Osteoporosis: Dietary Calcium Plus Supplements Can Strengthen Your Bones


Healthy women who want to take active steps to promote bone health might have a few questions after reading this headline above a NutraIngredients-USA article: ‘Dietary Calcium Better for Bones than Supplements – Study’ 
So what does this mean? Are calcium supplements ineffective? Should women forget about supplements and just drink a gallon of milk every day? 
A closer look at the article – and the study – reveals useful answers (along with insights from our nutrition physician, HSI Panelist Dr Allan Spreen).  
Headline grabber  
US researchers at Washington University School of Medicine (Division of Bone and Mineral Diseases) in St. Louis interviewed nearly 170 healthy postmenopausal women to determine their average daily intake of calcium from supplemental and dietary sources. The Washington team also measured bone mineral density (BMD) in the spine and femoral neck (the section of the femur that’s most vulnerable to fracture) of each subject.  

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  • Hello, am surprised that there is so little mention of (a) the need for Vits D&K with any sort of calcium, to help build bone and (b) the serious ‘epidemic’ of Vitamin D deficiency that’s affecting so many of us in the northern hemisphere – much worse in those with dark skins and who, culturally, dress to cover themselves up and so reduce their exposure to the sun.

  • Thankyou, very comforting and informative, having stopped drinking milk I have been concerned about calcium and BMD.

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