ‘b’ and ‘p’. I have been taking B complex for a while, stopped, and now resuming the B complex again. I wish you all luck and hope something comes up that will help us.

  • I,ve had BP for 7 years now, and have the eye, lip problem too. One side of my face is slightly tighter than the other, so I have a lopsided smile. I also suffer from severe pain in my neck and behind my ear if I laugh. I have to massage these areas to ease the tightness that causes the pain. Does anyone else have this, the neuologist says it in my head, but I can feel the swelling behind my ear!

  • hello
    my mother had bells palsy she is getting treated , even i am facing some symptoms regarding thats was in initial stage i could fine only slight numbeness on the right side of the face
    is there any way i could get fully cured
    pls reply

  • hello
    my mother had bells palsy she is getting treated , even i am facing some symptoms regarding thats was in initial stage i could fine only slight numbeness on the right side of the face
    is there any way i could get fully cured
    pls reply

  • Help….. My greatest nightmare is back, I had BP 10 years ago for about 9mths and 2 days ago its back, This time im allso trying B12, B6 and zinc does anyone know how many i take a day or is it better to get an injection from the Dr….

  • Hi All BP’s
    I am now looking into Botox. It relaxes the face muscles.
    Google it everybody see what you can
    find. I am going to my GP on Monday and hoping that she will refer me to somebody that can help with this.
    Will keep you all posted.

  • I had BP two weeks ago . I have never head of it untill now. The doctor prescibed prednisone and other medicine. did a bit of physio. Today I found out about B12 I am going to try it. Does anyone know how long must I take this

  • I have bell’s Palsy, and I believe I got
    the virus Herpes Simplex from the
    Dentist. I had gone to one dentist and
    every time I went, I broke out with
    either cold sores or canker sores the next
    day. Now going to another dentist I
    developed Bell’s Palsy. It could be the
    virus that triggered it. I saw where one
    guy on u-tube got Bell’s after going to
    the dentist, and wonder if anyone else
    can remember if they had a similar
    experience. It is not pleasant, and I
    feel we should communicate and try to
    find a way to eliminate any source of
    contacting the Bell’s Palsy. If you do
    remember any connection, you can
    post your story on the Web so we can
    find a way to save the pain from hurting
    others. Thanks

  • I got BP almost two months ago on my right side, the doc put me on acyclovir and predinsone for one week and some painkiller ‘syndol’. The pain subsided but the facial look was still horrible. I was even scared to go to work. After four weeks I felt a twitch and decided to start massaging my face, and well I noticed some change. Infact my eye became moist and I could shut it abit. I used a warm cloth (dipped in hot water) to massage my face and wow it worked. I have continued using it and my facial apperance improved drastically. Thanks to the stories I have read online, they gave me a lot of hope and inspiration. I also resolved in chewing gum though not alot just for exercise and it worked. Am still using the warm cloth to massage my face and hopefully very soon my facial look will be back. Hope some researcher finds a quick way of healing bell’s palsy.

  • I got bp the day before the birth of my second son. It was miserable, a c-section and bp. and although the dr.s never heard of it happening, i could not control my eye. since the muscle paralysis was from my facial nerve and my eye was from the ocular nerve, which arent close to each other, they did not know what was wrong. i could not close my eye and was cross-eyed so i ended up wearing an adhesive patch for about 5 months. In the long run, i had to get glasses from straining my good eye and the other eye looking into the darkness. it is now 16 months later and although i am probably 90 % healed, i still dont smile in pictures because my eye tends to close and my mouth doesnt lift up. i am addicted to ibuprofen from headaches everyday and still dont sleep on my right side. my friends uncle is now on his 3rd bout of bp and i am scared that it will re-occur.

  • I have had BP for 11 months now.
    At the moment I am having Face Reflexology which I feel is doing some good. I have tried most things, tens machine, B12, B6. Tablets from NZ. Foot reflexology. I am nearly there. My eye still doesn’t blink in time with the other. Eating can still be a problem as with drinking. But I’m getting there. Doing face exercises from the hospital. Always searching for something new. Try to keep positve.

  • Laura,I had bells palsy at 97 weeks and they prescribed prednisone saying that it would effect the baby that late. My daughter is 8 and she’s fine. When I gave birth, it went away the next day. Really almost as I gave birth.

  • I have had BP for 6 years and acupuncture with electric stimulation has been most effective. I had BP for two years before I started the acupuncture and the changes were immediate. I would say I am 90% recovered. When I am really tired my eye gets droopy and my speech gets lazy. But overall OK

  • I’ve had Bell’s Palsy for 8 months. I took prednisone for 3 days after and then didn’t do anything for 2 months. After this I started physio exercise, massage & started to use a tens machine. A month later I had some improvement. The improvement continued through the 4th month, however in the 5th month I thought my eye was starting to close when I smiled. I had read that the tens machine was not good, so I stopped and went to see the GP. She sent me to a neurologist who sent me for an MRI and nerve testing. From there I was sent to a Neurosurgeon who said that there was no additional issue – just that I had a bad case of BP. I continue with the physio exercises, massage and last week had my first acupuncture treatment. The acupuncturist also gave me chinese herbs to take. I am hoping that this treatment assists. At this stage I would say I am 45 – 50% recovered. My affected side does move. You can’t see past my big teeth on the affected side, and my eyebrow does not lift at all. I was very depressed, however am feeling a bit better now.
    If I got BP again I would take prednisone for a bit longer (a week is recommended). Once the pain stopped, I would immediately start acupuncture, massage & physio and I would stop work. I continued at work and this was really bad for stress. I tried to be the big brave person and it just made me more stressed. I haven’t tried the Vit B12. I think I’ll wait and see how the Chinese herbs go. All the best!

  • I had BP for the first time 3 years ago when i was 27 this lasted 6 months. I was prescribed the usual steriods, anti virals and eye drops/gel which i didn’t think helped at all, I had no sight as my eye that was left working is very short sighted. Having BP really affected my confidence infact it shattered my confidence. I did however fully recover from this episode. I got BP approx 1 year later, i was devastated when it came back as i was starting to feel like myself again. This time it wasn’t as bad, i was treated again with the steriods which again did not work for me, like a lot of people i have recovered 80% but have been left with slight paralysis, occasional pain and ‘twitches’. People who didn’t know me before say that cant tell, i obviously can tell especially on photos, I didn’t know about BP when i was first diagnosed and when i woke up with it i was frightened to death. I have resided to the fact that my face wont ever fully recover, and i am also wondering whether there is some type of surgery that helps. Thanks for the advice in the initial article on Vit B12 i will definately try this (I wasn’t aware of anything other than the steriods and anti-virals that may help). As people have already said in the comments people who have never experienced BP have no idea what it is like, i am always conscience of how i look, infact i think that the side of BP that messes with you mentally is the worse thing about it all.

  • I work in a hospital and have had bell’s
    propbably 3-4 times in my life. I have used both steroids as well as herbs and vitamins. With steroids it lasted 6 months with lots of facial pain. I currently am using B complex 100 and wood betney. I usually am over the symptoms by the 7th day.

  • Hi my daughter got facial palsey when she was 13 months old. She is now five and her face still droops on one side. Her right eye is a lot smaller especially if she pulls a funny face or sucks through a straw. I am actually considering cosmetic surgery as she is at school now and friends are commenting. Any ideas anyone?

  • I work in a hospital and have had bell’s
    propbably 3-4 times in my life. I have used both steroids as well as herbs and vitamins. With steroids it lasted 6 months with lots of facial pain. I currently am using B complex 100 and wood betney. I usually am over the symptoms by the 7th day.

  • I’m close to the end of my second month with BP. Did the Prednisone and Anti-viral regimen. After a couple of weeks of no change I began a diet of anti-inflamatories and anti-inflamatory supplements. Also started “healing massage” and Shiatsu. I’m now making lots of progress and feel about 60% back to normal. What a struggle! Oh, I’m also chewing lots of gum to keep the Eustachian tubes open and I add oral zinc to that to try to avoid another infection. This is a great web discussion! Thanks to everyone for their help.

  • Im getting married this Saturday and my soon to be wife has BP and she is a beautiful women but she has had BP for about 8 years and she got it after the birth of her son almost 8 years ago. I want to know if there is a cure or procedure out there to cure this? I love her and her BP don’t bother me but she hates taking pictures and keeps her head down and covers her mouth when she smiles. It breaks my heart because she hates for anyone to look at her because of the BP. Is there anything she can do.

  • Im a registered nurse. Had BP 1st time 30 yrs ago,twice..left sided and have always had residual…week ago got it again but on the right side…very dense paralysis..on steroids and antivirals… Difficult to cope with old residual and now a new BP..!!!! But I do and I will… because I look at my kids and family and I am soooo thankful the MRI and bloods and Lumbar puncture didn’t come back saying tumour…I live another day… you know it could be worse xxxx

  • I’ve have BP now for the third time, maybe never fuly recovered from the first time. I’m 55 and raising my grandkids by myself, I’m so tired all the time! Have been treated with prednisone and Valtrex, am also taking an antibiotic for a URI. The kids get scared when they see my face drooping, I hate how loud sounds are. Dr. did an MRI because they say people don’t get BP this often. Found leisons on the brain but nothing to be concerned about yet. will repeat MRI in 6 months.

  • I was diagnosed a week ago and I believe it’s more uncomfortable then embarrassing. When I wake up in the morning I don’t feel too bad, but I have noticed the more I circulate and speak the more uncomfortable it gets. I really believe in order to help heal this process less circulating of the mouth and facial function is the key.

  • Just diagnosed yesterday and am on first dose of steriods and viral tablets. People at work say they can’t really notice – but then again I’m making sure I remain emotionless – so they can’t tell.

  • 42 years old, 2 Weeks into Bell’s, couldn’t have been in better health when it hit so have no cause blame. Hoping hyperbaric chamber treatments may help, but at $150/hr out of pocket (insurance says its “investigational” so won’t help), sure would be nice for some an anecdotal evidence if anyone has had success with it.

