Exercise in a pill! What next?!

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A drug that tricks your body into thinking it’s gotten exercise?

I kid you not!

This is the latest Big Pharma venture and, if you ask me, it is not only absurd but it could also spell bad news for your health.

No sweat needed

Let’s face it, there are a lot of crazy concoctions out there for all kinds of short-cut approaches to achieve and maintain good health. But this one takes the cake.

According to a new study, conducted at the University of Leeds, it will soon be possible to take a drug that can trick your body into thinking it had a wholesome exercise session.

It seems like the researchers started off with good intentions as they admit that regular exercise can protect against many conditions like heart disease and stroke.

But after that positive start it seems to go a bit pear-shaped. The researchers start talking about hacking into a physiological mechanism system in our bodies that can sense when we have been exercising. Their aim was to access this mechanism with a drug to get the same benefits without actually doing the work.

It all comes down to a protein known as Piezo1, which the researchers have identified as an “exercise sensor” – at least in the mice they tested. The theory is that since the same protein is found in humans, this drug could work in the same way in our bodies – by manipulating the Piezo1 protein into convincing your body that it’s gotten a good workout.

Let’s be clear on this: there are no “shortcuts” to good health. The only way to really reap the benefits of exercise, particularly in terms of protecting the health of your heart, is to do the physical hard work of regular exercise.

There is no drug that gets close to matching how exercise can build muscle, strengthen your bones, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, clear out toxins, and improve your mood — all at once!

The key to getting it right is to not bite off more than you can chew — and to choose an activity that doesn’t feel like a chore.

You’d be amazed at how much you can benefit from taking a gentle swim or even walking through water. Water is 800 times denser than air, and it provides 12 to 14 times the resistance of air — so you can get a great aerobic workout without suffering from a high-impact routine like running.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind the material contained in this article is provided for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.


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  • Many obese or disable people cannot exercise comfortably or have limited capacity. And the pill burns calories or fats easily. But eating less or consuming a healthy diet and gentle exercise can be a good choice for better health than any type of a tablet.

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