Powerful probiotic formula keeps making waves with more new research

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Back in October 2015, Journal of Natural Health Solutions (JNHS) reported on a unique and powerful probiotic formula, which had just been launched in the UK, called Just Thrive. In tests it was found to far outperform other popular probiotic products in surviving the journey through the harsh acidic environment of the stomach. In fact, a study showed a remarkable 99 per cent of Just Thrive’s bacteria made it through the gastric system intact.

Just Thrive contains a number of specific bacillus spores with considerable scientific backing behind them: Bacillus subtilis HU58, Bacillus coagulans, Bacillus clausii, and a patented strain known as Basillus indicus HU36, which produces key antioxidants including CoQ10, beta carotene, lycopene, lutein, astaxanthin and zeaxanthin.

US physician, Dr. Thomas Bayne – an expert in nutritional therapies, digestive health and detoxification – had seen “really dramatic changes” and “incredible things” in his patients who he had prescribed Just Thrive to. It had helped alleviate a wide range of conditions, from digestive issues (like IBS and colitis) to upper respiratory infections and skin problems (such as eczema and psoriasis).

So, given this impressive list of credentials, JNHS was delighted, but not surprised, to learn that Just Thrive is creating a stir in scientific circles once again. A new study shows that it could help counter the chronic immune activation and inflammation associated with a leaky gut (metabolic endotoxemia or intestinal permeability) and help reduce symptoms.

A ‘leaky gut’ causes undigested food particles, bacterial toxins and germs to pass through the ‘leaky’ gut wall and into the bloodstream. Symptoms include bloating, gas, cramps, food sensitivities, fatigue, and aches and pains. It’s also linked to obesity, type-2 diabetes, heart disease, cognitive decline, and inflammatory bowel disease.

The condition can be caused by having the wrong kinds of bacteria in the gut, growth of the yeast organism Candida albicans, stress, alcohol and a high sugar diet. Some medications, such as antibiotics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, can also cause leaky gut syndrome as a side effect. Often, several factors interact to keep up a state of inflammation that prevents the gut lining from healing itself.

The recent study involved 28 men and women who had endotoxin levels (a measure of the integrity of the gastrointestinal tract) that increased by at least five-fold (from pre-meal levels) five hours after a meal. Elevated levels after a meal, along with elevated triglycerides, poor insulin response and markers of inflammation are characteristic The participants were randomly assigned to receive either a placebo (rice flour) or Just Thrive for 30 days.

Results showed that there was a 42 per cent reduction in endotoxin levels and a 24 per cent reduction in triglyceride (blood fat) levels in the group taking Just thrive. In contrast, endotoxin levels increased by 36 per cent in the placebo group and triglycerides fell by 5 per cent.

The researchers, led by Dr. Brian McFarlin, PhD, from the University of North Texas, said: “Further, we found that several of our exploratory biomarkers [of inflammation and immune activation] were either significantly reduced (IL-12p70, IL-1beta, and ghrelin) or trended toward reduction (IL-6, IL-8, and MCP-1) with spore-based probiotic supplementation.

It is reasonable to speculate that the spore-based probiotic supplement may have exerted its effect by altering the gut microbial profile, altering intestinal permeability, or a combination of the two effects.”

The recommended dose for Just Thrive is one capsule a day.

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Managing Editor
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World Journal of Gastrointestinal Pathophysiology 2017; 8(3): 117-126

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