  • hello, im suffering from BP now and this is the third time….first time when i was about 8 or 10, second time when i was in the tenth and and now since im 20yrs old. This time i think it came because of stress and school work. My doctor put me on valtrex and some steriods but i dnt know what it has done…..since i done read this article i am willing to try B12. But this time with my BP, my right side of my face be in pain and kinda hard for me to sleep but i do have to go back to a doctor next week and hopefully i will have good news.

  • My husband is suffering from BP from last 2 1/2 months, sometimes it reduces to 40% and increase again and decrease and increase….is it normal can anyonehelp?? Those who got cured can you please suggest foods which should or not be taken… some exercise etc etc… all ur help will be appreciatable.

  • 12 year old in week two of Bell’s Palsy. I opted not to give steriods due to side affects and researched natural remedies instead. We are using Ultra B12, Flaxseed, D-3, and Oil of Oregano diluted with Olive Oil massaged topically over the affected side of face. Will keep posting improvements as they come.

  • I’ve just had the 10th anniversary of BP and yes I still am suffering with it. I’ve tried B-12 but it only gave me severe stomach cramps. I’ve tried accupucture and all that did was hurt A LOT. I stopped trying to “cure” it 5 months ago and just let it run it’s course. As of now I’m probably 70% better. Still wish there was something else I could try because believe me I would.

  • I’ve had bell’s palsy for over 5 years now. I’ve tried everything to get rid of it (acupuncture, nerve stimulation, massage, exercises) but nothing really works. I’ve been having botox once every 3 months or so for the last 18 months or so and I recommend trying it. It’s not fixed, but it’s certainly a lot better – I don’t get as much pain in my ear or face, and my face and eye is more even looking. Worth a try.

  • Well i’ve had Bp for a little over a month now & the doctor gave me steroids and told me to tape my eye closed @ night time..during tha day to keep my eye moisturized with real tears eye drops And continue 2 do facial exercises. I’m trying to keep the faith I was always the type of female that loves to smile,laugh, and take pictures..but, this has really taken an emotional toll on me-i’m only 25yrs of age…And i’m not giving up hope I am glad that now i know that i’m not alone with this. & i have read & took information down from everyone that has posted on this site….i am in egaged to get married and hopefully i will at least regain my smile by tha time my wedding comes…so that i wil be able to take beautiful wedding pictures that i can happily remember forever. Instead of unhappy photos…i’M going to really look into actupunture and the b-12…maybe botox also if nothing else works….i hope that every one finds the cure that works for them. Take Care & KEEP FAITH

  • I had Bells Palsy 2years ago and had acupuncture which brought my face back in 2 weeks but the treatment lasted 8 weeks at a cost of £1,000, A week ago I had a pain in my left temple, intermittent lasting only a few seconds but painful. I have suffered with a right watery eye for at least 10 years and tinnitus for a few years but today I noticed my right eye lid hanging over and my face drooping and mouth feelling as if I am pinching my cheek in. looking in the mirror as the day wears on i can see the bells palsy more, am massaging my face as cannot afford another £1,000 for acupuncture. Will have to see what happens in the next day or two and visit my GP

  • I’ve had BP for 10 weeks now. Dr said it should be better in 2 weeks-but that didn’t happen. I took Valtrex for 10 days and I don’t know if that helped. I’ve had some improvement with the facial tightness but not full recovery. I still can’t close my eye and it waters all the time. My BP came on one week after taking the seasonal flu vaccine–just wondering if there is a connection. I’ve taken the flu shot for over 20 years and never had a problem before. Any suggestions on other treatments is greatly appreciated.

  • I’ve had BP since since May of 2009..I followed all the prescribed medical & alternative treatments: prednisone, antiviral,acupuncture,acupuressure,change diet, vit.b12…The list is endless. After 7 months I could close my eye, but then synkinesis developed & the reinnervation of nerves went in wrong direction…So, the tautness of right cheek pushing into eye socket & I am losing field of vision. The loss of sight and the twisted mouth have left me extremely despondent. Whatever caused it, I think there is still some “reluctant” activity, some feeling of “discomfort” behind the right ear…I will try botox injections at end of February…Has anyone had success with facial exercises and/or botox? Waiting to hear..A.

  • I had neckpain like a stretched muscle, did not bother me till Dec 18 2009. I could not feel half of my face and head. I Went on one week treatment with Aclovir and Predsinone, after that week I stopped that treatment due to side effects like restlessness, headaches and heartbeat rate fluctuations. After that week just rested and prayed to God that these effects would stop and eventually to get better. Well it helped a lot, After the end of that week got about 40% better and third week about 75% better. This all with good rest and prayer. The Doctor did sent me to work thereafter, but cold in the work building got me feeling sore behind my ear and neck again. While my face movements still improved to be 85%. It has been month and I am willing to try that B-12 supplement to see how it will help mu pain behind my ear and neck. Anyone any other suggestions?

  • I have had BP for 9 months now… I have done it all – nuerolosists, eye suregeons, speach therapy, antiviral, anti inflamatory – B12 injections, accupuncture, facial massage, electronic shock, mri’s , and the list goes on and on Thousands of dollars and many nightmares later – I still have not recovered. It is not accurate for anyone to claim that any of these things actually assisted or promoted their recovery – they simply would have recovered anyway – which is proven by the large number of people who have done it all – and have not recoved. If there was a simplistic cure that is implied by alot of the advertising on the internet- then it would be supported and supplied by every board certified nuerologist. Nothing of the sort exists. Although I have made tremendous strides – I have less then 40% usage of the left side of my face – my eye blinks for the most part – although not normally – and my smile is like those who have experienced it know – I still drink from a straw and I remain – optomistic …. but realistic…

  • i got bells palsy when i was 21 weeks pregnant. but instead of jsut one side it paralyzed both sides. im 17 and still a senior. it has been very rough and i have found out who my true friends are for sure. i am about 90% cured and it seems to have stopped improving. i had my son on dec. 15 and this has for sure made me a stronger person. castor oil does help. apply it for an hour each day for at least a week. and there is a supplement called gaba thats helps as well. also try to avoid chocolate and milk if possible cuz they are bad for palsy and make sure to get plenty of rest and do your facial excercises. i did them for at least an hour each day and usually saw some progress by the end of each session. even if it was jsut a lil nerve pulsing it was better than nothing. im not sure im going to improve any more since i have already had it 3 months but i am hoping. at least i got my smile back so far. and i have a healthy baby boy that is all that matters to me. i will either get better or i wont. hope this helps somebody. if you have any questions or i can help in any way feel free to email me at

  • Hi 45 and i was diagnosed with BP just over a week ago and my heart goes out to you all thats suffering with the same,ive spent many hours reading up on the subject on what ”not” to take and ”try” to help the healing process,i think im going to try B12 and a couple of other vitamins.from a personal point of view ,i do feel strongly that ”stress” doesnt help.ive felt ”stressed” and ”run down” for awhile now (1st time ive actually admitted it to myself)im sure it cant help ..the big issue for me is,how it makes you look when you smile.ive always been proud of my smile and looks so this is a big issue for me,ive not stepped out the house for a week!!!so ive had time to look back on how ive felt these past years and ive come to the conclusion that i need to be more upbeat and enjoy life more because theres worse things thats happening to people than BP 1st thought was that i had a STROKE !phew !!!!!! but i do firmly believe in my case ”stress” hasnt helped,so from this day im going to be more positive in life (might not smile for awhile tho 🙂 )i will get back to you if B12 has helped me in anyway …takecare all xx

  • I was diagnosed with BP a couple of days ago after going to ER thinking I was having a stroke. It came on in a flash. I am taking prednisone & acyclovir and some type of eye drops for keeping eye moisturized. My eye aches, but other than that, I’m doing ok. I feel like I’m getting a little better each day. I am definitely going to try the B12, along with everything else! Prayer is powerful! I think that is what is going to get me throught this ordeal. I have seen a lot of folks on here with recurring BP episodes, having BP for way longer than normal, and children who are suffering from this awful condition…I sure hope everyone recovers fast. You are all in my prayers. Best of luck for speedy recovery to everyone! Merry Christmas!

  • Hi. I have had Bell’s palsy for almost 17 years. It recovered 85 %. Now I’m looking into facial cupping. I’m not sure if it will work. In a way, I;ve adapted to it so emotiinalyy it doesn’t affect me. It happened to me at a very young age, when I was 11 so i wasnt mature enought to do anythign about it. Anyway. If you have any additional information, or advice, let me know. Thanks. 🙂

  • Hey, I’m fourteen and this is the second time I’ve had Bell’s Palsy. The first time was over a year ago and it lasted a week. (the first week of school. Fun.)

    I’m sort of worried because this is the second time and there’s so many stories about people with it for like five years. I take Lysine for the cold sores (since the virus that causes the cold sores also causes BP) and some B vitamins.
    Is there anything else I can do besides shots and needles?

  • Hi, Im 22 years old , I got BP, on October 2007, I was heading to Singapore for a neurologist and he gave me prednisolone for medication, after I took it for 1 months it shows no effect on my face. I was really depressed at that time. Then, I decided to go for another neurologist in Malaysia, it give me the same medication and I took it for 2 weeks. Later after that I found an acupuncture center at my hometown in Indonesia. Well, at that time I had my BP for approximately 2 months. I go for acupuncture everyday and receive 30 minutes treatment under the electric heat. On the first 4 days of the treatments I feel a movement on my face. After receiving 2 weeks treatment I feel my face was 80% recover. At the third week it shows no improvement already and I decided to stop the session and go back to Cambodia and continue my work. To date, I’ve had the BP for 2 years and 1 month, now I can blink my eyes and hold air in my mouth, but there is still a slight area of my face that doesnt look ideally as the old times. My eyes was normal if I didn’t smile, But when I smile or under the sunshine , the left eye will looks slightly smaller than the size of the right eye and the upper left part of my mouth doesnt looks symetric with the other side during I smile. I didnt experience any pain in my ears.

