Gum disease can be a silent killer


Previously, I’ve highlighted the numerous health risks associated with gum disease, ranging from diabetes to heart disease. But now it turns out that severe gum disease can also raise your risk of both developing, and eventually dying from, cancer.

Keep brushing and flossing

A recent study of nearly 7,500 people showed that having severe periodontitis raises the risk of cancer by nearly a quarter.

For the study, researchers divided participants into three categories — those with no or mild gum disease (which is technically referred to as periodontitis), those with moderate gum disease, and those with severe gum disease.

Participants with severe gum disease had a 24 per cent higher risk of cancer in total, compared to those without periodontitis. And the risk jumped to 28 per cent in patients who had lost all their teeth.

But it gets worse…

With respect to lung cancer, specifically, severe periodontitis more than doubled the risk — even in non-smokers. And unfortunately, the outlook wasn’t much better when it came to colorectal cancer.

Results linked edentulism (or complete or partial tooth loss attributed to injury, disease, or decay) with an 80 per cent increase in risk of this disease — while severe gum disease raised risk by 50 per cent overall. The association was especially strong in patients who had never smoked — among whom colorectal cancer risk increased more than two-fold with severe periodontitis.

Results also revealed a significant increase in pancreatic cancer risk with severe gum disease.

Another recent study of 68,000 Finnish patients revealed similarly terrifying trends in cancer mortality. This study found that periodontitis was linked to a 33 per cent increase in overall risk of cancer death… and more than double the risk of death among patients with pancreatic cancer specifically.

Not only that, but research has identified the bacteria implicated in periodontitis within gastrointestinal tumours, as well. Yet another example of bacteria’s role in just about every imaginable biological process.

The bottom line? Gum health plays a critical role in disease prevention — more so than most people probably realise.

Fortunately, there is one simple and affordable solution that can help you to improve your gum health: Coenzyme Q10.

Research has shown that there’s a definite link in people with diseased gum tissue with low levels of this critical antioxidant. Which makes sense, because CoQ10 happens to be a powerful anti-inflammatory. So if you’re at risk for gum disease, I’d strongly recommend taking 600 mg — even up to 1,000 mg — of CoQ10 per day.

It’s not a substitute for routine dental care. But it does offer natural protection against periodontitis — and against the countless risks to your life and health that come with it.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind the material contained in this article is provided for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.


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