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statin drugs, heart disease

Take Statin Drugs Or Die…

“Having read many of your articles on statin drugs I have stopped taking mine and I can definitely say it’s the best thing I have done after I have been taken them for years. It’s only been a week and I have no kidney pain and my tremors a lot less!” That comment was recently […]

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Mental Health: Are You Okay?

Mental Health – it’s a topic people don’t talk about… and we’re all paying the price for it… mainly because of a deep-rooted stigma in our society in which we are told that unless we are anything but perfect there is something “wrong” with us. And yet, once we put ourselves under the looking glass, […]

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Powerful Herb Shows Promise In The Fight Against Cancer

Sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua L.) has been used for over two millennia in traditional Chinese medicine for a variety of complaints, ranging from skin disorders to high blood pressure… and now it turns out it can even help in the fight against cancer. Artemisinin, the active component found in sweet wormwood has also been used […]

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Astaxanthin, salmon, eyesight, vision

Astaxanthin: Dementia Breakthrough On The Horizon

Astaxanthin – the pigment that gives salmon its pink colour – has already been proven to provide significant relief from the pain and stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome. This powerful antioxidant is up to 550 times more effective as an antioxidant than vitamin E and has also shown benefits for eye, skin […]

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