    Right now I didnt consume any medication or receive treatment as there is no acupuncture center in cambodia.

    Does the vitamin B12 help? I see some of u write that it should get from injection, any idea of how should i tell the doctor if I want that injection? I mean is there any particular type of vitamin B12 that I should take for BP?

  • I got BP after I flew off a car and cracked my skull.. its been 2 months with no changes and I heard physical therapy can help but I haven’t seen a doctor to help me do face exercises.. any tips on physical therapy?

  • Hi, I had BP a few years ago and have it again now on the opposite side. I have bought some Vitamin B12 but I am not sure how to take it. The article said 3 x the daily dosage so should I take x 3 tablets straight away or spread them out through the day? I only ask as I was told if you have too much Vitamin B12 in your suystem it is passed out through urine so I dont know whether taking it all at one will waste some of it or not? Can anyone advise me?

    Really appreciate any advice. Best wishes to all you BP sufferers, hope you recover soon.

  • Hi to all. I was diagnosed with BP in 1998 and was prescibed prednisone and had therapy and electric shocks. I’ved recovered about 75 per cent but still have problems with making a full frown, when I raise my eyebrow it’s still uneven, can’t move upper lip. Any suggestions? i’ts been 11 years! A lot of people just think I have a bad eye, but it’s way deeper than that. I’m pleased at my recovery this far, but would like for more facial movement.

  • Wow, I’m so glad I found this and sad that so many of us have this. I just noticed yesterday when I looked at photos that the right side is swollen and droops. Freaked me out. I don’t have pain, in my face and I have had a problem with my ear (can’t hear, thought it was sinus related) for about a month + headaches. Two days ago I bit my cheek and right side of my tongue and didn’t think anything about it. It now all makes sense (well, most of it). Today the drooping is not as noticeable and I feel OK. I have to say I have been extremely stressed and suffer from serious lack of sleep (working too much) and I do occasionally get cold sores which I guess are related to this somehow. I need to start taking better care of myself do doubt. Good luck to us all.

  • Have you guys checked out fasting to cure bp? I have had it for a few days now and I have always known about fasting and how your body goes into repair mode when fasting. So now I geuss I am being pushed to actually do it….LOL. Anyways, it is worth checking out the benefits of fasting…

  • this has gotten me so depressed and its not looking good, my girlfriend has dumped because she just cant deal with my face like that. i have done all of the above. please if you know something that can help even a little bit please post it.

  • This has gotten me so depressed and it’s not looking good, my girlfriend has dumped me because she just can’t deal with my face like that. I have done all of the above… Any advice will be much appreciated.

  • I just came down with BP on Monday. They gave me the normal steriods and val. Things didnt seem to be doing anything! I am switching over to the Vit B and others to help this along. One night of B12 and my eye has gotten better! I will keep you all posted!

  • I am 19 and have just been diagnosed with BP a week ago,and my mother has been making me pigeon soup and making me drink it everyday in the morning,the thought of it makes me gag, but I just hope I get only concern is that if I do recover I hope I recover fully rather then just partially..I just had a question and my question was that the doctor told me I only have the partial efffects of BP and not the full one,so does that mean there’s more chances of recovering?I was a model! what am I to do!

  • Hi all, I am so pleased to read all of your comments and helpful suggestions. I was first diagnosed with BP in 1998 when I was 7 months pregnant with my daughter. Because I was pregnant, I could not have treatment i.e. steroids. After my daughter was born and we suffered family bereavements, I never bothered with any treatments but now, over 11 years on, I feel so self conscious of my droopy face. People who see me now think I have had a stroke because of the difference on one side of my face. Is there any sort of treatment/cure after 11 years or should I just accept how I look even though I hate it? Thanks.

  • I woke up with bp the morning of my uncle’s funeral when I was 12. I am now 25 and deal with this ailment daily. I really hate when people try to say it’s not a big deal, or I can hardly notice it because THEY dont live with it. I went through my teenage years with it. I tried acupuncture, chiropractors, everything and anything. Anyone ever think about the person they’d be if they never got this, I mean if you got it young like me. I always wonder if I would be more confident and outgoing. It kills me. I dont even want to have a wedding because I don’t want all the attention and pictures, ha, forget it. I miss laughing without feeling like everyone is staring at me and I hate the awkward feeling in your gut right before someone asks about it or notices it and I’m too emotional to talk about it to anyone but my mom and fiance.

  • I miss my smile.I miss laughing.I miss being able to speak properly.I have had bell palsy 8 months ago and still I can not blow my mouth and I can not close my eyes properly.I m 28 yrs old, doing facial palsy exercise regularly but still had no improvement please tell me what will help me cure this condition.

  • I have had BP for a year and 5 months. I was first diagnosed with it when I was 4months pregnant and I haven’t taken anything for it because I was scared the meds would harm the baby and now I’m breastfeeding… my face has healed on its own about 50 per cent… my mouth is still lazy.

  • I miss my smile. I miss laughing. I miss being able to speak properly. I miss drinking out of a can. I miss having a glass of wine or a beer with my wife or friends at the fear of knowing my face droops and I slur only after one glass, I cant remember the last time I have enjoyed a drink. I miss not wanting to take family photos. I miss not wearing sunglasses, I cant squint in the sun so I cant see at all and my eyes water. I miss that look my wife used to give me when i would smile at her, she used to have this gleem in her eyes, I dont see that anymore. I wish I didnt go thru a bottle of advil every 2 weeks. I try not to complain but there are days i just want to scream from the nagging pain in my jaw, neck or ear or whatever part that wants to ache that day. After a while you get used to the “normal” pain days. Just hang in there, and pray for the best. My friends and family have all gotten used to seeing me with it, Iam the only person who wakes up every day who will never get used to it.

  • I have had BP for 2 years. I am 75% recovered. I truely believe it is stress related. It came back after a year after my brother in law was tragically killed. I notice it gets worse when Im stressed, angry or upset. You cannot tell i have it until I try to smile……I sure do miss my smile. Oh well at least it wasnt a stroke

  • i have had it for 4 yrs goin gon 5. the doc gave me steriods and said nothing he can do. i had a nerve put i from my leg, that didnt work. i’m still searching for a cure.

  • i have had it for 4 yrs goin gon 5. the doc gave me steriods and said nothing he can do. i had a nerve put i from my leg, that didnt work. i’m still searching for a cure.

  • Hi, I’m 28 (spent 10 years in the military – where they could not determine what was going on – so they discharged me)…a few months later after some crazy pain in my cheek I decided to go to a dentist. They gave me 2 root canals then finally an extraction. The doctor noticed I had BP, but did not treat it. When the tooth was removed, the dentists saw a large vertical crack. They are now in the process of determining how pain/trauma of the split tooth referred to my facial nerve. It is causing headaches and I can barely function. Each time I take B6 B12 and Zinc I pass out. The one thing that works for me is local anesthetic from a dentist. He numbs the whole area and life starts again(well only temporarily).

  • Hi, I’m 35 have BP for the last 3 weeks. It has affected the right side of my face. I went to the doctor on day one and he put me on Steroids. Which I took for 10 days. The headaches and ear aches got worse so I went back this week (I have been once a week since I was diagnosed) The doc now tells me that I had a perforated ear drum and thrush in my mouth from the steroids and being run down prior to getting the virus. So it really is very important that you all keep taking the vitamins. I’m hoping to start physio this week. Fingers crossed we will all get better soon.

  • Hi, I was diagnosed by ruling out all the others with bp in February. I didn’t have all the symptoms, but instead slurred speech and had small issues smiling and lifting my eyebrow all the way on my right side of my face. Now it is almost August and I still have the slurred speech every now and again. I really notice slurred speech after being really tired or stressed. Will this EVER go away? I only went to the hospital to get diagnosed and have never gone to neurologist or taken anything for it…any suggestions? Anything ??

  • We were told 2 days ago our 16 yr old daughter has Bell’s, They put her on Predisone 10mg and Acyclovir 400mg.
    The Predisone she takes 5 times a day and The Acyclovir 3 times a day.

    The Dr. didn’t tell us of the possible effects of taking these. We did know the predisone could make her depressed and/or gain weight .

    But! After reading this I am terrified. I know or believe Predisone has to be take taken fully , meaning you can’t just stop.
    So! What would you suggest? and I will be giving her B12 as of this evening.

  • Three weeks ago, I came down with Bell Palsy. I had ignored the twitching in my eyes, my headaches and the constant pain behind my left ear for the previous 2 weeks before the sudden onset of Bell’s Palsy.

    This condition has changed my life radically, and has affected me physically, emotionally and psychologically. However, I still believe this is an opportunity to appreciate life and the people around me.
    The only thing that frustrates me is being treated like a mentally challenged individual because of my speech impairment. My brain is still functioning as normal as it was before this condition.

    For my treatment, I was on Prednisone and an antiviral medication for one week. Now I am on sublingual vitamin B12; I attend massage therapy twice a week; and will start neurological physiotherapy once a week. I am practicing words that start with P, B, M and S; and practice occasional facial exercises. Also, I started relaxation techniques and aromatherapy. Soon I will find out if the CT scan I had shows signs of any other problem I might have. Despite all my agressive attempts to get better, my speech tells me I am not making much improvement. But I am trying to remain positive and patient.

    I want to thank Christy for the details she Posted 29/04/2009. There are a few things I will avoid which I have not.
    Good Luck everyone – God bless us all!

