Goats Milk May Help To Eliminate Peptic & Duodenal Ulcers


Goats arent cuddly. They dont have large, expressive eyes. Theyre skittish and noisy and often have oddly shaped heads. Its not hard to understand why goats don’t enjoy the devoted affection we give to dogs and cats.

But if you’re looking for healthy milk products, you can forget about dogs and cats, of course and even cows because goats milk is truly remarkable in a number of ways that cows milk is not.

Goat milk may help heal peptic ulcers

The topic of goats milk was brought up in a surprising e-mail I received from an HSI member named James. At age 27 James consulted a doctor about a stomach pain. Heres his story:

I was diagnosed with duodenal ulcers, and so very many lesions that the Dr.’s fluoroscope could hardly see through them. He asked when I wanted surgery to get them out? I said I’ll think about it and let you know.

I didn’t have the surgery, but I did rid myself of the ulcers. The CURE that worked for me was one and a half pints a day of unpasteurised GOATS MILK, right from the GOATS to my refrigerator. Three months might have been long enough, but I did stay on the regimen for approximately one year.

After another year had passed, James ran into his doctor and told him how hed treated his ulcer. When his doctor seemed skeptical, James replied, You put me in front of your fluoroscope again and look for them.

He did, and his only comment was, How did they disappear? And when I told him, his only remark was, Huh, I’ve heard of that before. End of story. To this day I have not had a recurrence of Ulcers am now 79 years old.

Goats milk is more nutritious than cows milk

James experience is not uncommon. Goats milk has a reputation for being easy to digest, with a calming effect on peptic ulcers that occur in the stomach and in the section of small intestine (called the duodenum) located just below the stomach.

I checked in with US HSI Panellist Dr Allan Spreen to ask him what it is about goats milk that would have this highly beneficial effect on ulcers. His take: It’s the nutrition. In an e-mail, Dr. Spreen wrote, Why goats milk is good for helping with ulcers may have less to do with the fact that it’s from a goat than the fact that all the nutrients and enzymes are intact, offering superior nutrition over anything pasteurised and homogenised.

Goats milk is actually closer to human milk than cow’s milk (though still with some fatty acid differences). It is naturally homogenised (like human milk), and lower in fat than cow’s milk (just not as financially feasible).

It’s the ‘raw’ that becomes significant. In the case of goat’s milk it seems to be easier to obtain raw in many local areas, and is often better tolerated by infants that cannot handle cow’s milk.

It is not advisable for pregnant women to drink or eat raw milk products .

Butterfat offers protection from bacteria

Dr. Spreen told me that the Weston A. Price Foundation has good information about goat milk. When I went to the WAP web site (westonaprice.org), I found an article about fats with a very specific analysis of the butterfat from goats.

Dr Mary Enig and Sally Fallon note that a unique six-carbon capric acid (a short-chain fatty acid) is mostly found in goat butterfat. Enig and Fallon write: These fatty acids have antimicrobial properties that is, they protect us from viruses, yeasts and pathogenic bacteria in the gut. They do not need to be acted on by the bile salts but are directly absorbed for quick energy.

If you live in a rural area you may be able to easily find a local goat farmer who offers fresh, raw goats milk. City dwellers may need to resort to good health food shops or the Internet where you can find many brands of goats milk products.

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  • Answer to acid reflux, go on a distilled water fast for 7-9 days. Water only, as much as you can drink. Days 2-3 you might not feel well, after that it is smooth sailing. Completely cured my acid reflux after years of trying everything else. To keep your stomache in order thereafter, water fast 2-3 times a year for 1 week. Thats all you have to do!

  • I will try goat milk, I am currently having some improvements with slippery elm. I have being suffering from acid reflux disease for the past nine years.

  • My sister had ulcers when we were growing up. An old timer told my mom to “get that girl some goat milk”. She bought the kind in a can. Of course she had to trick my sister into drinking it. She added a little sugar and vanilla flavoring. 6 months later Mom took her back to the doctor & there were no signs of ulcers. My sister is now 48yrs old and has not had any more problems with ulcers.

  • I have been treated for over twenty years for acid in my stomach, never found anything that could really help. afew days and it’s back again. I was told to try goats milk , been drinking it just 2 days, and I have it on good authority that it will help or even cure my acid reflux. I will wait and see.

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