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The Mediterranean Diet Is Best for Diabetics

If you suffer from type 2 diabetes, you will know better than anyone that the mainstream’s dietary advice to help curb and control this condition doesn’t leave a lot to be desired — bland, tasteless meals that make you feel like you are staring at a life sentence eating prison slop. Putting delicious back on […]

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sugar, obesity, sugar tax

Will The UKs Sugar Tax Actually Work?

It took years. If not decades. But finally, the UK government has taken a massive step forward by introducing a new Sugar Tax on the fizzy drinks industry in an effort to combat obesity. But will the sugar tax have any effect on the amount of sugar fizzy drinks manufacturers hide in our drinks? Sweet […]

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cancer, breast cancer, BRCA, gene mutation , double mastectomy

Breast Cancer Prevention: Think Twice Before You Go Under The Knife

Not too long ago, Angelina Jolie set off a media furore when she had both of her breasts removed as a breast cancer preventive measure. Jolie made the decision after her mother died of breast cancer at the age of 56 and genetic testing later indicated that Jolie carried the BRCA gene mutation that signals […]

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Ginkgo Biloba Could Help In The Fight Against Glaucoma

Imagine losing your eyesight… slowly you begin to struggle with blurred vision, not being able to focus and letters dancing all over the page when you are reading. The frustration and the feeling of being completely powerless against this distressing symptom of the ageing process must be truly frightening. Sadly, what I’ve just described is […]

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