  • I have been suffering from BP for 2 yrs and it’s heartbreaking from all the storys I’ve been reading …..I feel almost hopeless. I’m 39 and had a lot of stress in my life due to sick family members and caring for my mommy that suffered a brain aneurism that almost killed her. I cared for her 8yrs before we put her in nursing home. My life was just a little crazy…. and just when things started to turn around for me…I woke up with the left side of my face completely numb. I was suffering from a terrible earache for a couple days and muscle spasms around the left side of my face. I thought the spasms were being caused by stress and lack of sleep so I payed no attention to it and for the pain in my left ear I used natural remedies.BUT, the next morning my face was numb and my words were slurred… I thought I had a stoke or bad reaction. That same day I was given Antiviral med. and 3 weeks later started going to a chiro Dr.but,none nothing helped…

    For months I had to tape my left eye closed because it wouldn’t close on it’s own. Eating was very messy and humbling for me drooling ,slurred speech and the never ending watery eyes especially when I eat. I’ve tried different oils ,different vitamins and massages,I really don’t know what works. I really miss my smile and dimples ….I miss laughing in public.

  • During 2008 I somehow got BP as I almost bit my lip in half eating pizza. Took the steroids for a week. Nothing. Immediately did a few of acupuncture sessions 3 X per week and nothing. Read about an expensive hard to get anti-inflamatory herb oil athletes use and decided to try it. Rubbed it on the 7th cranial nerve (between sideburns and ear) and the next morning my face was 90 per cent back to normal. Droop was gone. Now in fact the droop is over compensating and the bottom of my eye is closing and my smile is 90 per cent back and yes it still looks a little odd but much better. Helichrysum Oil. Be sure to get the pure stuff. It is expensive but well worth it. Also botox did work in lowering my eye so it didn’t look closed and I guess that will have to be the protocol. I did get my hands on a bottle of b-12 and injected myself regularly after the first month, but not before the oil. Still about 90 per cent but happy it’s not worse. Best to all sufferers.

  • I have had BP 3 times the last time was 1 week ago it seems to get worse before it gets better.I get so impatient but… all of you that is going through this hang in there it well get better…

  • I came down with Bells palsy 3 1/2 weeks ago, im 39. Its messed up my speech and my face. Its came back a little, my speech still hasn’t. I was hung up on by my auto finance company Capital one, and got strange looks and comments. Its been hell. I went into a store in Maine Nautica and the girl wouldnt wait on me when I first got it, like I was a leppar. I can really feel for that 9 year old girl that got this disease or anyone else.I was on Prednisone for 1 week and antiviral and antibotics. I’m also taking B complex vitimans. I hope this goes away. I feel for people who get this its so difficult emotionally.

  • I am now 64. I got pells palsey at the age of 29. Within 6 weeks, I had it on both sides of my face. It has only improved apprx 40 per cent. I still cannot rase my eye brows or forehead, cannot close my mouth etc. Some words are difficult to say. I have never been offered any medication at all. Is it too late now for any form of treatment to help me.

  • On 4/14/09, one of my long time patients was diagnosed with BP. On 4/22, Roy started on an aggressive supplement program partially gleaned from sites like this and partially what has worked for me in other cases: B12 lozenges-5mg-8 times/day, Acetyl-L-carnitene (ALC), an anti-inflamatory, vitamin C-3000mg-3x/day, msm 500mg – 3x/day, High B complex -3x/day, Adenosin Triphosphate (assists B-complex), Zinc-50mcg/day, Magnesium 300mg/day, garlic extract. He chose B-12 lozenges instead of shots. Three chiropractic adjustments in 12 days. Electro-accupuncture (Solitens unit) over facial nerve branches, and more other technical treatment. I just saw Roy on 6/17, and he is about 90% recovered: no obvious, outward facial problems noticable. Now he has been doing extensive facial muscle exercises several times daily. I don’t know how this site works? Health professionals who wish to contact me may do so. Individuals may also contact me if this site will allow it. My office is in Graeagle, CA, and I am listed in the telephone book. I am not looking for new patients. I just hope to be able to help someone. No gaurentee’s, just what worked for us. Best wishes for a recovery, Dr. Beaver

  • 2.5 weeks since BP struck. I took anti-viral and steriod for 7 days and immediately following that I started B50. One week later, I am 90% back to normal.

    It’s the second time I had BP, first time in my early 20s and it took about a month to go away. This time I noted a few things just prior to BP: I had pink eye and took eye drop meds for, flew on business, had an ear ache and I was under work related stress.

    I comvince myself to get through this quick and looked for any tips on natural remedies. B12 shots were mentioned, so I took B50 vitamins immediately following the end of the meds. Now a week after B50, I noted considerable improvement. I recommend it after the meds are complete.

    My advice is your health is #1 take care of yourself first.

  • It’s 2.5 weeks since BP struck on the right side of my face. It’s my 2nd time, first was in my earlier 20s. This time around was milder and faster to mend. I’m 90% back to normal. Two things I noted this time around: pink eye just before and plane trip. I took the anti-viral and steriods, once complete I took B50 and noted how quickly I regained movement.
    While at the hospital, the nurse scolded me for having high blood pressure. Certainly due to work. My advice, health is #1 take care of yourself.

  • It’s been 2.5 weeks since BP struck the right side of my face. I had it in my early twenties and it took one month to recover. This time around, I took the anti-viral and steriod meds. Once complete, I started B50 once a day and noticed big improvements. I regained about 90% and see a full recovery. Two things noted: I had pink eye and used a prescribed meds, it went away, then I flew on a business trip and I was stressed at work with a project. Pink eye and stress. At the hosipital my blood pressure was high due to the stress of the project. My advice, your health is #1 above all else. Take care of yourself and try B12 or B50 after you finish the meds. Good luck.

  • Hi to all……good to know that I am not alone to live with two faces… I’hve had BP since childhood. No treatment has worked for me…tried everything ….but I hope theres something that can help us all. Good Luck.

  • Hi all. i was diagnosed with BP about a week and a half ago. i am a 30 year old male that stays in shape and takes multi vitamines daily. i couldnt understand why this happened to me or what the cause truly is. But I have started to recover some of the functions on the left side of my face as my eye does not wonder anymore. I appreciate the people who have wrote in here. I will certainly take more b12 and follow some of the other advice i have seen here. Will keep you posted on my condition. You have all been such an inspiration. Good luck.

  • I have been diagnosed with BP just about 3 weeks ago. I took the prednisone, and one day worth of the antiviral. I take aspirin now for pain. It’s gotten somewhat better, and what I have been doing is having energy work done and keeping a good attitude about it. I will up my intake of vitamins, cut out completely the artificial sweeteners, and get cranial massage. (that really helps me). I try not to get overtired and use a heat pack, not electric. Electrical fields aren’t good for anyone. My diet is getting changed drastically, no more fast food for me. Mine has been very painful, lots of dizziness. I had a friend who contracted it just a few months before. I have had recommendations of applied kinesiology, and meditating, I am going to keep going with it, and move the stress for me.

  • Hi I’m just coming into my second week of bells palsy, I’ve never heard of it before and at first I thought I’d had a stroke. The doctor I went to see would not put me on steroids as he didn’t feel that they were effective. I’m definitely going to try the vitamins. Good luck to everyone and lets hope we all recover fully.

  • I also have BP it started 2 days before, I was driving my car and could feel a sense of imbalance at 60MPH. Thought it was the tires, kept feeling g-force feeling, the night before my upper lip was tingling. I woke up real tired very unusual, and my front lip was numb, and sounds were to loud. I went to hospital they told me I have Bells palsy its been 5 days with little improvement. Can anyone help with some good suggestions.

  • I was just diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy on May 31st. I haven’t really had pain other than some minor neck soreness, but I’ve had numbness which is annoying more than anything. I had an ear infection for two weeks prior to the onset. I’m going to stick with the prednisolone and acyclovir, but I’ll boost the vitamins I’m taking too and I try acupuncture as well. I have a very mild case I’m told since mine is really not noticeable unless I smile, though I tend to smile a lot and since only 1/2 my face is working at the moment the ‘good’ side gets quite tired. My wife is also massaging my face every night using some natural healing rub. Good luck to everyone and I hope everybody improves.

  • I had bells palsy 13 years ago when I was 34 weeks pregnant. It started with a terrible pain in my left temple after I had slept in a draught. I then had terrible jaw ache for 2 days and then the left side of my face wouldn’t move. I was given a low dose of steroids initially. I was horrified and recovery was very slow. For nearly a year there was little improvement. Gradually some movement came back, but I still only have 3/4 of a smile and my left eye is smaller. It affected my left ear also as sounds were very loud on that side, but that has gone better now, I do still however have a rushing noise in that ear. I am extremely conscious of it and hate having my photo taken. I tried facial stimulation for the first year and homeopathy and facial exercises, but I don’t think they had much effect. I can only be thankful that it did recover to some extent and some kind people say they can’t notice it !! I certainly feel for anyone who has got it as it is very distressing and initially very difficult to go out socially, but on an optimistic note it does usually improve with time, even if it doesn’t completely go.

  • Hi to all. A brother had BP, and another brother is a chiropractor. I self diagnosed that I had contracted Bells Palsy on the 5th of this month. My chiropractor brother advised against the Western treatment of anti-viral in combination with steroid, and pointed me to this article. Although my symptoms were pronounced, we followed the recommendations of this article to the letter, including L-Carnosine, L-Carnitine, L-Lysine, etc. So, together with these I’m taking B Complex, B-12 *lozenges* (1000 mcg), adrenal supplement, Vitamin C (1,000 mg), Echinacea (800 mg 4x/day), Uva Ursi, Skullcap (before bed), and Valerian. Refresh Tears for dry eyes daytime, and Refresh PM for dry eyes night-time. I’ve also been eating aspirin, hoping to combat swelling and dull the pain. Anyway, in 2 days I noticed recovery. I’m 20 days into this now. Ten days ago I’d say I was about 70% recovered. My right eye wouldn’t even focus until then. Today I’m close to 90%, maybe even better, but stamina on that side of the face suffers a little, even as there is definite improvement every morning. The right side of my face is almost responding normally now. Some delay in and weakness in blinking and so forth.

