Bone health: The Ancient Chinese Remedy That Helps Build Bone Density And Speed Up The Healing Time Of Fractures


A 3,000-year-old Chinese herbal bone health formula that has recently been launched in the UK looks set to fill the void left by the inadequate, even dangerous, conventional bone-building drugs, like Fosamax, weve had to rely on for so long.

And when we say it boosts bone health, were not just talking about osteoporosis: The reports HSI have read claim that this remedy can actually heal bone fractures in as little as three weeks literally half the usual healing time.

It has produced remarkable results in clinical trials and is now routinely used in many of Chinas most prestigious hospitals. The formula, marketed under the name Osteoking, includes astralagus root, Asian ginseng root, safflower, tienchi ginseng root, Eucommia bark, tangerine peel, and purified water.

Taken individually, these ingredients each have their own benefits, yet combined in the manner and ratios found in Osteoking, they appear to have a more specialised bone-building action.

Targets what the Chinese believe is the most important organ for maintaining bone health
A lot of the material and research discussing bone health from a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) point of view, talks about the importance of the kidneys a vital Qi (life force) organ.

Healthy kidneys convert a hormone called calcitriol, which enables your body to absorb calcium, to its active form of vitamin D. When your kidneys are not working well, they start to make less calcitriol so even if you eat calcium, your body cant absorb it. Thats when your parathyroid hormone (PTH) kicks in to make sure you always have enough calcium in your blood.

PTH is produced by several small, bean-like parathyroid glands in your neck whose job is to tell your bones to release calcium into your bloodstream. Over time, this process can actually weaken your bones.

Understanding this important link, it makes sense that some of Osteokings individual ingredients astragalus, ginseng, and Eucommia bark are known for their tonic effects on the kidneys. But Osteoking also has more direct effects on bone formation.

Why you should pay special attention to your bone health if youre 50+
To get a better idea of how Osteoking works, it helps to know more about the actual structure of your bones and how theyre made. Two types of bone cells are involved in the bone-building process: osteoclasts and osteoblasts.

The osteoclasts break down existing bone to make way for new bone. After the osteoclasts do their work, the osteoblasts trigger the bone-building thats necessary to replace the bone that has been lost. From childhood until around the age of 30, the osteoblasts work harder than the osteoclasts, which means more bone is built than lost.

For a while, the osteoclasts and the osteoblasts work pretty evenly, but around the age of 50, the osteoclasts begin to outpace the osteoblasts, which means more bone is lost than is newly made. This is what causes bone density to decrease.

An animal study conducted at Kunming Medical Colleges Department of Orthopedics in China, has shown that Osteoking is able to improve bone health by boosting levels of osteoblasts. Researchers studied three groups: one group received no treatment, one received a saline/model treatment, and the remaining group received Osteoking.

In the no-treatment group, researchers noted that the bone cells were normal. In the saline/model group, the bone tissue deteriorated and even showed some bleeding. But in the Osteoking group, more osteoblasts were seen, along with more calcium salt deposits. The bone in the saline/model group was also soft and easily cut, while the Oseteoking groups bone was dense and hard to cut.1

98% improvement in fracture healing following the use of Osteoking
Several human clinical trials have also shown promising results. HSI reviewed a copy of the final report on the treatment of 60 cases of traumatic fracture with Osteoking from the Department of Orthopaedics at the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Kunming City.

The clinical evaluation showed that Osteoking reduced swelling by 95 per cent and improved fracture healing by over 98 per cent. It also appeared to be 98 per cent effective as an analgesic (pain-killer).2

In another study carried out at the Department of Orthopaedics in the 59th Central Hospital of the Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) in China, researchers studied the effects of Osteoking in 60 people, all with traumatic fractures documented by X-rays.

Study subjects in the Osteoking group took 25ml of Osteoking every other day for 12 days. The control group subjects took four capsules of a formula called Yushangling three times per day for 24 days.

At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that: The efficiency rates of analgesic, repercussion, and fracture union of the Osteoking group were more significant than those of the Yushangling capsule group. The Osteoking formula demonstrates improved effects on the union of fractures. It could shorten the time required for such a union to occur.3

Taking Osteoking could avoid the need for painful hip replacement operations
Researchers at the Kunming Medical College have studied Osteokings ability to combat bone necrosis (when bone erodes or slowly dies). The researchers administered the suggested dosage of Osteoking (25ml taken every other day at bedtime) to subjects needing treatment for necrosis of the hip. The duration of treatment varied depending on the state of illness of each subject, ranging from 180 days to 720 days, and was combined with a course of exercise.

Of these cases, 51 subjects had necrosis in both hips and 25 had necrosis in just one hip, which makes for a grand total of 127 hips that the researchers evaluated. Among the 127 hips, 105 showed good results from the treatment.

