Splenda: The Artificial Sweetener With A Dirty Little Secret

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We’ve written extensively about the negative effects of artificial sweeteners, especially those containing aspartame. Now, sucralose (Splenda) is in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

Splenda does not give you the best of both worlds

For years, the benefits for diabetics have been the key selling points for sucralose, better known as the artificial sweetener Splenda.

You probably know the yellow packet. And many people reach for it because they believe it’s better for them than sugar.

Well researchers have just discovered that Splenda has a dirty little secret.

Researchers recruited obese subjects who did not have type 2 diabetes. Also, none of them used Splenda. The volunteers were given either water or sucralose to drink before a glucose challenge test, which involved consuming a similar glucose dosage to the amount given as part of glucose-tolerance test.

The researchers wanted to determine whether insulin or blood sugar levels are affected by the combination of sucralose and glucose.

The results showed that Splenda (sucralose) prompted blood sugar and insulin spikes. And this occurred even at low doses.

So a couple of packets here. A couple of packets there. Maybe a slice of cake or pie made with Splenda. Repeat that pattern on a regular basis and you know what that adds up to ?¦

Type 2 diabetes risk… which is already a risk for anybody suffering with obesity.

The real problem here is that many people on weight-loss diets turn from sugar to a sugar substitute like Splenda.

But now it appears that many of those dieters are heading straight towards the very health issues they’re trying to avoid.

If you’re looking for a sugar substitute, avoid all things yellow, pink and blue. Both are natural and won’t have an adverse effect on your blood sugar level. You can get stevia and Xylitol in your local health food store or supermarket.

Oh yes, on last thing while we’re on the subject…

If the diabetes risk doesn’t put you off Splenda, then perhaps this will: Manufacturers use a “patented” process to tinker with sugar in order to make Splenda. It sounds elaborate but what they actually do is insert chlorine into the chemical makeup.

That’s right, chlorine… as in bleach.

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