    I could add a few things to the article. My case started with a very slight ear ache, then the headache as described in the article. There was an initial numbness which is very much like Novocaine. It’s a pretty sure thing to diagnose, even for us amateurs.

    Certain points on my face are quite painful still, but I’m fortunate to recover so much so fast I think. Probably immediate diagnosis and treatment are important. I’m writing largely for the sake of others. As this article stressed B-12, and as the form I have been taking is small lozenges, I’ve been taking considerably more B-12 than the article recommends. For the record, I went quite a while taking a 1,000 mcg lozenge in both the morning and evening. The brand I’ve been using is “No Shot” by Superior Source; and the recommended dosage *as a supplement* is 1,000 mcg/day, so I went ahead and doubled that the first two weeks.

    Best regards to all. Stay positive. Take care.

  • Thank you all. I just make a diagnosis days ago and taking prednisone and acyclovir, I’ve learned that these vitamins (B12) will help to regenerate nerve damage. I’m going to try some. Keep your spirits up Good luck all.

  • Thank you all. I just had a diagnosis days ago and taking prednisone and acyclovir. I’ve learned that these vitamins (B12) will help to regenerate nerve damage. I’m going to try some. Keep your spirits up Good luck all

  • Hi
    I hope someone can help/advise me – I was diagnosed with mild BP – had it for 10 weeks now though and it has still not gone – I read that mild forms should go quickly, but mine isn’t – is this it? am I stuck with it for good? what can I do? please please – any advise suggested – I thought mild cases went quicker?

  • Hi everyone again, I hope you are all hanging in there with this. I have started chewing gum for facial exercise. I bite my lip a lot on my left side where I have it, but I try to chew as much as possible on the left. As for B12 injections, when I wanted these for chronic pain, I found they would have to be compounded to get methylcobalamine, the better B12 form for absorption as I understand it. It could have been done, but it would have been somewhat expensive, and my doctor was no help. He wrote it wasn’t available in this country (US). He was so wrong. But I am taking the tablets under the tongue, a lot of them. At least one 5000 mcg a day, every time I take a Prednisone. I was told to make my eye shut at night with “surgical tape.” I am using soft post-surgery paper tape. I’m thinking sunglasses for driving might relief discomfort. Sorry to write so much again so soon. I’m wondering if taking B12 for the rest of my life might help ward off future attacks, along with the other B’s in proper proportions. Good luck all.

  • Hi. I was just diagnosed two days ago with this Bell’s Palsy on the left side. I went to Emergency. Hoping for the best. Thanks to all for the many suggestions. I also have a cold sore on my mouth so I guess mine is viral. Am taking prednisone and the B12 methylcobalamine under the tongue on my own. Will see doctor tomorrow. Wondering how I got it, I also had forceps birth and wonder if nerves were slightly damaged then. I had a filling end of March and had to go back, it is still giving me problems. Also mega stress with chronic neck pain from permanent whiplash-related injuries, for past the five years. I like the positive attitudes I read here. Don’t give up! And thanks again for all the tips.

  • Hi, I’m not sure if I have BP. I’m 22 I’ve had these symptoms ever since birth, 1- the right side of my face is slightly lower than the left 2-my eyebrow doesn’t move at all 3-my eye closes with a tiny bit open in the corner 4-I have what I call a half smile 5-very bad eyesight in my right eye 6-dipped hearing in my right ear. I have had every treatment imaginable nothing has changed and my doctor told me to accept it as permanent. Its very depressing!

  • Hi all. I have just been diagnoised. I woke up this morning and thought I had had a stroke so I went straight to the hopital. I am pregnant (30 weeks) and have been having pain in and around my ear for days. I visisted my doctors twice and one doctor said ear infection the other doctor said there was nothing wrong with me. But I knew there was some thing not right. The hospital was my saviour in a way I was just grateful the doctor found out what was wrong with me rather than being palmed off by my own doctors with false and wrong diagonosis. Now I have to take 10 tablets on a morning. Due to being pregnant I can only take a low dose but I hope with my fingers crossed that I will be ok.

  • hi, i’m 25 and i didn’t know there was such a disease b4 i got one. scary. I only found out because my eyes were really tired and went to an optometrist and did a chck, she said one eye wasn’t closing properly and referred me to a GP and just went to an ENT yesterday. Recommended me acyclovir but am not sure as it doesn’t guarantee 100% recovery after consumption :S

    i did some google search, it says:
    1) use ointment at night(lacri lube)
    2) acupunture
    3) eat garlic & olive oil (mash garlic with olive oil)
    4) use multivatimes complex w B vitamin
    5) avoid milk
    6) deep massage to face
    7) avoid exposure to wind
    8) exercise facial muscle daily (smile, lift eyebrow, try whistling, close eyes)
    9) pull smile (hold 10 seconds) – repeat
    10) put heating pad on low on affected area (hold 3 mins, rest 3 mins)
    11) drink lots of water
    12) sleep & rest adequately

  • I have had BP since birth and have been told that I have to endure it by my doctors.
    We believe it may have been down to them using foreseps on my head to assist in the birth which may have resulted in nerve damage.

    I spent a year and a half with the Parachute Regiment and was Medically Discharged because I could not fully close my right eye.

    I’m interested to know if anyone else has experienced this from birth or if everyone has only had it temporarily.


  • I have had bp for 2 weeks now. No pain when it started but now much of my face and ear is painful. I’m 31 years old and getting married soon….. I love to smile and this has been devastating to me. I was given a round of prednisone… At urgent care and was given no further direction. I will try the B12….but any other ideas would be helpful. Thanks

  • Hello. My husband had bell’s palsy for 2.5 months now, the condition has improved very much but he is stil not back to normal. B12 does help but you need to either put it under your tongue or get injections, if you take it orally, it will not work!
    I am considering the B12 patch and will update you on developments. Some sources also said that Echanicea, Zinc, Vitamin C, Licorice, Flaxseed oil. Vitamin B complex , acupuncture, facial exercises and massages, icing on the face also help the pain and inflammation. I have pretty much tried everything on him and now he is almost normal. Not sure what the reason for his recovery is.


  • Hi, I am one week into BP. I have not yet been to the Doctor .I bought B12 tablets in 100mcg. How many should I take and how often? Can anyone tell me what the cause of this is? At what point should I go to the Doctor?

  • Hi guys, I had bells palsy when I was 16, was put on steriods, and recovered quite well. My brother had it a few years later, but the doctor told him the best cure was to let it heal alone. I’m now 24 and feel it coming back again, I can still move the right side of my face, but its slowly numbing. Im going to the chemist looking for B12.

  • I had bells palsy four years ago and I still have side affects like when I laugh or smile…I just had my first son and the doctors put me on steriods and I have to massage my face alot.It took a while to recover but truth is no one ever recovers 100 per cent and what’s really crazy is my brother and my sister had it. My sister had it first then my brother then me.

  • After doing some more research, I found that there are numerous types of B12 vitamin. The one we need is of type ‘Methycolbalamin’ and it’s recommended to get injections not oral supplements. You’ll have to talk to you doctor and ensure they have this kind of B12. Also heard good things about the garlic supplement. I’m trying acupuncture. I have my 1st appointment this afternoon. Go to Google and search on ‘1995 Bells Palsy B12 Study’ and you’ll see what I’m referring to. Good luck!

  • Hi to all, I had Bells Palsy in Aug 08. My face did not drop but the whole of the left side of my face had no movement. I had the steroids treatment from the doctors ,that thay told me would help , not to sure if it did or not… I read many people’s stories about Bells Palsy and B12 Kept poping up. So, I had nothing to loose and got myself some B12 in tablet form. I took 3 or 4 at a time, 3 times a day and I do believe it helped speed up my recovery so do try it. It’s been 7 months since my face nearly came back to normal. I still can’t whistle but it is getting better every month. I used a whistle test as a guide line to how far my face come back to normal. DO TRY B12

  • Hi James, take BP seriously and the remedy you talk of is simply sad. Pray u never get BP.

  • My wife had a BP, I was out and my next door neighbours did some thing which sound weired but it works….Only the Grey (Called as Forest Pigeon) there blood is very very effective. Just for 15 minutes leave it on the side face and wash it then drink the soup of pigeon …. its no harm guaranteed but 100% cure… only works with in same day of BP….. it wont effect if you had bp over 2 days long….

  • I got BP in Mar. 08. It was scary. Stress was a big factor, had a tooth pulled a week prior to onset, the day before I was outside in the wind for a couple of hours. I was about 2 months into my pregnancy and I could not (would not) take any drugs. I had to let nature heal. I did and still do take B-12 (methylcobalamin) and L-Lysine. After about 3 months I was able to almost shut my eye and had some cheek movement. I have read a lot on acupuncture and seeing a chirpractor in the past couple days. I am going to give that a try. It sounds promising. This is hard to deal with still. Sure does change your attitude. I first thought “Why me”. Then I realized “Why not me”. It could be alot worst. I might not be able to smile real pretty, but at least I can smile. I feel like I recieved this for a reason and will have to take from this trial what I can. I do want to get better though. I just pray I will heal.

  • I have had Bell’s Palsy for about 8 months, trying natural antibiotics, antibiotics, prednazone ect.. at month three I went to the dentist and had a root canal.. within hours my face straightened and I improved immensely. HAVE YOUR TEETH CHECKED!!! I now have a crocked smile..and it was my best feature.. 🙁 I had another tooth pulled recently and the dentist mentioned that it may help as our facial nerves run near the roots of our teeth both top and bottom and another runs nearer the eye.. The three nerves come together near your ear..soo anything that causes swelling to any of these nerves can cause the palsy. I’m single and have always been told I’m gorgeous.. but after this not so much.. it’s quite painful. I’ve continued my career in selling and friends seem to respect me for not openly allowing this to change me, but loosing a smile is pretty huge. I cannot stress enough.. have your teeth checked!

  • Does anyone also feel a burning sensation in the foot while with bells palsy? I do and its worse than the palsy itself… Anyone?