And only three of the 15 severe cases went on to receive hip replacement operations. While not all subjects experienced these results, after half a year to one year of taking Osteoking, many showed repair and changes around the necrosis region.4

What to take for best results
The recommended dosage is one bottle (25 ml) of Osteoking taken every other day at bedtime your bodys natural regeneration period. For best results, it is recommended that you take it for at least one month.

Contraindications: No adverse effects have been reported following Osteokings use at the recommended dosage. However, it is not recommended for use by pregnant woman, those with mental disease, glaucoma, or anyone suffering from heart, lung or kidney failure or excessive bleeding.

1. Shu Ye. ‘Pharmacodynamic Research on OSTEOKING.’ Kunming Medical College, Kunming, China. 12/28/98
2. Zhao Hong Bin ZH, et al. ‘Experimental Research on The Treatment of Hormonal Necrosis of the Femoral Head.’ The 1st Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical College Department of Orthopedics, 12/15/02
3. Min C, Kun WJ, Qiong WB, Yu LL. ‘Final Report on the Treatment of 60 cases of Traumatic Fracture with OSTEOKING.’ Department of Orthopedics, Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Kunming City, China, 9/00
4. Maoming X, Yuanshan W, Minquan Z, et al. ‘Observation of the effect of OSTEOKING on traumatic fractures.’ 59th Central Hospital of PLA, Kunming City, China, 6/00

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  • Hi
    I am suffering from Avascular necrosis for both the hips. Had undergone with core decompression surgery in 2013. The pain didnot come down.
    Now they suggested for THE for the right hip
    My age is 28 years old. The problems which I am facing is cannot walk properly.,limping alot.
    Cannot sit and stand properly, cannot walk comfortable.
    If I take osteoking and osteowonder does it helps for me.
    Please do let me know the information about it.
    Do let us know the advantages and disadvantages of this product.
    The last thing if we have to order the product how to order let me know.
    awaiting for the reply.

    • Thank you for your comment,

      It sounds as if you have a lot to cope with and osteoking (and osteowonder) may not be able to help you with your symptoms. The best we can recommend is that you get in contact with the manufacturer of the product (we don’t sell it ourselves) though their website:

  • Hi, I am suffering from AVN stage IV and THR is suggested, I am not willing to go for it, Can anyone tel me that will it be useful for me and from where to buy it in Pakistan.Please help me

  • Im suffering from lower back pain,and can hear how my joints click when walking.Pain go down right thigh,and knee too.Will OsteoKing help.
    Regards Eugene

    • Hi Eugene, it sounds as if you’d be better off to see a specialist, especially if you can hear the joints.

  • i have avascular necrosis and been operated core decompression before one year. i was suffering with nephrotic syndrome so i had to use streroidal dose. is it safe to use osteoking? are there any side effects with this one? where can i buy osteoking.and what is the price?

  • I have lupus and I am on steroid. I got kidney transplant and take anti rejection medicine. I have been just diagnosed with AVN of both hips. Is it safe for me to take osteoking? Surgery is too risky in my case.

  • Dear Levent,enter to facebook (tr) and research AVn will see osteoking (look as Ostokin) and also you will see avn’men.Also Ata and other ;AVN problematic-men.. (write describe your self’s position,people interest your position ?) bestus regardus

  • Ataman don’t u have any pain ?and what about ur AVN’s current situation? I have AVN desease too at stage IV; do you recommend using it? do u live in TR ? I need ur help pls..

  • Hi, I’ve been using Osteoking from 10 months. Beside my AVN I have also SLE disease till 7 years.My AVN degree is 4 and it damages my two femoral heads.From using, I have no any pain and ı am very happy but this week I was tested my blood degrees, everything result is good but one result,ESR (Sedimantation) is high, 51 for 1 hour. I want to learn that this result is related with OSteoking? Can you give inf.? Thanks.

  • One of my friend is visiting china– so is there any store in china where he can buy osteoking .

  • I have AVN femoral head. Took Osteoking for a few months, then had to move a couple times but want to start it again. Didn’t have comparative xrays to tell whether my first round had helped or not…but I liked it. I think it did help with pain and mobility. Good luck.
    ps. It looks like if you order it from China and you order 3 boxes they will give you the fourth for free…and free shipping to US too I think….

  • I suffer from AVN and real want to get intouch with the people who have used OsteoKing in the US. Any body out there and what are your reviews. Anxiuos! Also have difficulyt in walking.

  • Hello everyone,
    if you have trouble with AVN, please don’t anymore :))
    There is no need to be operation like hip replacement etc, etc….
    You just drink Osteoking, and go on living your life…
    You can buy from USA, or manufacturer company which in china…
    Have nice walk :)))

    P.s: %100 herbal supplement and there is a no side affect

  • For those who live in US.. this is the website to buy osteoking. Shipping is free anywhere inside US.

