How Big Pharma Tried to Gag This Remarkable Cancer Pioneer

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Let’s say you’re a doctor (a biochemist, to be more precise)
who dedicates almost your entire life to cancer research.
Finally, you discover the genetic mechanism that could
possibly cure most human cancers…

Now, you’d think the medical authorities would embrace you
with open arms and immediately roll out the red carpet.
After all, the world has been waiting for a cancer cure for
goodness knows how long…

This, unfortunately was not the case when Dr. Stanislaw
Burzynski, a polish-born physician from Houston, Texas, in
the US, developed a non-toxic, gene targeted cancer medicine
in the 1970s… In fact, his discovery was treated as a
criminal offence!…

Dr. Burzynski’s story was recently highlighted in Nutrition and Healing – Dr. Jonathan Wright’s monthly journal… and Dr. Wright knows all to well what it feels like to be hounded by the medical authorities

The results speak for themselves

Dr. Burzynski’s story begins back in the early 1970’s when
he discovered that people suffering with cancer lacked a
certain peptide, in comparison to those who were cancer-
free. This led him to develop a treatment known as
antineoplastons – a gene-targeted therapy that uses a non-
toxic mixture of peptides and derivatives of amino acids,
known to act as molecular switches as well as genetic
switches, turning on cancer suppressing genes, while
simultaneously turning oncogenes (cancer genes) off!

Of course, there are other gene-targeting cancer drugs
available today, but they only target a small number of
specific cancer genes, whereas antineoplastons target a wide
spectrum of cancer genes – about 100 of them at the same
time! To put it plainly, antineoplastons are to cancer what
a broad-spectrum antibiotic is to infectious disease…

The clinical trial data of conventional cancer therapies
versus antineoplastons stacked against each other, shows
exactly what the remarkable benefits of antineoplastons are.

Studies have shown that 5 out of 54 patients (9 per cent)
treated with radiation or chemotherapy, were cancer-free at
the end of treatment. In comparison to 5 of 20 patients
treated (25 per cent) with antineoplastons being cancer-free
at the end of treatment… Best yet, antineoplastons are
completely non-toxic… definitely not a benefit of chemo or
radiation therapy, which are both side effect ridden and in
some cases even cause cancer!

Whilst in my eyes (and probably the thousands of cancer
patients treated by Dr. Burzynski), the man deserves a medal
for his dedication and commitment alone, the American
Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Big Pharma, and the
National Cancer Institute did not feel the same…

Silencing the truth

Despite treating thousands of patients successfully, Dr.
Burzynski has suffered a tremendous onslaught from Big
Pharma and the medical authorities. To start with, he had
tried to get the FDA to review and approve antineoplastons
since 1977, but to no avail.

In 1984, agents from the Texas board of medical examiners
started to taunt Dr. Burzynski’s patients across the US,
trying to convince them to file charges against him… even
though Dr. Burzynski wasn’t breaking any laws by treating
his patients with antineoplastons.

Finally, in 1988, having produced more evidence than was
required to show that his treatment was effective and that
no harm was coming to his patients from it, the Texas
medical board charged him with breaking a law that didn’t
exist, claiming it was grounds for revoking his medical

In 1993, the case went to trial. By then, sixty of Dr.
Burzynski’s patients had filed a petition against the
medical board requesting them to stop harassing their doctor – a petition that the board successfully eliminated from the
trial by filing a motion to strike it from the record.

Once the judge in the initial trial ruled in favour of Dr.
Burzynski, confirming that no laws had been broken, the
Texas medical board filed charges against Dr. Burzynski with
the Texas Supreme Court…

You can see where this is going… Eventually it came to
light that the FDA had pressured the Texas medical board to
revoke Dr. Burzynski’s medical license… Now remember, no
laws were broken and his treatment was proven safe and

Why then this witches hunt?

Follow the money

The FDA and Big Pharma had realized that if Dr. Burzynski’s
groundbreaking discovery – which he owned the patent for –
received a fair review, chemotherapy and radiation would no
longer be the therapies of ‘choice’ (much as patients have a
choice in these matters).

Not only that, but if antineoplastons were approved,
billions of dollars of cancer research funds would get
funnelled over to one single scientist who had exclusive
patent rights… Clearly, Dr. Burzynski and his miracle cure
was a massive threat to the entire profit-driven cancer
industry… and you know what these guys do with a threat…
They’ll do anything to make it go away…

There’s a lot more to Dr. Burzynski’s story, which is why I urge you to watch this video, which will tell you the story of the
good doctor who eventually won the largest, and possibly the
most elaborate and intriguing legal battle against the FDA
in history.


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‘Deadly peril that may be hiding in your dishwasher’,
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  • I am very interested in learning this cure. I had lost a family member to a fast growing and toxic cancer that killed the person in 5 months.

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