  • I developed BP 3 years ago. Before the BP I had a severe tonsil pain and I got treatment for that. Two days later I felt a shock in my face and I went to the doctor with in hours they suggested rest and give some vitamins and the doctor said it will recover in time automatically. But I see no progress and planning to go to physio…
    Is it fully recoverable?

  • I have had bp for slightly over two years now. Recently out of frastruation, I took somebody’s amoxcillin and felt a lot better and I must say I was about 60% recovered before the amoxcillin but now I feel about 95% better.

  • hi all, i’m a 33 y/o female and am in my 3rd wk of BP, tried the steroids and heat treatment, also the B vitamin complex everyday and so far i’ve noticed the corner of my mouth lifting a tiny bit, still no eyebrow lift or eye closure but its a start! still have major pain behind my ear and facial tenderness, as if my face is bruised on the affected side, has anyone else experienced this? i also get a lot of twitching under my eye and it constantly streams tears also. my children are a great help to me, i just think that this whole experience could have been a lot worse and i’ve learnt not to take my health for granted, its should be a priority!

  • i have had bp for 3 and a half years i did not go away i get pain in my jaw ear pain a twitch in my face and a wonkey smile i was offerered botox but my face is to weak there is nothing i can do i am 28 years old and i have had it twice once when i was 14

  • I am from Sweden and I have had BP since November 30 2008 and although I met with 4 different doctors, I was unable to attain prednisone and acyclovir… tragic Swedish health care.

    Anyway, I have managed on its own way to order it from abroad, and only after 2 days the BP began to drop. I have now been well for nearly two months.

    Prednisone and acyclovirit is proven that it helps in many cases.

    Good luck to all! / J

  • Wow! Sure didn’t realize how many people suffer with this. On 01-07-09 I was struck suddenly by BP & put on prednisone & acyclovir the next day. I actually went through 2 cycles of prednisone. Horrible pain on affected side & ended up with severe ear infection so had to go on antibiotics. Sensitivity to loud sounds on affected side is brain piercing & so very painful. BP pain around ear lasted for 7 weeks; it’ll be 2 months this week and no change whatsoever. I’ve tried acupuncture, herbs from Pakistan (scary) & other homeopathic nerve cures & nothing. I’m going to get the sublingual vitamin B-12 & try that as well. Neurologist told me that as nerve grows back all is good until it tries to branch out & doesn’t know which exit to take; so you could end up trying to blink your eye but your lip will curl up or try to smile & your eyebrow goes up instead, etc. This is indeed a cruel affliction; I’m in sales and if this doesn’t resolve itself, it could be the end of a 29 year career. I wish all of you the very best in your ongoing battle with BP & if anyone thinks they’ve found the answer, please post it here for all to benefit from.

  • Hi all I’ve had BP for 12 years. I had surgery in april but it left me with a numb spot on my lip. I had 18 staples in my head. I now have 3 dents in my head now and not a great improvement any other ideas will be very welcome !!!!!!!

  • My husband was diagnosed with BP 2 weeks ago. It came on over 48hrs and he could not smile, raise his eyebrow or blink. I’m a nurse and recognised the symptoms straight away so got him to the GP straight away. GP put him on pred and acylovir and he is under the ENT team. I suggested Vit B12 so he started multi vits last week and he has almost fully recovered. No longer needed the eye ointment at night because he can keep his eye closed all night now. We are so relieved.

  • My husband was diagnosed with bp 2 wks ago. It came on over 48hrs and he cd not smile, raise his eyebrow or blink. Im a nurse and recognised the symptoms straight away so got him to the GP straight away. GP put him on pred and acylovir and he is under the ENT team. I suggested Vit B12 so he started multi vits last week and he has almost fully recovered. No longer needed the eye ointment at night cuz he can keep his eye closed all night now. We are so relieved.

  • My Son is 14 Years Old, healthy & energetic. He has recently been diagnosed with Bells Palsy (Partial) but the DR is not keen on treatments with steroids just yet. He said “see how the body responds first”. Will Vitamen B12 Lozengers help? Anybody in similar circumstances, can you offer advice or support?

  • I am 19 years old and I was diagnosed with BP 2 days ago. I’ve heard of it but didnt know anything about it. It really scarred me but reading your comments has helped I dont feel so alone in this. I am doing alot of reasearch and if I find anything new I will post it. And for those who have been suffering from this for a long time know that things can get better and stay strong. Good luck to you all and Thank You!!!!!!! 🙂

  • I am 19 years old and I was diagnosed with BP 2 days ago. I had heard of it but never really knew much about it. I am going to talk to my doctor about the B12 and see what she says it sounds like a good idea to try it. Anything that could help with recovery. And for those who have lived with this for so long good luck in finding something to help with your condition and i will continue to do research on my own and post if I find anything new.

  • “The dose of vitamin B12 is 500 mcg three times a week by injection. It is also possible to get vitamin B12 in 5 mg lozenges that can be taken up to eight times a day. ”

    I take 10 times * 5mg in 2 months now without effect, perhaps I should look at some other alternatives or a combination therapy of alternatives.

  • I am 36 and have had BP 2.5 months and taking very large doses (100,000 mcg) of B12 Methylcobalamin a day that many say will help but I have seen little improvements.

    Some say that B12 helps only if you have a B!” deficiency, and it is usually only vegetarians and alcoholics, and I am none of those.

    Unfortunately, I live in Sweden and I would like to shorten my recovery of BP, so I’m looking how I can get advice and help elsewhere.

    Take care everybody!

  • Surprising how many people have gone through this. I’m a 43-yr old female, developed BP after a virus caused an ear infection and went to the cranial(facial) nerve. The dormant viruses may flare-up in people due to stress or cold, etc. B12 sounds promising. I wonder what dosage of B12 tablets is beneficial, but still safe, e.g. not excess/potentially harmful? I’m 3 months into this and have seen 60 per cent improvement with gentle facial exercises and massaging, and rest. Recovery is incremental, someone told me it amounts to 1 mm per day. Good luck to everyone. It’s somewhat of a nightmare, but on the otherhand, I guess it could be worse.

  • Hi everyone, I had a cold or a flu moderate case. I took some dayquil on my way to school several hours later my lips felt numb as if i had been to the dentist. I wae terrified i thought i had a stroke class was the longest 4 hours i ever had. i left school and went straight to the emergency room the ER Dr. immediately thought i had BP. my face was swollen on the right but not droopy. The neurologist saw me and confirm it was not BP. The nest morning my entire right cheek is numb. HELP this sounds like BP to anyone.

  • I have had BP 5 times in the last five years – about a year apart except this time and it has only been 7 months. Each time it started with the aching behind the ear and felt like the ear lobe ached. It took me 1-2 weeks each time to get over it. My doctor has always started me on the prednisolone. I am going to the doctor today and will ask him if the B12 will help in the long run. I hate worrying about this and almost knowing that I am going to get it every year. I do sleep with a bedroom window open a couple of inches and can sometimes feel the cool air – I plan to close the window starting tonight to see if that helps. I also plan to wear hats and scarfs when I am out in the cool weather. Anyone have any suggestions on what causes this so often?

  • For those suffering Bells Palsy try to use a garlic supplement daily.In 1997 I suffer Bells Palsy for 3 weeks then in 2001 again I suffer for another 3 weeks then after that I took a garlic supplement and I never encountered it again. For me garlic is a powerful herbal medicine and it helped me a lot.

  • hi i’ve just been browsing all the comments. i am up 2 my second week now and i’ve been taking the steroids which have made a bit of difference. And also going to have electro currents next week to help. good luck 2 every one

  • Hi to all bp suffers i have had bp for 23 years.
    When i was first diagnosed my doctor told me that it would clear up within 4 to 6 weeks, after about 6 months you realize that its not hapening for you & you are desperate for any help that is available.
    I tried chinese acupuncture for about 9 months which did help
    but i was still not any better.
    Then i was refereed for plastic surgery, i had 3 operations in all which consisted of having a piece of muscle taken from my
    upper chest & a nerve taken from the back of my right leg and inplanted into my face,its helped a great deal but i will never be 100%
    i now have a numbness going down my leg to the bottom of my ankle.
    To all BP sufferers good luck and lets hope that there will a cure one day.

  • Hi everyone I am 8 weeks into “Bells Palsy” or Hells bells as I call it! took medication for 2 weeks but it is only last couple of weeks it seems to be improving. I do take B12 every day since onset and do facial exercises. I was very distressed at the start as I am so conscious of my appearance and found it difficult to go out, but feel more confident now.I think it needs time and will go when it is ready.Keep your spirits up and try to feel positive it does help.Good luck to all.

  • I don’t know if I have it or not…

    but since 6 months my smile and laughter has changed… both corners of my lips would droop when I try to smile or laugh…

    now my right side is cured but my left side is not !!! I’m afraid that I’ll never eat properly…

    If anyone have had similar symptoms let me know.

  • Hi, I’ve had bells palsy for 13 years now and I’ve had surgery for it, and I’ve tried taking some B-12 and still nothing what other methods should I approach to cure my self of this ailment??

  • I got bell’s palsy in September of 07. After about 3 months I was 99 % fully restored. A week and 1/2 ago I got it again just on the left side of my face. I am on predisone but the doctors accidentally overdosed me, so my internal symptoms (facial pain, headaches, ear ringing) have been ten times worse then just with the bells. I have decided to stop taking the steroids and focus more on B12. I have been taking it everyday since getting BP.
    Does anybody know how much exactly to take depending on how bad your symptoms are?

  • I contracted BP May 2007 and was treated with steroids and told to rest. Two weeks later I lost my hearing and have been partially deaf since on the side of the paralysis. Is there any way that i can get my hearing back?
    I started acupuncture eight weeks ago and it is providing relief. Will be trying B12 and other treatments mentioned above.