  • I am not sure I want to order3 boxes w/o knowing side effects or w/o even a homeopath’s advice. I too would love to know how to buy in the US. will look up herb stores. (I had one hip replaced due to supposed steroid induced avn and the other hip has avn with no collapse yet. Also I just crushed 2 fingers, so now’s a great time to at least try.)after the “whupsie the steroids caused this” I am leery of any drugs

  • Is it possible to buy osteoking and what will it cost and how much time will it take to be delivered to Boston MA Thank You.

  • Can children take osteoking? I have a 9 year old boy with avn of the hip due to a hip fracture. Are there any side effects?

  • dear Cumhuriyet,
    What stage of AVN u had. and how long u took osteoking?
    I also have a steroid induced AVN stage II otherwise I m healthy ,, Could u tell me your experience in detail?

  • Hi dear Cumhuriyet,

    Could u please tell me details of your avascular necrosis problem. Which stage u had before u start using osteoking? How long u have used osteoking to see some difference to your hip problem.

    if possible please write me back. I have a stage II AVN in femur head otherwise I m healthy. Therefore I would like to use osteoking.

    Thanks and best wishes

  • Osteoking is my miracle… I am 37 years old and live in Turkey.
    I had AVN at femur head because of useing stereoids which i used after brain surgeries… Doctors suggest me that hip replacement surgery. Meanwhile we found the osteoking by internet. I have been useing osteoking since october 2007.. Result is so unbelieveable, like a miracle ….
    who suffer from AVN, osteoporos, osteoarhtrit can use osteoking safely…

  • I am 28 years old and have AVN in both knees, and I am suspecting my hips as well. I am looking for ANYONE who has tried Osteoking….

  • I am 50 years old and was recently told I have AVN of the hips. I have just had major surgery to take out a dermoid from my ovary and now I am going to get an MRI to confirm and find out what needs to be done about my hips. I was told that surgery – drilling holes in my femoral heads – may help, otherwise hip replacement may be needed. I do not want to go through surgery again if I don’t have to and I am looking into alternatives to assist me. Would osteo King help me?

  • Has anyone with AVN and osteoarthritis of the femoral head taken Osteo King and improved their condition? If so, how long did you take the product before improvement?

    Thank you

  • Hi there, I live in South Africa. Do you know if Osteo king is available here? If not how can I get hold of it?

    Kind regards,

    Phillip de Wet

  • I am 62 years old with a very active job building wooden houses.
    For the past year I am experiencing problems with both hips and knees.
    My mother died of osteoporosis.
    At present I can hardly walk , because of my one hip
    I have just been to a doctor and X ray scanning
    I cant send you the report because it is in Afrikaans
    But what it said is —–

    My back there is no problems , but slight signs of osteoporosis

    Right hip joint , advanced osteoporosis with completed deleting of the joint space and the head of the femur is going flat

    Left hip joint , signs of osteoporosis with also narrowing of the hip gap

    They suggested that I go for Prolotherapy injections or joint replacements
    I hate the idea. On Prolotherapy the healing succes is only 80%.


  • I have 2 leaky Heart Valves it’s called Aortic Insufficiency). I don’ take any medication for this. I am 77 years old. Would this product be allright for me to take?

  • A very interesting report but for those such as myself, with heart probs it obviously isn’t suitable.
    Although I have no knowledge of its effect on Osteoporosis, as far as fractures are concerned the Homoeopathic remedy Symphytum in a low potency heals broken bones phenomenally quickly,as a lay homoeopath I’ve administered it on several occasions over the years and it certainly does what it says on the tin!

  • my mother(86 yrs) had fracture and dislocated hip. She couldn’t walk and became bedridden since July’08. Doctor said she has osteoporosis . she also had a fall. She doesn’t want any surgery. Can she take osteoking?

  • my mothe(86 yrs) had fracture and dislocated hip. she couldnt walk and became bedridden since July’08. Doctor said she has osteoperosis . she also had a fall. She doesnt want any surgery. Can she take osteoking?

  • I had a severe (humerus) fracture beginning this year and ordered Osteoking directly from the Chinese pharmaceutical company. Very good service. In my case, Osteoking helped very well healing the fracture. Humerus fracture need a lot of time to heal 3 to 5 months as the process of calcium creation goes very slowly for these types of fractures. I started taking osteoking after the first month (when the X-rays showed a minor improvement). One month later the doctor was very surpised on the healing process. I was removed from plaster could start my excercices to gain back the movement in my arm.
    I had very positive experience with osteoking and can only recommand it.
    Mail me in case you have any question.

  • I have only one kidney. It is a good one, but the GFR is 50. Would it be ok for me to take Osteoking. I feel that I really need it for my knees…please advise asap. thanks C. Noel

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