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heart attack, stroke

Diabetes Drugs Linked To Increased Heart Failure Risk

Metformin is one of the drugs that is prescribed to those with type 2 diabetes as a mainstream gold standard… And when I say, “gold standard” it doesn’t actually mean that there are any alternatives your doctor will offer you instead of taking this drug. The kicker is that metformin can cause a lot of […]

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PSA reading

8 Signs Of Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer remains the second most common cause of death from cancer among men. In the UK it is estimated that there are over 40,000 new cases of prostate cancer diagnosed every year; and the American Cancer Society estimates that in the US there were 220,800 new cases, in 2015 alone. The signs every man […]

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Gum Disease, CoQ10, Vitamin C

CoQ10 And Vitamin C Can Help Reverse Gum Disease

Frequent bleeding when you brush your teeth, swollen and sensitive gums, pain when chewing and bad breath can all signal gingivitis – an infection of the gums that a staggering seven out of ten people suffer from to varying degrees. It’s important that you don’t ignore these symptoms, as left untreated gingivitis can lead to […]

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vitamin D

Vitamin D Deficiency Linked To Irritable Bowel Syndrome

In the past few years, vitamin D, the sunshine vitamin, has proven to be one of the most powerful disease-fighting vitamins out there, with benefits ranging from boosting your immune system to reducing the risk of the incurable neurological condition, Multiple Sclerosis. Now a new study, published in the British Medical Journal Open Gastroenterology, shows […]

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