  • I came down with bells Palsy 2 weeks before Christmas 2008 read the article and by christmas day was at 85% recovered and I believe with prayer and Vitamin B12 8 times a day and no coffee contributed to my recovery. Thank you for B12 suggestion

  • I had BP right after I had my son,shortly after I ended up with it being bi-lateral where my whole face was parylized for 3 weeks. Im not fully recovered but it is back to just the left side of my face. Here recently I guess with the cold weather my left side is starting to get worse again.It has been almost 6 months.

  • Hi I had BP when I was 21, it started with a coldsore and my whole bottom lip doubled in size. It seemed to get 90% better 6 weeks later, the next day I woke to find the other side of my face had BP and my GP had never known this to happen! Now 15 years later my right side of my face which was the first side that went is 100% better but my left side is only 80% and I miss my full smile :0(

  • Help i got told ive got bells palsy today ive never heard of it before i was very shocked and scared. Its so horrible i cant talk!! really hope it goes with the Aciclovir and prednisolone the doctor gave me but going to try b12 aswel really feel for the people who have had it most of their life!!

  • I am amazed at how many people have experienced BP. I had my first episode when I was 11 or 12 yrs old, and I just knew I was the only one in the world experiencing this face and life chaning condition. My first episode lasted pretty much clear through highschool never really got my full smile back. My second episode was when I was 28 years old it only lasted for three or four weeks. I am now currently experiencing a 3rd episode of BP, hit me on 11/01/2008, stressing really bad at that time when it struck. I was put on anti-virals and prednisone. I have very little movement in my nose and check area, little eyebrow movement, my toungue is no longer numb, but my eye keeps tearing and it’s somewhat hard to pronunciate certain words; it’s been about a month since this episode struck. I’ve been also taking garlic softgels, V-E, VB-complex along with meds. It’s painful having had experience this so many times but I believe BP is my nemisis. I’m pretty numb mentally now from the BP episodes but I’m determined to find a natural cure through vitamins. Plan on trying the Vitamin B family especially 12, niacin, and V-C, Zinc, I’ve learned that these vitamins help regenerate nerve damage. I’m gonna try some Cayenne or (Capisicum) this is suposed to help regenerate blood flow. I don’t know what will work but I don’t want to take another 3 weeks or 3 years of my life trying to get better. I know eventually with time my face will improve it always have except for my smile, this go around I’m hoping and praying for a complete recovery along with my smile. HAVE FAITH PEOPLE, BP IS A MYSTERY; VISUALLY AND MENTALLY IT WEARS YOU DOWN, be strong through your episode, I know it’s hard but in time you will get better. I know, I’ve experienced it three times in my lifetime and I’m only 38 years old.

  • Hi i have had BP now for two weeks. Mine started with a severe headached for two days. I’ve had the steroids and viral tablets which i’m told aren’t really that helpful. After completing my course of steroids i got really bad pain in my face for which i am taking Carbamazepine which i have to say has helped me a great deal. Though i still get headaches and pain around my ear.
    Someone on here has previously mentioned pigeon which i have been told by so many people to have. I can’t say its worked straightaway but i’m willing to try anything. So i have been having Quail and Pigeon soup everyday for the last two weeks!
    I have to say there must be something good about Quails as my mum who had a stroke had been eating quails and that helped her a great dealwith her recovery.
    I am very surprised as to how many people have posted on here that have said they’ve had it for years. That does concern me quite a bit so i’m going to take a few tips and try the vitamins and healthy diet.
    Good luck to everyone and God Bless.

  • Hey I just got BP for the second time in 6months on the other side of my face! First time took around 4 months to get to 100% This time doesn’t seem as bad, fairly worried though about residual side affects, im 24. When i first got it i did nothing but just wait, This time through im getting Physio a few times a week and am on prednisone, however im gaining some weight which sucks! The pain is the worst thing! However its a good excuse for abit of R & R 😀
    May God be with you all during this time.

  • Hi, I’m forty this year and developed bells palsy in feb 2006. i had a strange but very uncomfortable headache above my left side of my temple weeks beforehand and pain behind me left ear days before. then i went to laos and got heavy food poisoning, which left me on my back with the aircon on heavy on my neck and back,.. i dont know if this added to to the severity or not,.. but a day after my return to bangkok my face dropped,. i suffered nose bleeds everyday, headaches, watering eye and nose etc and hearing problems, sweating and loss of energy. i looked very strange and it affected me pretty badly emotionally as i was going thru a separation at the time too! arggh. i did try steroids, and Vit B but after 12 months not much change except the nosebleeds and hearing got better. end of year 2 my eye shuts and i can move my face, but my mouth stays flat as does my eyebrow. i still have watering when eating or in windy or cold weather. I have tried one or two acupunctures, but will try some more as i believe it may work over time. Stress doesn’t help, but i do believe it feels worse than it looks,. and i’ve learned to accept myself with it. on bad days it does bother me, but mainly it’s ok, just a weird one. got plantar facsiitis now as well,.. another odd ailment.

  • hi I am 20years old, I’v had bells palsy since I was around 15, I was told by my GP that it may or may not fully recover she never really told me much about it and its really starting to get to me as I get older, I hate having pictures taken because I look awful and I look like I have a lazy eye and a funny half smile, its starting to really upset me, I’m sick of the comment like ‘whats up with your eye’ or ‘wHats up with ur face’ is ther anyway of curing this?? I will try anything!! I have my wedding coming up next year and I am not looking forward to getting pictures taken at all!!! please help!!

  • hi i am 20 years old, iv had bells paulsey since i was around 15, i was told i wud never be able to get rid of it and i wud stay this way, is this true? it really upsets me and i dont really like to talk about it with people, i often get asked ‘whats rong with your eye’ or ‘whats rong with your face’ can any1 help?? i will try anything!!

  • Yeah, i got BP on 11/18. Im taking the predisone and 2000 mcg B12 tablets, i’ll let everyone know how it goes. Hopefully it goes away soon.

  • hello all i have had bp for over a year and about 85% recovered. I tried every technique described and a few i came up with myself. although this may seem aggressive, i highly recommend the use of medical marijuana. yes, out of all the techniques i feel that marijuana has helped tremendously with my condition. This in combination with acupuncture and a good diet are key. Don’t do electrostimulation to the facial nerve as it is much to blunt and harsh and is in my opinion not helpful at all. The key is to relax and let the body do its healing so kick back for a couple weeks, eat healthy, exercise your face and body, and roll up god’s gift. dont panic its organic people

  • I was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy on 10-13-08 and have yet to see improvement other than the pain has subsided. It was very bad for a time. I took the usual medications prescribed, but not so sure I would at this point as there is no indication these help as many have recovered without them and there are serious side effects to consider. In fact I have a problem now that may be a result of the medication says the orthopedic doctor I am seeing. From this point, at lease for a good while, I may continue with the Complex B, the self massage and R @ R. It is certainly not pleasant but there are so many things to have that could be much worse.

  • Hi, i have had BP for 19 months now.I just wanted to know if anyone knows if it is normal to be still having pain in my ear. I also have lots of days where my face feels so stiff and tight that its to much effort to even talk or eat.My face also aches really bad.I am also having problems with my two front teeth it seems that i am grinding them during my sleep which is now wearing my teeth away.I was wondering if anyone else has this problem or is it just me.

  • Hi everyone my 4yr old daughter has BP it has just been confirmed 4/11 it only started on 3/11 she was sent straight to the neurologist at Yorkhill kids’ hosp on 4/11 were they have put her on Steriods & Virecolin to attack virus back, Our doctor said he has never seen it in a child so young which is quite scary, i was reading over everyone’s comments and will pop to my local health shop to stock up on VB12 to see if this will speed up the recovery Thank You

  • Hi. My grandpa was just told he has BP three days ago. He was told it was caught every early on. So he has a good chance of recovery. I bought him some B12 and Gingko. Is there anything else anyone would recommend? Anything would be greatly appreciated.

  • I am 42 years old, I was just told this week from the doctors that I have BP. My left side of my face, I do not smile right anymore, my eye does not shut all the way, I am on Prednisone & Acyclovir. I am afraid I am at that age where I might not be curred, I will look into B12 and Acupuncture but it’s hard when you are just layed off and now lacking insurance…any help ot suggestions would very much be appreciated. GOD BLESS YOU all for your comments and ideas and strenghts.

  • hello ,i too have bp as i have just come from my gp today and have all the syptoms which comes with it. my gp says it is a trapped nerve from behind the ear. it started with pain behind the ear, headaches drooping on the mouth and numbness all on the left side.he prescribed prednisone with eye cream as the eye needs protecting the most because of its dryness and i do not believe it was off a draught.

  • I was diagnosed with BP on the 26 October, second time around, 25 years since the first. I am on Prednisone and an anti viral as well undergoing Hyperbaric treatment (2hrs per day) which according to the DR will speed up the recovery period by at least 20%. Any comments on this treat and can you take B12 at the same time. Your comments would be appreciated.

  • Hello, I too have BP or i think i do. pain in my jaw and neck area right below my ear on the left side. I have to struggle to close my left eye and when I smile my left side wont hardly even budge! I also noticed my hearing is more sensitive in my left ear also. I can put up with the mouth and eye movements but the pain in the jaw area is almost like having a 24/7 headache. Havent been to a doc or hospital but plan on taking b12 and getting a face massage!!

  • Hello I am 30 weeks pregnant, I started to get bells palsy last Thursday when I was at work. I noticed my bottom lip was not functioning like it should…thought I was turning in to Jackie Stallone! Docs think it was shingles which brought it on. I’ve had no pain or rash. I’m on antiviral tablets and zovirax for my eye which won’t shut. I’m going to try acupuncture too. I’m taking pregnecare everyday which has b12 in so hopefully I will fight this! good luck everyone!

  • I have bp, today is my 3 week, and I have been reading all this comments, and I’m glad to did it, because I was very afraid, I never heard about it before. I just want to say I’m agree with the cause could be draught playing on the side of the face, I feel the first symptom after got out a store during 2 hrs there, I suppose my eyes already tired, and the parking lot had a very good breeze, when I got home I tried to wash my face, and my eye didn’t respond to close. Oh! all I can say this is a very disappointing condition. Good look to every body.

