Chemotherapy and the risk of spreading secondary cancer

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If you are a regular reader of The Daily Health, then what I’m about to tell you probably won’t be news: Chemotherapy could allow cancer to spread, and trigger the growth of more aggressive tumours.

That’s right. The gold-standard medical treatment for cancer could cause cancer.

Super-charging cancer tumours

The results of the latest study, published in the journal Science Translational Medicine, showed that even though chemotherapy shrinks cancer tumours in the short term, it could trigger the spread of cancer cells around the body.

The researchers of the study investigated the impact of drugs like chemotherapy on patients with breast cancer and found that it increases the chance of cancer cells migrating to other parts of the body, where they are almost always lethal. They also found that because of its extreme toxicity, chemotherapy switches on a repair mechanism in the body that ultimately allows tumours to grow back stronger. It also increases the number of ‘doorways’ on blood vessels which could allow cancer to spread throughout the body.

One of the researchers, Dr George Karagiannis, said that the number of ‘doorways’ increased in 20 of the patients who received two common chemotherapy drugs.

In the UK, approximately 55,000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer every year and 11,000 will die from their illness. Many of these patients are given chemotherapy before surgery, meaning that before cancerous tumours are surgically removed, cancer cells could potentially spread to other parts of the body as a result of chemotherapy.

Dr Karagiannis said women could be monitored during chemotherapy to check if cancer was starting to circulate and to determine if more cancer ‘doorways’ were emerging. If an increase is noticed then chemotherapy should be discontinued before surgery.

But wouldn’t that be too late? In my mind, if the number of ‘doorways’ on blood vessels that allow cancer to spread throughout the body have already increased, the cancer is already spreading…

It sounds to me like an attempt to stop a flood after the dam walls have busted wide open…

What angers me the most about this study is the fact that the researchers are now “planning more extensive trials to address the issue”.

More studies?!

We don’t need more studies!

We’ve written about this risk numerous times before. In 2013, I told you about Dr Otis Brawley, the chief medical officer of the American Cancer Society, who described chemotherapy as a “double-edged sword”. He also said in an interview: “It is ironic but true that many cancer chemotherapies are known to cause cancers.” And a previous review of 600 cancer cases in which terminally ill cancer patients died within 30 days of receiving chemo found that in 40 per cent of the cases, patients experienced “significant poisoning”. Treatment actually accelerated or caused about one-in-four deaths… So the facts are all there.

But what infuriates me even more is that in the case of early detection, absolutely no alternatives to chemotherapy, radiation or surgery are even considered… Intravenous vitamin C has been shown to help beat back cancer without the risk of causing secondary cancers… or the further spread of lethal cancer cells.

In a ground-breaking study, when 10 types of cancer cells and four types of normal cells were exposed to a vitamin C dose of less than four millimoles (easily obtainable intravenously), in five of the cancer cell types, about half of the cells were either killed or apoptosis (cell ‘suicide’) occurred. Also, vitamin C exposure almost completely halted the growth of surviving cells… without damaging healthy cells.

But in a way I don’t blame doctors. If they even dare to stray beyond the gold-standards of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery treatments and into alternative health care, they risk losing their medical license. So, as a far as I can see cancer patients will be held hostage for some time to come… either by this horrible disease or equally terrible treatment options.

Disclaimer: Bear in mind the material contained in this article is provided for information purposes only. We are not addressing anyone’s personal situation. Please consult with your own physician before acting on any recommendations contained herein.


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  • Why don’t the mainstream admit to this risk… and those who do, why don’t they offer other alternatives? It doesn’t make sense.

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