  • My age is 27, I had a bell’s palsy problem. Can i have a sex with my wife?Ican i take take any sex tablets? if i want? please send me answer

  • I’m only about 1 week into BP for the 1st time. BUMMED!!!!! The eye is the worst part. Just wish I could close it. I’m trying the B complex vitamins but I wonder why my Doc never put me on Anti Viral meds. I may have to check on that when I see him this week.

  • I had BP like 6 years ago and recovered from it slowly. I got all movement back in like 6 months, but Its been six years and I was left with the affects that you have after BP, like when you smile my eye closes more on the affected side..does anyone have this annoying problem as well? Or is there anyone out there that knows of any cure of doctor or medicine..Im desperate!!! Please Help!!!!

  • plz i realy need to know if i have this BP the left side of my face is nor totally frozen but kinda pressed and numb my ear hole became smaller and my eybrow’s shape is being changed i have jaw pain sometimes and i always have headahk i can nor look up and when i try to look up my left eye gets tired and after 2 minutes it drops plzzzz give me an ideaa what is this i am getting crazy

  • BP I had it 3 times, 15 years apart, the last one in July/09. When I first had it I tried steroids but did not work and after 6 long months with the condition I become aware of ultra violet light as well as vitamin B12 (injections), I set in front of the U.V.light lamp for 5 minutes the first day, 6 minutes the 2nd up to 10minuts on the 10th day, I could feel the muscle on the effected side slowly regaining its movements and soon I was cured. the 2nd time and the one I had last July I was not able to find the U.V.light lamp so prednisone was needed for 1 week. After I went to a naturapath who gave me BP drops which he made it and vitamin B12 to put under the tongue and most of all stay away from cold draughts on your face. I am now 95% recovered.Do not give up!

  • You guys think you got it bad I’ve had it my whole life and it just gets worse every year and it will never go away

  • I believe after having bp twice that it is caused by a draught playing on the side of the face.Iwent out with damp hair sat in a car with the window slightly open and awoke next morning with bp,a friend of mine went on to get bp and said the i have mucus continually sitting in my throat and causing a cough because of damage to nerves can anyone help with this please.?My bp was 10 years apart but damage was more severe second time around[painful]

  • It broke my heart to see the 9-year old girl’s suffering. I’m not sure if my experience helps. I’ve had BP for 3 weeks now. During the first 2 weeks I took Anti-viro and some other vitamins with daily acupuncture treatment. However the acupuncture doctor was not experienced and after 8 intensive treatment nothing happened. Starting from week three I found another acupuncture doctor with much more experience who taught me to take Vitamin B12. He also did deep facial massage for about 30 minute with each visit. Now by the end of the 3rd week (treatment every other day) I can already see muscle movement on my right face. My right face looks relaxed and my mouth looks much better than just a week ago. I am looking and feeling better each day – I can close my right eye 90% and can finally manage a smile without feeling too sad. My experience is: find the right doctor who combines deep facial massage with acupuncture; meanwhile take Vitamin B12 daily (take 2-3 times usual dosage).

  • Try to raise the temp. in your bedroom.Make sure that cold air is not blowing on you when you sleep.Cold air can be a cause for this condition, and may slow recovery.I am trying to recover now, and I only hope this helps someone.Good luck to everyone.

  • My 9 year old daughter has bp this is her 7th week and it seems to be getting worse. The doctors did not give any meds and will not!! I don’t know what else to do. Can I give her all these vitimans? Any one have any ideas?????

  • Please help me – I’m suffering from bells palsy for less than a week now. May I know what the home remedies for bells palsy are or is there any food to avoid in order be healed easier?

  • This is my 2nd bout with this annoying disease. The 1st time was in 1997, wasn’t all that bad then. I think this time is a little worse. Will try the b12 and hope and pray that it works.
    nice to know that I’m not alone. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

  • Hi everyone, this is my 2nd time around, although this one they say is Ramsay Hunt; only difference I have noticed between this and BP is the pain in my ear. I got on to this straight away as initially I thought I was having a stroke. Hospital prescribed Prednisolone and asked my GP for Zovirax just in case. The biggest relief I found was when I started using Vitamin B12 – I doubled the usual dose, and after this I added vitamin Zinc + B6 Magnesium. I have used hot wheat packs to ease the pain and gently massaged my face (not to often with the massaging). I’m almost back to normal and it’s now just over two weeks – I will take another 2 days off from work and then I think I’m ready to resume with a 3/4 smile possible and double winks – I’m a receptionist so speech and looks are important. Good luck all.


  • My husband had BP 3 weeks ago and now has recovered 80%. This is all due to eating Pigeon Meat – no joke this seriously works. We were advised of this by many people from the South Asia region where BP is common. Pigeon meat is rich and hot and this really does help – I cannot emphasize this enough.
    Facial Massage with olive oil also helped and hot towels.

  • Hi there to all or had and to all who may have this disease. Please be calm and firmly believe that nothing can over ride you. I am having this problem from past few days and i strongly believe that nothing can stop me. So friends just have a strong belief that you will get cured and just follow the right prescriptions that ur doctor gives you.

  • Hi every one
    im milad 24 years old and i’m unlikly 12 years cored bells pulsy,

    i tried eny drugs and visited many of doctor’s in iran.

    enyone can help me about that?

  • Hi Everyone,
    I have had BP twice now. The first time I was about 19 and fully recovered with steroid and anti-viral treatment. This time I am 29 years old, 37 weeks pregnant and in the very early stages. I am trying to stay positive but it is hard because treatment is not possible untill the baby is born. Thanks to everyone for sharing – it really does help to hear that I am not alone!

  • I’ve had Bells Palsy for at least 4 years now.
    I’ve recovered 60% or so. I’ve done many treatments such as acupuncture. When I had bells palsy for the first time, no one realized until a few months later. I haven’t recovered fully. I need advice. please help!

  • just got bp never heard of it before. i’m on anti viral and steroids but now i have read about b12 i will give it a go best of luck to everyone

  • I’ve had Bells Palsy twice now, the first time when I was 8 and the second time when I was 12.

    The first time I had it for 6 mounths, but the second time I only had it for 3 weeks. How strange?

  • first of all i want to say hi to everyone
    i had bells palsy about 1 year now but i didn’t fully recover but i have recoved 90 percent only attending chinese acupuncture.
    is there a chance i might go back to normal if i use the b12 cuz i didn’t use it before or is it probably too late
    i can close my eye fully but i can’t hold air inside the mouth

    please guide me to the right direction

  • hello , i’m hadi and i have bell’s and it 1 week before my university enterance exam and now it’s 6 month that i am not cured ! i did all of them , and i’m using hot pack for it , and i used all of vitamins and i do the special examinations ( also fisiotropy , and electric shocks ! ) but still my eye have the most problem !
    i’m really anxious of it ! i don’t know what can i do more ! plz help me

  • I’m into my 7th month of BP and have seen no progress since the onset. I’m beginning to lose hope.

  • In my 6th month of BP and only recently learned about the B12 injections. Does anyone have experience with the injections helping this far into the process?


  • I am currently recovering from BP; it will be 6 weeks this coming Wednesday and I am at about 90% recovered. I took all supplements in this article, as well as had acupunture several times a week. The Chinese doctor doing acupuncture had me change my diet to fruits, veggies, whole grains; meditation, positive thinking, exercise. Also read The Cure by Timothy Brantley which I highly recommend. This experience has changed my life for the better since I’m getting healthier by the day and recovering so quickly — and yes, I had full blown (not partial) BP. 1st improvement was noticed in 1 1/2-2 wks and has gotten better every week since. I work more than full time & am always busy but have reset my priorities with health now being #1. Hope this helps!

  • I suffered from a pretty bad case of BP about 5 years ago when I was pregnant with my twin boys. I am still not fully recovered and have residuals… Anyone have any miracle cures? I’m all ears.

  • Hi, a good friend of mine is getting married July 5th and she suffers from Bells Palsy. About a month ago she woke up and had no movement on the left side of her face. Although there has been some improvement, I was wondering what else she could do to help in the upcoming weeks? Anymore suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

  • I had bell’s palsy about 5 years ago. Up until last year I had been about 75% recovered. And most people except doctors who were familiar with it couldn’t tell I had had BP. Then I had a few acupuncture sessions with electro-stimulation in 2007 and it helped me feel 90% recovered- I was amazed. I felt acupuncture with electro stimulation was the only thing that helped me after conventional western approaches had nothing left to offer. I know this is anecdotal – but I believe it worked for me.

    Unfortunately the BP struck again in May 2008, luckily I had it before so I am not so emotionally disturbed by it and know that recovery is possible, though slow. However this time I believe my recovery is being speeded up and here is what I am doing. In the 1st week I took prednisone, and acyclovir, and motrin and I began acupuncture. I also changed my diet and include vitamin supplements with B vitamins, warm compresses, facial massage, facial exercise, and avoiding wind/cold and sun exposure . Now I am beginning to do regular aerobic exercise and I feel as if my recovery and my symptoms in this episode are much better than in my first episode 5 years ago.

  • My father aged 80 has bells palsy, and 2 weeks ago he also had an infected ear on the same side. His doctor treated him with steroids (prednisone) and ear and eye drops – he’s now just about 100% back to normal. I do believe very strongly in B12 and folic acid together, as well as MSM, as I have taken both for different problems.

  • we have a good friend with Bell’s Palsy and we will give it a try. He has had the symptoms for over a week now

  • i have had bells palsy for ten years and the pain comes and goes. what can i do to be pain free?

  • Well I’ve had it for 7 years and meds didn’t work so I’m looking into micro-electric current treatments.

  • i have this bell palsy and its still not cured after 6 months and i have been doing all of these treatments and its still not working.
    what shall i do??

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